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Image: ZurandKaze.jpg   550x418 88333 bytes 2001.09.25

I drew this after i met ZurDraco, who is now a close friend. turns out he's actually a two legged dragon, but i got most of it right! (i'm not to proud of his hind legs though, i've gotten better at that!)

Image: StarDragon.GIF   463x312 46678 bytes 2001.09.24

i edited it on "adobe photoshop deluxe buisness addition." goodness knows /why/ we have 'deluxe buisness addition' but we do. the star pattern is a background clip that i shrank from something else and i just recopied it a whole bunch to fill in the wings.

Image: DRAGJAZ.jpg   600x464 311119 bytes 2001.09.24

i drew this for my mom, becasue she likes jazz and once played a sax. one dragon plays a saz while the other tunes his guitar, and the dark night is filled with music. my, whasn't that poetic?

Image: attack.jpg   519x423 22798 bytes 2001.09.24

My Cyber form is platinum white with dark blue mane and wings, and saphire eyes. i'm also playful, in fact, i'm going to pounce on you! ha!

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