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Image: caskihang.jpg   800x1250 187273 bytes 2007.04.12


Caski is having a very, very bad day. ):\r\n\r\n

Tags: caski dog thing i guess maybe coyote noose hangin lol  
Image: carlisa.jpg   800x1000 148633 bytes 2007.04.12

y helo thar

Carlisa meets a trippy fucking butterfly in front of a cathedral.\r\n...hooray!!\r\n

Tags: kitty cathedral carlisa trippy fucking butterfly omg cobblestones  
Image: lividcandy.jpg   502x392 53503 bytes 2007.03.03

Bitch, Step Off

Inspired by Aerosmith's "Jaded", particularly the line "you're gettin' it all over me!"\r\n\r\nCandy is having a problem with Livid and he's pushing her off. Sad times. );

Tags: robot, candy, cat  
Image: italy1.jpg   800x600 104090 bytes 2007.02.11


I don't have a name for this comic yet. Oh well~\r\nHere's the one-page prologue, starring Caski and Androgynous Hamster Person.

Image: thormilohigh.jpg   761x606 145194 bytes 2007.02.06


Thoreau and Milo enjoy some leisure-time in Milo's exquisitely wood-paneled basement.\r\nThoreau Elisabeth Spalding, and is the cat. Milo is the coyote and is mine.\r\n\r\nThey look similar because I didn't realize they did until Milo was a complete character.\r\nThey're lovers because Thoreau harbors a secret desire to do himself.

Tags: thoreau cat milo coyote holy crap keywords  
Image: furryabner.jpg   347x491 38878 bytes 2007.02.05

Holy Aging Characters, Batman!


Tags: abner cat nonsensically white and gray tabby wtf  
Image: loom.jpg   341x284 13270 bytes 2007.02.05


This is Pericolo. He's a griffin gargoyle who was screwed up and given a wolf tail, and he comes alive when Venice is in great need.\r\nD'aww.

Tags: pericolo gryphon griffin gryffin whatever  
Image: steps.jpg   703x399 51219 bytes 2007.02.05

On The Steps

Conceptual drawing for a comic that I'm hoping to start at some point.

Tags: carlisa cat caski wolfdog italians  
Image: cat.jpg   504x400 55319 bytes 2007.02.05

It's A Kitty

It sure is.

Tags: kitty  
Image: lpvcl.jpg   501x523 48236 bytes 2006.04.07

Some Adrian 'n' Chester funtime. The body they're working on isn't dead or unconscious, don't worry!\r\n\r\nAdrian (c) Lizzi, Chester (c) moi. And the image is mine too. Durr.

Image: hucknmax.jpg   600x400 65890 bytes 2006.01.31


Image: secretgarden1.JPG   536x700 80771 bytes 2005.05.10

Remake!\r\nI completely recolored the atrocious earlier version of this picture, for your viewing enjoyment. And I did it like three months ago.\r\nHaven't updated in a while. Look for me at AC this year (!!) Still selling conbadges.

Image: imhereluvr1.jpg   401x1000 64802 bytes 2005.02.26

Jenner Autumn, reclining like the unzipped badass he is.\r\nI'm selling this at AnthroCon.\r\nSmoking is bad for you.\r\n\r\n\r\nJenner(c)Keykey

Image: kikinyc.jpg   1400x914 110558 bytes 2005.02.26

I don't need any reasons,\r\nI've left them all behind-\r\nI'm in a New York state of mind.\r\n\r\n-Billy Joel

Image: csg1.jpg   500x700 145278 bytes 2005.02.17

First new issue of CSG, which returned at about midnight-fifteen last night. This is the only one I'm posting, but if you'd like to read more, it's at:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nYay, bushy tails.

Image: zephykitty.jpg   600x644 87624 bytes 2005.01.31

This is Zephy.\r\nZephy hates you.

Image: pwease.jpg   685x494 83341 bytes 2004.09.08

Dammit, the compression came out kinda weird.\r\nOh well.\r\n\r\nTake this scene however you want. It's from an RP a while ago, and is pretty old itself (though I just colored it last night).\r\n\r\nRobert (c) Lani\r\nAbner (c) me.

Image: kduck.jpg   249x489 26744 bytes 2004.08.17

Goddamn yo

Image: colormedes.jpg   415x440 40666 bytes 2004.08.13

For my new friend on Furcadia, Medesthai.\r\n\r\nIt's also the first time airbrush and watercolor have really cooperated with each other, in my opinion.

Image: schatzie.gif   500x500 22282 bytes 2004.08.11

The newest addition to my family, a lab/something mix we named Schatzie.\r\nShe was dumped off at the cabin where everyone was staying, and due to a great disposition and general state of cleanliness, we adopted her.\r\nRandom little caricature thing of my new puppy friend.

Image: girlinthevalley.jpg   805x700 158916 bytes 2004.08.11

Inspired by the Broadway musical rendition of "The Secret Garden", more specifically the scene in which Archie is daydreaming about when he and Lilly first met.\r\nSad. ;(\r\nThe sketch alone took me hours, because of the costumes. The rest of it took me more hours, because I'm finicky.

Image: kaedcompressed.jpg   1000x500 114480 bytes 2004.07.31

Image: Casca.jpg   500x1000 120517 bytes 2004.07.31

I keep going for such a long time without posting again. But then... I'm not doing as much furry art as I used to.\r\n\r\nThis is me messing around with a coloring technique, using Casca again. I've changed him from looking like a bastard to looking like a fairly decent guy, even though is personality isn't developed at all yet.\r\nOh well.\r\n\r\nCasca (c) KeyKey

Image: hunterbadge.gif   360x216 13233 bytes 2004.06.30

I really... don't know this guy. But that's okay! He's going to be in our posse. And everyone needs a badge, and... and... yeah.

Image: carmenbadge.gif   360x216 13148 bytes 2004.06.30

It's Carmen!\r\nShe told me to draw her however I wanted, so I kind of mixed all the characters of hers that I know into one Carmenesque figure.\r\nWord to that.

Image: kittyports.gif   301x100 6080 bytes 2004.06.30

Kitty ports, for Cordell Academy and now The Rowling Continuity on Furcadia.\r\nThey go along with the feral patch I made for Cordy, which I'm also letting TRC use because I'm nice.\r\n\r\nDon't steal or I bite. And so do several other people. \r\n

Image: hi3.jpg   870x606 105181 bytes 2004.06.15

My lack of backgrounds makes me sad.\r\nBut, uh, look. They have fur!\r\n\r\nAitch (c) Ricky, Iye (c) me.

Image: cabsiebadge.gif   360x216 11696 bytes 2004.06.15

There's mine!\r\n\r\nFor anyone who's going (to Anthrocon), look for me in the Masquerade. I think. My act might be too long, but if they like it, you never know.

Image: oscarbadge.gif   360x216 9804 bytes 2004.06.15

Oscar's Anthrocon badge.\r\n..hug him.

Image: reibadge.gif   360x216 12991 bytes 2004.06.15

Becca's badge for Anthrocon.\r\nLaa~

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