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Image: km-anthro-walker-tank.jpg   424x621 54786 bytes 1997.06.24

Royal Cha'Sha'tar Marine "walker tank" on maneuvers with the 7th Royal Dragoons. And yes, the missile being launched says "C Ya!" on one side, and "Don't wanna be ya!" on the other. Military types have a warped sense of humor, kin ya tell? Drawn on a notebook then cleaned somewhat, needs more TLC or a complete redo.

Image: km-blackmane.jpg   632x873 91239 bytes 2000.11.01

Lead character for a comic book idea I had back in '88. Ahh the good old days of the ever gentle and good 20th century... Yeah right. *smirks* \r\n\r\nBlackmane here as he confronts the Emporess'es Captain of the Guards to give back what he got and in double measure! Inked with a Pilot Razor point. Choice pen of the poor starving bachelor artist who can't afford much else.

Image: km-bsod-this-ms.jpg   608x842 49506 bytes 1997.08.23

Done for a good lady friend of mine back in about '91 when Windows 3.11 was out or thereabouts. Die Blue Screen of Death DIE!!! Pencil on regular paper.

Image: km-emporess.jpg   418x811 65562 bytes 2000.11.01

Really ancient stuff! 1988! I've long since forgotten this character's name, however it was for a comic book idea for Anthro based magazines back in the late 80's, I tentatively titled "Blackmane". \r\n\r\nHere the Emporess is welcoming a bedraggled and beaten Blackmane who has been brutalized by the Emporess'es Captain of the Guard. (Whom soon is to become extinct!) Blackmane will go on to lead the Emporess'es forces to victory over a covert plot to overthrow her by the Captain and of course, marry the Emporess!

Image: km-jian-and-kyhr.jpg   842x608 65211 bytes 1997.08.23

Jian & Kyhr relaxing on the beach somewhere on Earth, circa late 20th century, God help him... Maybe he'll learn NOT to listen to her when she tells him to treat her like all the girls on Earth! if he survives! And yes, I've seen similar pics here on VCL and yes I did mine waaaaaaaaaay back in about '93. So neener. =^.~=

Image: km-jian-beach-2.jpg   799x608 47379 bytes 1997.08.23

Jian Hrral on the beach posing for Cats Illustrated magazine of course! eat your heart out boyz-n-girlz, cuz Jian will... *Rarrrr* =^.~= more Pilot Razorpoint goodness.

Image: km-jian-bikini-2.jpg   608x842 63507 bytes 1997.06.24

Black & White inked version of Jian in a bikini posing for Cats Illustrated. Ok ok that *is* lame. But YOU try to come up with something witty! More oldness. Done with the usual 5mm mech pencil with HB lead then inked in a Razorpoint.

Image: km-jian-bikini.jpg   519x795 70828 bytes 2000.11.01

Inked drawing of Jian Hrral of Cha'Sha'tar. Done on 70lb paper with Pentel 5mm HB mechanical drafting pencil then a Pilot Razorpoint pen then scanned and colored.

Image: km-jian-dance-color.jpg   320x560 94216 bytes 2000.10.31

Photoslop 4.0 colored version of Jian Dancing. Jian here dancing to seduce and entice her true love Kyhr Aruun during the spring festival. The ever alluring liness has the hots for our hero! This was when I had just discovered "Overlay", "Multiply", and "Difference Clouds" effects within PhotoShop 4 Waaaaaaaaay back in the late 20th century. ('96 for you cubs out there.) Now I have Photoslop 7 on Mac OS X. =o.0=

Image: km-jian-dancing.jpg   320x560 25988 bytes 1997.06.24

Pencil drawing of Jian dancing for Kyhr at the Spring Festival after a long hard winter on Cha'Sha'tar.

Image: km-jian-hrral.jpg   608x842 176754 bytes 1997.06.24

Commander Jian Hrral, Royal Cha'Sha'tar Navy, married to Captain Khyr Aruun, XO of the Na'Ha'hrisstar. Traditional Noble's street clothes with 24k solid gold wedding armband. She rose from being a commoner to nobility with blood sweat toil and tears. And a few dead bodies some where along the way of those crooked types. Working on a colored version if I can get off my lazy butt and finish it.

Image: km-jian-sword.jpg   511x692 121157 bytes 2000.11.01

Royal Cha'Sha'tar Naval Commander Jian Hrral ready for ritual combat to defeat the ladies after her one true love, Kyhr Arrun. Done in colored charcoal pencils on 70lb paper eons ago like the rest of my stuff. Scanners suck. They eat color! Oh well, at least they scan. *smirks*

Image: km-khyr-assault.jpg   638x445 90284 bytes 1997.06.24

"Puma" Fast Assault Light Tank disembarking from a dropship with a detachment of Royal Cha'Sha'tar Marines somewhere on North Fort Hood in Texas. Fusion powered, Anthro driven! Fur Power! =~.^=\r\n\r\nDrawn while I was stationed at Ft Hood Texas as a story idea during some down time between fire missions. The background on this mini-series is based on our actual position at Ft. Hood that summer day.

Image: km-khyr-avenge.jpg   638x445 44868 bytes 1997.06.24

Khyr after being shot by US Infantry on Ft Hood Texas. Oops! Yes he will live, but boy! NEVER tick off a female feline wife!\r\n\r\nIf I recall the story line, Khyr gets shot by a nervous young US soldier then shortly after Jian finds him. Shades of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" the inspiration for the plotline. Some stories are ageless classics never to be outdone.

Image: km-khyr-down-safe.jpg   638x445 47923 bytes 1997.06.24

Khyr after being shot down somewhere on North Fort Hood in Texas! Oops! Guess NASA or the European Space Agency dun like competition. Drawn while I was stationed at Ft Hood Texas as a story idea during some down time between fire missions. The background on this mini-series is based on our actual position at Ft. Hood that summer day.

Image: km-khyr-starfighter.jpg   842x608 77914 bytes 1997.06.24

Khyr's starfighter which he crash lands at Ft Hood Texas in inspired heavily by an old late 80's 1/48th scale Monogram model kit long since out of production. Basic shape (c) Monogram Models Inc, Alla guts inside it, purely my imagination.

Image: km-kyhm-b-25h-mitchell.jpg   842x608 108414 bytes 2003.07.01

Kyhm Mahn in a vintage WWII B-25H Mitchell at an airshow with his wife's likeness painted on the nose. B-25H Copyright North American Aviation, makers of the famed P-51 Mustang and F-86 Saber jet. Kyhm and Susan mine all mine. Nose art inspired by Shon Howell's awesome artwork, just not as busty. =o.0= Susan copyright herself.

Image: km-kyhr-aruun.gif   496x524 46762 bytes 1997.06.24

Simple PhotoShop colored version of the B&W inked version with cheap transparent background. Needs TLC...

Image: km-kyhr-battle-unicorn.jpg   1024x768 127993 bytes 2000.11.01

Kyhr Aruun on his mount and faithful companion, prepared for ritual battle. Done on 70lb paper with Pentel 5mm HB mechanical pencil.

Image: km-kyhr-kneeling.jpg   632x872 110523 bytes 2000.11.01

Pencil drawing of Kyhr Aruun of Cha'Sha'tar kneeling before ritual battle for the paw of his one true love. Done on 70lb paper with Pentel 5mm HB mechanical drafting pencil. Yep, I draft better than I draw and this was done years ago. Yep. Lazy bum... =0.o=

Image: km-kyhr-pinned.jpg   873x632 121711 bytes 2000.11.01

Royal Cha'Sha'tar Naval Captain Kyhr Aruun pinned down by a heavy I-beam on the bridge of the Na'Ha'Hrisstar (Star Fire) by a direct hit during a vicious battle with warlike, barbaric stellar neighbors. Done on 70lb paper with Pentel 5mm HB mechanical pencil.

Image: km-kyhr-search-and-rescue.jpg   469x668 61540 bytes 1997.06.24

Jian leading a detachment of Royal Marines searching for Khyr somewhere on North Fort Hood in Texas!\r\n\r\nDrawn while I was stationed at Ft Hood Texas as a story idea during some down time between fire missions. The background on this mini-series is based on our actual position at Ft. Hood that summer day.

Image: km-kyhr-sword.jpg   344x647 91191 bytes 1997.06.24

Khyr Aruun in traditional ritual battle armor with bastard sword readying to fight for his soon-to-be wife Jian's paw in marriage. Pencil drawing that a scanner barfed all over. Thank the Good Lord for better drivers and hardware here in the Naughties of the early 21st century. ('03 = Ought-Three) Sure Beats Windows 3.1 when this was origionally scanned!

Image: km-lovers.jpg   368x374 16788 bytes 1997.06.24

A Cervine Doe and Bobcat Male lovers floating in Zee-Gee in orbit somewhere. (Translation: "I have no clue why I drew them like this!") Other than I was inspired by early anthro magazines back in the early 90's.

Image: km-miako-mitsumoto.jpg   434x654 131213 bytes 2000.10.31

Miako Mitsumoto, FurryMUCK's one and only Kamekazi Doe! Stranded on Furry Prime after escorting a captured B-29 in her trusty J7W1 Shinden during WWII, our intrepid cervine Sushi Chef and Geisha Doe finds herself reluctantly leading the JSSDF and going from WWII Prop jobs to Starships! Kirk watch out! =^.~=

Image: km-ram-centurian.gif   336x692 30212 bytes 1997.06.24

Ram Centurion character from the "Blackmane" story idea from about '88. Inked drawing butchered by cheap scanner back in the beginnings of Scanner technologies and Windows 3.1. *must... rescan... all... drawings...* =o.0=

Image: km-roan-mare-warrioress.jpg   336x565 58171 bytes 2000.10.31

An as yet to be named roan equine mare warrioress who has become the body template for Tawnya Cherininko's hot striped bod for all you Equi-philes out there. This is a more recent work and only about 2 years old. Sheesh, lazy artists... Done on the usual Modus Operandi of 70lb paper and Pentel 5mm pencil and red circle curtousy of PhotoShop 4. Kina ya say Cheezy background laddy?

Image: km-tania-h'riss.gif   335x470 42891 bytes 1997.06.24

Lieutenant TaNia Hriss of the Cha'Sha'tar Royal Marines. Created for an e-mail based RPG back in '96 and evolved into having stripes and attitude. My very first attempt at some more serious experimenting with PhotoShop 4 inlcuding shading, tones, and transparent backgrounds. Oooooold old old old stuff!

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