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Image: Cyrus_03.jpg   796x675 81579 bytes 2003.07.19

Another large one, but the details keep getting lost if it goes any smaller.\r\nCyrus is his name, and he's been stood up again, darn it.\r\nHe's mad, he's sad, he's anatomically incorrect, and he's 2003 by me. ^.^

Image: newschroomb.jpg   623x860 136025 bytes 2002.11.07

It's on topic! An ANTHRO CATERPILLAR!!!!

Image: shadow_elf.jpg   735x1016 146504 bytes 2002.11.06

I know the filename is elf, but these days it seems more felinid than humanoid... Ehhh. So it's a cat-thing with its tail hidden in the shadows. ^.^;;

Image: MoonPuppy.jpg   623x861 166364 bytes 2002.11.06

Slightly tweaked colors.... I can't find the original. ;.;

Image: StarCat.jpg   623x861 221134 bytes 2002.11.06

A Starcat and her partner. I LOOOOOOOVE the colors!!!! Another version soon, with tweaked colors.

Image: Dragon.jpg   623x802 246115 bytes 2002.11.06

The girl's outfit is inspired by Heavy Metal, obviously... and I think the Dragon's cute. This is one of seven in a series... a critter and his/her partner. This image is 2000 by me, blah blah don't steal yadda.

Image: chris05-truthful_silenceCOLb.jpg   991x729 222060 bytes 2002.11.06

The text is by me... called Truth. If you can't read it, here it is.\r\n\tYou're always alone when it hurts the most. Maybe not physically alone... But alone mentally, firmly believing you have no one to turn to. Sometimes it's true... sometimes not. Sometimes...\r\n\tOr maybe you're feeling unwanted. Like no one wants to listen to what you have to say. Like no one cares. On occasion... someone surprises you, lets you know they're thinking of you. But then you think, and that fond thought disappears when you realize no one has done that for several months... maybe a year... maybe more. \r\n\tAnd then it sets in: Does anyone remember me? Does anyone outside of my family really give a rip? Won't anyone listen to what I think is important? Won't anyone, ANYONE answer my calls for help? Then another realization: No... No one really cares. All I am to them is a distraction, just a knick-knack like they have in their room. \r\n\tBut not nearly as privilaged. Most knick-knacks and curios were never alive, could never see, speak, feel, or hear, much less remember a kind deed or a wrongdoing. Curios and knick-knacks just ARE. They can't hear the hurting words, can't feel the whip of hatred, aren't able to see the laughing faces in your nightmares... Or in your reality.\r\n\tAnd then you begin to understand how much it hurts. Being alone... taunted, teased, harassed, abused... Your torturers know... but will never tell. So you're forced to endure pain with no knowledge of how to cope. You call for help, you call again and again... But no one answers your pleas. They ignore you, ignore you and your pitiful complaining about how bad you have it... \r\n\t\tMaybe this isn't how it all is... but sometimes it's too close. You're the outsider, on the far side of the fence, on the other side of the glass... Looking in, seeing what others have, knowing you might never have a part of it. Realizing that is the first step to the long fall... the fall of bitterness, of pain, of hatred harbored inside you because you can't bring yourself to hate someone else, to hate back.

Image: Carya.jpg   623x861 262544 bytes 2002.10.31

One of my favorite pieces.... ^.^;; Colored, believe it or not, in grayon, Prismacolor pencils, and gel pens.... go figure. Her name was supposed to be Craya.... ^.^;;

Image: Miraine01VCL.jpg   447x625 102567 bytes 2002.10.31

Miraine, my white tiger stripper. o.o Not much for her to strip off, eh?

Image: AmandaVCL.jpg   443x529 40050 bytes 2002.10.31

Furcadian character of mine, Amanda St. Moore. She's... odd. Very odd. And she's my char, so no stealing. 2002

Image: RainbowDragon.jpg   500x744 111995 bytes 2002.10.31

Just an Oriental-styled draggy.... if I ever get a dragon on Furc, I'll prolly use this as a portrait...

Image: wolfish01_CL.jpg   516x915 80061 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: RJTremor2.jpg   505x780 85243 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: orobas01b.jpg   461x542 55085 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: nude01.jpg   404x635 99005 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: nickc.jpg   348x392 78072 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: junk02c.jpg   327x473 32159 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: junk!01c.jpg   354x671 95885 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: junk!01b.jpg   354x671 77009 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: junk!01.jpg   236x447 23209 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: Cloud01.jpg   447x576 78907 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: chris02.jpg   463x1045 121291 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: chris_wish.jpg   293x642 23621 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: chris_window.jpg   354x609 38033 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: Chris_summon5.jpg   648x912 144738 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: chris_slacker.jpg   525x632 43640 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: chris_shattered.jpg   504x663 41428 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: chris_scar_back2.jpg   590x738 104225 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: chris_pentagram.jpg   468x524 95805 bytes 2000.11.26

Image: chris_no_trick.jpg   465x663 49226 bytes 2000.11.26

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