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Image: Martha_Bertha.jpg   1000x900 144596 bytes 2008.03.02

These two massive ladies have just as massive bank accounts. The left one is Martha and the right one Bertha.\r\n\r\nClick the more info to get a detailed background on DA.

Tags: Rich hippo elephant croquet   [More Info]
Image: Neema_LessonNo01.jpg   1000x1260 392445 bytes 2008.03.02

The very early years of my character Neema. A very important lesson is learned today.\r\n\r\nNeema Firretayl (c) H. Kapaun

Tags: Neema cat donkey lesson hammer  
Image: AtomicBalloon.jpg   1100x321 82035 bytes 2008.03.02

If you are familiar with physics will surely recognise what it is supposed to be.\r\n\r\nNeema Firretayl (c) H. Kapaun

Tags: atomic orbital Neema cat donkey balloon  
Image: Better_Icecream.jpg   800x1851 401956 bytes 2008.03.02

My character Neema (part Donkey part Cat) eating ice cream.\r\n\r\nNeema Firretayl (c) H. Kapaun

Tags: Cat Donkey Neema icecream  
Image: RuinExplorers_Fam.jpg   500x915 79132 bytes 2008.03.02

Fam doing magic

Fanart of the Ruin Explorer anime. Done for a contest in Austria.

Tags: Fam Ruin Explorers magic  
Image: Pagenibbler_Neema02.jpg   1308x800 124388 bytes 2008.03.02

This is my bookmark "invention". A pagenibbler. When cut right it looks like the character is eating the page.\r\nLeft with example page, right without.\r\n\r\nNeema Firretayl (c) H. Kapaun

Image: Neema_Comic_Marsupilami.jpg   1500x447 237985 bytes 2008.03.02

My character Neema part Donkey part Cat, tries to do what the Marsupilamis do... with consequences.\r\nNeema Firretayl (c) H. Kapaun

Tags: cat donkey jump broken tail  
Image: Tani_Contest.jpg   800x540 85407 bytes 2006.04.04

For another contest. This time for Tani (

Image: Checkmate.jpg   945x400 126345 bytes 2006.04.04

A picture for another contest of Honeytail (\r\nThis time I created an original Langur Hali.\r\n\r\nHis name is Checkmate, which comes from the chess board like pattern on his belly.\r\nHe's a nice fellow in general, but he loves to play pranks on others. Also he loves to challenge others to all kinds of games. Games of wit, strength, dexteritiy, endurance... whatever he can think of. But he never playes games that only depend on luck. If he does, you can be sure that he'll cheat in some way (that also might happen if he fears he might loose).\r\nThe big lock around his neck is in his possession since he can remember and he was once told that the person who owns/finds the key to it, will be his partner for the rest of his life (he really hopes it's a female).

Image: Censorship_Abuse.jpg   400x835 61057 bytes 2006.04.04

Whenever I come across explicit drawings on the internet (especially on the VCL), the 'equipment' of the characters usually have enormous proportions (no matter if they male, female or something in-between). Thus I had the idea for this little joke-pic.\r\nBeing not so lucky with his size, he must feel very intimidated by all the 'giants' out there. So he has to resort to a little trick to boost his self-esteem.\r\n\r\nPencil drawing. Colored with Photoshop.\r\nBy the way, his name is William Winz. ;)\r\nArtwork and Character (c) H.Kapaun\r\nRe-uploaded: Made slight modifications

Image: Neema_MutantCat.jpg   556x800 118684 bytes 2005.10.18

Done for a contest of CrimsonSacrifice (or Honeytail).\r\n(You can find her at )\r\n\r\nMy character Neema Firretayl, as a Langurhali (mutant cat), hanging on her long tail.\r\n\r\nArtwork and character (c) H.Kapaun\r\nRace "Langurhali" (c) CrimsonSacrifice

Image: LearnaBaby.jpg   600x747 132101 bytes 2005.07.11

Someone foraged the old photo album and found one of Learna's most embarrassing baby photos.\r\n\r\nArtwork and Character "Learna Firretayl" H.Kapaun\r\n\r\n(There is a bigger version of this at\r\n\r\nIf you have an account there, drop by and say hello ;) )

Image: Thialu01.jpg   804x400 101057 bytes 2004.05.18

The picture shows a rainbow-dragon/butterfly/mammal mix thingy. The name of the creature is Thialu, a young liquid shapeshifter. Separated from Nimilia as gift for Neema, it composed this form out of all the forms it knew (gender is not defined yet).\r\nIt got the idea for the dragonly shape and the rainbowy color from Yao Chi the rainbow-dragon.\r\nThe creature is one of my avatars at .\r\nArtwork and Character (C) H.Kapaun

Image: Firretayls_scale.jpg   600x612 77309 bytes 2004.04.12

Size-comparison of Neema and Learna Firretayl. (It's obvious that they are sisters, isn't it?)\r\nPencil drawing, colored with Photoshop.\r\nArtwork and Characters (c) H.Kapaun

Image: Learna.jpg   219x500 27083 bytes 2004.01.18

A female Cat/Donkey Mix with her hands on the hips, showing her back. Her name is Learna Firretayl and she is one of my avatars in the Napping Cat's Dream. You can't see it on this picture, but she has a black spot around her left eye.\r\nPencil drawing, colored on the computer.\r\nArtwork and Character (c) 2003-2004 H.Kapaun

Image: Neema.jpg   600x359 72095 bytes 2004.01.18

A young black Cat/Donkey mix, playing with some water.\r\nPencil drawing, colored completely on the computer.\r\nHer name is Neema Firretayl and she is one of my avatars in the Napping Cats Dream.\r\nArtwork and Character (c) 2003 H.Kapaun

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