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Image: pretenderposes.jpg   878x644 165785 bytes 2007.10.11

My pretty baby again *wags* Ain't he a cutie? :> I can't believe how much he changed through the years. But I am very pleased with his actual look. Pretender is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: historybw.jpg   661x908 245017 bytes 2007.06.29

Please come back soon darlin' - I miss ya </3 ... Ballpointpen on cardstock. Keehla and art are (c) by Melanie "keehla" Fey

Image: agentglass.jpg   561x780 70682 bytes 2007.05.26

Contest Prize for Spitzen from DA for placing first in my contest *wags* ^^

Image: watchingyousktch.jpg   566x801 83162 bytes 2007.05.21

Random sketch of Keehla's Demon morph, I am gonna color this sometime... at least I want to xD But I need inspiration for a background damnit ><"

Image: fuckingspirits.jpg   622x793 78999 bytes 2007.05.03

Keehla in demonmorph... just a random headshot *wags*\r\nEnjoy ^^

Image: aliensktchfull.jpg   540x770 85654 bytes 2007.04.20

Sketched this while sitting in the hotel on vacation few days ago xD

Image: hellspawncommishalternatebg.jpg   572x844 82490 bytes 2007.04.19

First commission of two for HellspawnLestat from DA ^^\r\nIt's his smexeh character in all his glory >3\r\nI sweat, this took me forever to finish ^^" But I am very pleased with the result.\r\n\r\nMy first full-picture commission by the way *wags* ^.^\r\n\r\nLestat is (c) by himself\r\nArt is (c) by Melanie "keehla" Fey

Image: alienrandomsktch.jpg   760x1049 124811 bytes 2007.04.09

*laughs evilish* Yeah, the aliens got me o I can't stop drawing them, they're just way too awesome xD Art is (c)by Melanie Fey

Image: aliensktch.jpg   635x874 113855 bytes 2007.04.08

After watching Alien vs Predator today I just had to sketch this xD\r\n\r\nI would've corrected the hand but I can't erase ballpointpen so yeah ^^"\r\n\r\nAliens are (c) by their respective creators\r\nArt is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: pokerfacebadgekeehla.jpg   488x375 49618 bytes 2007.04.03

My badge for 2007 =3\r\n\r\nPokerbadges will soon be available on furbid, thought it would be a nice idea to make badges looking like game cards...\r\n\r\nKeehla, badges and concept are (c) by Melanie Fey 2007

Image: industrialbutterfly.jpg   764x555 112012 bytes 2007.02.09

Fly high, fly high... image and character (c) by Melanie "keehla" Fey 2007

Image: hellspawncommishink.jpg   638x818 76360 bytes 2007.02.01

Inked version of Hellspawn Lestat's commission ^^ Lestat is (c) by himself, art is mine.

Image: deepdive.jpg   913x778 101825 bytes 2007.01.28

My Entry for Rage1986's contest =3 Art and Caleisis are (c) by Melanie "keehla" Fey

Image: horrorshow.jpg   586x805 184774 bytes 2007.01.19

Your own private Horror Show babeh >3 Keehla and art are (c) by me (Melanie Fey)

Image: jaseghdefenseink.jpg   874x638 79050 bytes 2007.01.18

One of my Ja'Seghs in defense pose. Maybe I am gonna color this, I dunno yet x3 Art and Ja'Segh are (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: redposes.jpg   619x874 112782 bytes 2007.01.11

My half of the trade w/ Wingedwolf2004 (Bran) from DA =3 His char Red. Red is (c) by Bran, art is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: songofthedragonleft.jpg   874x622 129066 bytes 2007.01.06

Male and Female become one and stay together... image is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: Songofthedragonright.jpg   873x633 143341 bytes 2007.01.05

The Song of the Dragon for a person who means the world to me and more... image is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: keehlaishtehfrigginhappy.jpg   594x840 97707 bytes 2006.12.30

Keehla ish happy folks =3 I am (c) by me (Melanie Fey)

Image: lukaiclr.jpg   638x874 65167 bytes 2006.12.23

Gift art for Esiuol-89 from DA =3 Her fursona. Lukai is (c) by herself, art is mine.

Image: gotinherbag.jpg   694x1021 96578 bytes 2006.12.23

Merry X-mas to all of you :> Art is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: sleepyhollow.jpg   616x905 182961 bytes 2006.12.21

My first part of the "Myth and Fairytale"-Illustration Project. After watching Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" I just had to draw this x3 Art is (c) by Melanie Fey 2006

Image: tyson.jpg   525x759 70819 bytes 2006.12.17

Commission for Dan. A good friend of mine ;3 His adopted dog Tyson. He's a boxer by the way. Art is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: whosyerdaddy.jpg   484x667 58536 bytes 2006.11.25

I love you so much, it hurts... >3 *snarls*

Image: onemoreyear.jpg   617x877 121657 bytes 2006.11.07

My Birfday today =3 One more mthrfckng year baby! I am (c) by me

Image: twoshinobi.jpg   619x878 134511 bytes 2006.11.07

Some giftart for Shinigamigirl =3 Sketched this a months before when I was on vacation, and finished yesterday. We both in Naruto-outfit x3 She: Hidden Village of Cloud, me: Hidden Village of Mist. Shin is (c) by herself, Keehla is (c) by me

Image: imyourjesus.jpg   550x772 117397 bytes 2006.10.23

I am proud of this folks... Faceless Keehla returned x3 This was not drawn to offend anyone, mkay?! Keehla and image (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: onthecliff.jpg   475x673 64886 bytes 2006.10.21

Dead Horse on a cliff. Watercolors and ballpointpen on copypaper. (c) by Melanie Fey, Prints sold at furbid.

Image: keehlaofthehiddenmist.jpg   514x714 97570 bytes 2006.10.15

Yay for fandom-ness x3 Me from the Hidden Village of Mist >3 Keehla (c) by me, Naruto (c) by Masashi Kishimoto

Image: rapeyourpostman.jpg   568x807 97346 bytes 2006.10.03

My old critter Pretender in all his new glory >3 Rape these stupid postmans baby! Pretender (c) by Melanie Fey

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