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Image: kit_meowmixdeluxe.jpg   600x673 62954 bytes 2005.09.11

Hello Children,\r\n\r\nI've removed alot shotty artwork from when I was.. 14, for your pleasure. I've left a few to float around as a reminder of how long it's been since I've visited here. Thank you Ch'marr for going to all trouble of chasing up my pass & user.\r\n\r\nOn to the drawng.. this is Kittah, which is my persona. I don't draw furries often, extact date of drawing is Jan 20th 2004. To see unrelated furry art, go to!\r\n\r\nOpen canvas\r\nAiptek Tablet\r\n\r\nKittah (c) Me (Kittah, ha)

Image: kit_dball.jpg   265x265 10012 bytes 2002.06.06

just a quick lil doodle of me and the four star ball weee!\r\n\r\nkittah (c) me

Image: kit_huh.jpg   424x335 18292 bytes 2002.05.06

eet the retardedness of lame mouse drawings\r\n\r\nkittah (c) me

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