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Image: Holiday_Pawpets_2005.jpg   598x472 92660 bytes 2006.08.13

\r\nMerry Christmas from the Pawpets!\r\n\r\nMy art jam submission for the Pawpet Show\r\n\r\nCharacters (C) The Pawpet Show

Image: tyk_rh.JPG   500x500 66358 bytes 2006.08.13

mah tiger is a big fan of Disney's Robin Hood.... so I made him a character in the story....yes that green hat automatically makes u a part of Robin Hood.\r\n\r\nHe's tossing a rock cause behind his back is a sling. I didn't wanna do a bow&arrow cause that was too bulky for what I wanted.\r\n\r\nAt first, when I just had the linework, I didn't like it too much, but I reallly like the color.\r\n\r\nEDIT: OH DAMNIT!!!! I FORGOT TO COLOR THE FEATHER!!! ARRRRG

Image: for_artdecade3_CESORED.jpg   500x500 93477 bytes 2006.08.13

censored version of the 3rd art trade for artdecade sinse he did 3 for me...

Image: autumn_bed__SM.JPG   660x503 68485 bytes 2006.08.13

Another seasonal pic, weee. Autumn...winter is better, but I like autumn leaves. And here's Keto with the BEST tiger in the world <3 Tycoon

Image: bluekaninedesign2_.jpg   545x803 240819 bytes 2006.08.13

more homework. Personal logo assignment. I got an A, yay\r\n\r\nCharacter (C) me sucka

Image: k1.jpg   480x320 99576 bytes 2006.08.13

Image: Can_You_Carve.jpg   458x595 70529 bytes 2006.08.13

TYCOON! The BEST Tiger (or guy) ever. <3\r\n\r\nMarker experimenting on special paper

Image: Random_wrist_canine.jpg   631x474 44342 bytes 2006.08.13

I rarely do b/w drawings now that I've gotten into color....=\\ I Really should do more. Generic guy here

Image: REDWALL_CHEETAH_TEX.jpg   417x433 121502 bytes 2006.08.13

I need to work on my digital art too. Cheetah! Suppose to be a fanmade villian for Redwall, but he's too damn cute to be a villain.\r\n\r\nExperimentation with fur texture

Image: The_Black_Flag_is_Up_[SM].jpg   365x500 133770 bytes 2006.08.13

ALRIGHT FINALLY gonna start uploading some semi recent stuff. I've been trying to practice a bit more with my markers and colored pencils.\r\n\r\nHere's a new guy...a no-name

Image: peace_slave.jpg   371x349 30445 bytes 2006.08.13

Here's the first pic of the guy I Did. He's a slave...a happy one. =3 The other pic he's a sad, free slave =(

Image: gun_n_smoke.jpg   502x353 157354 bytes 2006.08.13

\r\ncardboard's fun to paint on

Image: SIGGG.JPG   796x368 64618 bytes 2004.12.27

a little SIG I made in like 10 minutes for the Ratchet and Clank forums.

Image: Holiday_Pawpets.JPG   498x671 63858 bytes 2004.12.27

A quick 1 and a half hour painting I did for the holida Pawpets episode. Characters are (C) by the Funday Pawpet Show. \r\n\r\n~Acrylic paint, Pens, colored pencils.

Image: Badger_[SM].JPG   778x561 62861 bytes 2004.10.31

BADGER!\r\n=3 \r\nWas reading Lord Brocktree, a book from the Redwall series, and really love Brocktree and Stonepaw, so I decided to draw a Bdager wearing a cape and stuff. =P Was done on an old book cover I found. I WAS gonna add more but changed my mind.\r\n\r\n~Book cover, Acrylic paint.

Image: Hiko_[SM].JPG   1010x672 97837 bytes 2004.10.15

HIKO!!! a new character I just made 2 days ago and painted. I was looking though some old magazines and found a panda picture. And decided to paint an animal I've never done here it is. It's Hiko, a chubby and frickn adorable panda guy! =3 so I stole some "Art Folder" made of carboard that folds up and painted on it...hehe\r\n\r\n~Acrylic paint, cardboard.

Image: Come_home.JPG   944x659 136137 bytes 2004.10.11

eh...I only like about 50% of this painting =P Oh well. I rarely draw pups, and wanted to. And I rarely draw tricolor dogs, so I here it is. A painting of a tricolor pup. I used a priority mail box I got for free, and Allison Reed mailed me some collage stuff. Next time I'll use less paint.\r\n\r\n~Acrlyic paint, inks, collage

Image: Keto_squat.jpg   583x667 44206 bytes 2004.10.03

it's ME!! Keto!\r\n\r\nI JUST started using photoshop, this is my third photoshop pic ever and im real pleased how it turned out.... I really like the tongue. But im thinking of editing his body somehow...\r\n\r\n~photoshop

Image: The_Exchange_[SM].JPG   745x662 130180 bytes 2004.10.03

ART TRADE for a local fur, Anonimous wolf. He sorta loves close, within driving distnace, we hung out and had fun.\r\n\r\nhe drew me a picture and I painted this for him. =) I like it.\r\n\r\n~Acrylics paint, brush markers, inks. Anonimous's non-fur friend mentioned Fluid exchange I did it

Image: small_cock.jpg   730x528 75048 bytes 2004.10.03

Allison made me wanna try and draw I painted this on some cardboard I found in my art class real quick...again was surprised at how fast I was able to do this one. I painted it with no refrence whatsoever of a chicken so I sorta made stuff up =P only took me about 13 minutes RIGHT before the bell rang\r\n\r\n~Acrlyic paints, inks

Image: setdt.jpg   1018x468 134049 bytes 2004.10.03

a doodline painting I did for class...I surprised myself at how fast I did this painting cause usually im a REAL slow artist type...and this pic only took me like 40 minutes....Yes more ballgags, I love ballgags. My teacher didnt mind it\r\n\r\n~Acrylic paints, paint pens, inks

Image: New_guy_bitch.jpg   752x597 95333 bytes 2004.10.03

2nd ART TRADE FOR ALLISON REED\r\n\r\nI didnt like the first one, so I made a second one for her....she did the same for me. =)\r\n\r\nI like this one a lot better than the first one I Did. =) It's of her character whom she didnt have a name for at the time so that explains the talking bubble.\r\n\r\n~ACrlyic paints, inks

Image: NewguynRaghad.jpg   865x670 161460 bytes 2004.10.03

ART TRADE FOR ALLISON REED\r\n\r\nMe and Allison finally did something I've been wanting to do for awhile with not sex you sick bastard, she's already got a cute mate. =P lol\r\n\r\nanyway we finally did an art was the first one and I wasnt pleased with it at all, so I made a second one....\r\n\r\n~Acrylic paint, inks, and music tranparent transfer

Image: leatherdog_sample_2.jpg   698x668 40138 bytes 2004.10.03 em\r\n\r\nSomeone asked me to draw a human, and I've been MEANING To draw some guys in leather he's still human jnust in a leather dog suit....hehe so I Guess this one is an OFFTOPIC pic\r\n\r\n~PHotoshop

Image: Eepoh.jpg   640x774 94425 bytes 2004.10.03

Here's my 2nd character, Eepoh.\r\n\r\nGerman shepard type dog. his body position usually confuses people, lol....simply I drew him with his body not connected =P\r\n\r\n~Paint, ink

Image: Birthday.jpg   575x770 65209 bytes 2004.10.03

it was my brthday sep I did this for myself\r\n\r\n~Markers, ink, pencil

Image: dogcatGREENINK_thing.jpg   432x670 49686 bytes 2004.08.19

Heres a little painting doodle I did. It was mainly done to try out my NEW OLIVE GREEN INK! What a beautiful color it is. I love it. =) so just made this creature dogcat whatever it is but it's cute. hehe\r\n\r\n~Acrylic paint and black ink and GREEN INK

Image: Brown_Beak.jpg   528x672 75887 bytes 2004.08.12

while at Diseny world, the waterpark part of it, I didnt wanna go in the water....So I just sat around in the eaery areas. and DAMNIT ITS TOO DAMN HOT IN FLORIDA. I cant stand it. So I bought some french fries feeling a bit lonely sitting by myself for hours. And these birds [[which I dont know the breed of]] came up to me and I started feeding them fries...but one bird was different, he was the only one who seemed to trust me enough to eat french fries directly from my hand. I bought one whole new order of fries just to feed him. Call me dumb but I felt like I made a friend. I liked him enough that right when I got back to the hotel I painted him....He was the only bird with BROWN on the tip of his beak. I named him Brown Beak.\r\n~ACrylic paint and pencil.

Image: Hold_Yourself_Damnit!!.jpg   522x671 67915 bytes 2004.08.12

Me and my dad and my brothers went to my dad's company picnic at the beach, and what I love most about beaches is watching people and their dogs playing in the shores. I love it to death. I sketched this pic out while I had artist block, but watching the dogs and their humans play in the water let me make this. More symbolism here. I think it turned out sorta decent. I Finished it while at Florida in the hotel room. between 11pm and 2am. I was watching tV on the same time. \r\n\r\n~Prismacolor marker and PRismacolor colored pencils....Also some ink.

Image: Keep_Up.jpg   497x672 73642 bytes 2004.08.12

Another experimenting pic I worked on and finished at the airport this last week. [[Me and my family went to Florida for a week for vacation]] Not much else to say about this pic. It was partly inspired by a pic I saw in Ben Coon's artbook drawn by Fennec [[he's a great artist]]. So this green wolfy with...WOW cloths, this is something I dont do often. \r\nI like the way his face turned out.\r\n\r\n~PRismacolor Markers and Micron pens.

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