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Image: Cow_Couple.jpg   586x730 80110 bytes 2004.04.30

Hi folks. Kanada here. Plenty of you will know who I am from my site and from Transfur. Hope you guys enjoy my work. Here's a happy cow couple to start off.

Image: jackass.jpg   586x730 85361 bytes 2004.05.14

Randy learns the dangers of ordering "Male Enhancement" drugs over the internet.

Image: kanada_sexbot.jpg   586x610 53824 bytes 2004.04.30

After a conversation with my bud, Killy the fox, I went and made myself into a lovvvvve bot ^_^.\r\nKanada is his creator

Image: kris_snowfox.jpg   586x757 77153 bytes 2004.06.24

Another trade with MichaFennec. \r\nKris is a arctic fox so it makes since to turn him into a "snowfox" ^^ \r\n\r\nMicha & Kris MichaFennec

Image: kritter_mud.jpg   586x550 47780 bytes 2004.06.24

Everyone knows how much Kritter loves mud so I thought it'd be fun to make him into what he loves ^^. \r\n\r\nKritter himself

Image: Micha's_new_toy.jpg   586x763 77968 bytes 2004.04.30

This one's one of my trades with Michafennec. As you can see, Micha's decied to make Trevor into a inflatible toy for ahwhile ^^. You can find Micha's half of this trade in his directory. \r\nMicha & Trevor are Michafennec\r\n

Image: Michasuit.jpg   562x802 72588 bytes 2004.04.30

This is my half of the fursuit trade with Micha. \r\nYou can find Micha's half of this trade in her directory. \r\nKanada is his creator (me)\r\nMicha is Michafennec\r\n\r\n

Image: snakeguy.jpg   586x685 27601 bytes 2004.04.30

Do it Yourself Snake Transformation Kit. Impress your friends! Eat your enemies! Unhinge your jaw to impress the ladies! Only 19.95!

Image: Trevor_sexbot.jpg   586x634 68067 bytes 2004.04.30

This is my half of the sexbot trade with Michafennec.\r\nYou can find her half in her directory. \r\nKanada is his creator (me)\r\nTrevor is Michafennec

Image: Trevor_sexbot2.jpg   496x787 60952 bytes 2004.06.24

Here's the start of another round of trades with MichaFennec. \r\n1st up, Trevor being made into a sex bot (again). \r\n\r\nTrevor MichaFennec

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