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Image: autumn.jpg   438x674 175308 bytes 2004.11.13

i finally ginished something. yay me. ^.^ Winter, Spring and Summer to Follow.

Image: Catwings.jpg   550x746 152510 bytes 2004.10.27

No presketch, just somehing that came out of my new Pen. then photoshoped, because i was bored. I hope to do more w/ this character in the future but now... i don't even have a name for her.

Image: dont_just_finished.jpg   576x520 100955 bytes 2005.09.22

just a little something i did up for a friend of mine.

Image: karamel.jpg   551x584 101762 bytes 2004.10.27

Ye, even I had a pin up Phase. Photoshop 7

Image: lilikoi.jpg   641x1050 228886 bytes 2004.10.27

Sadley, another character I haven't gotten around to doing much with. I shall try to be a better girl in the future. but yea. again, no presketch just straight from the pen. Joy. \r\n

Image: moms_fairy_txtr2.jpg   754x1009 336897 bytes 2006.09.29

progress. for mom.

Image: Mother.jpg   365x525 68862 bytes 2004.10.27

An old Concept that i've given CPR and a full medical team. Comming soon: Virgin, Crone.

Image: PK&PIMP_SM.jpg   565x784 137058 bytes 2005.09.22

Old characters given new life. don't expect them to be around too long tho. they just might be too dead.

Image: radon_Finalsm.jpg   648x864 116187 bytes 2005.07.17

Huzzah! I live!!\r\n\r\nokay. i'm better. Old, old OLD character (from what.. High School?) re-vamped and re-done. Name's Radon. \r\n\r\n\r\nthe first thing i've done/drawn in literally months. Naughty.

Image: sadnessandlace.jpg   620x703 180142 bytes 2004.10.27

one of the few peices i've done with actual medium. inking and then Prismacolor color pencils.

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