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Image: cherise-updated.jpg   686x968 119527 bytes 2005.03.05

"Cherise" (2003, pencils). Tremaine and I have an ongoing argument about bunnies. He likes 'em plush and zaftig, I like 'em sleek and toned. Here's Cherise, a lovely (and very sleek) jackrabbit doe character of my partner's.

Image: berlinseyes-inks.jpg   820x970 162428 bytes 2005.03.03

"Berlin's Eyes" (2005, inks and pencils). Achtung, baby. Berlin, the Cold War surplus East German Doberminatrix from Tapestries, reminding you why those little opaque glasses are for your own protection. (Berlin (c) 2003 her player.)

Image: nora.jpg   421x666 87350 bytes 2005.02.28

"Nora" (2005, pencils). Ever hear a voice and design a character entirely around it? Listen to Haiducii's version of "Dragostei Din Tei," and you'll hear the voice that inspired Nora. (Any resemblence between the above picture's pose and a certain Haiducii promo pic is purely intentional, but Nora's one hundred percent original Czech-rocker badger beauty.)

Image: kiarrh_finished.jpg   1096x918 174398 bytes 2005.01.15

"Kiarrh." (2002, pencils.) A portrait of the lovely Banorth tiger-taur. Kiarrh is (c) 1994 her player.

Image: skrajah-brush-final.jpg   296x611 55416 bytes 2002.12.07

Image: skrajah-brush-final.jpg Artist: Justin-Carpenter 378x814 76107.bytes 2002.12.07 \r\n"Skrajah Brush" (2002, pencils) Skrajah isn't always snarly. When her adrenaline isn't flowing and the demonic blood in her veins is quiet, she's a downright gorgeous bitch wolf, and much beloved of her partner, and of the city they oversee. When she asks so sweetly to be brushed, could you refuse her? I thought not. Skrajah Copyright (c) 1990,1992 T. Johnson, used with permission. \r\n\r\nThe rough, visible pencil lines in the hair were meant to nod gently to the bleaching that's happened to her hair from living in a desert clime, after years in a much more temperate area. I'm not sure how successful they were, but I really like the picture. :) \r\n

Image: skrajah.jpg   684x760 94232 bytes 2002.12.06

"Skrajah" (2002, pencils) A picture of Ravenwolf's lovely Wolfik warrior/rogue Skrajah, adrenaline flowing. She's not actually going to strike with that knife, not yet. She's hoping she's enough to scare the attacker away on sight alone. Skrajah Copyright (c) 1990,1992 T. Johnson, posted with permission. \r\n\r\nThis picture acknowledges a tremendous debt to the works of Goldenwolf and Kyoht, two excellent artists whose work with wolves and related canids has been a longtime source of education, inspiration, and appreciation to me. In researching this picture, I drew heavily from the wealth of talent and vision that both of these artists have made available to the public in their work, in particular Goldenwolf's self model sheet, which greatly helped me develop Skrajah's thighs and calves. This picture is made public in my gallery in clear recognition of its roots in the (much more worthy) works of these two artists, and is posted with a blessing from them. \r\n

Image: kiri.jpg   709x786 117166 bytes 2002.12.04

"Kiri" (2002, pencils) The lovely Kiri of FurryMUCK poses in her home. This was a present to a longtime dear old friend who's simply too lovely not to be drawn. Kiri Copyright (c) 1991 her player.

Image: styx-charon.jpg   644x665 92478 bytes 2002.12.04

"Styx and Charon" (2000, inks on Bristol) Styx, a little more clothed this time, with the rather interesting bustom SG Dusty had built for her. Ever try to retrofit a Steinberger TransTrem (without cover) into an SG modded to 7-string? ;)

Image: chipotle.jpg   621x762 284181 bytes 2002.12.04

"Chipotle" (2000, Prismacolors on Bristol) Chipotle, the Southwestern coyote from FurryMUCK, poses in her shop. I loved drawing this one. Chipotle's a longtime dear friend and though I may not be as talented as some of the others who drew her, I think I did well.

Image: dustythong.jpg   842x1046 105278 bytes 2002.12.04

"Dusty Thong" (2000, inks on Bristol) For the Dusty fans out there, a more recent picture of him.

Image: talisantia.jpg   613x701 74097 bytes 2002.12.02

"Talisantia." (2002, Ink and pencils on Xerographic bond.) Talisantia T'Sarran Rancourt of Furtoonia, finally depicted in all her Drowish glory. (Yes, I realize this isn't strictly 'furry,' but she's been a staple of the MUCK's for years.) Talisantia T'Sarran Rancourt Copyright (c) 1990 Lynn Carpenter.\r\n\r\nTalisantia's life and stories can be found at if you're interested. \r\n

Image: johnny.jpg   601x800 105633 bytes 2002.12.01

"Johnny Blanco" (2002, inks/pencils on Xerographic bond) Johnny Blanco, from FurryMUCK, in all his high-contrast glory. Johnny Blanco Copyright (c) 1992 his player.

Image: kalisarai.jpg   764x718 104417 bytes 2002.12.01

"Kali Sarai" *MILD NUDITY* (2000, pencils) Kali Sarai, a tigress shaman and tribe elder, works a bit of highly conspicuous magic. \r\n\r\n

Image: cat-four.jpg   644x1074 119058 bytes 2002.12.01

"The Cat, mk.4" (2000, pencils) *MILD NUDITY* This was originally a different tiger, from a failed storyline, but it looked so much like Cat I cleaned up the picture a little, changed a few things, and it finally came together as everyone's favorite feline Gallifreyan menace to society at large. TheCat Copyright (c) 1997 Lynn Carpenter. \r\n

Image: alopex.jpg   490x992 125808 bytes 2002.12.01

"Alopex Sigma" (2000, pencils) Alopex_Sigma, the wandering arctic fox of FurryMUCK. I wrote a song about her, too...

Image: singh.jpg   622x772 105315 bytes 2002.12.01

"Singh Khan" (2000, pencils on Bristol) Singh, a purely white tiger, is the son of Kali Sarai, and the leader of his tribe in Sri Lanka. This is one ofmy favorite pictures of all has an oddly Terrie Smith vibe, I think. Bishonen taigaa wa kawaii, desu ne?

Image: jada.jpg   826x814 93143 bytes 2002.12.01

"Jada" (2000, inks on Bristol) *MILD NUDITY* A tribal gazelle warrior, spear in hands, crouches and stares up at you. \r\n

Image: greg-munkustrap.jpg   485x1070 104890 bytes 2002.12.01

"Greg (as Munkustrap)" (2000, pencils on Bristol.) Even bona fide anthropomorphic cats dress up in leotards to perform Broadway's longest-running show that we all love and/or hate. ;)

Image: set.jpg   526x707 76650 bytes 2002.12.01

"Set" (2002, Inks on Xerographic bond) Heather Bruton has her love of Anubis, and I have mine of Set. This picture was drawn to showcase his more serpentine jackal aspect -- the 'pissed Set' look, when his eyes go golden and the fangs elongate.

Image: thyla.gif   531x810 217538 bytes 1997.11.09

"Thyla" (1995, Prismacolor pencils on Bristol) A gift for Thyla from Furtoonia (also Thyla on FurryMUCK). My most Michele Light-ish piece, I have a love/hate relationship with this picture. On the one hand, it was really pretty nice for its day...on the other, it's much more stylized and toony than I'd like to be.

Image: TELBERT.GIF   359x467 17346 bytes 1997.11.09

Image: telzey.gif   506x777 26025 bytes 1997.11.09

"Telzey" (1995?, inks on Bristol) An attempt to draw the 'real' Telzey Amberdon, from James Schmitz's sci-fi books, for Telzey's player. I didn't really get a handle on humanlike characters 'til the Talisantia picture, years later.

Image: shelly-c.JPG   490x694 109664 bytes 1997.11.09

"Shelly" (1997, Prismacolor pencils on Bristol) Shelly Andrews, a squirrel character of mine who'd later undergo heavy rewrites in waves. At this point she was an adult dancer in a no-name club at the edge of the Vegas strip. She'd later be rewritten into the whole 'Otter Bliss' storyline as a slightly loopy 'free spirit' fur tattoo canvas, and finally as an extra in a new story I'm working on. This was the original incarnation of the character.

Image: jcrest3.jpg   537x1099 83731 bytes 1997.11.09

Image: jcrest2.jpg   626x811 67184 bytes 1997.11.09

Image: jcrest1.jpg   783x1025 80526 bytes 1997.11.09

"Jeancrest: Under The Crosshairs (Cover 1)" (1997, inks on Bristol) Concept piece for a proposed three-issue comic idea Ravenwolf, Lothie and I had talked about ages ago. It never took form, let alone took off.

Image: achieve.jpg   600x801 180848 bytes 1997.11.09

"Achievement" (1996, Prismacolors and inks on Bristol.) Matsi Tokugawa glances back at the practice target he's shattered, made of the same bamboo as his practice sword. To splinter wood like that is an achievement indeed.

Image: wetvixnc.jpg   462x730 162106 bytes 1997.10.10

"Wet Vixen" (1997, Prismcolors on Bristol) *MILD NUDITY* Ginny Kitt being her usual self. This piece has a bit of a cult following, and I know a few people who'd be upset if I removed it from the archive. To be honest, I'm not especially happy with it.

Image: tombroo.jpg   536x825 56327 bytes 1997.10.10

"Tomb Roo" (1997, inks on Bristol) Anyone else think Lara Croft ought to be a kangaroo?

Image: rumors.jpg   924x1021 118450 bytes 1997.10.10

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