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Image: dc.gif   572x358 51495 bytes 2001.04.01

Gasp. Its Danger Cat. Tremble in Fear! As you can see, I am extremely enthusiastic about Danger Cat...(You can't tell if I am being sarcastic or not, can you? *evil grin*) Danger Cat rules the night, so BEWARE! :) Bocus the Incoherent Squirrel Rules and so does my dog...its dreaming..OooOoo...*akward silence* Maybe highlighters are not good to sniff..O.o...

Image: Desare.jpg   313x475 28463 bytes 2001.04.01

I -like- this picture ...aside from the fact the her boobs are triangular...and the background is butchered, yet another victim to my destructive tendancies..^_~ Oh well..other than a few "flaws" I like it..btw..Dezzy is Phibichans bestest bud =P

Image: Phibichan!.jpg   604x633 69918 bytes 2001.03.30 first upload...^.~ Crappy colouring --> I just discovered that Adobe thing that came with my scanner when I made this pic...:) Its oooold...Phibichan is a really retarded name..^_^..but thats why I like it..

Image: thing.jpg   568x523 57935 bytes 2001.04.01

Yes...*blink* Look...roadkill...*watches*

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