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Image: scan0003.jpg   357x258 11420 bytes 2007.05.23

Damien Nox

In honor of him and his impending loss of manlyhood. =>:}\r\n\r\nAdobe Photoshop CS2; Brushfire Studios, (c) Brent Wooten

Image: CCI00004.jpg   767x1000 150531 bytes 2007.05.01

Captain Jamie Winters; All Hands To Battle-Stations!

Jamie Winters, the captain of the LMV Albatross, orders a full combat alert to all personel, especially omnitroops. This means most of FT36...

Image: CCI00003.gif   763x1000 145832 bytes 2007.05.01

Artist Self-Portrait

Just another old portrait pic, in a new 'style' this time... If only I could get Photoshop coloring down...\r\n\r\n-Regards, Khy.

Image: SC00B.gif   770x1000 191391 bytes 2007.05.01


A parody of a real life-situation Khy was in a few months ago. Now, he tires to avoid that stuff (if possible; sites not bieng specific as to what they are, and autolinks tend to get him... though, sometimes, he's fast enough to escape...)

Image: SCOC5.gif   836x1000 119163 bytes 2007.02.28

Intro_to_the_Albatross (Oh Bugger!)

Meet the gang from the LMV (Lycos Military Vessel) Albatross, Fireteam Charlie-Foxtrot (The Clusterf**ks). Descriptions are on the page.\r\n\r\nEdited in Adobe Photoshop CS2. Art (c) Brent Wooten, 2007 \r\nCharlie-Foxtrot ('A clusterfu*k, dear,')Pushing Ice, Alastair Reynolds, 2006

Image: CSOC3.gif   765x1000 89075 bytes 2007.02.27


Khy, the everyday author of the Infinity;Lycos series and all other art in this folder, essential argues with his own diembodied mind-voice after creating a crappy, unpublished werewolf comic. Never fight with a disembodied voice that sounds like God; the results could be disastrous.\r\n\r\nModified with Adobe Photoshop CS2 Khyiiraayn Brushfire(c)Brent Wooten/Brushfire Studio

Image: CSCO6.gif   664x1000 182202 bytes 2007.02.24


Khy, one of the main charactrs in Infinity; Lycos, sends his regards to the LMV Albatross, specifically to Alexius and Rick. One more mark on his column.

Image: sc2.gif   780x1000 157120 bytes 2007.02.24


Khy, one of main characters of Infinity;Lycos (Fireteam 36) argues over ancient literature (for no known reason) with Wolf, the ship's equally old AI at the grand holotank on the ship's bridge.

Tags: AI fox wolf bridge space scifi  
Image: sco3.jpg   776x1000 143836 bytes 2007.02.24


An unnamed fox holds his disarmed adversary at bladepoint with his spear. Will the take the life and bask in the bloody glory of the arena, or will he spare him... and laugh at him for the rest of his days? The latter sounds more entertaining. (Inspiration from TES IV)

Tags: Arena gladiator fox gloating  
Image: sco1.jpg   615x800 112498 bytes 2007.02.24

From Your Friendly Neighborhood Boarding Party

A member of a Lycos boarding team lands on the outer surface of an enemy ship, and begins operations. (This picture was the first well-made pressure suit/armor that I've made for a fur. Posesses simple nanotech [the blade] but mostly conventional tech.)

Tags: Space, boarding, pirate, suit  

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