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Image: killyreference.jpg   900x900 217461 bytes 2005.12.27

My first reference for my character. She's been perfected by now, and isn't bound to change; she's, physically, abosolutely based off of me, only exlcluding the colors of the eyes/hair. :D So, I'm real happy with how this turned out. Killy (C) me.

Image: hustlerboi.jpg   726x712 140636 bytes 2005.12.27

My portion of an OC doodle with ArtDecade and Fatal. SO MUCH FUN. This came out. I think I'll remodel him and give him a name. Art + char (C) mui.

Image: killyxmas2.jpg   582x875 160605 bytes 2005.12.25

Part 2 of Was1's christmas commission. :3

Image: killyxmas1.jpg   626x875 178232 bytes 2005.12.25

Part 1 of Was1's christmas commission.

Image: xmaslioness.jpg   639x856 80828 bytes 2005.12.21

Big-breasted lioness christmas picture for ya. This was fun to color. Prints, soon! (C) J. Gardner

Image: letobed.jpg   700x525 68036 bytes 2005.12.20

Dunno if this would constitute as a "scribble" or not, as it was drawn entirely by tablet (the bed was a webshot). Anyhow, wanted to do a playful "snapshot" pic of Leto, like a candid polaroid. Leto (C) me.

Image: greyvixen.jpg   604x416 53117 bytes 2005.12.19

A sultry grey vixen reclines with a cool drink. Furbid.

Image: beartree.jpg   678x828 221506 bytes 2005.12.15

I'm very proud of this one. The actual picture is actually quite small, and on watercolor paper (which markers usually look terrible on). This bear-boy actually came to me in a daydream and I just had to draw him. He's actually the first anthro bear I've ever drawn :P So, I'm happy. And he'll be for sale soon. Bear and art (C) me.

Image: akitaboy.jpg   588x579 81200 bytes 2005.12.15

A cute akitamix with his bone. Or.. bones?

Image: reindeerkilly.jpg   576x928 78835 bytes 2005.12.08

Cheesy? Perhaps. Happy holidays, folks. Kilcodo (C) mui.

Image: watercolorfox.jpg   682x939 262162 bytes 2005.12.08

An experiment with watercolors... a fuzzy foxboy takes a bath in a steamy enclosure.

Image: antimatterkilly.jpg   584x800 167062 bytes 2005.11.27

Anti-Matter and Killy about to cause some serious trouble. Oh noes! Anti-Matter (C) Silverfoxx, Kilcodo (C) mui.

Image: dimitri.jpg   666x704 155349 bytes 2005.11.22

Pink vinyl, pink hair, fancy cigarette holders, and nudity. Mmmmn. Half of a trade with Silverwing. :3 Dimitri (C) SW, art (C) me, done with inks and finished in OC.

Image: killynude.jpg   607x652 56327 bytes 2005.11.15

I was feeling lonesome. Killy (C) me, done in OC.

Image: vixeninthegrass.jpg   854x578 146796 bytes 2005.11.14

A playful blonde vixen taking a rest from frolicking in the grassy fields. Aww! (C) J. Gardner

Image: bunnypinup.jpg   438x928 83414 bytes 2005.11.14

Sexy mechanic bunny stretches her undie-straps. Will be colored soon and for sale. (C) J. Gardner

Image: pinupvixen.jpg   816x676 183400 bytes 2005.11.14

Rescan of an early 2004 drawing I did of a pin-up type vixen. This one is much crisper :3

Image: sydney.jpg   482x884 129776 bytes 2005.11.10

Syndey the militaristic dobie-grrl, for my half of a trade with Kaili (xsydx on deviantart). Sydney (C) her creator.

Image: killysitting.jpg   464x688 67632 bytes 2005.11.08

Drawn two days after my birthday, two days after the hurricane cut our power and took our roof. Fun stuff. Killy (C) mui.

Image: trixieboobs.jpg   500x788 56109 bytes 2005.11.08

Trixie flashing her boobies. Trixie (C) mui.

Image: preggyjess_colored.jpg   1050x805 355394 bytes 2005.10.23

A commission from Cyberwuffy of his heavily pregnant character Jessica the vixen. Gorgeous color supplied by Rachel Lair :3

Image: demonwolf.jpg   624x887 91258 bytes 2005.10.23

My half of a trade with Demonwolf. She's so cute and fuzzly :3

Image: zebrabondage.jpg   653x860 133841 bytes 2005.10.21

Blushing, subservient zebra-femme tied up and lookin' purdy on a table :3 Commish for Was1. Watercolors and markers on bristol.

Image: seppsexy.jpg   558x668 130220 bytes 2005.10.19

Cleaned it up a bit.. SEPP! Because she is SMEXY! and her boobs defy gravity! Sepp (C) Lisa "Sepp" Ommert.

Image: sakky.jpg   593x968 93645 bytes 2005.10.18

Gift for Sakky, who was a real sweetie to me at MFM this year. Sakky is (C) herself.

Image: lynx-girlie.jpg   536x878 76699 bytes 2005.10.18

A lynx girlie in shiny leather gear.

Image: killysad.jpg   431x768 97279 bytes 2005.10.18

Scan kinda frazzled this.. Killy being all sad and lonely. Because she is right now. Killy (C) me.

Image: blackwolf.jpg   680x869 119134 bytes 2005.10.16

Art from Mephit Furmeet 2005, a commission of Blackwolf, playing wif his gameboy.

Image: tipsy-panda.jpg   704x978 171056 bytes 2005.10.03

A tipsy panda reclines against a cushy bed, giving the viewer 'the eyes'. Furbid art.

Image: kittycoongirls.jpg   711x751 131204 bytes 2005.09.19

A tabby gets all cutesy with her raccoon girlfriend. Will go up for bids soon. Art (C) mui.

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