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Image: burnout.gif   416x187 10130 bytes 1999.10.29

Cerulean at wit's end.\n

Image: money.gif   450x317 32793 bytes 1999.10.29

Looking for ways to make money as an artist... (Note to Big Brother: This sketch is a joke! A joke!)\n

Image: kfc.gif   450x315 27084 bytes 1999.10.29

A hurriedly inked sketch I did in J.Badger's fast-food-themed book, at the first Trenton furry gather. Attempt to ignore the screwy perspective of that table. For future reference, the franchise on South Broad Street in Trenton is not recommended, unless you think a pound of black pepper is a preferable alternative to 11 herbs and spices.\n

Image: philcon.gif   450x399 16368 bytes 1999.10.29

Cerulean en route to the Adam's Mark Hotel.\n

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