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Image: snarl.gif   373x332 47003 bytes 2002.12.02

Sketch that I did awhile ago that I just realize I never uploaded. A snarling Kat. Yup. Artwork 2002 Kayleen Connell.

Image: stoopidvalentine.gif   222x162 30173 bytes 2001.05.02

Just a little sketch that I drew in a friend's valentine.

Image: TahDah.jpg   1000x1464 198743 bytes 2017.06.13

A commission for Tamaria of Tiffany the witch pulling Celera the were-rabbit out of a hat. Artwork 2017 Kayleen Connell

Image: ThornScarf.jpg   339x468 70414 bytes 2004.12.10

After the first night of doing Christmas card drawings, I start to burn out and the drawings get progressively crappier and crappier, in part due to my drawing hand starting to protest the abuse. A reasonable try at Thorn. Artwork 2004 Kayleen Connell. Thorn Nicole Dornsife

Image: TreissChristmas.jpg   365x473 67120 bytes 2004.12.09

My Christmas card drawing for Tracy Pierce this year. Here's a festive Treiss. Artwork 2004 Kayleen Connell, Treiss Tracy Pierce

Image: Uta1.jpg   375x455 55952 bytes 2000.01.19

Ug! Another old pic! Uta, Queen of the Bunny People :) Uta is me\n

Image: UtaBDay.gif   273x358 46857 bytes 2002.01.11

A sketch of Uta that I did for my friend Jamie's birthday. Artwork and Uta 2002 Kayleen Connell.

Image: UtaChristmas2.gif   394x438 67522 bytes 2003.12.12

Uta sketch from my Christmas cards this year. If you can't make out my handwriting, she's saying, "Why can't I ever do anything dignified in one of these cards?" Artwork 2003 Kayleen Connell

Image: Utasketch.jpg   380x599 6806 bytes 2000.04.27

Uta, all medieval like. It seems appropriate. Uta is me\n

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