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Image: colliecover.jpg   660x499 178449 bytes 2006.10.07

Barstow... it's everything you said it would be. Next stop, World's Largest Frisbee!\r\n\r\n(border collie for the Wish You Were Here project: )

Image: magyarpuli.jpg   613x463 160834 bytes 2006.10.05

February - Hungarian Puli in Budapest\r\nFor the Wish You Were Here calendar project by Coyote Tangent:\r\n

Image: abycats.jpg   649x548 111941 bytes 2006.09.13

Some Abyssinian toilet humor.

Image: wywh-opah.jpg   965x795 381554 bytes 2006.09.08

Croatian Sheepdogs, Cretan Hounds, Hellenikos Ichnilatis, Greek Sheepdogs and a cat!\r\nGreek dancing with ouzo; a mediterranean scene for the upcoming Wish You Were Here calender by Coyote Tangent:\r\n\r\nFor release November 2006 (at MFF, even)!

Image: KCbox.jpg   500x682 163910 bytes 2006.04.27

Compilation cover art for the Kennel Club project painted by myself and designed by the talented Black Teagan! ( KC site:

Image: jackrussell.jpg   402x601 104109 bytes 2006.04.24

Jack Russell for the Kennel Club Card Project! (

Image: jokermutt.jpg   418x690 114891 bytes 2006.03.23

An unlucky black cat for an unlucky dog. One of two jokers for the Kennel Club card deck, to be released at AC this year! ;) (check out the project's LJ for infos and updates: )

Image: vizsla.jpg   417x618 114930 bytes 2006.03.17

The Hungarian Vizsla was a breed of nobles, used for the hunt, often in conjunction with falconry. This here Viz and his goshawk comrade are part of an up-coming deck of dog playing cards, The Kennel Club! (which now has it's own LJ for art updates:

Image: settersketch.jpg   417x621 137168 bytes 2006.03.14

English Setter sketchwork for the up-coming Kennel Club deck! (

Image: reflection.jpg   311x633 26210 bytes 2006.03.07

I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad; the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had.

Image: balto.jpg   846x550 383313 bytes 2006.02.26

For the noble Balto-mutt who risks her life and milage to bring 5% beer to the needy children of Utah.

Image: KCjackofhearts.jpg   411x600 79130 bytes 2006.02.24

Jack of Hearts - Dalmatian (Kennel Club:

Image: kennelclub.jpg   893x632 170388 bytes 2006.02.19

Promo-art for the upcoming card deck 'The Kennel Club', featuring plenty a sexy breed of dog by artists of abounding talent. Check out the project's website at: ..! [ artwork (c) Black Teagan and coloured by Kenket ]

Image: dogfish.jpg   424x805 151000 bytes 2006.02.14

If I see you again on the street by the beach in the evening, will you fly like a bird stealing bread out from under my nose?

Image: pozor.jpg   863x598 294706 bytes 2006.02.13

A picture done for a magazine in southern Utah to demonstrate the hazards of existing out-of-doors.

Image: heythereridinghood.jpg   648x470 106969 bytes 2006.01.15

Inspired by Scott Gustafson's Big Bad Wolf and Sam the Sham's 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

Image: brer.jpg   337x604 113008 bytes 2006.01.12

Run past the heather and down to the old road...

Image: 10ofClubs.jpg   451x630 136185 bytes 2005.11.01

10 of Clubs - Ring-tailed Lemurs (

Image: thewoods.jpg   566x413 172211 bytes 2005.09.07

The woods are lovely, dark and deep.\r\nBut I have promises to keep,\r\nAnd miles to go before I sleep,\r\nAnd miles to go before I sleep.

Image: bestiarytigersmall.jpg   730x313 101495 bytes 2005.09.04

Concept art for the Bestiary Cards project. (\r\n\r\nIf you are interested in participating in the deck there is a new chance to do so! We are presently soliciting artwork for the backs of the cards ( <--for information on the competition). Check it out! \t

Image: jackofheartscolour.jpg   348x490 113161 bytes 2005.09.01

Jack of Hearts: black-backed jackal\r\nAgain, for ;>

Image: 7hearts.jpg   344x534 74744 bytes 2005.08.29

Seven of Hearts: bengal tiger\r\nAnother card for the upcoming Bestiary project. (\r\nStay tuned for imminent news on the deck's release! :)

Image: ramabadge.jpg   305x229 78094 bytes 2005.08.26

A conbadge for Rama the lion.

Image: kbearbadge.jpg   304x232 30031 bytes 2005.08.26

A conbadge for KBear!

Image: admiralbadge.jpg   387x291 59585 bytes 2005.08.12

A conbadge for Admiral, the English setter.

Image: aceofspadescolour.jpg   391x567 85477 bytes 2005.08.10

Ace of Spades: raven\r\n \r\nThe ace of spades for a deck of animal-themed playing cards in the works!\r\nMore information on the deck can be found here:

Image: bremen.jpg   659x923 153062 bytes 2005.06.21

The Bremen Town Musicians

Image: kaa.jpg   583x749 242549 bytes 2005.06.10

"The moon sets," Kaa said. "Is there yet light enough to see?"\r\nFrom the walls came a moan like the wind in the tree-tops— "We see, O Kaa."\r\n"Good. Begins now the dance—the Dance of the Hunger of Kaa. Sit still and watch."\r\n \r\nKaa and the Bandar-log (c) Rudyard Kipling

Image: mouser.jpg   561x408 77632 bytes 2005.05.17

A mouse a day keeps them out of the hay.

Image: kays.jpg   897x602 188016 bytes 2005.05.10

Kaysho, Kayotae and one full moon.

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