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Image: abbiangst.gif   500x500 46467 bytes 2003.09.15

For my next trick, a scratchboard-esque rendition of one of my multiple fursonalities (har har), Abner. He's been having a bit of a downer, as of late.

Image: abbiangst2.gif   500x500 35260 bytes 2003.09.16

Mmm, the inferiority complex and how it affects you.

Image: abbiangst3.gif   500x500 102633 bytes 2003.09.21

Feeeeeel the angst.\r\n\r\nPainter Classic has some awesome water tools, I tell y'what.\r\nThe retarded little poem is (c) me, by the way. So is Abner, as always.

Image: abbiangst4.gif   400x600 115431 bytes 2003.09.23

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Image: abbiangst5.gif   500x500 65990 bytes 2003.09.30

The files beginning with 'abbiangst' are starting to become insultingly prevalent.\r\n...but he makes me so sad.

Image: abbikitty.gif   398x495 23724 bytes 2003.12.07


Image: abbipaladincolor.gif   477x445 56787 bytes 2003.11.09

Paladiiiiin!\r\n\r\nWhy does his sword glow? Because it's divine.\r\n...STUPID.

Image: abnerackshirt.gif   500x500 32552 bytes 2003.10.21

Another one that I failed to upload before-\r\nPotential t-shirt design, of Abner taking people's coats. OOCly, of course. I didn't feel like doing anything besides sitting there at the time.\r\n\r\n...I'm such a loser.\r\n\r\nAbbi (c) me.

Image: adrianabbi.gif   500x500 105810 bytes 2003.09.21

No one has bad days like Abner Kequet's bad days.\r\n\r\nIt's highly doubtful that anyone hates their best friend's parents as much as he does, as well.\r\n\r\nI suck at coloring.\r\n\r\nAdrian Vanet (c) Lizzi, Abbikins (c) me.

Image: alistair.gif   364x425 39099 bytes 2003.10.21

Voici le frere du Abner, Alistair. \r\nI made his eyes very large and cute, just for those of you with strong stomaches.\r\n...kitten furres are to be drawn with caution, so as not to damage the fragile cuteness-filters of the general viewing public. Please do not try this at home.\r\n\r\nAlistair (c) Lizzi and me both, interestingly enough.

Image: bondochessie.gif   500x500 61652 bytes 2003.09.23

Chester had a bad day.\r\nPray for Chester.\r\n\r\n...can someone please explain why I feel the need to sugarcoat everything?

Image: cabsiebadge.gif   360x216 11696 bytes 2004.06.15

There's mine!\r\n\r\nFor anyone who's going (to Anthrocon), look for me in the Masquerade. I think. My act might be too long, but if they like it, you never know.

Image: carlisa.jpg   800x1000 148633 bytes 2007.04.12

y helo thar

Carlisa meets a trippy fucking butterfly in front of a cathedral.\r\n...hooray!!\r\n

Tags: kitty cathedral carlisa trippy fucking butterfly omg cobblestones  
Image: carmenbadge.gif   360x216 13148 bytes 2004.06.30

It's Carmen!\r\nShe told me to draw her however I wanted, so I kind of mixed all the characters of hers that I know into one Carmenesque figure.\r\nWord to that.

Image: Casca.jpg   500x1000 120517 bytes 2004.07.31

I keep going for such a long time without posting again. But then... I'm not doing as much furry art as I used to.\r\n\r\nThis is me messing around with a coloring technique, using Casca again. I've changed him from looking like a bastard to looking like a fairly decent guy, even though is personality isn't developed at all yet.\r\nOh well.\r\n\r\nCasca (c) KeyKey

Image: cascawolf.gif   500x500 50277 bytes 2004.02.14

Another airbrush disaster, of my previously appearing English-notes version of Casca. Anthrofied!\r\nHe looks mighty smug... but then, he would, wouldn't he? Backstabber.

Image: caskihang.jpg   800x1250 187273 bytes 2007.04.12


Caski is having a very, very bad day. ):\r\n\r\n

Tags: caski dog thing i guess maybe coyote noose hangin lol  
Image: cat.jpg   504x400 55319 bytes 2007.02.05

It's A Kitty

It sure is.

Tags: kitty  
Image: cervidius8.gif   500x500 79644 bytes 2003.11.16

Take it any way you want, but know that it's not *supposed* to be sexy. >.>\r\nIn fact, it's downright depressing.\r\nFor me, anyway.\r\n\r\nAbner (c) me, Cervidius (c) himself.

Image: chestar.gif   435x436 67125 bytes 2003.09.22

Here we have Chester, looking appropriately pissy.\r\n\r\nYou would be too, if your evil plot had been foiled and you were about to be given the next best thing to the death sentence.\r\n\r\nI've been having way too much fun with the non-paint-bucket tools.

Image: colormedes.jpg   415x440 40666 bytes 2004.08.13

For my new friend on Furcadia, Medesthai.\r\n\r\nIt's also the first time airbrush and watercolor have really cooperated with each other, in my opinion.

Image: csg1.jpg   500x700 145278 bytes 2005.02.17

First new issue of CSG, which returned at about midnight-fifteen last night. This is the only one I'm posting, but if you'd like to read more, it's at:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nYay, bushy tails.

Image: cuddle.gif   492x415 53352 bytes 2003.11.10

I'm tired of having upsetting dreams.\r\n\r\nThanks to Lizzi for making my waking moments so pleasant and comfortable, and assisting me in dealing with the rest of them.\r\n\r\nThoreau (c) Lizzi\r\nAbner (c) me.

Image: dream3.gif   357x410 35231 bytes 2003.11.07

I was summoned to a dream of music, rain, and violent screaming.\r\nI didn't want to stay, but I have yet to find a meaning.

Image: evenabnerhatesme.gif   500x500 44256 bytes 2004.01.02

I think my personal hell would involve all my characters becoming art critics and getting back at me.

Image: factoryworkers.gif   500x500 59491 bytes 2003.09.15

Abner, taking a presumed smoke break with his best friend Thoreau (property of Lizzikins), in a twenties 'we work in a factory' setting. Inspiration? "Chicago", naturally. I wanted to see Abbi in one of those nifty hats.

Image: felinerouge.gif   583x818 122615 bytes 2003.09.16

Pay no attention to the text.\r\nI drew this last winter, and apparently still like it. Have you ever spent six hours staring at a video box? I hope not. \r\nGanesh (c) himself, everyone else (c) me.

Image: furryabner.jpg   347x491 38878 bytes 2007.02.05

Holy Aging Characters, Batman!


Tags: abner cat nonsensically white and gray tabby wtf  
Image: girlinthevalley.jpg   805x700 158916 bytes 2004.08.11

Inspired by the Broadway musical rendition of "The Secret Garden", more specifically the scene in which Archie is daydreaming about when he and Lilly first met.\r\nSad. ;(\r\nThe sketch alone took me hours, because of the costumes. The rest of it took me more hours, because I'm finicky.

Image: goddamnit.gif   500x500 61474 bytes 2003.09.22

It's just one of those days.

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