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Image: RunnerAd.jpg   424x720 56264 bytes 2003.08.09

Image drawn for Unci to promote the site, with a cheetah running with his natural cleats. Visit the site for more info, if you like, and to see Unci's version of it! ((Generic character, image copyrighted))

Image: ShadesOfPurity.jpg   778x473 104961 bytes 2007.05.25

"Shades of Purity"

Playing with drapery and lighter colors. After all, a snow leopard draped in white cloth on a bright day in the snow... Lucky I didn't just draw spots! *chuckles*\r\n\r\nOriginal to be sold at Anthrocon 2007, prints available at

Image: SmlBwlderd.jpg   423x561 139054 bytes 2000.11.17

Kit's a macrophile and asked me to do something just for him....

Image: SnowLeopard.jpg   326x450 38796 bytes 2007.02.04

Snow Leopard

A lovely snow leopard on top of a mountain. Good thing her fur's so thick...\r\n\r\nPrints available at

Image: Tyrrano.jpg   646x508 118576 bytes 2003.08.09

Commission for Tyrrano of FurScape, lounging (or posting lookout?) in a tree at sunset. Watermarked text says it all.

Image: Vibe.jpg   277x362 27578 bytes 2007.02.03


I love my music! Can't help but dance!\r\n

Tags: K'sharra tiger tigress female dancing  
Image: XodiacBadge.jpg   263x341 43009 bytes 2007.02.19


Done for my good buddy, Xodiac, a coyote-dragon hybrid: a dragote!\r\n\r\nBadges available at

Image: YashaMyr.jpg   762x458 64429 bytes 2003.08.09

I really like this picture, although it's from way back when, when the most advanced art materials I had was a 12-pack of Crayola colored pencils. Despite the fact that it looks bleached (she really is supposed to be gray), I think under the circumstances it's pretty good. I'd fix the coloring, but the original is long gone.... ((Commissioned art for Yasha Myr (a gray skunkette) of FurryMuck.))

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