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Image: Katrynangel.jpg   620x800 69537 bytes 2004.02.13

Katryn\r\nI love this picture. I started it about a month ago and finaly got back to it. I am considering coloring it... we'll see.\r\nYes, she is leaning back against a rock. (Rocks arn't the easiest for me to draw)\r\nThis is my main character on Furcadia, so please no takeing.

Image: myrelle.jpg   573x799 47011 bytes 2004.03.06

Myrelle is one of the characters in the Chronicles of Vale. Her life has been somewhat of a sad one. I hope to be able to turn to her own history in one of the chapters. \r\n\r\nThe rope is a symbol of her new eldership rank. She came out a bit diffrent then I imagined her though.\r\n\r\nWings were a new idea... I like how they turned out. Her hand doesn't look right though.\r\n\r\nColor version in the works.\r\n\r\nMyrelle Lightpaw is Copyright @ Katryn

Image: sweetdreams.jpg   533x398 46329 bytes 2004.02.13

Katryn and Wullger snuggleing ... and it looks like she's just fallen asleep.\r\nI have this in a colored version that I think came out pretty good. \r\n\r\nThe dragon is copyright @ Wullger Noquisi\r\nThe feline and the artwork is copyright @ Katryn

Image: Wullgergrey.jpg   544x674 65846 bytes 2004.02.13

This is Katryn's husband on Furcadia, Wullger. He asked me to draw him as I saw him, once I was finished with this, he was surprised, saying it was right on about how he saw him too.\r\nI later shrank this way down, colored it, and made a port out of it. And it happens to be the port he wears now too. :)\r\nCharacter copyright@Wullger Noquisi\r\nDrawing copyright@Katryn

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