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Image: tignar-seeingred.jpg   450x500 60448 bytes 2004.09.09

Tignar's violent bouts of rage started very young. Emotional stress causes severe headaches, and Tignar becomes unstable. As the pressure builds, Tignar will blackout in a red fury. Tignar claims not being able to remember what happens, but he comes to, he is always surrounded by death and destruction.

Image: tignar-ayshia.jpg   700x560 81104 bytes 2004.08.22

"I Must Be Dreaming." I'm anything but romantic when it comes to love, but this still gives me warm and fuzzies. Tragic hero, Tignar, falls for his long-time friend, Ayshia, who is understandably caught off guard.

Image: lahari.jpg   353x600 52984 bytes 2004.08.17

Another redesign a neglected character, Swordmaster Lahari Scythe. I needed to finalize her design before I started drawing her in the comic. Now she is more like a fish, which is the look she seemed to lack being an amphibious fishy creature...thing? I was afraid to color it, but the markers don't look all that bad actually.

Image: rako.gif   688x543 90285 bytes 2004.08.12

More B&W art, since I really don't have the time to color it (Though my muse will tell you otherwise). Well, at least it's great practice for when I start on my B&W graphic novel. Anyway, this is a redesign of Rako. I don't have any character quite like him, which makes him all the more interesting to draw. I should draw dragons more often (Rako really isn't a dragon, but he looks enough like one). Now to go finish his brother...

Image: kilojara-rubyopal.gif   483x707 59228 bytes 2004.08.10

Cornsnakes are like can never have just one! Kilojara enjoys the company of my two corns, celebrating the newest addition to the family, my little Lavender, Opal, whom I received as a gift from a customer that I did a logo for 2 years ago. So that's TWO cornsnakes I've gotten for my art (Ruby, the one on Kilo's head, was the first). *sigh* If only more people paid me in cornsnakes. XD

Image: kilojara.jpg   360x270 57453 bytes 2004.07.06

Kilojara looking as handsome as ever XP. I'm just experimenting with a new coloring technique.

Image: ayshia-me.jpg   439x768 79534 bytes 2004.06.18

What started as a sketch of Ayshia, it slowly manifested itself into this...

Image: sage.gif   400x550 35293 bytes 2004.06.16

Just messin' around in CorelDraw. Maybe I'll color this sometime.

Image: sliguana-surfer.jpg   700x514 80697 bytes 2004.06.02

Sliguana the iguana isn't really a surfer, but he sure does look like he could be one. Done in markers with color pencil outlines.

Image: buzz-smellwhatscookin.gif   500x609 83056 bytes 2004.05.20

CAN YOU SMELLLL WHAT THE BUZZ IS COOKIN'?!!! XP Heh...Sorry, I just had to. Superstar pro wrestler, Buzz Blitzkrieg, always had a passion for the culinary arts. After one too many piledrivers, Buzz decided to hang up the wrestling boots and pick up the spatula. His first few attempts, however, had little success.

Image: sliguana-fauxconbadge.jpg   404x346 51730 bytes 2004.05.15

And the last of the psuedo-conbadges, Sliguana the iguana.

Image: kittycat-fauxconbadge.jpg   422x320 49785 bytes 2004.05.15

Another psuedo-conbadge. This one's of popstar diva, Kitty Cat.

Image: jax-fauxconbadge.jpg   400x302 41435 bytes 2004.05.15

A psuedo-conbadge of the coyote/wolf, Jax Roseblade.

Image: zainar-jax1.jpg   500x675 98854 bytes 2004.04.27

Another old pic. I found this watercolor-ish pencil a quite while ago and this was the result. Zainar guides a wounded Jax across an empty battlefield, just out of sight of the war-mecha-machine-thing...

Image: teentiger-podge1.jpg   475x477 59444 bytes 2004.04.27

And old Yerf Trading Post entry, but I still particularly fond of it. Teentiger and Podge (c) Elise Martinson.

Image: kilojara-keeper.gif   500x700 43724 bytes 2004.04.27

Nothin' gets passed Kilojara the Keeper.

Image: ravid.gif   397x700 57754 bytes 2004.04.27

A commission for RavidWolf.

Image: tom-slig_drakebike.gif   700x592 112097 bytes 2004.04.25

Sliguana and lil' Tommy Whiptail riding on Slig's dragon motorcycle.

Image: sliguana-iguana.gif   700x543 103984 bytes 2004.04.25

Sliguana the Iguana. Done in CorelDRAW.

Image: kilojara2-nobg.jpg   700x500 99903 bytes 2004.04.25

Kilojara, yeah, that's it. My website was designed off this pic.

Image: sageroseblade.jpg   600x631 82205 bytes 2004.04.25

My coyote character, Sage Roseblade, in battle/travel attire. Done in CorelPHOTO-PAINT.

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