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Image: Werelove2.JPG   698x481 49614 bytes 2002.09.29

I Love this pic ^.^ Were versions of myself and my Boyfriend Pseudo Wulf. Tender moment ^.^

Image: Flydog.JPG   397x600 34537 bytes 2002.07.22

I really rather like this one ;) I thought the expression and movement went well. I really dont know where the Idea came from. . . I've prolly been watching too many cartoons ;)

Image: Cute_Anthro.JPG   400x412 31495 bytes 2002.03.10

Drew this one just to test out the head style. I did something odd with the hair as well. but all the same I like her ;)

Image: complete_demonwolf.JPG   800x466 36020 bytes 2001.10.17

As I promiced, a more complete version of the demon wolf. Though he's still missing a forepaw

Image: Claws_and_Paws.jpg   550x390 35594 bytes 2001.08.17

Practicing drawing Paws and claws. here's an asorted collection of feet including dragons claws, a wolf paw as well as the lion paw.

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