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Image: oncoming_storm.jpg   543x751 52952 bytes 2007.09.09

"What do you suppose all this means, Suni?"

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Image: thunder_daughter_desat.jpg   419x581 50646 bytes 2007.08.31

Thunder's Daughter

Mirii, the gold Kirasiinu with crazy feathers, and little Suni, dumped into the roles of accidental "goddess-daughter" and companion beast, and destined to end up as supper... _ \r\n\r\nFrom a story I'm working on, anyway. These semi-Aztec-styled "glyphs" are fun. :) (Still a little bit of an Egyptian influence in there, but eh, they're supposedly from "an alien culture" so go figure.) This is the desaturated version - couldn't decide if I liked it better than the full-colour image, which is on my ElJay.

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Image: eater.jpg   498x616 36397 bytes 2007.08.19


Another concept to go into my fiction. It... basically does like it says on the tin. Any animal that'll fit down that expanding throat, it'll eat it. Doubles as foodstuff and as a convenient and clean way to get rid of "sacrificial offerings".

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Image: reluctant_goddess_coloured.jpg   337x640 34182 bytes 2007.08.19

Reluctant Goddess, coloured

Added a quick bit of colour, to get the ideas across. Not going to type it all out again, though - more info on my journal.

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Image: reluctant_goddess2.jpg   337x640 24617 bytes 2007.08.19

"Reluctant Goddess"

Poor Mirii. She's got no idea that these people EAT their deity...\r\n\r\nPlaying around with ideas for plots for NaNoWriMo this year - I always say I want to do it, then never DO, but this year is THE year! \r\n\r\nIncidentally, since my own plots for my fiction feel old and tired now, I'm after other people's ideas for what to put in (not necessarily full plots or characters or anything, just interesting words to incorporate, weather events, creatures, etc.) Any ideas? :)

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Image: who_me_colours.jpg   501x712 53099 bytes 2007.07.18

Who, ME?

Now come on, with a face like that how could you POSSIBLY THINK he's up to something?

Image: ivy_wings.jpg   607x942 49516 bytes 2007.07.13

Trying yet again to pull this image off so that I'm actually HAPPY with it. Hmf. Her far wing and the swirlies around her tail didn't scan very well. \r\n\r\nRelated to this, FINALLY got another chapter of "Avocet" written (under "more info"). It's only been on the go since, what, 2002? Eh.

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Image: ivy_batik.jpg   600x856 121005 bytes 2007.07.09

I, Robot?

Something like it, anyway.

Image: caake_col.jpg   270x362 24298 bytes 2007.06.26


Technically, she's SHOUTING "caaaake", but could equally be about to eat the thing (including the candles), so take your pick... :\\

Image: halcine.jpg   288x802 45676 bytes 2007.06.26


Marker work. Going to work some more on it in pencils, when I can find them... _

Image: fragments_sm.jpg   558x708 57202 bytes 2007.05.08

Tearing into Fragments

Altogether now: Awww. Emopie. Or something. Poor Mags. \r\n\r\nDisclaimer: No, this is not angsty emo art about how I'm feeling right now, because I'm actually fairly happy and content with life at the moment and feeling more like the bobbles I uploaded a few minutes ago. WHEE. This is just character exploration.

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Image: bobbles.jpg   441x327 22386 bytes 2007.05.08

Haha, bobbles.

Image: interior_decorator_col.jpg   395x558 53670 bytes 2007.05.08

The asymmetry displeases me. *grumps*

Image: interior_decorator.jpg   435x615 46133 bytes 2007.05.02

Adventures in Interior Design!

Aka, painting walls. With tester pots. Nothing else, just tester pots. Seeing how far you can streeeeetch them before having to give in and go and buy a proper pot of emulsion. \r\n\r\nCuttlepuppy! *dances* (They're not NORMALLY so biped, or humanoid, but I was having fun so here's a one-off!)

Image: gullible.jpg   765x1152 153709 bytes 2007.04.29

"Self Improvement"

As a hologram, Magpie can look how she likes. However, as a computer, she doesn't have much frame of reference for what is "appealing" and always doubts how her manifest looks, so when someone comes along and says "I know a way to optimise your aesthetics!" she'll tend to believe them...\r\n\r\nSuperior intelligence =/= social smarts. Poor Mags.

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Image: breeze.jpg   372x423 22060 bytes 2007.03.22

Breeze, looking all ferocious-like. She's usually fairly sleek and graceful, verrry ladylike, but every now and then has one of her "5%s" (read: psychosis). I guess that's what happens when you reprogram something when you don't know what you're doing.

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Image: for_me.jpg   499x665 74389 bytes 2007.03.22

For me? How kind!

Serreneliss (the android pteranodon) and a random tapejara male, and some flowers. Some inaccuracies - I forgot her eyes should have been blue, not green, for instance - but it's not bad for a doodle. :) I'll do her player a better picture later. ;)\r\n\r\nSerreneliss her player, art Keaalu/Abigail Scott

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Image: spikey.jpg   368x493 18871 bytes 2007.03.22

Image: conform.jpg   611x514 54256 bytes 2007.03.15

Conform, CONFORM

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Image: b_and_m.jpg   472x647 33522 bytes 2007.03.15

Breeze and Mistral

Effectively, two "versions" of the same character, from different universes (Breeze is the one looking very slightly disturbed, Mistral is the one without much going on in the way of clothing.) Both are Synthetics, so it's probably apparent they were designed with different purposes in mind. :P\r\n\r\nSlight difference of opinion going on, methinks.

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Image: eri_profile.jpg   319x408 23935 bytes 2007.03.03


A vulline from my fiction. Trying a new look for her. Not sure if she'll stay like this, but I quite like her like this.

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Image: zaar2.jpg   490x576 22808 bytes 2007.01.18

Zaar. It used to be a phonetic name, as they used to be based off crows, but now they're not, so it isn't.

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Image: ammut_final.jpg   513x645 121224 bytes 2006.08.24

For Swandog's "Beasts of Yore" portfolio. This took FOREVER to mat together. *buh*

Image: five.jpg   641x900 63930 bytes 2006.08.18

As she's based off my OTHER, main robot character Ivy, I called her "Five". She's loosely based off a syringe driver, hence all the arrows and bubbles/dots etc.\r\n\r\nBetter desc here:\r\nElectronic Aliens are Sunny Colaneri/Gravewalker

Image: ammut_half-fin.jpg   613x760 93575 bytes 2005.12.12

The "halfway" stage of a piece I'm working on for Swandog's "Beasts of Yore" portfolio. This is half of the image, the other "half" is the border, which I'm going to do with papyrus and acrylics.

Image: what-was-that.jpg   570x734 89208 bytes 2005.09.21

Started off as just a little doodle in my teabreak at work, then got worked up to something more "serious". Kind of a tiger-leopard-dragon-thing, but verrrrry light on the dragon side - a friend's character, anyway. The grey is deliberate (meant to look overcast and snowy).\r\n\r\nNow, I must go off and practice fir trees.

Image: domination-mini2.jpg   432x668 72524 bytes 2005.07.26

Well, with the plethora of foxes about already... why not?\r\n\r\nInspired by the bouncing fox on here (, after a friend pointed out it looked like he was trying to take over the world... so go figure. :)\r\n

Image: silly-foxies4.jpg   430x707 45350 bytes 2005.07.11

I think I got up to 4, anyway. *shrugs* Guess the species. :)

Image: swan.jpg   302x609 27796 bytes 2005.06.26

Slightly camp little swan dude. Yes, there's a few "familiar" things about him if you look hard enough (well, that is if you know my art... ;) ). :P

Image: snowmen.jpg   563x372 31669 bytes 2005.06.05

Well, it does like it says on the tin.

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