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Image: ArtzyShirl.jpg   650x983 81926 bytes 2006.08.13

Part of a series of funny commissions for Peter Gresham, of his skunk charrie, shirly.\r\n\r\nImage L. wilson

Image: BearAndYena.jpg   673x555 54802 bytes 2006.09.12

A bear and Hyena cuddling. Commission for J. Voordeckers.

Image: Caught.jpg   750x594 59664 bytes 2006.09.08

Caught in the act! Naughty kitty with her giant ball of yarn\r\n\r\n" Just don't tell anyone!"\r\n\r\nFastcat J. Korlak\r\nImage L. Wilson/Katronmaster

Image: CloseSnugCommish.jpg   605x833 55187 bytes 2006.08.22

A loving cuddle between two mates.\r\n\r\nThe Dragon is Dracoemberwing. I'm not sure of his mate. \r\n\r\nImage is L. Wilson / Katronmaster\r\n\r\nMain gallery @

Image: EarthTiger.JPG   600x374 48321 bytes 2007.07.13

The Earth Tiger

Part 2 in the T folio, Which looks very lovely in person. Not very surreal, so It's just going in animals, but part of the same series.\r\n\r\nH. albostriatum, The Thai Zebra.\r\n\r\nCharcoal and Pastel on paper, 4.5x8, Undecided.

Image: EmergingFastcatDone.jpg   502x1048 96974 bytes 2006.10.04

A commission for J. Krolak of his newly transmogrified cheetah. \r\n\r\nDefinately one of my better shading jobs.

Image: EyeOfPolyphemus.jpg   453x525 54137 bytes 2005.05.03

An odd little concept I originally attempted in paint, but by the time I recovered my canvas it had been recoated by another artist. (I plan on trying it again)\r\n\r\nSoft pastels on bristol, my first attempt with this media. \r\n\r\nA Marco-view moth wing with a surrealistic twist.

Image: Fero.jpg   814x641 71994 bytes 2006.09.08

My mate's character, Feroaxes. He is anthro, but this is just a headshot portrait. \r\n\r\nFeroaxes is K. Gensic / Wyldesoul at\r\n\r\nImage L. Wilson Prints available.

Image: Fire_Fly_Hunt_for_VCL.jpg   727x519 32751 bytes 2003.09.24

My ocelot fursona chasing bugs.... \r\n\r\ndone in photoshop 7 and paint shop pro 7, took about 42 hours total.... most of that was experementing with effects

Image: Foxy.jpg   640x791 102521 bytes 2006.08.16

A stab at realism, for my grandparent's 50th anniversary.\r\n\r\nPrints available at\r\n\r\nimage Katronmaster

Image: Fuzzles.jpg   1034x816 194201 bytes 2007.08.06

The Aging King

Started at Anthrocon, Finished at home. Mr. Fuzzles!

Tags: wolf, king, old, charcoal   [Comment]
Image: FuzzyEdit.jpg   484x373 46930 bytes 2005.01.24

A resubmission of fuzzy, levels ate my detail.

Image: JazzCat.JPG   821x1000 147054 bytes 2007.07.13

The Jazz Cat

A gift for my music instructor of several years.

Tags: leopard, bass, jazz   [Comment]
Image: KingCropped.JPG   778x581 67273 bytes 2007.07.13

The Aging King

A sketch done a long while ago, who I decided to finish up at anthrocon. I just... wanted to do a wolf. In the future I will be doing another landscape, for background practice.\r\n\r\nCharcoal on Bristol, 11x14, Private Collection.

Image: LittleFriend.jpg   652x990 97684 bytes 2004.05.07

My anthro Polyphemus moth, Keilalah. She needed an updated pic and I thought this turned out decent, aside from the darn skirt and antennae. \r\n\r\nKei is (c) Katronmaster

Image: LordOfTheGrasslands2.jpg   826x654 105484 bytes 2006.08.13

A realistic Striped Hyena. \r\n\r\nCharcoal on bristol, circa last june. \r\n\r\n L. Wilson

Image: MemoriesFinished.jpg   652x826 147588 bytes 2006.08.13

Looking back and contemplating...\r\n\r\nCharcoal on 11x14 bristol\r\n\r\n L. wilson\r\n\r\nPrints available at

Image: Moth.JPG   550x1002 93254 bytes 2004.03.14

A picture drawn for a very nice moth-fur who was the first person to actually draw a fan-art piece for me ( of keilalah ) \r\n\r\nI unfortunatly lost his e-mail to send this to him =(\r\n\r\ntook two hours of experementing with light and reflection, the original is 10x better ( My scanner devoured this )\r\n\r\nHe is a Luna moth\r\n\r\nPrismas, rose art, and crayola pencils as well as some micron pens for outlines. No photoshop touch ups\r\n\r\nThe moth is (c) Himself \r\nThe pic is (c) L.I. Wilson/katronmaster\r\n\r\nto 'the moth guy' if you happen to see this, Please tell me what you think ^^ heck, if you aren't him, still tell me what you think \r\n

Image: naughty_kitty.jpg   432x386 48564 bytes 2003.10.24

A detailed pencil drawing of an ocelot cubby, poor think looks like it just got yelled at \r\n\r\nDone in Pencil (( Duh )) on paper (( Duh once more :P ))

Image: Nuzzle.JPG   800x630 74993 bytes 2007.07.13


\r\nA pair of snuggling kitties, commissioned by my aunt.\r\n\r\n11x14, Charcoal on Bristol, Commission.

Image: OasisOfDeath.jpg   936x1216 104142 bytes 2004.10.04

Scarlet, spirit of Death. \r\n\r\nPhotoshop, no tablet, just mouse\r\n\r\n(c) Katronmaster

Image: Okapi.jpg   538x746 60617 bytes 2005.01.23

An okapi drawn for class, a much nicer subject than nude women. I like him, might give him to my aunt since she likes critters.\r\n\r\nCharcoal on 8x11 bristol board.

Image: PantedSkunk.jpg   596x925 78777 bytes 2006.08.13

Shirley again, Looking rather cross. \r\n\r\nShirly belongs to Peter Gresham.\r\n\r\nImage L. wilson

Image: Picture_003.jpg   480x640 47621 bytes 2005.01.23

Drawn for my mother, who has an odd affinity for felines, space, and the color blue. She liked it.\r\n\r\n7 hours, Charcoal, pastels, airbrush Ink, Prisma/crayola/meijer/walmart/dollar-tre e Colored pencils on 24x32 bristol board.\r\n\r\nShading on the body is a bit off, my camera's flash did that.

Image: RacketyDone.jpg   691x873 94335 bytes 2006.09.07

A commission I think turned out pretty darn spiffy! he looks so cute, but so sad...\r\n\r\nRackety belongs to Dan Lewis, who is an utter sweetheart to work with!\r\n\r\nCharcoal on 11x14 bristol, 7 hours (For a 40 dollar commission, I think I need to shift rates...)\r\n\r\n-L

Image: RainFin.jpg   637x877 76423 bytes 2006.08.22

Awe, tender kisses. \r\n\r\nRain belongs to herself, don't know about her mate. \r\n\r\nCommissioned pic.

Image: Saeculus.jpg   778x609 102953 bytes 2006.09.08

My longest running creation, a manifestation of my insanity from back in grade 3.\r\n\r\nI've improved a lot since.\r\n\r\nMy best work yet, I think. 18 hours or so, charcoal on 11x14 bristol\r\n\r\nI'm actually pretty fond of this, my scanner does it no justice at all. Originally feline. \r\n\r\nSaeculus L. Wilson/Katronmaster

Image: TheKingsGaze2.jpg   505x695 84776 bytes 2005.05.03

A collaboration of three images inspired by books by C.S. Lewis. " Out of the silent planet", "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe", and "Screwtape Letters". \r\n\r\nCharcoal on bristol, I may be selling prints of this if anyone is interested.

Image: TheLightkeeps.jpg   612x778 84418 bytes 2007.08.06

The Light Keeper

Another surrealish moth.

Tags: moth, surreal, lanturn   [Comment]
Image: ThunderEdit.jpg   697x1017 123085 bytes 2005.01.24

A resubmission, levels killed the detail in his muzzle. The better version is at my DA account. \r\n\r\nA portrait of a sweet lil malamute.

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