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Image: basiliskvac.jpg   517x797 103229 bytes 2006.10.11

This piece sold for $30...and it wasn't a full page either. The basilisk was actually an accident, and what an accident it turned out to be! I'm still rather proud of this piece and hope to turn it into a larger oil painting someday. \r\n\r\nThis piece 'Basilisk' Skye James

Image: batheingreenvc2.jpg   609x800 95197 bytes 2006.10.11

Urondo, a Siberian Husky x Rough Collie who was created purely by accident. An early '05 piece that was done while I was still living in Miami. \r\nUrondo Skye James

Image: bearshish2a.jpg   797x603 64588 bytes 2006.11.06

My first 'published' work as of Oklacon 06's conbook. Yay for free publicity? \r\n\r\nThis was all done in grey scale markers on purpose, as the conbook is black and white and I like coloring, I just....meh. Yes, it's a bit cutesy, but who cares! And yes, I was holding off on posting it, as I wanted to keep it under wraps until after Oklacon.

Image: bongo.jpg   621x800 183591 bytes 2009.01.02


A female Bongo antelope out scouting around. Gouache on watercolor board.

Tags: bongo antelope  
Image: enterthesilvervc.jpg   800x612 109544 bytes 2006.10.11

Silver markings, silver eyes, silver blood and silver lies.\r\nA basic idea of Karja's 'silver' form done in 05. It's not perfect, but I still like it though. \r\nKarja Skye James

Image: kanassislibraryvc.jpg   594x785 96011 bytes 2006.10.11

Originally called 'Cale's Girl', because there is a story behind the title and the reason, though I don't really call it much of anything anymore. The piece sold in a lot of 5 for $15, which was rather depressing. Still one of my favorites to this day and took only 2 days to complete.\r\nKanassis Skye James

Image: Karjan4horn.jpg   800x581 141995 bytes 2009.01.03


Karja with a Jacob Four-Horned Sheep Ram. \r\n\r\nGouache on aqua board.

Tags: karja, hyena, jacob, four, horned, 4-horned, four-horned, sheep, ram  
Image: Khagheeravac.jpg   604x797 105373 bytes 2006.10.11

Khagheera isn't really anything. The pose seems strange with the way her foot is turned, and yes, she's just kinda floating there, but there's no rhyme or reason to her in the first place, hence the pose. \r\nCopyright Skye James

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