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Image: kdogcontestline.jpg   497x709 64490 bytes 2005.10.03

WIP of my entry for K-dogīs contest ^^ \r\nK-dog (c) by herself Keehla (c) by me

Image: kdoggift.jpg   531x723 66516 bytes 2006.07.08

Gift art for Khaos-dog cuz she is such a good friend and she made an awesome little sculpture for me ;3\r\nKhaos is (c) by herself, art is (c) by me

Image: Keehlabadgefinished.jpg   467x562 91201 bytes 2005.08.20

Got this idea while browsing through sabarikaīs VCL and seeing her ACBadge! Keehla the badass X3 Yay me rockz!\r\nColored pencil and Gelpens on copypaper\r\nKeehla (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: keehlaishtehfrigginhappy.jpg   594x840 97707 bytes 2006.12.30

Keehla ish happy folks =3 I am (c) by me (Melanie Fey)

Image: keehlaofthehiddenmist.jpg   514x714 97570 bytes 2006.10.15

Yay for fandom-ness x3 Me from the Hidden Village of Mist >3 Keehla (c) by me, Naruto (c) by Masashi Kishimoto

Image: Khaostrade.jpg   445x566 64309 bytes 2006.02.22

Requested picture for KhaosDog. Prismacolored Pencils on Copypaper. Khaos (c) by herself

Image: killingmachine.jpg   494x702 79531 bytes 2006.08.16

Yeah right! Xazh is killing someone you don't know, cuz she pissed me off! Photo is (c) by CiFaHaCk, art is (c) by me

Image: killingmachinewip.jpg   495x701 72012 bytes 2006.08.16

WIP, I like it somehow ;3 Xazh (c) by Melanie Fey (me)

Image: killme.jpg   514x806 94900 bytes 2006.08.27

Just some personal shit... Don't care 'bout it. (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: killme.png   514x806 229023 bytes 2006.08.24

Yay for personal shit.... I feel down, that's all.

Image: kingofmycastle.jpg   548x772 86394 bytes 2006.09.06

It's rushed >.< But you should also see my fucked up art -.- Oh and yeah, the head I am holding belongs to a slut I used to know...

Image: kitairheratcommish.jpg   522x546 73285 bytes 2005.10.22

2nd commish for TobiasTheFox ^^ It took me too long, sorry.\r\nKitairheart (c) by herself

Image: lukaiclr.jpg   638x874 65167 bytes 2006.12.23

Gift art for Esiuol-89 from DA =3 Her fursona. Lukai is (c) by herself, art is mine.

Image: onemoreyear.jpg   617x877 121657 bytes 2006.11.07

My Birfday today =3 One more mthrfckng year baby! I am (c) by me

Image: onthecliff.jpg   475x673 64886 bytes 2006.10.21

Dead Horse on a cliff. Watercolors and ballpointpen on copypaper. (c) by Melanie Fey, Prints sold at furbid.

Image: Outoftheshadows.jpg   762x575 58650 bytes 2006.01.26

A scene out of the book I'm currently writing on. I am so proud of this one. It took me around three days. Ravynn (middle), Dragas and Art (c) by Melanie "keehla" Fey

Image: paynatrade.jpg   521x661 43699 bytes 2005.12.04

My half of the trade with Payna.

Image: pokerfacebadgekeehla.jpg   488x375 49618 bytes 2007.04.03

My badge for 2007 =3\r\n\r\nPokerbadges will soon be available on furbid, thought it would be a nice idea to make badges looking like game cards...\r\n\r\nKeehla, badges and concept are (c) by Melanie Fey 2007

Image: pretenderposes.jpg   878x644 165785 bytes 2007.10.11

My pretty baby again *wags* Ain't he a cutie? :> I can't believe how much he changed through the years. But I am very pleased with his actual look. Pretender is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: PRWTradeopti.jpg   474x656 54712 bytes 2005.08.23

My half of tha trade with PrettyRedWolf from DA.\r\nColored pencil on copypaper\r\nChar (c) by PrettyRedWolf

Image: R.U.N.jpg   592x826 89068 bytes 2005.08.18

-- before I hurt you!\r\n\r\nI just wanted to give Keehla a more characteristic look. So I tried to make her thin and kinda depressive. I like how her hairs came out. \r\nBut her left hand is totally creepy x.x\r\nLook, she got a tattoo and a more fluffy tail now!\r\n\r\nKeehla (c) by Melanie Fey\r\n

Image: rapeyourpostman.jpg   568x807 97346 bytes 2006.10.03

My old critter Pretender in all his new glory >3 Rape these stupid postmans baby! Pretender (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: redposes.jpg   619x874 112782 bytes 2007.01.11

My half of the trade w/ Wingedwolf2004 (Bran) from DA =3 His char Red. Red is (c) by Bran, art is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: ryusonjabadge.jpg   362x359 35080 bytes 2006.03.26

Giftbadge for Ryu-Sonja from Deviantart!

Image: saiyaraves.jpg   558x790 73284 bytes 2005.08.16

My half for the Trade with Saiya from DA.\r\nCharcater (c) by Saiya

Image: seppgiftness.jpg   679x899 103362 bytes 2006.07.24

Giftart for Sepp from DA *fluffs* She's an awesome artist and a great person =3 Sepp is (c) by herself, art is (c) by me

Image: sicpuppybadge.jpg   395x385 43318 bytes 2006.03.26

Badge for SicPuppy from DA. Ziggy is (c) by her!

Image: silvercoilstrade.jpg   557x731 83472 bytes 2006.07.23

My half of the trade with Silvercoils from DA. It's her fursona Cryth <3 art is (c) by Melanie Fey, Cryth is (c) by Silvercoils

Image: silverfoxxtrade.jpg   611x793 81011 bytes 2006.04.11

My half of the trade with the amazing Silverfoxx420. AntiMatter is (c) by herself

Image: Silverwoptib.jpg   469x562 41934 bytes 2005.08.13

A randomgift I did for Silverwing.\r\nItīs her fursona. Coloredpencils on copypaper.\r\nSilverwing (c) by Jolyn Silverwing

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