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Image: alturas.jpg   750x647 73862 bytes 2004.08.23

a random thing i ended up squeezing out for kim the terribly awesome, her character alturas sitting atop a telephone pole..\r\nyes. i'm physically incapable of anything but muddy watercolor sketches in openCanvas. stfu. :B

Image: bondagecreature.jpg   500x650 40685 bytes 2005.02.10

doodling away my time in painter7~ a batcatthing. her wings aren't attached to her sides; they're behind her. ;3\r\nİkitteh 2/9/05.

Image: buns.jpg   700x600 31707 bytes 2004.11.26

fun with angles! and puns! :o\r\na little boredom doodle to fulfill my uh, monthly pr0n quota?

Image: daria.gif   670x974 186092 bytes 2003.10.05

ugh, this is huge, but i had to save the oekaki. heh. her name's daria or andrea or something like that. o_o inspired by the night sky because i can't sleep. \r\nİ kitteh 10/5/03.

Image: fever.jpg   483x900 86026 bytes 2003.09.28

nuri, perhaps, with a boy-toy/friend. they're very love/hate. (who knew playing with pencil sketches in photoshop could work so nicely? O_o) \r\nİ kitteh 9/25/03.

Image: kimonos.jpg   750x450 67664 bytes 2004.07.08

the less embarassing half of an oC session with nitro. xD; i drew the femme, nitro the kneeling kittyboy, but you look smart enough to have figured that out yourself. :3

Image: maharet.jpg   477x700 155328 bytes 2003.10.12

i took a bit of artistic license with the blue in her eyes and hair.. for maharetkitty, my half of our trade. :3 (this is probably my favorite out of my pen+scanner+photoshop era cg's.. the face is a bit wonky, but i don't hate it. x3)\r\nmaharet İ herself.

Image: moreprons.jpg   700x700 35022 bytes 2005.07.19

here's to those who take what they want.\r\nİkitteh 7/19/05 (crap, i've been 17 for 12 days).

Image: myron-chara.gif   400x759 25091 bytes 2003.01.12

the clearest view of myron's physical characteristics and markings, with the basics of her colors and such shown.\r\nsee her character page @\r\nmyron İ kitteh; art İ kitteh 1/3/03

Image: nauseousrainbows.jpg   609x805 73998 bytes 2004.12.17

something else i forgot to upload, drawn more recently. just playing aorund with idea of myron clad in colorful fluffy things and hairfalls. :3\r\nİkitteh 8/26/04.

Image: noseriously.jpg   950x700 175365 bytes 2004.09.19

i spit on oC compression! ptoo!\r\n\r\, when left to my own devices with my weekend plans having fallen through, i mess around with things like this off and on for several hours in an effort to keep boredom at bay. it kind of worked! :D\r\nalso, in coloring this, i was forced to work out a more concrete design for kitteh. i'd been avoiding it because i had too many ideas and no desire to really settle on one, but here it is. i suppose i'll need to make a character sheet now.\r\n\r\nanyway, i've blabbed enough; this is for nitro. <333

Image: ocbearporn.jpg   318x617 22007 bytes 2005.01.15

fiddling around with coloring in openCanvas 3+. i was focusing more on the coloring, so the anatomy is kind of silly. oC3+ always, always, always dies on me, so i didn't get the chance to do a background. :B\r\nİkitteh 1/15/05.

Image: pritteh.jpg   493x526 36877 bytes 2004.12.29

all dolled up in vintage-looking lingerie (NO PANTIES OMG).\r\nİkitteh 12/28/04.

Image: shinybunsporn.jpg   570x507 31412 bytes 2005.01.16

another endeavor in shiny coloring in oC3+, this time using the sketch i uploaded before. fun, fun. ;3\r\nİkitteh 1/16/05.

Image: sky.gif   400x400 26072 bytes 2003.08.03

avast, there be a pirate cutie spotted on the horizon! yarr. an old oekaki of a neopet-based character i'm still fond of, 'furikuneko.'\r\nİ kitteh 6/03.

Image: slicedbread.jpg   412x706 53909 bytes 2004.12.17

they really are. ooold art i can't believe i didn't upload sooner. yeah, it's a little awkward-looking, but in my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons of this picture. <3\r\nİkitteh 3/5/04.

Image: snow.jpg   579x680 65464 bytes 2006.01.17

kitteh all up to her thighs in snow, and quite overdressed as far as my art usually goes. ;b\r\nİkitteh 1/5/06.

Image: sockporn.jpg   887x800 62112 bytes 2004.06.29

i am in fact -not- dead.\r\nand i come bringing gifts of pr0n!Kitteh. no, that's not me. just a slutmonkeyfied version in a different species. :o\r\n..*points* nitrogen made me do it. >>

Image: soft.jpg   411x700 22742 bytes 2003.02.19

something odd i created within the past 15 minutes. could you tell? :D; she's more fun to draw without clothes.. \r\nİ kitteh 1/18/02.

Image: swish.jpg   813x791 65338 bytes 2006.01.17

haven't been around in a while! have a clearly female kung-fu ballerina thing. :3\r\nİkitteh 8/17/05.

Image: uhhh.jpg   750x700 88351 bytes 2004.09.17

yaaaaaawwwwnn. :O\r\nokay, i swear i'm going to get off oC-scribble cheesecake and start a diet of more non-brain fart work. seriously. >>

Image: valentine.jpg   548x618 75675 bytes 2005.02.14

as you can see, octobre loves valentine's day! ;D\r\n\r\nİkitteh 2/14/05.

Image: vavavoom.jpg   575x600 66845 bytes 2006.01.17

a buxom bovine having an understandably large amount of fun with herself. o3o\r\nİkitteh 1/16/05.

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