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Image: Windracer_color2bigger.jpg   1188x891 238482 bytes 2003.04.07

My Windracer ^ .^ first dragon i'v drawn in around three month, /and/ the first decent shading job i've done on anything but a head ever! woot! This is the adolecent verson of Windrace, i'm going to draw a kewly action pose of a full-grown one soon-ish ^ _^ weeheehee...

Image: three_pane_window.jpg   1049x448 113790 bytes 2003.01.21

a three pane window set design for a window seat, with wood borders for each pane. the center pane is clear glass. the gold dragon is for my boyfriend, the platinum-and-saphire one is me.

Image: Tav_full_color.jpg   1056x828 114598 bytes 2003.01.21

The full body picture for Tav'doron, with color. Marker on tracing paper. Definetly not the best i've ever done, especially compared to Tav'y's head profile, but perhaps the future will bring better versions...

Image: Eastern_enhanced.jpg   881x842 115501 bytes 2002.11.02

my only other oriental dragon, and the first i've done full body. i still can't get the legs to go any dirrection they please though...

Image: golden_main_eastern.jpg   696x696 61709 bytes 2002.11.02

Not the best digi-job i've done, but deffinetly the best oriental i've done, even if it is just a head. I call him the Albino Beasty

Image: pastel_guardian2.jpg   700x527 54726 bytes 2002.11.02

Pastel version of guardian number two, my fav of all of them. with both there are still soem pencil lines showing, but i can't get rid of them, even with adobe, so they're part of the finished picture now. oh well.

Image: pastel_guardian1.jpg   700x532 77968 bytes 2002.11.02

I took the three guardian picture i have and re-drw them free hand with these funky fake pastels i have. G1 deffinetly cae out better then the original, becasue i finally got the position of the green column right!

Image: tav'doron_color.jpg   609x755 168280 bytes 2002.09.07

Tav'doron is my latest creation, and the first true character to be created fully from scratch without a person with a personality to base off of. i say true character ebcasue i may actually use'im in an rp or story or something. the problem is, i havn't figured whether Tav'doron is male or female....

Image: 250_thurisaz.jpg   250x325 32585 bytes 2002.07.08

i dun't suppose you'd believe me if i told you i memorized the stuff aroundt he edges for each rune....\r\nthurisaz, #3

Image: 250_uruz.jpg   250x324 35028 bytes 2002.07.08

Uruz is #2 rune, and if your wondering, yes, that is a bull comming out of the planet-looking-thing. The rune's corresponding astrology is Taurus! what am i supposed to do?

Image: 250_fehu.jpg   250x324 33871 bytes 2002.07.08

Fehu, rune #1. theres 24 of the things and i've gotten so into them that i'm making litle cards for them. the words about the edges describe the rune.

Image: 250_ansuz.jpg   250x328 25990 bytes 2002.07.08

rune #4, awnsuz. i wonder if i'll ever do all 24...x .x

Image: great_sword_sized.GIF   226x490 54446 bytes 2002.02.01

I've been on a sword-spree and this is the first to come out of it. i've done four more since. i only wish i could do it with oil paints instead of digi-color. The blue-and-yellow (Saphire-and-gold to those who know me well) has become my personal sybol on swords of this manner.

Image: Toryot_2.GIF   360x284 56565 bytes 2002.01.24

Toryot is the draconian representation of a friend of mine. this is the final copy of it. Toryot is one foor long nose to tail tip.

Image: sleeping_while_she_plays.jpg   643x492 92264 bytes 2001.12.19

Quizy sleeps while I (notice the platinum-and-blue tail disssappearing off to the left) drag christmas light toward the tree. This is before nay editing has happened, mainly because this image is being difficult to edit. :\\ may take a while...

Image: Quizy_golden_sparkles.jpg   529x498 41996 bytes 2001.12.14

Another of Quizy, there'll pro'lly be a full body pic coming along too. gotta love his crest! the sparkles represent his life force, they fade if he's exauhsted, disappear if he's close to dieing, and get brighter if he's experiencing a strong emotion!

Image: shwagya_colored_sized.jpg   509x625 33174 bytes 2001.12.13

The Shwagya is a fearsome fire-breather, and another creation from IronMan, who ha alowed me to but the edited version up here. his drawings, my computer coloring techniques. gotta love layering tools.

Image: Rocjin_colored.jpg   630x404 37402 bytes 2001.12.13

another by IronMan, and colored by me. most of the sections of this rocky-crature were color-filled seprately, and i think it came out rather well.

Image: nuzzle.jpg   646x460 119697 bytes 2001.12.13

The golden dragon is Quizy, and his Crest streamers are actualyl supposed to be longer. The other drak is me of course!

Image: Hywadra_color.jpg   421x388 30860 bytes 2001.12.13

origonaly drawn by a close friend from school (pen named IronMan) the Hywadra is an icy dragon who searches for a human companion from birth. i've tried out some texturing techniques with this.

Image: mountain_serpaint.jpg   587x518 32146 bytes 2001.11.20

a mountain serpent that i drew, then went over almost ocmpletely with my art program. i thinkt he wings came out cool!

Image: colored_glass_drak.jpg   383x502 39832 bytes 2001.11.20

a possible design for a stained glass window i'll have to do in art class eventually. but i don't have art untill last semester?? (it's only the second quarter right now. i still have gym)

Image: Ace_inthe_pocket_2.jpg   613x805 64837 bytes 2001.10.18

This is another version of "Ace in the Pocket" only with a color wash over it. "Ace in the pocket" is a sequal to "Dragon Jazz"

Image: Ace_inthe_pocket_none.jpg   613x805 70670 bytes 2001.10.18

CArds on the Table, Ace in the pocket, Petals in the water, thorn in the heart, Moon in the sky, song in the air...

Image: sax_dragon_lights.jpg   207x535 12784 bytes 2001.10.13

This is my first attempt using lighting instead of shading. This is actually part of an unfinished picture titled "Ace in the Pocket" but i'm a ways from being finished with that. In this, the dragon is playing a sax, and has a rose clutched in it's tail.

Image: Guardian-3.jpg   500x388 73629 bytes 2001.09.28

The third guardian was guardian of the dead and what was past. it took me a while to think it up, but i think this one came out very well and goes with the other two!

Image: Guardian-2.jpg   500x376 76377 bytes 2001.09.28

The Second Guardian is may favorite. I just about killed my markers drawing it too... Whenever i look at it i think of the Euro-pop song "Life in a bubble"

Image: Gardian-1.jpg   500x381 112257 bytes 2001.09.28

I did a series of "Guardians" for my personal Web-page. This si the first guardian. it's also done completely on the back of a 7th grade math worksheet. ^ _^*

Image: Nilue_pink.jpg   256x257 16223 bytes 2001.09.28

This nilue is the pink/purple color. i think theres also gray/silver, green, blue, and red.

Image: Nilue_gold.jpg   316x517 34688 bytes 2001.09.28

THe Nilue are a small dragon i created for my personal web-page. This is a golden one, they come in about 6 different colors.

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