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Image: CelticShire3Colors.JPG   781x595 95269 bytes 2006.06.08

A warrior rests after battle.\r\n\r\nHis tartan really is more green than that...

Image: DragDancer.JPG   622x768 62755 bytes 2006.12.04

Dragon Tribal Dancer

She's doing a traditional dance. It emulates the hunting behavior of her tribe. The white marks on her are painted on in areas where hunting injuries often occur. The mark on her chest is simply a symbol of her people.\r\n\r\nColored pencil on black paper, just a little fun with bright colors. Scanned rather dark - I had to adjust it a lot with PhotoShop.

Image: Dreamaria0805colors.JPG   547x923 106627 bytes 2006.06.08

Done for Furotic Exchange on LiveJournal. Used 5 or 6 shades of pink on the mane and tail. o.o

Image: ForDraccy.jpg   966x609 65052 bytes 2006.12.04

Draccy Stretch

This is for Draccy on FurAffinity, as part of a 5 sketches meme. Done in OpenCanvas.

Tags: dragon Draccy  
Image: FXXX_0905_Aaaamory_Final.JPG   739x900 159137 bytes 2006.06.08

Pic done for Aaaamory for Furotic Exchange on LiveJournal.

Image: JDFWAColors.JPG   500x366 58279 bytes 2006.06.08

This is JD. As a mammoth jack donkey, he doesn't fit in a regular hammock too well.\r\n\r\nFirst time using markers, woot. XD Had some oopsies, but otherwise he turned out ok.

Image: JDHammockss.JPG   719x527 40966 bytes 2005.07.04

My mammoth jack donkey, JD, loungin' in a hammock. He's a big feller, so he don't fit too well... XD

Image: JinglesSinglefromMicroStrider.JPG   780x699 93473 bytes 2006.12.04

I don't think your lap is big enough

Another OpenCanvas session with Strider Orion. He drew the little guys. This is my character, Jingles. She's a Clydesdale dancer. Chunky, but man can she jiggle! That tail took me a dozen tries.

Tags: dancer draft mare horse MicroStrider Clydesdale  
Image: KerstinStallion1s.JPG   443x804 72407 bytes 2006.06.08

As mah hubby, Strider, has FemStrider, so KerstinStallion was born. XD

Image: LindseyCs.JPG   650x650 64576 bytes 2005.07.04

Picture for a non-furry friend. I made her a mouse. Done entirely in OpenCanvas.

Image: Reno_For_Blitzava_with_MicroStrider.JPG   893x302 47229 bytes 2006.12.04

Reno for Blitzava

Another from the 5-sketch meme. This is Reno, who belongs to Blitzava on FurAffinity. \r\n\r\nDone in OpenCanvas. The MicroStriders were all drawn by my hubby, Strider_Orion

Tags: horse stallion palomino  
Image: SchneighjaShs.JPG   674x580 88298 bytes 2005.07.04

Schneighja, her name means snow, grieving. Her coloring and head are based on a photograph I found.

Image: SmrgolBadge.JPG   411x600 127217 bytes 2006.06.08

Badge for, well, Smrgol. XD Scan really does not give credit to the amount of glitter pen I used...I went a tad crazy. o.O

Image: vBedIsMine.JPG   800x632 95356 bytes 2004.07.28

Caught my hubby, Strider, asleep and so happy with the whole bed to himself, that I just had to draw him. Strider is copyright Strider Orion

Image: vKerstinGrass.JPG   800x408 66748 bytes 2004.07.28

My character, Kerstin. Lounging in the sun in my favorite outfit. Drawn at MFM '03

Image: vKerstinLeanbg.JPG   569x800 44923 bytes 2004.07.28

First pic on VCL-my character Kerstin. Inked and colored in PhotoShop.

Image: vKerstinNoAnthro.jpg   560x432 24577 bytes 2004.07.28

A non-anthro (aside from the smile) version of my character, Kerstin. Done on the online drawing board at

Image: vMorning.jpg   400x676 47115 bytes 2004.07.28

Very early pic of my character, Kerstin. Present for Strider Orion back when we were dating and I had to be away for several days.

Image: vOrca.jpg   460x600 59864 bytes 2004.07.28

Early drawing of an orca-guy (who knew they wore vests!), done with my BHP (big-honkin' pencil).

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