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Image: Zig&Mink.gif   566x787 28223 bytes 2006.01.26

A doodle done for Max Blackrabbit, to whom the fair ZigZag is copyrighted, as all aficionadoes know.

Image: LASALV.GIF   565x787 29563 bytes 2006.01.26

An illustration I did for a story written by a brilliant friend of mine. The fact he's not rich just underscores the inherent unfairness of the universe.

Image: JPCOV.JPG   492x737 74931 bytes 2006.01.26

The cover of the Jim and Picca story collection, still available from those bold publishers at MU Press. Along with many other gems of literature!

Image: HUNDRAT.JPG   687x511 93771 bytes 2006.01.26

Someone wanted a commission of Hundrat, a girl better known for toughness than seductiveness. She didn't mind - she may have been genetically engineered to be a soldier, but she's still a woman who likes to feel sexy.

Image: GOATGOD.JPG   509x677 40918 bytes 2006.01.26

A centrefold from one of my old BIG Funnies books. Wanted to run it in color, so here it is.

Image: UglyPolitics.jpg   700x1076 131622 bytes 2006.01.16

Sexually satisfied people are happier than frustrated people. Happy people are less mean. Screw a politician today!

Image: Dancers.jpg   720x986 88827 bytes 2006.01.15

Another one from my pre-computer days, as you can tell from the hand-coloring. Oh, and the date, too, I suppose.

Image: BitesIron.jpg   640x940 79751 bytes 2006.01.11

I was looking for something completely different when I found this, and the Tina picture, in an old sketchbook. Another doodle with a story behind it.

Image: Nthtbig.jpg   640x671 69043 bytes 2006.01.11

Sometimes my characters talk to me. Is that a good thing or bad?

Image: SammyShow.jpg   567x844 57556 bytes 2006.01.10

Here's Sammy of the Pleasure Boosters, all shiny after a shower. I gotta find time to play with colors and textures, again...

Image: HonBobSurpl.jpg   720x978 127436 bytes 2006.01.07

Times have become so paranoid, that this pic likely cannot be used for it's intended purpouse - A back cover for Savage Funnies. But just so it doesn't crumble away unseen, here it is on VCL.

Image: Gorky.jpg   720x522 44373 bytes 2006.01.07

Gerard Ashworth's Gorky provides the material for an art experiment: What would a roughly sketched character look like in 3D color?

Image: BadFisher.jpg   800x315 29416 bytes 2006.01.07

Another one from the files. Should be OK for VCL - it's got a horse communicating an opinion.

Image: ShortGun.jpg   680x887 52483 bytes 2006.01.07

I can't sleep tonight. So I drew this.

Image: MinkLight.jpg   700x659 64654 bytes 2006.01.06

A light study of the Mink from long ago. Now I do all the coloring and shading in the computer, my hand-shading skills are fading. Shame, really.

Image: HowFart.jpg   720x1020 141461 bytes 2006.01.06

Another oldie but weirdie from the files. Just because you're teaching important art principles doesn't mean you can't be gross.

Image: TOONBEAC.JPG   464x685 133029 bytes 2006.01.02

The back cover off BIG Funnies #2. One of the most popular gags I ever drew. So far.

Image: BIGGOAT.JPG   454x626 80103 bytes 2006.01.02

Old jpg of a scan of a color copy of a Macro commission. Don't do a lot of those, usually - giants ain't my kink - but I thought this one was funny.

Image: Gunmen.jpg   700x814 151347 bytes 2006.01.02

Another oldie but a goodie from the dusty files of Karno. Which do YOU think?

Image: Diana.jpg   232x587 20798 bytes 2005.12.24

I can't believe I never uploaded this one. Diana LIKES showing off what she got!

Image: KingKarno.jpg   700x524 64777 bytes 2005.12.24

A doodle done purely for the fun of it. Those are getting rare, lately. A bad sign.

Image: Nangoat.jpg   600x1564 179803 bytes 2005.12.24

But there's a basic problem with creating sentient animals so you can use them for slave labor. If they understand spoken orders, they might also understand concepts like "freedom"...

Image: Hausmus.jpg   720x1296 90714 bytes 2005.12.24

Old series of "ads" derived from thots about what could motivate the creation of genetically engineered humanoid animals. Pets? Or a cheaper alternative to household robots?

Image: Excercized.jpg   720x922 86708 bytes 2005.12.24

(continued from FeCharSize.jpg)....Does this mean I haven't improved a jot in a decade?!

Image: FeCharSize.jpg   720x797 94345 bytes 2005.12.24

A 10 year old commission of some of my female characters. Holds up pretty well. Which brings up an unwelcome thought:

Image: ePornAgain.jpg   720x517 70154 bytes 2005.12.14

I'm getting better. I'm even doing some proctoring for the University of Iceland. Nice job. Leaves time enough for the occasional doodle...

Image: KarnoHeart.jpg   600x493 66859 bytes 2005.11.19

I haven't uploaded much recently because I'm recovering from open heart surgery. But the ole ticker is ticking like a swiss watch, now. Literally. The steel heart-valve makes a constant "tick-tock" noise.

Image: BTFB60.jpg   600x750 64881 bytes 2005.10.16

I didn't upload this one already? Strange - it SO belongs here!

Image: BludPressur.jpg   694x806 90711 bytes 2005.10.16

Doodle from an old get-well card. Hey, she'd boost MY will to live!

Image: Penitent.jpg   588x572 62809 bytes 2005.10.16

More old BW stuff. This is from an old Furthest North Crew APA cover. Yes, it has a story behind it. Feel free to write one.

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