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Image: BrendaChristmas10.jpg   626x800 206735 bytes 2010.12.20

Christmas sketch for Xian Jaguar. Artwork 2010 Kayleen Connell, Xian Jaguar herself

Image: Microraptor.jpg   414x800 72882 bytes 2010.12.13

Sketch of an anthro microraptor done at MFF. Artwork 2010 Kayleen Connell

Image: Odet.jpg   455x800 85098 bytes 2010.09.24

A drawing I did at MFF of Odet. Artwork 2010 Kayleen Connell

Image: Regg03.gif   600x436 73320 bytes 2010.09.24

Just Another Night

A commissioned sketch done at MFF for the story "A Little Night Music, with Music Boxed In". Reggie Buckhorn has a problem involving a tiki trash can. Artwork 2010 Kayleen Connell, characters their creators

Image: LKCMSL.jpg   474x800 116012 bytes 2010.07.12


A con sketch of LionkingCMSL and Altaica from AC '10 for Don M. Artwork 2010 Kayleen Connell

Image: PlagueratPinup.jpg   475x750 72887 bytes 2010.06.15

A sketchbook commission for Plaguerat, done at Morphicon. "Because tasteful scientists can cover up with Erlenmeyer flasks." Artwork 2010 Kayleen Connell

Image: KatNouveauLines.jpg   600x779 181470 bytes 2010.05.13

Kat Nouveau line art

Line art of "Kat Nouveau" for any interested parties. If you like, you can color and repost this, provided that you state that the line art belongs to me. Artwork 2010 Kayleen Connell

Image: Brenda09.jpg   363x608 100105 bytes 2009.12.19

Christmas card sketch for Brenda. rtwork 2009 Kayleen Connell, Xian herself

Image: Belle09.jpg   541x672 144812 bytes 2009.12.19

A Christmas card sketch of Belle from Catena for Tracy. Artwork 2009 Kayleen Connell, Belle Tracy Bailey

Image: AxelWolf.jpg   559x800 71790 bytes 2009.11.25

Inked sketch done for AxelWolf at AC this year. Artwork 2009 Kayleen Connell, character his creator

Image: altstyleskat.jpg   683x507 38990 bytes 2009.11.17

A sketch that I did awhile ago for the alternative art styles meme that was going around that I never finished. Kat in Sonic style and Kat in the cartoony style of my youth. Artwork 2009 Kayleen Connell

Image: mystee_squirrels_goodfor_comicrelief_katarina.jpg   858x1280 137519 bytes 2009.05.21

Sketch did for Mystee at Morphicon. "Squirrels are good for...comic relief in movies" featuring "the organic squirrel gets a bike helmet." Quasi inside joke. Artwork 2009 Kayleen Connell

Image: pantera2.jpg   624x813 47580 bytes 2008.07.11

A sketch I did in HollyAnn's sketchbook at Anthrocon this year. Artwork © 2008 Kayleen Connell, Pantera © Lisa Ann Cotton

Image: Sigh.jpg   775x585 155545 bytes 2007.08.17

One of Those Days

Just one of those days... Artwork 2007 Kayleen Connell

Image: ElvisClown.jpg   491x638 136841 bytes 2006.04.26

An Elivs clown. Long story. Art 2006 Kayleen Connell

Image: kysnowflakes.jpg   418x496 72700 bytes 2004.12.13

The last of my Christmas card drawings. Whee! Alethia, catching snowflakes. Artwork 2004 Kayleen Connell. Alethia Kylen Miles

Image: MirrorEyes2.jpg   416x495 81585 bytes 2004.12.10

Christmas card drawing of Mirror Eyes, the serval. Artwork 2004 Kayleen Connell. Mirror Eyes Tiina Purin

Image: ThornScarf.jpg   339x468 70414 bytes 2004.12.10

After the first night of doing Christmas card drawings, I start to burn out and the drawings get progressively crappier and crappier, in part due to my drawing hand starting to protest the abuse. A reasonable try at Thorn. Artwork 2004 Kayleen Connell. Thorn Nicole Dornsife

Image: ChristmasFrisket.jpg   365x461 79115 bytes 2004.12.10

After the first night of doing Christmas card drawings, I start to burn out and the drawings get progressively crappier and crappier, in part due to my drawing hand starting to protest the abuse. A sad attempt at Frisket. Artwork 2004 Kayleen Connell. Frisket Melissa O'Brien

Image: TreissChristmas.jpg   365x473 67120 bytes 2004.12.09

My Christmas card drawing for Tracy Pierce this year. Here's a festive Treiss. Artwork 2004 Kayleen Connell, Treiss Tracy Pierce

Image: ChristmasBunny.jpg   270x477 50288 bytes 2004.12.09

My traditional holiday rabbit for Auryanne. Christmas card drawing. Artwork 2004 Kayleen Connell

Image: BrendaAngel.jpg   450x410 90490 bytes 2004.12.09

This year's Christmas card drawing for Xian Jaguar. Artwork 2004 Kayleen Connell. Xian Jaguar herself

Image: Dingbat.gif   351x389 46682 bytes 2003.12.14

A sketch of Dingbat for Erin. The text at the bottom says, "Kat's never drawn a bat before! Can you tell?" and Dingbat is saying, "I'm supposed to be Dingbat!" Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell, Dingbat Erin Middendorf

Image: ChristmasZoe.gif   279x328 71945 bytes 2003.12.14

A festive sketch of Zoe for Mersades. Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell, Zoe Christine Harcinske

Image: DC.gif   274x310 63004 bytes 2003.12.14

A sketch of Mirror Eyes the serval. Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell, Mirror Eyes Tiina Purin

Image: AngelLillian.gif   361x411 82201 bytes 2003.12.14

A sketch of a confused Lillian the pirate wench for Kylen. Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell, Lillian Kylen Miles

Image: BinkyRevisited.gif   293x452 40794 bytes 2003.12.14

Binky the Polar Bear, revisited! The text says "Binky sagt 'Freuliche Weihnachten!'" which translates as "Binky says 'Merry Christmas!'" Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell

Image: ChristmasRatty.gif   382x373 91478 bytes 2003.12.13

Christmas sketch of a dumbo rat for a friend. Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell

Image: ChristmasHollyAnn.gif   374x446 106327 bytes 2003.12.13

Christmas sketch of HollyAnn. Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell, HollyAnn Lisa Cotton

Image: ChristmasTreiss.jpg   331x460 44555 bytes 2003.12.13

Christmas sketch for Tracy Pierce. Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell, Treiss Tracy Pierce

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