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Image: 3catkimono.jpg   292x400 67666 bytes 2007.04.16


ATC, random cat in a kimono-type outfit. gave her the pattern normally seen on maneki neko figurines, and she's got gold gel-pen in her hair ornaments.

Tags: neko cat kimono  
Image: 3chameleobish.jpg   283x400 59729 bytes 2007.04.16

sexy chameleon dude

ATC -- oh my, he's hot stuff. kisses! :3

Tags: chameleon sexy  
Image: aargh.jpg   694x527 151286 bytes 2005.01.21

done for LJ's bad_dragon community as part one of an activity. we were to draw our little dragon-selves and one of the things we greatly feared as human children. :3 brightly-colored bugs scared me sometimes, and you wouldn't believe how many harmless other bugs scared the crap outta me.\r\n\r\ni should've done a dragonfly. now THOSE were scary. XD

Image: chameleonfinishvcl.jpg   318x500 54770 bytes 2006.05.05

finned adorableness at its best. LORV HEEEEEM.\r\n\r\nprismacolor normal and verithin pencils, micron ink, white-out pen in sketchbook. \r\n\r\n

Image: chameleontattooVCL.jpg   471x700 148785 bytes 2005.08.12

I've got lizards on the brain, I suppose. Tattoo idea for myself -- if I still like it after a while, I'll have it done. If not, I'll change it and then let it sit for a while again.\r\n\r\nMicron ink, Prismacolor normal, verithin, and watercolor pencils on bristol, Photoshop background.

Image: chamicohappybigvcl.jpg   400x302 54956 bytes 2005.08.21

happy finned chameleon. icon fodder.\r\n\r\nprismacolor normal and verithin pencils on cardstock.

Image: chamicosleepybigvcl.jpg   400x366 69246 bytes 2005.08.21

sleepy finned chameleon. icon fodder.\r\n\r\nprismacolor normal and verithin pencils on cardstock.

Image: eat.jpg   800x658 318254 bytes 2005.02.16

- i 33t j00 n0w -\r\n\r\nKhisanth hunts. Those splotches on the base of the prey's tail, the shoulder, and the face are all bruising from the stunning blows the tail can provide. Done for the latest bad_dragon activity (show how you hunt, make it good an' bloody). :3

Image: exobabyVCL.jpg   449x500 134779 bytes 2005.11.07

do I reeeeeeeeeally need an excuse to draw things eating babies? they're the other, other white meat. :3\r\n\r\nExodite is himself. Steal this, and he'll probably eat you next.

Image: firnaki.jpg   597x800 249889 bytes 2005.03.22

- Fir'Naki -\r\n\r\nShe sits and contemplates the stars with her familiar, a fire wisp. \r\n\r\nVarious prismacolor pencils on bristol. Gyolings continue to be brentmisato.

Image: froganthro.jpg   800x803 202052 bytes 2005.06.10

concept idea, nothing special. she's just hangin' out with a pet snail.\r\n\r\nprismacolor normal and verithin pencils, micron ink, acrylic on cardstock.

Image: green-dra-fish.jpg   780x619 192798 bytes 2005.03.16

- dancing fish? -\r\n\r\naww, he's so cute. i want a dancing goldfish of my own.\r\n\r\ndragoness is as-yet unnamed, probably a one-shot. various Prismacolor pencils on bristol.

Image: gyo.jpg   379x800 182961 bytes 2005.03.13

A young Gyoling munching on a tasty leaf. Concept art. \r\n\r\nVarious Prismacolor pencils on Bristol. Gyolings are brentmisato.

Image: gyo1ab.jpg   452x501 93468 bytes 2005.03.17

another young Gyoling. Sadly, every single shade of orange and brown has been mangled by both my scanner and the 'save for web' option. aargh. anyway, he was just lineart, but too cute to leave uncolored. \r\n\r\nvarious Prismacolor pencils and acrylic on bristol. Gyolings are still brentmisato.

Image: irr2finivcl.jpg   500x500 46488 bytes 2006.09.04

you wanna see some magic?\r\n\r\npoof.

Image: lorvVCL.jpg   607x700 213109 bytes 2005.08.24

lorv!\r\n\r\nmicron pen, prismacolor normal and verithin pencils on cardstock.

Image: lossymetoocolored.jpg   478x737 127163 bytes 2005.01.21

- feathers are shinies too -\r\n\r\nit's me. needed character references to give people who're drawin' me. and stuff. ^^

Image: me.jpg   690x667 198131 bytes 2005.01.21

- meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -\r\n\r\nit's me. needed pictures of myself to use as references in case someone wanted to draw me. :P

Image: necrogyo.jpg   535x800 216226 bytes 2005.03.19

An adult Gyoling necromancer animating a dead fish. Necromancers aren't bad, just misunderstood.\r\n\r\nVarious Prismacolor pencils on bristol. Gyolings continue to be brentmisato.

Image: parrow.jpg   709x450 39057 bytes 2006.12.31

sparrowdragon, revisited

don't you go near his nest, or this snaggletoothed little mofo'll be havin' your ass for lunch, bitch. word.\r\n\r\n(pose and coloring fairly heavily referenced from a googled photograph -- the photograph was actually what inspired me to go back to the sparrowdragon. i had originally planned to transfer this to paper and work on it in real media, but coloring it on the computer turned out to be more fun. :3 oc3, photoshop cs, wacom graphire tablet.)

Image: surpriseVCL.jpg   400x366 58156 bytes 2006.05.03

wtf random chameleon. \r\n\r\nicon fodder. Pencils, ink, sketchbook, and a dash of Photoshop to fix up the background.

Image: usandbutterflieslores.jpg   800x517 193389 bytes 2005.06.27

I'd try and stop him from eating my flying shinies, but watching him contort himself into that odd-looking flower-bush shape to lure them in amuses me too greatly. Oh well. I can always find more to add to my little flock.\r\n\r\nMicron, various Prismacolor pencils, and acrylic on bristol. Minor edits with Photoshop to take care of noise, crap on the scanner, and a few random marks.

Image: worstnightmareVCL.jpg   526x800 302887 bytes 2005.07.11

Fly mothers everywhere tell a story about this creature... it has the swift, coiled spine of a snake; the jaws of a feline; the long, sticky tongue, keen eyes, and webbed feet of a frog; the gripping toe-tips and sensitive hearing organ of a lizard, the hands of a human; the frills and display of a fighting fish; and the spined chin and voracious appetite of a koi. All the things that strike fear into the hearts of maggot and fly alike are combined into this horrifying specimen, and if you have been a bad little maggot, it WILL come for you, boiling stagnant pools and puddles in its wake.

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