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Image: baby.gif   336x436 21716 bytes 2000.02.13

Actually she's not really a baby. She's about three years old, but still cute. Her name's Charlie and she's (c) me\n

Image: bathing-suits.gif   628x628 62993 bytes 2000.04.04

A couple of chars from my comic, Chad and 'Sieda, with a pretty upset looking guy in the corner (maybe he's sad about the fact 'Sieda has her arm around Chad's ^o^) Chad, 'Sieda, and the sad guy are (c) me\n

Image: beach.gif   528x468 33772 bytes 2000.04.04

My own personal daemon and angel on my shoulders, Bear and Ana respectively. They're both (c) me by the way :)P\n

Image: bear.gif   292x424 16817 bytes 2000.02.05

Run in fear! It's Bear! *da da daaaaaaa!* My personal inner deamon. Bear is (c) me, Juli Mosby\n

Image: blitz.jpg   473x613 76385 bytes 2000.02.05

An old char of mine, Blitz (also an old pic) Blitz is (c) me \n

Image: bloo.jpg   340x580 74929 bytes 2000.08.24

Um, there's a reason she's blue, I wanted to colour in her skin, but didn't have a skin coloured marker, so she's blue. Bloo's (c) me\n

Image: bloomers.gif   420x611 36396 bytes 2000.08.24

I went to an anime festival a while ago with erinV and while we were taking a break from all the anime funness she suddenly realised that when she sat crossed-legged you could see her underwear. So I drew this, and she threatened to hurt me if I didn't upload it. So there! I've done it! Can I go now? Razz and Styx are both (c) erinV\n

Image: chibifuzz.jpg   343x468 42685 bytes 2000.02.05

Hee hee hee. This be my char, Da Fuzz. Why is she called "Da Fuzz"?\r\nBecause she be the one and only fuzz in the world! LOL!\n

Image: cleo.gif   232x505 17941 bytes 2000.02.05

Amazingly enough this character has an actual story written out. (or at least she did until my computer crashed and deleted it >.<;;) Cleopatra is (c) me\n

Image: da_fuzz.jpg   369x514 80878 bytes 2000.04.04

A really old picture of Fuzz, before her "make-over" so to speak. Da Fuzz is (c) me\n

Image: dafuzz-shrt.jpg   420x512 61873 bytes 2000.02.05

Once again, here is my char Fuzz in a fancy silk Chinese blouse. Inspired by a shirt belonging to my friend Erin V. Da Fuzz is (c) me\n

Image: dances.gif   382x614 31110 bytes 2000.02.13

This is my other char Tchkita. She's my crazier side (^.^);; She loves to dance :p Tchkita is (c) me\n

Image: darla.jpg   602x478 63803 bytes 2000.02.05

Aaaawwww, isn't that sweet. A character from a comic book I'm working on named Darla O'Hale (she's Irish) and her daughter Charlie. Darla and Charlie are both (c) me\n

Image: demons.jpg   381x650 51578 bytes 2000.02.05

A couple of deamons I created not all that long ago by the names of Deliera and Shade (two guesses as to which one's Shade) Deliera and Shade are (c) me\n

Image: drac.gif   508x474 32967 bytes 2000.02.05

Whoa! Is this guy every old! His name is Draclon and I've had him since grade 6! (0.@) He was part of a story I was writting at the time. I hated the story, but liked him. Draclon is (c) me\n

Image: e-fuzz.gif   596x739 42679 bytes 2000.04.04

It's Da Fuzz! As an Egyptian! Dancing! WOOPEEEEEEE! Da Fuzz is (c) me\n

Image: ferri.jpg   357x491 55150 bytes 2000.02.05

Miscelaneous Fairy! WO-HOO! miscelaneous fairy (c) me\n

Image: fnc.gif   582x549 45275 bytes 2000.08.24

these are actually meant to be two separate piccys, but was too lazy to separate them. One's an older character, Cleopatra, the world's greatest treasure hunter, and the other is a newer one, Faoul, the great Celtic wolf-lord. They're both (c) me\n

Image: fuzzese.gif   485x540 54248 bytes 2000.02.05

Ugh I'm seeing double! (*.*);;; Normal Fuzz and fairy Fuzz (c) me\n

Image: gameboy.jpg   653x428 51654 bytes 2000.08.24

It's Da Fuzz with a gameboy! Why you ask? ... I don't know, but doesn't she look cute? Da Fuzz is (c) me\n

Image: gargoyle.jpg   425x600 47287 bytes 2000.02.05

I must admit, I'm a gargoyles fan. So here's my own rendition of a gargoyle. She has yet to recieve a name. Suggestions are welcome. nameless gargoyle (c) me\n

Image: headz.jpg   300x427 53672 bytes 2000.04.04

Ooooooh, fancy penz. LOL!\n

Image: jackie.jpg   408x534 48279 bytes 2000.02.13

I drew this for Miss Jackal Pup for my very first art exchange. I love her stuff! Jackie is (c) Holly S.\n

Image: james-raz.gif   442x448 27609 bytes 2000.02.14

This is the first of two pics I did for my friend the talented Erin V. One of her fav anime characters is James from Team Rocket, so I drew pictures of her chars with him. Raz is (c) Erin V\n

Image: jing-li.gif   226x491 18340 bytes 2000.08.24

Jing-li is my almost normal side. I made her up after going to this one webpage that gives you a Chinese name based on your real name. I liked mine so much that I made a character based on it. She's supposed to be an oriental/western hybrid dragon. Ma Jing-li is (c) me\n

Image: karla.jpg   363x587 49927 bytes 2000.02.05

IIIIIIT'S KAARLAAAAAA! She's another character from the same story as Draclon so she's pretty old herself. (just don't tease her about it, she's likely to hurt you) Karla is (c) me\n

Image: majick.jpg   341x671 38901 bytes 2000.02.05

Yet another product of my demented mind. Ain't she purty? black sorceress (c) me\n

Image: niut.jpg   279x525 32656 bytes 2000.08.24

Niut is the name of an ancient egyptian goddess of nothingness, which I found to be so neat that I had to make a character named that. I'm debating whether she should have an animal face like most Egyptian deities, or have it blank (signifying nothingness). I'll figure it out later. Niut is (c) me\n

Image: not-an-angel.jpg   510x667 52007 bytes 2000.02.05

Before you even think it; no this is NOT a sickly angel! She's a guardian of an ancient temple, a very OLD guardian. temple guardian (c) me\n

Image: ophellia.gif   465x603 41128 bytes 2000.02.05

This is the very first drawing EVER that I've done of Ophelia. She's changed a bit from this one, but I still love it ^.^ Ophelia is (c) me\n

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