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Image: throne_crow.jpg   395x500 22007 bytes 2000.12.12

Here's a concept I've been trying to solidify as an image for years. The concept keeps changing on me, though. A conceptual aspect of myself I called Raven sat in the center of my universe upon a hoard of all my memories. It held all the other versions of myself in check with chains and blinders and stayed in complete control for a very long time. As you can see, the chains are now slack, and Raven isn't exactly happy. Raven is copyright 2000 to me, Kevin Wiley. So's the artwork.\n

Image: ylee_rabbit.jpg   500x383 16815 bytes 2000.12.12

My first image on the Velar site. Joy. This one might, instead, be called Whoah! A more complete version is forthcoming. Y. Lee Rabbit is copyright 2000 Kevin Wiley. That would be me.\n

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