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Image: Keto.jpg   551x672 47031 bytes 2004.08.12

Here's the full page of my fursona, Keto. It wasnt anything too extravigant, I was just experimenting and messing around with a more cartoonish style and color stuff I had in mind. =3 and im glad to say this is my very first official and non-abstract pic of my fursona. Finally.\r\n\r\n~PRismacolor Pencils

Image: 4_mom_SM.JPG   519x671 93156 bytes 2004.08.01

It was my mom's birthday yesterday....Soo 2 days BEFORE yesterday, I went out bought some canvas board and painted this just for the first painting I did for SOMEONE ELSE. =) I sorta rushed it but I think it came out alright. It actually shows my whole family, you can guess where I am in there...wierd fact about this pic but I wont talk about it here =P\r\n\r\n~Acrlyic paint, little black sharpie, little Paint Pens, and a little black colored pencil.

Image: Two_Straws_SM.JPG   1007x380 57424 bytes 2004.07.27's a pic I worked on near the end of the school was incomplete and done on two grey pieces of paper...I was digging around in my room and found it and decided to finish it. \r\nIt's done in two pieces, I forgot what these types of art are called....\r\nI made a small version cause some people dont have a picture viewer that AUTOMATICALLY fits a whole picture in your monitor, and so I made a small version for those people to view... More symbolism here =) I really like this one for some reason\r\n~Acrylic paints, little bit of Black Sharpie

Image: Two_straws.jpg   1902x739 190480 bytes 2004.07.27

[[Will add text to the final upload of this pic]]

Image: Straws.JPG   864x672 65676 bytes 2004.07.27

[[Will add text to the final upload of this pic]]

Image: Two.JPG   945x672 113897 bytes 2004.07.27

[[Will add text to the final upload of this pic]]

Image: KETO_SOLO.JPG   562x592 44050 bytes 2004.07.22

I finally got a non-abstract and official and final pic of my fursona....After a lotta prototype designs, im finally happy with this one. =) I havnt been doing colored pencil artworks in awhile so I decided to try it again and here it is. Also I dont do much "cartoony" artwork so this was a little cartoony as well. =) Hope you like it\r\nKeto (C) by me as well as all my art is (c) by me too....=P\r\n\r\n~Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Image: Max.JPG   394x552 30600 bytes 2004.07.22

FINALLY!!! When summer vacation started, I made some art goals for myself...just tests to prove things to MYSELF.....this is one of them and I think it didnt come out too bad, I expected it to be worse, but I wanted it to be better. but oh well. =) I still think I passed. \r\n\r\nI always thought I COULD do realistic but I just dont do it often cause it's boring to do and less freedom.....So just to prove it to myself I did this.\r\n\r\nI sketched this out, but AVOIDED working on it for WEEKS in fear I would ruin the good sketch, but today I FINALLY conquered it!! WOOO!!!\r\n\r\n~PRismacolor colored pencils

Image: Te_Wolf.jpg   677x822 76373 bytes 2004.07.20

***REAL OLD PIC***\r\nIm starting to post some of my old pictures, for unknown reasons.This pic is OLDER than the MEANS BUSINESS pic below. This was done in my VERY FIRST art book that I ever had that I took serious. And in that time, I was still afriad of color. lol, but I was pretty proud of this even if these days I could see all the things in this pic that I could've done better.\r\n\r\n~Pencil

Image: MEANS_BUSINESS.JPG   944x621 151508 bytes 2004.07.20

***REAL OLD PIC***a little over a year old, but I just decided to upload it now....\r\n\r\n~Acrylic paint, ball point pen, paint pens, and 2 price stickers I found at Smart and Final

Image: Luphi.JPG   576x670 66296 bytes 2004.07.20

Here's a gift pic for Luphi! I Really felt like I owed him a lot, he's the first fur I've met irl, and I had the GREATEST time hanging out with him and his friends [[Ben Coon and Orufu Otaka]]....So yeah, ANYBODY should be able to tell this is for Luphi. I rarely use many gray colors, so it was nice to try something I dont do often. =)\r\n\r\n~PRismacolor colored pencils

Image: Wow,_you're_still_here..._SM.jpg   1021x640 158493 bytes 2004.07.13

I GOT A NEW ARTBOOK!!!!!!! Finally finished my last one...actually finished it like 2 months ago, but finally finished this sketch in the first page [[+ the back of the hard cover]] and painted it and uploaded it! lotta symbolism in this one, but unfortuantely a lotta the poetry and words was cut off but im too lazy to rescan, maybe some other time....\r\n\r\n~Mix Media-Acrylic paints, prismacolor colored pencils, ink, name tag sticker, and masking tape

Image: Dont_sit.jpg   515x672 85665 bytes 2004.07.13

was done on July 4 while I Was at the park...oh man it was so great, the whole day I painted and drew and colored, watch people's dog' fun, havnt painted that long stright through the day in such a long time. Personally, I'm not very patriotic and this PIC isnt either even if it may look art usually has things needed to be seen by looking very carefully.\r\n\r\n~Acrylic paints, prismacolor colored pencils

Image: GUY_SM.JPG   538x668 90078 bytes 2004.06.23

OFF TOPIC- wow a'll be VERY rare to see a human drawing fomr me, but then again I should be practicing them anyway for my job soon. \r\n\r\nHmmm this pic was pretty experimentail I planned at first to make it cel shaded but I guess I changed my mind...I think it looks alright, the face got TOTALLY screwed over in the coloring process\r\n\r\nOH and a lotta people cant figure out that the background is like an asian restaurant place...heh. and no he isnt fat, he's just jutting his gut out and bending his back.\r\n\r\n~Acrylics, colored pencil, black ink

Image: REACH_GRSS_REACH.JPG   454x668 67960 bytes 2004.06.11

a REAL old piece of art I did last year in september 2003......and out of all the artwork I did from september-december 2003, for some reason this is one of my FAVORITES....a lotta people ask why and dont like it as much oh well.\r\n\r\n~Acrylics, making tape, ballpointpen, little bit of highlighter

Image: blue.JPG   669x553 132372 bytes 2004.05.22

VERY FIRST dragon I've ever drawn/painted with more than a tiny bit of effort. I Don't usually draw dragons, but for once, I Decided to try and see if I could do this is sorta an experimental painting....finished it about 2 weeks ago.\r\n\r\n~Acrylics, TINY bit of photoshop to try and fix the two scans put together.

Image: birdyBTS.jpg   734x931 130055 bytes 2004.05.16

very first pic of the "Blink Think shrink" series....a bird....playing around with ink for the first time in this one...

Image: Big_BlueSM.JPG   462x672 72006 bytes 2004.05.03

*SMALLER VERSION....maybe better version too*\r\n\r\n\r\nThis is a small version of Big Blue, just so if u dont have XP which automatically fits the whole pic into your window, you can view the whole pic in onw window with this one just in case you dont got XP.\r\n\r\nI like this painting. but not super much, im mainly in love with the design of the face and hand and stuff....the stomach needs fixing but oh well, I like this piece

Image: Big_Blue.jpg   894x1304 249346 bytes 2004.05.03

a painting I just finished today....\r\n\r\nHis name is Big Blue. I love the design of his face, I plan to make him one of my often used characters. This pic is suppose to sorta look like a page out of a comic book. \r\nAnd it's hard to notice but he's suppose to be smoking and wearing pajama pants. He has full character in my mind and plan to show it throughout more art pieces with him in it.\r\n\r\n~Acrylics\r\n\r\n*BIG VERSION*\r\n

Image: Untold_Sanctionn_SM.JPG   728x726 111130 bytes 2004.04.22

I painted this more than a month ago....DIdn't turn out how I wanted but I Still like it =) I like the face \r\n\r\nIn real life, the size of this painting is 48x48 inches\r\n\r\n~ACrylics, white out, elmers glue, and a quarter....

Image: I_will_for_you.jpg   599x750 124047 bytes 2004.04.21

Part 3 of this "Inside Out" series. \r\n\r\nTHIS PIC, + "Sam" + "It Isn't Is Wrong" are the only ones in this series so far, and im real pleased with how they turned out!\r\nThis, like all my other paintings, have some symbolism which I'll let viewers decide what it is.\r\n\r\n~Mainly ACRYLICS, little bit of prismacolor colored pencil, ballpoint pen for the talk bubble...

Image: It_isn't_is_wrong.JPG   934x740 153339 bytes 2004.04.13

"It isn't is wrong"\r\n\r\nA painting I worked on the day before the Easter sunday. I've had an artist block lately for more than 2 weeks, and here's picture that seemed to break that block....for now. And I added little details tonight and decided to take the time to scan it.\r\n\r\n~Mainly acrylics, micron pens, prismacolor colered pencils.

Image: Sam.JPG   624x772 108988 bytes 2004.04.13

For Easter sunday, me and my family went to the beach. i love the beach and parks because I love meeting the dogs people bring. My mom and dad are afriad of dogs, so I rarely get the chance to be with them. So being at the beach got me excited. out of all the dogs, 2 dogs REALLY STUCK OUT to me...but they were across the whole beach. I watched them play fetch in the shore water. so I went back to the campsite and painted one of them.\r\nHere it is.\r\nThe colors really match his personality as I saw him splashing in the water...He looked like a Sam to me\r\n\r\n~Acrlics, Red sharpie, paint pens, and a TINY bit of photoshop for the little yellow on his arm below his muzzle near the bottome of the page. \r\n

Image: You're_so_beautiful.JPG   1013x714 176911 bytes 2004.04.13

Here's a painting I did on a Priority Mail box....I got a buncha them. I tried this cause I Wanted to try painting on cardboard so here it is....cardboard was weird for me\r\n\r\nJUST IN CASE YOU CANT READ THE WORDS:\r\n"Hernan....Deliver refuse by humble and divinity....Please. Don't ever stop it. To you. Toooo Beautiful."\r\n\r\nyup a little poetry for ya\r\nThs was done awhile ago, like the beginning of this year around.\r\n\r\n~99% acrylics...1% blue ball point pen.....oh wait oh yeah and the cow face was my first attempt at pastel, lol.

Image: sanity.JPG   569x860 178939 bytes 2004.04.06

very old pencil drawing....I use to do a lot of pencil drawings but ever sinse I got into painting, I dont do much of them anymore. Funny thing...i use to vbe afraid to color....but now I LOVE color...o.o. And this is a pretty bad scan of this drawing, but too lazy to re-scan\r\n~pencil

Image: foot_asleep2.JPG   1116x773 221734 bytes 2004.04.06

PART 1 of my BLINK THINK SHRINK series. \r\nTihs was the VERY first time I used ink and DAMN it's so fun! I love ink now, im planning to use it more often now.\r\nI got a few more additions to the BLINK THINK SHRINK series I have yet to upload.\r\n~Prismacolor markers, Ink, white charcoal pencil

Image: Can_you_lick.jpg   736x930 185012 bytes 2004.04.01

Did this painting in my sketchbook a few months back.....At first i REALLY REALLY REALLY didn't like the wolfhead ontop, but after a few weeks, I think it looks ....not too terrible, lol..\r\n\r\n~Acrylics, and TINY bit of photoshop using just a bit of white

Image: I'm_Kerosene.jpg   908x1145 287025 bytes 2004.04.01

PART 4 of "Blink Think Shrink"\r\nI like this one a lot better than part 3. I love the ink play.\r\n\r\n~Acrylics...prismacolor

Image: You_are_Matches.jpg   644x777 141031 bytes 2004.04.01

Here is the first recent pieces of art I've uploaded onto VCL....But this pic's nothing special. Made this about a month ago. Im not sure if I even really like it. Art from my sketchbook.\r\n\r\nThis is PART 3 of an art series im working on called "Blink Think Shrink"\r\n\r\n~Acrylics, Ink, prismacolor markers.

Image: nothing_else_but_Everything.jpg   539x752 106435 bytes 2004.03.26

This is pretty old too, made same time around Pinwheel. I really like the 2 pieces of tape on the blindfold. ALLISON REED is my favorite artist, and her artowkr is SOOO inspirational. She has a blind dog and she painted her many times with a blindfold so I wanted to paint a blindfolded dog here it is. \r\n\r\n~Acrylics...ballpoint pen....masking tape.... and a LITTLE bit of photoshop on the edges.

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