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Image: Gloryholes.jpg   1024x700 88406 bytes 2005.08.01

Upon tidying up my computer, I found this Hyperfair picture I'd quite forgotten. Enjoy!

Image: ThatsBig.jpg   640x876 115804 bytes 2005.07.13

I thought I only had a too-small low-rez version of this early foray into computer coloring, but while I was looking for something completely different, this popped up. Enjoy!

Image: MINK.JPG   378x450 26206 bytes 2005.07.07

An oldie from my first computer-coloring fumblings. But hey, if you haven't seen it before, it's new...

Image: Ballads.jpg   600x711 55973 bytes 2005.07.07

A quick picture inspired by a Finnish strip. I couldn't understand the words, but I recognized the emotions.

Image: AdultsOnly.jpg   726x469 57307 bytes 2005.06.18

I'm no fan of censorship, but I have no problem with clear labels. If a work is for adults only, mark it so.

Image: MABCOVER.JPG   425x633 73257 bytes 2005.05.19

Another book collection I hope to publish when I find a brave enough publisher - my stories of human women with Morph studs.

Image: Rex.jpg   335x512 54081 bytes 2005.05.19

Rex, from the Farm stories. I hope to collect em in a big book, soon.

Image: Detox.jpg   700x865 101358 bytes 2005.05.19

Dr. Dee unselfishly helps out another addict. For the story behind the picture, check out "WILD!" from MU Press.

Image: Hypersex.jpg   700x904 98291 bytes 2005.05.19

What the heck - if we're stuffing huge horse whangs up little cat girls, then we might as well go for broke!

Image: KITCENT.GIF   784x1095 26426 bytes 2005.05.19

Hey! I found another Kitten Kelly piece! I like the Kitten....should do another story with her. But the line around my drawing table to get on paper is so LONG...

Image: CAT.JPG   510x414 70162 bytes 2005.05.19

I forgot where this one came from. Seems to be my petite character, Kitten kelly, with gargantuan tits.

Image: TINACLIM.jpg   633x827 101964 bytes 2005.05.19

The different relative sizes of "realistic" morphs is another under-utilized source of humor...

Image: HorsePicnic.jpg   700x488 50302 bytes 2005.05.19

Another oldie, all colored by hand. But I like the atmosphere of the piece...

Image: HermanIcon.jpg   500x1111 51549 bytes 2005.05.19

Iconic image of one of my longest running characters, Herman Orca. Life for an idealist in a world where sentients kill each other for food is....rough.

Image: Chased.jpg   687x878 50489 bytes 2005.05.19

An oldie, but it's aged remarkably well, in my humble opinion. I like the sense of movement - harder to do than it looks.

Image: TRYHORSE.jpg   283x510 12227 bytes 2005.05.18

Ooops, almost forgot this horse statuette. I like the way he's tucked his saddle under his arm...

Image: SIXXTITS.gif   921x704 34806 bytes 2005.05.18

Another doodle for the guy who commissioned the dancers. C'mon - by now you GOTTA have guessed what he likes!

Image: HermanSav.jpg   419x383 17730 bytes 2005.05.18

Since I'm doing statuettes, here's a couple of Herman Orca and Savage Squirrel.

Image: TINAFLOAT.jpg   592x567 16495 bytes 2005.05.18

A Two Ton Tina statuette I did. I wanna get back into sculpture - such fun to see your characters in 3D!

Image: BOOBS3.gif   700x903 54404 bytes 2005.05.18

A couple of dancers I drew for a pal. Guess what he likes!

Image: HappyCover.jpg   700x955 95762 bytes 2005.04.21

A cover for the comix collection of Poppy's adventures I hope to publish. I like Poppy. She's so HAPPY!

Image: NORMAL.GIF   826x604 34932 bytes 2005.04.05

A drawing I did awhile back, when I worried about how much porn I was drawing. Now I worry I don't draw enough. The world doesn't make sense, so do what you enjoy, keeds.

Image: HorseCarry.GIF   360x480 16868 bytes 2005.04.05

An image inspired by one of Stellos's horses, blessed be his memory.

Image: Haskgals.jpg   694x868 88984 bytes 2005.04.05

Pencils by Haskell, inks by Karno. I think it came out rather nice, for an experiment.

Image: Cure.jpg   700x1023 91014 bytes 2005.03.25

Doing well by doing good. Wish there'd been such a community service available when I was a horny teen.

Image: Squit.jpg   560x671 55821 bytes 2005.03.20

Another random doodle. I'm not quite clear what she wants, either.

Image: AndPan2-3.jpg   964x700 62242 bytes 2005.03.14

I had to wonder: In a clothes-optional environment, where does the vendor keep his loose change?

Image: AndPan01.jpg   1008x700 85799 bytes 2005.03.14

Intro panel from a bunch of pencils a fella commissioned to practice his inking on. Mmmm, beefy!

Image: KarnosWorld2.jpg   700x1039 172992 bytes 2005.02.16

....And here's the second page. Sorry for the slow upload - this was as small as I could get it, while maintaining readability.

Image: KarnosWorld.jpg   700x1036 174984 bytes 2005.02.12

My main works are in comics, rather than single panels. Let's see if I can get away with uploading a whole page...

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