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Image: Jennycolor.jpg   517x560 111154 bytes 2000.10.07

Yo wassup! I know it's been a helluva long time since I last posted, but thats cuz I'v been busy...y'know school 'n all. Anyhoo...this Is Jenny...she's a Growlithe...'case ya didn't know that cus u were blind or somethin. I thought "Lessee now...Growlithes...All the Jennies use Growlithes...hmmmm" and voila! Iz Jenny. And no her hair aint whit cuz she's old (she's only 20) it's cuz Growlithes' manes and tails are white and thats why.'s thought of the day..."Ya know why the hell does PBS offer videos of their shown when almost every1 gas a VCR to tape it with...and If they don't have a VCR then what the hell would they do with the tape?!?!" Okay that's it 4 now. C ya!\n

Image: Jenny.gif   518x553 16709 bytes 2000.10.02

Image: reno_profile.gif   991x620 13749 bytes 2000.04.22

I didn't like the Seifer-ish look, so I added squall's hair. I just got great idea though, I love starcraft, so I'm gonna unveil the rest of my charas as Starcraft Units (Terrans) If you don't know what Starcraft is, Is the most ass-kickin game there is! Anyhow...I think I'll tell ya a few of my characters:\r\nRina-Vulpix, Reno's Sister Jenny-Growlithe, Rina's best friend, and Reno's Girlfriend Bryan-Golbat, All-around Nerd, Reno's best friend since childhood.\r\nOoookay. That's stay tuned! Oh, yeah, Reno's (c) me so don't get any ideas, got it?\n

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