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Image: Arianna_VCL.jpg   379x317 21311 bytes 2004.05.28

Finally the colored version of my Vexin girl ^^ Dissapointed that the coloring and such came out cruddy.\r\n\r\nCruddy coloring and quick background effect done in photoshop{still trying to get the hang of that program}\r\n\r\nAlissa/Arianna/Malaka and the vexin race are Kash No touchies.

Image: Bcolored.jpg   504x360 28812 bytes 2003.05.23

As promised here's the colored version of Boredom.jpg Took awhile to decide on his fur color. looks okay. Maybe I should upload it without the filter.

Image: cronos_3.gif   534x386 41986 bytes 2005.07.30

My recent brainfart. A sub-character i created not long ago by the name of cronos. It took a total of 13 hours yesterday to get this thing complete. Ofcourse afterwards I was grumpier than a wet dog. Programs used were Photoshop, photoshop imageready, and paint. \r\n\r\nCronos (C) Kash \r\nBases (C) Kash

Image: Darkness.jpg   504x360 6740 bytes 2003.05.18

My character Kash, enveloped in darkness. She's able to melt into darkness easily even though her fur is white. She is the ultimate killer, even though she is a mother of a part demon and saiya-jin(yes folks I do so enjoy DBZ :P(although she exhists in other dimensions as well)). \r\n\r\nImage and character (C) kash, please do not steal.

Image: Final.jpg   404x289 21499 bytes 2003.05.22

Atlast! The final version of Kyoto^^ Me so happy^^ \r\n\r\nKyoto, demon killer of the underworld :D\r\n\r\nKyoto(C)Me. Please do not alter or redistribute. thnk you.

Image: Kyotoleapfinal.jpg   504x360 34775 bytes 2004.05.04

Finally finished after finding out that adobe photoshop imageready was the perfect program to finish this pic up ^^ My fursona Kyoto leaping as the title suggests. and I'm seriously thinking bout changing her name from kyoto to kash. \r\n\r\nThe pic itself isn't half bad for my first attempt at real hand busting CG coloring *nodds* \r\n\r\nKyoto Kash. No touchies!

Image: moo.jpg   720x504 55233 bytes 2003.05.15

Moo.\r\n\r\nI apologize for the shreud craptastic lineage there. Lost alot of nerves lately due to personal matters(tornadoes and all that crap, but hey....I live in tornado alley what ya expect? :P). Anyways, I've been very creative lately so expect more picts like this one soon^^\r\nA shame the "flatten image" concept on PS shreudly distorts the cloud background. It looks better RL.\r\n\r\n[Disclaimer: image is (C) me. Please don't steal. Thank you.]

Image: SeAd_VCL.jpg   476x336 50612 bytes 2004.05.06

Finally getting the hang of computer coloring via mouse ^^ A sea dragon I Drew anime-ish style awhile ago. I found the pic and scanned it in and gave it color. \r\n\r\nImage (C) Kash, no touchies.

Image: transformation.jpg   720x504 48521 bytes 2003.05.14

Kash's alien transformation. She was born the year of the dragon in chinese zodiac, thus she transforms into a dragon. Her racial transformation determines on when they were born if they were born the year of the dog, they would be a were wolf of sorts. If year of the tiger, they'd be a monstrous tiger beast ect, ect. The idea came from the anime fruits basket(which I've yet to see but I hear its funny as hell).\r\n The entire racial transformation lands on the balance of the yin&yang. For every good person there is their counterpart or yang. Those of evil intentions, their transformations evolve into demonic creatures. \r\n\r\n[Disclaimer: The entire idea, character, and image is (c) me. Please do not steal.]

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