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Image: sleepyabbi.gif   442x191 13957 bytes 2003.10.10

God damn.\r\nI mean, seriously.\r\n...god -damn-.

Image: snuggle2.gif   500x500 48830 bytes 2003.10.08

Round two of "Abner's Most Humiliating Sleeping Poses".\r\nDing!\r\n\r\nI'm so mean. But I have to get my kicks somehow, right?

Image: snuggle.gif   500x500 70654 bytes 2003.10.08

I like boys.\r\n\r\nToo bad Abbi doesn't, and he'd fervently deny that this ever happened, if you asked him.\r\nBut Thoreau didn't mind.\r\nAnd neither did I.\r\n:D

Image: tuesday.gif   627x505 121128 bytes 2003.10.07

Miss Shryack wanted me to work on my scribble project.\r\nI scribbled for her.\r\n\r\nToday, I feel...

Image: abbiangst5.gif   500x500 65990 bytes 2003.09.30

The files beginning with 'abbiangst' are starting to become insultingly prevalent.\r\n...but he makes me so sad.

Image: bondochessie.gif   500x500 61652 bytes 2003.09.23

Chester had a bad day.\r\nPray for Chester.\r\n\r\n...can someone please explain why I feel the need to sugarcoat everything?

Image: abbiangst4.gif   400x600 115431 bytes 2003.09.23

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Image: chestar.gif   435x436 67125 bytes 2003.09.22

Here we have Chester, looking appropriately pissy.\r\n\r\nYou would be too, if your evil plot had been foiled and you were about to be given the next best thing to the death sentence.\r\n\r\nI've been having way too much fun with the non-paint-bucket tools.

Image: pain.gif   714x348 91182 bytes 2003.09.22

Just screwing around with posing, and I suppose I got a bit carried away. It's the kind of picture that just upsets you, and you don't want to finish it, yet you feel better after you do, because it's like... an obstacle.\r\nI suppose it could have branched from a conversation Carmen and I were having about finding the beauty in ugly things.\r\nAnd hey, people get into some pretty interesting positions when they're in pain.

Image: goddamnit.gif   500x500 61474 bytes 2003.09.22

It's just one of those days.

Image: abbiangst3.gif   500x500 102633 bytes 2003.09.21

Feeeeeel the angst.\r\n\r\nPainter Classic has some awesome water tools, I tell y'what.\r\nThe retarded little poem is (c) me, by the way. So is Abner, as always.

Image: adrianabbi.gif   500x500 105810 bytes 2003.09.21

No one has bad days like Abner Kequet's bad days.\r\n\r\nIt's highly doubtful that anyone hates their best friend's parents as much as he does, as well.\r\n\r\nI suck at coloring.\r\n\r\nAdrian Vanet (c) Lizzi, Abbikins (c) me.

Image: vanetbowden.gif   500x500 94363 bytes 2003.09.20

Let's be honest here. Does anyone -really- like Adrian Vanet?\r\n\r\nI think we can safely say Chester doesn't, despite the facade he puts up. \r\n\r\nAdrian Vanet (c) Lizzi, Chester Bowden (c) me.

Image: felinerouge.gif   583x818 122615 bytes 2003.09.16

Pay no attention to the text.\r\nI drew this last winter, and apparently still like it. Have you ever spent six hours staring at a video box? I hope not. \r\nGanesh (c) himself, everyone else (c) me.

Image: abbiangst2.gif   500x500 35260 bytes 2003.09.16

Mmm, the inferiority complex and how it affects you.

Image: factoryworkers.gif   500x500 59491 bytes 2003.09.15

Abner, taking a presumed smoke break with his best friend Thoreau (property of Lizzikins), in a twenties 'we work in a factory' setting. Inspiration? "Chicago", naturally. I wanted to see Abbi in one of those nifty hats.

Image: abbiangst.gif   500x500 46467 bytes 2003.09.15

For my next trick, a scratchboard-esque rendition of one of my multiple fursonalities (har har), Abner. He's been having a bit of a downer, as of late.

Image: tpc.gif   500x500 89253 bytes 2003.09.15

First upload- I'm so proud of myself. Not for the picture itself or anything vain like that, just that I was actually patient enough to sit through the whole acceptance process. \r\nFigured I'd start off with a happy happy picture of the TPC (Tea Party Club) featuring (clockwise from bottom)Ceri, Furu, Adghal, Keigh, and Oscar, all (c) their players.

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