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Image: KatElf.gif   459x399 52321 bytes 2003.12.12

Another self-portrait sketch from my Christmas cards this year. If you can't read my writing, it says, "If I'm an ELF, does that mean I can get some action with Legolas?" The bottom says, "Er...Wrong kind of elves, Kat!" Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell

Image: KatSanta.gif   473x484 76119 bytes 2003.12.12

Self-portrait sketch from my Christmas cards this year. Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell

Image: UtaChristmas2.gif   394x438 67522 bytes 2003.12.12

Uta sketch from my Christmas cards this year. If you can't make out my handwriting, she's saying, "Why can't I ever do anything dignified in one of these cards?" Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell

Image: Bunny.gif   368x522 65171 bytes 2003.12.12

Bunny sketch from my Christmas cards this year. Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell

Image: IHeartTwitchy.gif   335x458 92392 bytes 2003.11.09

A sketch of me hugging Twitchy, the alien villain of my friend's novel, Heritage in the Stars. ( Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell. Xeebec (aka "Twitchy") Katie Sullivan.

Image: bunnysketch.gif   308x382 70315 bytes 2002.12.23

A sketch of a rabbit that I did in one of my Christmas cards this year. I'm rather pleased with this. Artwork 2002 Kayleen Connell.

Image: snarl.gif   373x332 47003 bytes 2002.12.02

Sketch that I did awhile ago that I just realize I never uploaded. A snarling Kat. Yup. Artwork 2002 Kayleen Connell.

Image: EasterUta.jpg   401x278 29449 bytes 2002.03.30

Uta is *not* the Easter Bunny. In fact, if you value your kneecaps, don't mention it to her ;) Happy Easter!\r\nArtwork 2002 Kayleen Connell

Image: femmerat.jpg   789x404 82177 bytes 2002.02.24

Kylen commanded me to draw a femme rat, so here's one from three different angles. I had a hard time with the frontal image. Arwork 2002 Kayleen Connell.\r\n

Image: Binky2small.jpg   702x510 115027 bytes 2002.01.27

"Binky the Polar Bear, Part 2." The inside of said Valentine's card that I made back in 1995 in German class. The writing translates as "'I love you...for lunch!' Happy Valentine's Day! (Luv, Katarina and Binky)" Artwork 2002 Kayleen Connell.

Image: Binky1.jpg   458x687 99880 bytes 2002.01.27

"Binky the Polar Bear." A Valentine's card that I made back in 1995 in German class. I still love this card! The writing on the front translates as "'Be mine!' says Binky the Polar Bear..." Artwork 2002 Kayleen Connell.

Image: UtaBDay.gif   273x358 46857 bytes 2002.01.11

A sketch of Uta that I did for my friend Jamie's birthday. Artwork and Uta 2002 Kayleen Connell.

Image: partyllama.gif   370x224 42632 bytes 2001.11.12

A sketch that I did in a friend's birthday card. It's a party llama! Art Kayleen Connell 2001

Image: katdoll2.gif   294x295 32956 bytes 2001.08.15

My friend Gidget said that I'm a doll. So...voila! Kat as a doll. Katarina Kayleen Connell

Image: stoopidvalentine.gif   222x162 30173 bytes 2001.05.02

Just a little sketch that I drew in a friend's valentine.

Image: katleiasketch.gif   653x632 128078 bytes 2001.05.02

I was bored, so I sketched Kat as slave Leia. *shrugs* I think I'll do a finished version of something like this sometime. Kat me, Leia Lucasfilm

Image: random.gif   404x559 74721 bytes 2001.05.02

Sketches of random characters that I've been meaning to draw. Mostly drawn without a reference pic, hence the inaccuracies. C'est la vie. Characters their respective owners

Image: KatDuck.gif   440x539 145237 bytes 2001.03.06

Just for kicks, I drew Kat as a MD:TAS style duck.

Image: Fionasketch.gif   383x515 42350 bytes 2001.01.16

Just a preliminary sketch that I did for the drawing I did of Fiona. I like her expression. Fiona Ashryn

Image: cmaswench.jpg   235x167 16893 bytes 2000.12.29

Just a doodle that I did in for a friend's Christmas card that I thought was cute enough to scan. Kat me\n

Image: KatKMsketch.jpg   326x367 6163 bytes 2000.06.19

A little sketch I did. I attempted to draw Kat in something that resembles Kylen Miles' style. Hmm... Melikes, though.\n

Image: LlamaChick.jpg   193x378 6800 bytes 2000.05.20

A really old sketch for an unused character. Not too bad.\n

Image: Boring.jpg   374x626 16830 bytes 2000.05.20

Boring old pic of Kat in one of my outfits. Geez, I couldn't draw back then.\n

Image: Utasketch.jpg   380x599 6806 bytes 2000.04.27

Uta, all medieval like. It seems appropriate. Uta is me\n

Image: Scarletmuffy.jpg   380x467 11299 bytes 2000.04.27

Scarlet, drawn more in the style of Muffy Vanderschmeer from TaleSpin. Scarlet is Katie Sullivan\n

Image: MedKat.jpg   380x599 9304 bytes 2000.04.27

Hmm...mebbe I'll ink this one sometime. Kat as a medieval fashion plate?\n

Image: LittleKat.jpg   370x474 23248 bytes 2000.04.27

An older pic that I never got around to coloring. Wasn't I a cute kit? What happened, huh? :)\n

Image: Daria.jpg   380x598 19286 bytes 2000.04.27

I was bored, so here's Daria as a fox. Um...ya. Daria is MTV productions\n

Image: Scarletsketch.jpg   360x394 25345 bytes 2000.04.12

Just a slightly toony sketch of Scarlet that I found while cleaning out an old sketchbook. Scarlet's Katie Sullivan \n

Image: Katdazed.jpg   330x524 26654 bytes 2000.04.12

I sketched this while watching "Dazed and Confused". Go figure. \n

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