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Image: Heavensdog.jpg   500x612 58636 bytes 2005.10.03

OMG! My first attempt on drawing realistic fur O.o\r\nImage (c) by melanie fey

Image: Dontneedit.jpg   471x674 68737 bytes 2005.09.12

You see? We can live without hearts!\r\n\r\nHounds (c) by Melanie Fey 05

Image: Twelvepawedtrade.jpg   471x533 38785 bytes 2005.09.10

My first half for the trade with rage1986 from DA.\r\nCheck her out, her art rockz!\r\nTwelvePawed (c) by Rage1986

Image: tobiasfoxcommishone.jpg   459x628 92762 bytes 2005.09.04

First part of the commish for TobiasTheFox!\r\nHis char Tobias on a badge. Coloed pencil and Gelpens\r\nChar (c) by Tobias

Image: PRWTradeopti.jpg   474x656 54712 bytes 2005.08.23

My half of tha trade with PrettyRedWolf from DA.\r\nColored pencil on copypaper\r\nChar (c) by PrettyRedWolf

Image: Keehlabadgefinished.jpg   467x562 91201 bytes 2005.08.20

Got this idea while browsing through sabarika´s VCL and seeing her ACBadge! Keehla the badass X3 Yay me rockz!\r\nColored pencil and Gelpens on copypaper\r\nKeehla (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: R.U.N.jpg   592x826 89068 bytes 2005.08.18

-- before I hurt you!\r\n\r\nI just wanted to give Keehla a more characteristic look. So I tried to make her thin and kinda depressive. I like how her hairs came out. \r\nBut her left hand is totally creepy x.x\r\nLook, she got a tattoo and a more fluffy tail now!\r\n\r\nKeehla (c) by Melanie Fey\r\n

Image: saiyaraves.jpg   558x790 73284 bytes 2005.08.16

My half for the Trade with Saiya from DA.\r\nCharcater (c) by Saiya

Image: abbyZdSlayeropti.jpg   435x562 58327 bytes 2005.08.13

My new char AbbyZ. He´s a white Doberman with black markings. Dunno if this will be his final design.\r\nColoredpencils on copypaper\r\nAbbyZ D. Slayer (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: Silverwoptib.jpg   469x562 41934 bytes 2005.08.13

A randomgift I did for Silverwing.\r\nIt´s her fursona. Coloredpencils on copypaper.\r\nSilverwing (c) by Jolyn Silverwing

Image: TwelveCandelsopti.jpg   561x787 77871 bytes 2005.08.11

My Fursona Keehla in Wereform. She´s standing in front of a mirror. You can´t see her reflection, because she´s a Hellhound (and they have no reflections). \r\nKeehla and Hounds (c) by Melanie Fey

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