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Image: sleepyhollow.jpg   616x905 182961 bytes 2006.12.21

My first part of the "Myth and Fairytale"-Illustration Project. After watching Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" I just had to draw this x3 Art is (c) by Melanie Fey 2006

Image: songofthedragonleft.jpg   874x622 129066 bytes 2007.01.06

Male and Female become one and stay together... image is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: Songofthedragonright.jpg   873x633 143341 bytes 2007.01.05

The Song of the Dragon for a person who means the world to me and more... image is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: tobiasfoxcommishone.jpg   459x628 92762 bytes 2005.09.04

First part of the commish for TobiasTheFox!\r\nHis char Tobias on a badge. Coloed pencil and Gelpens\r\nChar (c) by Tobias

Image: TwelveCandelsopti.jpg   561x787 77871 bytes 2005.08.11

My Fursona Keehla in Wereform. She´s standing in front of a mirror. You can´t see her reflection, because she´s a Hellhound (and they have no reflections). \r\nKeehla and Hounds (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: Twelvepawedtrade.jpg   471x533 38785 bytes 2005.09.10

My first half for the trade with rage1986 from DA.\r\nCheck her out, her art rockz!\r\nTwelvePawed (c) by Rage1986

Image: twoshinobi.jpg   619x878 134511 bytes 2006.11.07

Some giftart for Shinigamigirl =3 Sketched this a months before when I was on vacation, and finished yesterday. We both in Naruto-outfit x3 She: Hidden Village of Cloud, me: Hidden Village of Mist. Shin is (c) by herself, Keehla is (c) by me

Image: tyson.jpg   525x759 70819 bytes 2006.12.17

Commission for Dan. A good friend of mine ;3 His adopted dog Tyson. He's a boxer by the way. Art is (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: vistifromhell.jpg   498x713 69789 bytes 2005.10.03

Finished entry for K-dog´s contest ^^\r\nK-dog (c) by thefelinecanine - Keehla (c) by Melanie Fey

Image: watchingyousktch.jpg   566x801 83162 bytes 2007.05.21

Random sketch of Keehla's Demon morph, I am gonna color this sometime... at least I want to xD But I need inspiration for a background damnit ><"

Image: whosyerdaddy.jpg   484x667 58536 bytes 2006.11.25

I love you so much, it hurts... >3 *snarls*

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