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Image: Britanny-01.jpg   600x566 45850 bytes 2001.03.29

This is Britanny, a friend from Tapestries MUCK. She's a cheetah. Just in case you couldn't work it out, you understand.

Image: BrockDoug-01.jpg   800x477 51738 bytes 2001.03.29

Brock the badger and Doug the anteater having a minor disagreement. Both (c) me.

Image: Cupidcat-02.jpg   438x426 33356 bytes 2001.03.29

Cupidcat! (c) me.

Image: FH40k-01.jpg   732x810 85871 bytes 2001.03.29

I once had a notable interest in WarHammer 40k (the miniatures, not the game so much). I tried adapting them a tad to make them, well, furrier. Brock is (c) me and WarHammer 40k is a Games Workshop thing.

Image: Floki-01.jpg   738x812 57095 bytes 2001.03.29

A Tapestries friend, Floki is an odd character. If you know him you know what I mean - if you don't it'd take too long to try and explain. (c) his player - or possibly his player is (c) his character. Hard to tell, with Floki.

Image: Head-Over-Feet-01.jpg   800x1071 139949 bytes 2001.03.29

Inspired by the Alanis Morisette song of the same name. Image (c) me, song (c) Alanis.

Image: In-A-Boat-02.jpg   536x364 23186 bytes 2001.03.29

Self-portrait of me in a boat - I was listening to a song called 'Six Months in a Leaky Boat' when I drew it. (c) me.

Image: Joff-02.jpg   364x354 38932 bytes 2001.03.29

Joffing! The reason why Pokemon and humans shouldn't mate. Gods, but I need coffee... (c) me.

Image: K-Therian-02.jpg   906x368 54823 bytes 2001.03.29

Therianthropic self-portrait. (c) me.

Image: Khayman-01.jpg   747x994 46265 bytes 2001.03.29

Khayman, the crocodile. I meant to do something with this character, but for the life of me I can't remember what. (c) me.

Image: Neos-02.jpg   215x488 14787 bytes 2001.03.29

First pic I did of my Neos character. (c) me.

Image: Neos-Contemplation-02.jpg   452x462 18089 bytes 2001.04.03

Neos seen in a typically morose and depressed pose - the Gods-I'm-such-a-freak pose - staring at his own palms (which glow neon blue and become warm when he feels any strong emotion - when angry they've been known to scorch leather). (c) me and stuff.

Image: Neos-Seated-02.jpg   646x560 22216 bytes 2001.03.29

A character of mine, Neos. Tapestries again. He's a fox with bright blue neon markings on his cheeks and vivid blue neon palms that glow whenever he feels a really strong emotion. Needless to say he feels himself something of a freak and spends most of his time staring at his palms in angsty misery. (c) me.

Image: Scream-Anguish-01.jpg   772x1148 87757 bytes 2001.03.29

Parody of Munch's badly overused 'Scream'. I call it 'Anguish'. (c) me.

Image: SD-KioLaz-01.jpg   576x560 77264 bytes 2001.03.29

Super-Deformed pic of me (sans wings) and a friend, Lazuli. She helped me through some very nasty stuff and is a very good friend. (c) me - Lazuli (c) her (oddly enough).

Image: SDN-02.jpg   584x612 105295 bytes 2001.03.29

A Super-Deformed attempt, the subject my neon fox, Neos. (c) me.

Image: Selden-01.jpg   525x1053 84518 bytes 2001.04.03

One of my first online friends, furry or not. She plays on Redwall MUCK, but I haven't spoken to her in a very long time (nothing bad, you understand - we just fell out of contact). Image (c) me, Selden (c) her player.

Image: SnakeMongoose-01.jpg   800x374 34414 bytes 2001.03.29

A snake and a mongoose about to have a bit of a scrap. The mongoose looks confident of victory - I decided, however, not to make the snake 'armless. :) (c) me.

Image: Sound-And-Vision-02.jpg   630x432 103240 bytes 2001.03.29

Neos. Inspired by the song 'Sound and Vision' by David Bowie. (c) me.

Image: Stop-02.jpg   256x454 32904 bytes 2001.03.29

STOP! In the NAAAAAME of LOOOOVE!!! Before you BREEEEEAK my - oh, right. Sorry. (c) me.

Image: Therian-Portrait-01a.jpg   722x1033 35492 bytes 2001.03.29

Another Therianthropic portrait. (c) me.

Image: Therio-Thea-01.jpg   618x642 109183 bytes 2001.10.12

A picture I did for my girlfriend.\r\n(c) Scott Thornby.

Image: Tuffcat-02.jpg   514x514 15827 bytes 2001.04.03

Tuffcat! Done the same time as Cupidcat - around Valentine's day one year when I was sweltering in a car in the summer heat (yep, it's summer in February in Australia). Never did anything with either character. (c) me. So nyeah.

Image: Wereskirt-02.jpg   350x726 32998 bytes 2001.03.29

A friend once asked me to send them a pic of me in a skirt. Not what they wanted, I guess (LONG story) but it'll serve nonetheless. ;) (c) me.

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