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Image: 116414.gif   77x68 3732 bytes 2005.07.14

A tiny little game sprite I did today for an MB RPG I joined where they use game sprites for vision on characters. The monster is a cerberus named cronos. He's suppose to have asian dragon horns but i couldnt find any and i was too lazy to draw em :/ Anywho, character was inspired by oliver fox's cerberus char ^^ so i just had to have one for oni (my demon child character :P i'll post a story on her life one of these days) *Stops rambling* anyways, (C) info\r\n\r\nCronos (C) me no touchies\r\nCerberus species (I think they would be) are (C) Oliver fox \r\nAs for the icons i used, I cant remember the site addy but its (C) who ever they are :3

Image: Kash.gif   191x203 6608 bytes 2005.07.21

A very old character of mine revisited. Ofcourse she is the one everyone knows me by. She was my first kitty girl character and RPG character. In the past she has been redone rather irationally several times. But she's still apart of me. I thought it about time to do another picture of her. In her arms she holds mikey in feral form (My b/fs FF character) The angel wings are a nice touch since both mine and my b/fs character's are currently idle so to speek.\r\n\r\nKash (C) Kash \r\nMike (C) Greg Please do not steal either.

Image: kyoto.GIF   54x54 1556 bytes 2005.07.15

A rather small sprite of my precious, kyoto. Ppl bitch at how her name is related to so and so and what not and i just tell them "Would you wanna rename your child?" I've had this demon character for 5 years and running and i haven't renamed her, however i did give her an anthro form for better roleplaying purposes. that was then, now she inhabits the body of a 4 year old demon child named oni and she's now far more evil than before if released. \r\n\r\nkyoto and oni (C) kash, please do not alter or redistribute in any way thank you. \r\nsprites used to make this is (C) what ever site i used.

Image: kyotoevil.gif   74x71 2022 bytes 2005.07.26

Da evilness ^^ Yet another animation i did. I found out that I'm addicted to animating things >.> \r\n\r\nKyoto (C) Kash, no touchies.

Image: Kyotomlp.JPG   112x133 4503 bytes 2005.07.20

It was bound to happen sooner or later XD I bumped into an MLP base on the net and i couldn't resist. Besides, i too was infatuated with MLPs when i was little. this little sprite only took me an hour tops to do. If anyone out there viewing wants an MLP sprite done for them feel free to contact me via IM at KashiniAldatan or just Email me at (Yes, i love DBZ too ^^) just give me your VCL name so i know its someone from here^^\r\n\r\nKyoto (C) kash, steal at own risk

Image: Kyouji_01.gif   100x99 954 bytes 2005.07.18

behold! My first animation ^^ 6 hours and inbetween bitching is how long it took for me to make what looks like an easy make. \r\n\r\nKritter sprite is (C) Kash, the one and only. Art thieves will be eaten. Yesh, kyoto loves art thieves. tasty ;)

Image: oni1.JPG   693x291 41980 bytes 2005.07.20

Another pixle art from me ^^ Its a character reference sheet of my 4 year old character oni. It took me approximately 6 hours to complete the sprite off to the side. It may be off topic but i think i can upload one, if not eh. no biggie...Btw, art and character thieves will not be tolerated thank you. so hands off!\r\n\r\nOni (C) Kash no touchies!

Image: vexinbg.gif   234x226 16932 bytes 2005.07.30

My favourite of them all ^^ My vexin race in feral form (since i vision them more animalistic in nature) I used bases from cathies crazie creations and just spliced them to my liking ^^ The setting sun however is my doing. \r\n\r\nBases are (C) Cathies crazie creations\r\nVexin race and art is (C) Kash

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