(following in the footsteps of Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert; this idea I remember from reading The Dilbert Future)

If you find a peice of work that looks similar to yours, and I don't quote where, please notify me(see note below). I probably forgotten who you are and forgot to put any attribution, or applied a generic responce to it. Alot of peices I do, both drawn or written, come from alot of ideas others have published before (such as the Chakat's way of being hermaphroditic/intersexual, or even MultiFurry). A few ideas I get inspired off of (such as works from Ashtoreth, Nakira, Ken Cougr, countless other furry and non-furry artists I forget their names of since their artwork is either unsigned or sitting alone in my archives), and I try to attribute, but remember, I'm human, dammit, I'm fallible just like everyone else, including you!

Too many ideas are "created" in such a way that by the time I roll out with a concept, another does it at the same time, and everything's coincidental. Strange, eh?

However, the ideas here are a mix of origional and obvious. I'll gladly take another look at an item if notified properly.

A note about contacting me: Calm down. Do not attempt to flame if you want to be taken seriously. Your e-mails are the only indication I have of your personality. If you sound like a rambling idiot who's spewing gibberish out in public, I'll react -- usually by tossing your e-mails into the virtual trashcan and ignoring you for a while. Sorry, I won't cope with the added stress, so if you push it, into the "dungeon" you will go. So take your time! I'll try to put in the same amount of effort and time as you did, if not more -- so if I come out like a rambling idiot, you can bap me around too (but then, you'll probably just want to e-mail me just a "Huh? Whatdidyasay?"). This will help everyone tremendously. Contact me through the "Make Contact" link on my homepage at http://www.furnation.com/striker

--Kelly Price
AKA WolfSkunk "STriker" RedWolf