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Image: Chub_Chipmunk.jpg   1065x1221 154457 bytes 2007.04.25

Big Girls Are Love

This is gift art for thebang on Fur Affinity. My first chub girl, and I love the way it came out, so I will probably draw more.

Tags: chipmunk chub fat chubby redhead  
Image: Decaf_and_Arden.jpg   570x580 36231 bytes 2007.04.25

Decaf and Arden

My half of a trade with Decaf from Fur Affinity.

Tags: couple naked dogs dog  
Image: Dhanni.jpg   584x787 59574 bytes 2007.04.25


I wanted to play with vector. I will probably redraw this character in the future. I want to give her a little more pudge, and dress her up in some daisy-dukes and a tube top!

Tags: dhanni bovine cow heifer  
Image: Honey.jpg   444x1280 55702 bytes 2007.04.25


I'm working on this character design still. I'm also not digging the color that much, I may add some more and re-up.

Tags: deer doe hind muledeer female fem tattoo naked  
Image: I_dont_know.jpg   400x400 29138 bytes 2007.04.25

I Don't Know

An oekaki I did that I really like. Two original characters of mine, also seen in Sheet.

Tags: cougar puma wolf lesbian yuri  
Image: Me.jpg   597x605 85602 bytes 2007.04.25

It's me!

Just the lastes picture of myself. Done in pixels, which I like more than I should.

Tags: bear kaiven tape  
Image: Mine.jpg   658x607 121759 bytes 2007.04.25

Me and Pomander

Me and my dear friend Pomander! I lurves her.

Tags: bear papillon pomander kaiven  
Image: Play_With_Me.jpg   880x986 248848 bytes 2007.04.25

Play With Me

This is a collab with my friend Pomander. I sketched it, she inked, and then I colored. I'm thinking of selling the original.

Tags: siamese cat kitten yarn string female  
Image: Sheet.jpg   800x700 48196 bytes 2007.04.25

The Sheet

I love these two! Reagan (the cougar) and Mary (the wolf) are a lesbian couple from a webcomic I want to make someday.

Tags: reagan mary cougar puma wolf lesbian  
Image: Tomas_and_Hari.jpg   562x767 96833 bytes 2007.04.25

Tomas and Hari

Tomas is the rabbit, Hari is the Hyena.\r\n\r\nI will draw lots more of these two.

Tags: renaissance hyena Hari tomas rabbit hare male  

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