Her nickname is "Tanj", and she's certainly living up to it.  For her, it seems, “There Ain’t No Justice.”  As a young engineer on a tramp space freighter, this Cheetah-morph found herself the victim of a scam, sold into slavery, and trained as a sex-slave.  Sold to pirates, she finds herself as a pawn in a much larger struggle.  This story contains bondage, non-consensual sex, and hopefully some humor, adventure and intrigue.  Adults only, PLEASE!


This is a work-in-progress, and more will be added to it Later; please stay tuned and have patience!



Tanj's Tales: Dueling Culture

Stardate 2403.0                                                                                                                                    By Kittiara





Tanj smiled as she walked down the corridor.  She drew the usual appreciative looks, but aside from that, nothing else.  Of course she was almost nude, the chains more decoration and restraint than concealment.  But then everyone was used to seeing her like this…..  The cart she pushed was large, and apparently heavy, Reaching her destination, she keyed in the door code, and slipped through the door, dragging the cart behind her.


John strode through the station, looking neither left nor right.  And yet, he studied those he passed.  Was anyone watching?  Anyone remarking his passage?  He hoped not….


Hinoki grinned at everyone he passed.  The Cheetah male was wearing a collar and a pair of skintight briefs, and his arms were full of toys from his shop.  A lot of furrs grinned back.  Occasionally one would ask where he was going, to which he would reply “it’s a secret” with a wink.  Certain that everyone remembered his passage, but that everyone who’d seen him had the wrong idea as to what he was up to, he strode confidently along.


Chris led a very tightly bound and hobbled Zassa down a different corridor, using the same technique.  The Vixen was wearing nothing but restraints, red leather that matched her fur coloration almost exactly.  Hooded, and gagged, she stumbled along behind the Fox, her feet moving as rapidly as she could make them.


Kath watched the Fox lead the tightly bound vixen through the doors.  She and Wanda had, at Wanda’s insistence, taken a different approach.  Each had dyed their fur, and styled their hair, and donned ubiquitous coveralls.  They walked side by side, as equals.  If anyone noted them, they probably wouldn’t see them for who they really were.


Jenka’s eyes narrowed as she watched the last two move through the doorway.  If she hadn’t been warned, she never would have recognized them.  When the door had closed she turned and waved a paw at Hinoki.


The Cheetah nodded and bent over the small box he’d taken from the cart Tanj had brought.  In addition to housing Ralph, from Intelligence, it had contained a number of small electronic devices.  It hadn’t taken Hinoki long to set them up, the specs for the system he was trying to defeat having been provided by Chris. 


After a few moments he looked up and nodded to Jenka; “We’re as safe as I can make us.” 


Chris lifted a hand-held, and examined its display; after a moment he grinned; “Looks good to me.” 


He held up the display; on the screen was a scene of four of the furrs in the room, engaged in sexual acts.  The “program” had been recorded earlier for just this purpose.  Yes, the room was bugged; it had originally been bugged by Jenka’s own security department.  But then someone had tapped into that system; they’d determined that early on.  Now, whoever might be watching was watching something more “innocent” than what they were about to do….”


Jenka turned to Tanj; “OK, what have you found out?” 


Tanj shrugged; “Background checks on pirates is never an exact science, but I have found several rather questionable furrs.  Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re who we’re looking for, but I have found three furrs in accounting, two in “property” and one in purchasing that just do NOT check out.  Oh, a cursory search will turn up what they’ve been telling everyone, but I’ve had some experts on it, and it just doesn’t hold up.  Worse, one of the furrs in Accounting and one of the furrs in Property may have ties to each other.” 


She looked across the room at Kath; “Imperial ties.”


Jenka nodded and turned to Hinoki; “and what have you come up with?” 


Hinoki chuckled; “Three days ago, Chris and I staged a covert raid on the Black Fleet’s own property department.  We defeated all the locks, evaded all the guards, which wasn’t difficult, I’m sorry to say, and did our own quick inventory.  A good bit of the booty from the nikkeldepain raid has already been shipped off to the fences, but we were able to determine that some things that SHOULD still be here aren’t.” 


Chris nodded; “For instance, from Roland’s raid on the perfume factory; all of the records, data storage, and photographs are there, stuck in a corner in an old box, as if no one knew what to do with them.  But the 200 liter drum of concentrate AND the lady who was the President of the corporation are both missing.  Not sold, not transferred for sale, not listed as inventory, not listed as booty taken in the raid, but just GONE.” 


Hinoki nodded; “And a good portion of the really valuable catalyst has vanished too.  I’d brought back 400 kilos, and right now it shows in inventory as 40.0 kilos.  Someone added a decimal point and made off with the difference!” 


After a moment the Cheetah shrugged; “There were, however, some computers we weren’t able to get into, and I’ve arranged for some “consultants” to come give us a hand; they should be here in a day or two.”


Jenka scowled.  After a moment she turned to John. 


The stallion sighed; “Mistress, the accounting practices are conflicting and questionable at best.  Now I’m NOT an accountant, but they seem to be using several different systems, sometimes three different systems for the same account, sometimes different systems for different accounts.  They could hide a fortune in that quagmire, and I’d never find it.  Oh, and curiously enough, the three furrs that Tanj has found background irregularities on, seem to be the ones at war on which accounting system to use.”


Ralph listened quietly, wondering what in the world he was doing here.  Tanj had collected him, after his duty shift, rather roughly stripped him and stuffed him into the cart, along with assorted pieces of hardware, and now he was listening to…… a portion of the inner circle of the Black Fleet conducting an investigation on the black fleet itself?  And what was HIS part in all of this?


Jenka growled; “There’s no question we need more information on what’s going on in accounting.  We’re going to have to see if its just sloppy practices, or if someone’s actually changing the numbers.” 


Tanj looked at Hinoki and then nodded to the Jaguar; “Yes, Mistress; we know someone who might have the computer skills to hack into accounting… someone used to programs that crunch large amounts of data, and lots of numbers.  Someone who might be able to spot, ah, deceptive accounting practicies.  As Hinoki said, reinforcements should be here in a day or two.” 


Jenka nodded; “Good, get them on it as soon as possible.  Now, what are we going to do about the losses from Property?  I’m tempted to just send in the enforcers, and let them do interrogations, Pirate style.  But somehow I suspect you’ve got a more subtle plan.”


Tanj shrugged; “I think we’re going to start with the perfume.  That’s a rare commodity, one that should be easy enough to track.  And the furr who was president of the corporation should be a unique item as well.  If we can find HER we can probably find out who smuggled her out of here.  That should give us the proof we need to take it to the next level.”


Gradually the discussion petered out, with everyone having a full “to do” list.  Slowly they were getting somewhere.  Was the black fleet under attack, or was it just a bunch of greedy insiders?  They’d find out eventually.


Wanda smiled; “OK, enough talk.  On to Phase two.  We’ve got to record enough footage to cover next week’s meeting.” 


Hinoki chuckled, and opening another case, took out a number of small remote videocameras such as the security system used.  Walking around the room, he stuck them near the locations of the hidden cameras, making sure their field of view was similar.  When he finished, he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and tugged them downwards.


Ralph watched through narrowed eyes; the Cheetah was now as nude as he was, and the Stallion was unbuckling the belt to his kilt.  Both the…. Well, the two referred to as Wanda and Kath, were stripping out of their overalls.  Chris was pulling the bondage helmet off the Vixen’s head….. was what was about to happen really what he thought it was?


Tanj grinned; “So his neck has recovered enough?” 


Wanda nodded; “Yes, that’s what Dr. Petaki says; but I think it would be prudent to put him on his back and keep him there.  Flat.” 


Tanj chuckled; “OK; as his new owner, I get him first, but then you and Kath can have him.”  Turning to the wide-eyed Tiger, Tanj chuckled; “you heard her; on your back, slave.”


Hinoki purrrrred as he licked between Jenka’s legs.  The Stallion was pumping his thick cock into the Cheetah’s ass, making his muzzle bounce against Jenka’s cleft.  Driving his tongue as deep into her pussy as he could the Cheetah held on, thoroughly enjoying the “ride”.


Zassa smiled as she sucked the Fox’s shaft.  She’d missed another meeting, bound tightly in the bondage helmet.  That was OK, she didn’t have anything significant to add.  Besides she’d enjoyed the confinement.  But this was even better……


Kath licked at Wanda’s sweet sex, as she watched Tanj ride the Tiger’s shaft.  Ralph was even bigger hard than she’d thought.  Almost as big as John.  This was going to be fun……


Wanda smiled and took hold of one of the Mink’s ears, directing her back to what she was supposed to be doing.  She couldn’t blame the Mink for looking, though.  Tanj was writhing on his shaft as if he were the best thing she’d ever had.  Might be an act, but probably was just Tanj being herself.  As the Mink’s quick little tongue brought her closer to her release, Wanda found herself hoping Tanj would finish soon….. She wanted a shot at the Tiger before he was worn out…..


Ralph arched his back and HOWLED as he shot his wadd into the Cheetah’s tight pussy.  And instantly regretted it; arching like that had NOT been good for his neck.  Panting hard he slumped back to the floor, claws digging at the carpeting, as the Cheetah gyrated on his spurting shaft…..


Tokkie tried hard not to drool.  The meeting Jenka’s cabal had held was interesting, but nothing, NOTHING beat the sex those furrs had.  He was jealous.  Jealous of Jenka’s power, jealous of her position, but most of all jealous of the sex.  Maybe when she was deposed, Sarr would give him that Cheetah, Tanj, or maybe that mink.  Or maybe both.  Yes, the information he had would surely earn him a reward, wouldn’t it?


Ralph groaned as eager hands stroked his shaft back to life.  Two tongues brought him to a throbbing hardness he didn’t know he was capable of.  And then one of them, the bigger, heavier one, was settling down on his shaft, while the smaller, lighter one squatted over his muzzle.  Licking upward, his tongue seeking out the sex above him, he let his paws come off the floor, to stroke up over the thighs of the one astride his hips, his paws seeking out the heavy melons of the fem now riding his shaft.  There was no doubt about it; he’d made the right move in letting the Cheetah win the duel.


Tokkie watched the palm-sized monitor, his free hand stroking his engorged shaft.  There was no doubt about it, these furrs could put on a show.  He’d originally put in his own video and audio pickups as he hadn’t liked the transmission quality of the “security camera” in that area.  Watching fems exercise, or occasionally spar had been good, enough to keep him monitoring the exercise room…Occasionally someone would work out in the raw, or better yet, wrestle nude.  And then he’d stumbled on this gold-mine.  Unfortunately he couldn’t sell the tapes, but they were a welcome addition to his private collection.  The REAL windfall was the meetings they had before their orgies.  Sarr had been extremely pleased when he’d brought her the first tape, and would be even more pleased at this one.


Honor Challenged; Kath and Wanda


“You know you don’t have to do this.”  The look on the Wolverine lass’s face was dark, her brows knitted in a deep frown.  She was tense, as if ready for instant combat. 


Kath looked at her Mistress from lowered eyes and smiled; “I know, Mistress…..” 


The Wolverine growled; “I could just tell her to go stuff herself, or better yet, break her in two….” 


The Mink nodded; “Yes, Mistress, but then that would just bring a challenge to Duel, from her or her cronies….  And yes, I think you could take her.  And several of her friends.  But eventually you’d come up against someone you couldn’t take, and I just couldn’t bear to see you get hurt…  I would MUCH rather hold it somewhere short of that.”  After a moment’s silence, Kath sighed; “Besides, I can handle this.  You know something like this is the next logical step in my training anyways.  Tanj, Hinoki, and Zassa have told us dozens of stories of devices like this, scenes like this, from their days in the academy.”  The Mink chuckled, a little nervously; “and Zassa sounds positively wistful…” 


The Wolverine sighed and nodded; “True, but I would rather have this been MY idea, something carefully planned, carefully prepared for, well thought out, possibly even trained for, as opposed to a spur of the moment sort of thing….  But if you’re sure, I guess we’d best get you ready…..


 Kath opened her mouth wide; the plastic blocks had been cast especially for her, but it still took a moment for the Wolverine lass’ fingers to push them into place.  Fitting around her back teeth, on the upper and lower jaws, they held her mouth almost painfully wide open.  They were also invisible; it LOOKED as if her mouth was hanging open of her own accord.  Likewise the contact lenses had been made for her; they looked just like her eyes, but were completely opaque.  Again, it looked as if she could see, but she was actually completely blind.  The thumb-less mitts that went over her paws were only to keep her from tampering with her restraints, and were hardly uncomfortable.  Wanda wrapped one large paw around her upper arm, and guided her into the corridor.


Appearing nude, in public was something the Mink had gotten used to, long ago, but that was about as far as they’d gone.  In public.  Sex in front of crewmates such as Tanj, or Hinoki, or Zassa was commonplace, to the point of not even registering on her consciousness anymore, but this would be in front of a room FULL of strangers.  It would be a first for her.  In a way, she was glad she couldn’t see them……


Wanda scanned the crowd.  There were a lot more furrs here than she would have expected, but then, she guessed, she should have known better.  As she led Kath out of the side corridor and into the commons area, the crowd seemed to part before her.  The path to the machine was suddenly clear, and Wanda paused at the sight of it.


The phallus had been cast in brass, and it gleamed as if lovingly polished.  Arching up from the floor, it looked as if some massive, non-morphic equine had been buried in the floor, on his back, his cock arching upwards, the end of the shaft hanging parallel with the floor, the “button” head bright on the end.  It looked to be a meter or more in length, although the Wolverine lass knew that wasn’t all “useable” length.  Beneath the shaft, was a rectangular track, arched upwards a little.  In the center of the track was a small slider, positioned on the downslope, just a little beyond the reaching head of the brass phallus.  Leading Kath over to it, Wanda positioned her with her feet on either side of the track, and then, whispering in her ear, bade her to kneel.  The Mink went down smoothly on all fours, leaning forward just a bit, as if in anticipation.  Wanda judged her position and urged her to scoot back, just a bit.


“Are you…” 


“Mistress, I’m SURE” the Mink stage-whispered around the blocks.  Or at least it sounded something like that. 


Wanda sighed and reached beneath the Mink.  The slider had two small rings on top of it, one at the front and one at the back.  Attached to each ring was a hair-thin cord.  They were incredibly thin, and incredibly strong.  Each ended in a tiny snap hook.  Fumbling a little, Wanda connected each cord to the Mink’s clitty ring.  The cords formed a triangle, sloping forward and back from the apex, to the ends of the slider.


Kath held still while her mistress worked.  The crowd seemed to be all around her.  A few voices she thought she recognized, but most were anonymous.  So many furrs, watching her.  So many furrs aware of her nudity, her helplessness, and now her humiliation.  As she thought about it, her cheeks burned with embarrassment.  And excitement….


As Wanda finished, and moved away, Kath moved, fractionally, the cords going tight, the pull on her clitty ring, on the most sensitive portion of her anatomy, being quite apparent.  She might move a little, side to side, and she could of course, lay flat on the floor, but that would signal her surrender, signal that she had decided she couldn’t go through with this.  And she’d never do that, no matter how great the embarrassment, or humiliation.  And of course, once things started, she’d never be able to signal her surrender in that manner.  Yes, she had a “safeword”, but she’d be danged if she’d use it….  She hoped she wouldn’t use it….


Wanda watched as the “referee” set the counter, and then nodded.  The referee smiled and pushed a button.  The machine would not stop until either the counter ran down, or until Kath gave her safeword…


Kath felt the slider move, just a little, and rocked forward, following the tug on her clitty.  It stopped and then moved back; slowly she fell into a rocking motion, following the lead of the tugs on her clitty.  For a moment she tried to resist, just to see how bad it could be.  She rapidly abandoned that; it hurt worse than she would have thought.  She was well and truly trapped, and at the machine’s mercy.  Where it led, she’d have to follow.


Wanda watched her move; she seemed to be doing it of her own accord, the cords invisible at any distance more than a foot or two.  After the Mink had rocked back and forth a few times, the rhythm established, the track slowly started to move back, towards the base of the brass phallus…


Kath felt the button head of the brass dong touch her, and shivered.  The rules called for the phallus to be unlubricated, and she’d worried about that.  But somehow, with the situation, the gentle murmur of the crowd, the swaying of her breasts as she moved and the incessant tugging on her clitty rings, she was about as wet as she'd ever been.  Maybe it wouldn’t be a problem after all… But could this situation REALLY be exiting her?


Wanda heard the Mink gasp.  There was a holocam focused on her crotch, with the scene relayed to a half dozen screens around the area.  The button head of that huge dong had pushed its way into her pussy, as she rocked back and forth.  As she moved, it entered her, and then withdrew, again and again…


Kath groaned.  The slider was moving slowly, letting her get acclimated to the size of the dong.  And it felt HUGE.  Every time it pushed into her, she felt as if she were going to cum on the spot, unable to hold back her wails.  In/Out/In/Out again and again, the monster pushed into her, the button stroking her insides until she could no longer stand it.  Bucking against the cords, against the machine, she threw back her head and howled as her first climax claimed her.


The sound of clapping, and of catcalls brought her back to reality.  Everyone had just seen her cum, seen her cum with a machine, and she was sure, most of them didn’t realize that it hadn’t been of her own volition.  Again her face burned and she lowered her head, vowing to stay silent.  However, the track was creeping back, the slider moving a little faster, a little further with each stroke, forcing her to take more and more of the monster, forcing her to rock back and forth faster, and somehow with the sensations flowing through her, keeping quiet just didn’t seem possible…..


Wanda marveled at the programming; whoever’d set up this thing was good.  It looked as if Kath was humping the brass dong wildly, hair flying, breasts swaying, as if seeking the maximum amount of pleasure she could wring from it, and then at the brink of exhaustion, she would slow, moving with long, languorous strokes, until she’d gotten her breath back… or almost gotten it back, and then she’d be flying back and forth again, moving so fast, droplets of her juices were spattering the floor.  It was am amazing performance…


Kath panted hard, her whole world shrunken to the massive phallus moving within her, and the tugs on her clitty.  She’d gotten good at following the signals sent, sometimes even anticipating changes in the length or speed of her slope.  Somehow it seemed to know her limits, taking her just a little further than she thought she could go.  A thousand strokes.  That’s what she’d been told.  Idly she wondered how many she’d done so far.  It had been almost impossible to keep count, her carefully laid plans disrupted with the first climax.  Moving almost automatically, she followed the machine’s lead, the brass phallus filling her, stretching her, pushing another millimeter deeper with each stroke….


Tanj stood at the back of the crowd and watched with a critical eye.  Not just how the Mink moved, but how she held her tail, and her ears.  How tired WAS she?  Would she collapse?  Oh, yes, there were safeguards built into the system; she knew that.  The cords that bound her were carefully calibrated; they’d fail before something tender tore.  Or so she’d been told.  Somehow, she didn’t really want to know how they’d calibrated that…..  And if all else failed, she had a friend standing by in the local power distribution center.  She didn’t think this thing had a battery backup…..


Kath groaned and panted, her head hanging as she worked herself back and forth, following the subtle and not so subtle tugs on her clitty.  The track had slid backwards until an unbelievable length of the brass dong was buried in her snatch.  It felt as if it was pushing past her cervix and into her womb, to the very end of her womb.  Heck it felt as if it was pushing against the back of her throat!  Groaning, she shuddered, yet another unnumbered climax building deep within her….


The Aardvark chuckled; “she’s never gonna make it.  Look at her!”  Clancey chuckled; “Oh, I don’t know about that.  She IS a Mink; they don’t have that reputation for nothing.”  The Aardvark chuckled; “and Rabbits know all about Minks?  Well, if you think she’s going to make it, care to double the bet?”  Clancey looked from the Mink, to Wanda, standing on the edge of the circle of furrs.  Concern was written plainly on her face.  Turning, he looked through the crowd until he found the Cheetah.  Her face was completely neutral, her posture casual.  Was she worried as well?  Looking back, the old Rabbit watched as the machine sped up again, the Mink panting loudly as she humped the brass dong, glistening with her juices, with seeming wild abandon.  Turning back to the Aardvark he chuckled; “you’re on.”


Kath moved as if in a daze.  The presence of the dong in her pussy, the tugs on her clitty her only concern.  The crowd had long since been forgotten, the noises that reached her ears had no meaning.  The touch on her ass came as a complete surprise, awakening her from her lust-filled stupor, bringing her at least partially back to reality.  Her head turned from side to side, but she still couldn’t see anything.  Then she felt another touch on her other side, and suddenly she knew.  She knew what was about to happen, and realized that she should have anticipated it, should have KNOWN what would happen.  Someone was settling in, behind her, straddling that monster phallus, crouching above it, his feet inside her splayed legs.  The bump of the end of his shaft against her anus confirmed her fears.  All he had to do was to inch forward and she’d be forced to fuck him too, forced to work his shaft into her ass as the machine inexorably, relentlessly dragged her back and forth.  With this crowd, she was just too good an opportunity to pass up.  Biting her lower lip, she concentrated on her movements, making sure that she didn’t falter….  The thought of what was about to happen both frightened her, and excited her more than she would have thought possible, and once again her cheeks burned with embarrassment!


The feeling of his cockhead pushing past her anus and into her bowls drove her to an unexpected climax; she could feel his paws tighten on her hips, hear his cry of pleasure and the roar of the crowd.  At least he’d had the courtesy to use some lube….  Relentlessly the machine pulled her back and forth; and to the more distant and uninformed members of the crowd it would have to look as if this was all Her idea, that SHE was eagerly fucking both the phallus and the furr behind her.  And then something bumped her muzzle, and she understood the reason for the blocks between her back teeth, holding her jaws wide apart.  As the second furr inched closer, his shaft sliding in and out of her mouth as she moved, she felt her possession, her control, and her humiliation were complete.


Wanda watched, as furr after furr took advantage of her helpless pet.  The one that looked as if he’d like to spank her, in her vulnerable position, had backed off after a warning growl, but there was little she could do to intimidate those that just wanted sex.  THAT was permitted….  Slowly, she watched the counter climb….


Zassa grinned, and reached out to tug on the leash; Chris dragged his eyes away from the spectacle and looked down at his pet. 


“Master, Can I do that next?  PLEASE?” 


The Fox just laughed.


Kath shuddered as yet another climax wracked her body.  She was stiff, and tired and sore, and it felt like her body was covered in cum, each furr making a point of ejaculating where the crowd could see it, and roar its approval.  And yet, she seemed just as wet, just as horny as when she’d started.  There was something about being the center of attention, the center of all their lusts that she found VERY exciting.  Maybe it was the countless climaxes, but for some reason the excitement was winning out over the humiliation and embarrassment…. 


Kath groaned and quivered, her body spasming as another climax ripped savagely through her.  She felt the furr in her ass pull out, and moments later warm droplets spattered across her back.  He was soon replaced by another.  Trying to hold onto whatever degree of rationality she still possessed, she tried to find something else to think about.  How long did she have to go?  How long had she been here?  Mentally she tried to do the math.  Average stroke length, well, say three seconds forward and two seconds back, when it was moving slow.  No, sometimes it was slower than that.  But often faster, demanding she hump the phallus almost as fast as she could.  OK, call it three seconds each way, average.  six seconds total cycle time.  A thousand strokes.  six thousand seconds.  A thousand strokes would take 100 minutes… had she done that right?  Surely it couldn’t be more than that…. How long had she been going?  How many furrs could she “entertain” during that time? It seemed as if it was forever….


The machine was moving faster, making her move faster, until she was panting from the exertion, and the stimulus.  The furr in her ass had a long cock, but it wasn’t that big around; the furr in her mouth had a much thicker cock, its head continually bumping the back of her throat as the machine drove her forward, faster and faster.  Groaning, she felt the world dissolve in one massive climax, bright lights flashing behind her eyes.  She felt her pussy fluttering, spasming around the monster in her pussy, her anal ring clenching around the furr in her ass; she heard him howl, felt him spurt deep in her bowels, and then everything seemed to get hazy, to shift to slow motion, everything coasting slowly to a stop…..  Had she died?  Had she passed out?  No, she could still hear; the crowd was roaring…..


Clancey chuckled and graciously accepted the money from the Aardvark; “told you she could do it.”  The Aardvark shook his head; “I’m surprised.  Not many have made it to the end.  But you were right….  I guess I should never have bet against a Mink….”


Wanda fumbled with the snaps, releasing them, easing the Mink forward until the huge Phallus was clear, and slowly lowering her to the mat.  Softly stroking her head, the Wolverine lass purrred; “you did it, Love, you did it.  You showed ‘em!”  Kath coughed and swallowed; the inside of her mouth tasted strange, but there was a reason for that, wasn’t there?  She thought there was…  Slowly it all came back.  She felt SO empty… and so open!  Turning her head towards her Mistress’ voice she grinned; “Great…. Now, lets go tell that silly bunny what we think of HER sexual prowess, and lets see if SHE’ll pick up the challenge.  I’d like to watch HER ride this beast!


Sarr watched the tape, making notes.  When the sex started she put down her stylus and turned off the player.  Tokkie looked at her a bit askance; who’d stop the tape THERE?  After a moment Sarr turned; “Very good, Tokkie.  I want you to continue to keep tabs on this little group.”  Tokkie nodded; “Sure, my pleasure.”  After a moment he shrugged; “But what are we going to DO about them?”  Sarr leaned back and raising her arms, put her paws behind her head.  Tokkie’s eyes were riveted to how the fabric of her top went tight over her breasts, her nipples prominent.  “Don’t you worry about that.  I’ve got a few ideas.  Now scoot before someone wonders what you’re doing here.”




Jenka looked over the files Tanj had brought her.  “your operatives work fast.  I’d expected you to take much longer to trace the perfume.” 


The Cheetah shrugged; “when the lady who was the President of the firm was returned, she gave a party to celebrate her “liberation”.  We got one of our people in as a bartender; she overheard a LOT.  That gave us the information we needed to figure out who had “ransomed” her back to her corporation.  From that, the insurance company records were easy enough to obtain; seems we were cheated out of a quarter million credits, just on her alone.” 


Jenka’s jaw dropped; “She carried that much insurance?”  Then her eyes narrowed as a scowl formed; “I wonder if she wasn’t planning her own little scam there.” 


Tanj shrugged; “Dunno, but from the way folks were talking at that party, I wouldn’t buy stock in that company right now.  Seems they’re blaming all sorts of woes on the pirate raid.  And with their production system offline, the price of a bottle of their perfume has skyrocketed.  That 200 liter drum of concentrate is now worth about three hundred thousand credits.” 


Tanj patted the Jaguar on the back, until she got over her coughing fit; she really should  have waited until after she’d swallowed the sip from her drink…. 


“Dammit, Tanj, that ONE item has cost the Black Fleet dearly.  I WANT the furrs that did that to us!” 


Tanj nodded; “Well we traced the President back to a ship, one that frequently does “odd jobs for hire”…..  And it seems their Captain/owner has a history with one of the furrs in our very own property department; a Wolf by the name of Sarr.  I think that’s where we should start.”


Jenka thought for a moment, and then nodded; “Yes, I’ve heard of her.  She’s fought a number of duels of late.  Bloody ones if I remember.” 


After a moment the Jaguar rose; “I think maybe you’d best come with me.  I think its time I showed you something I’ve been working on…..”


The training room looked like any other.  Four gray walls, with a padded, resilient floor.  Apparently Jenka’s new “toy” was all in the software….. 


“I know how you like fighters; I know how you wish you’d gotten a raider ship instead of that freighter.  And I know how you practice flight sims when time permits.”  Tanj blushed under her fur; “Well…. I got addicted to the Wing Commander series long ago…”  Jenka chuckled; “yeah, well, I’ve worked up a flight sim along those lines that might appeal a little more directly to you.  I think we both need to start practicing with it.  Its my intention, if challenged to a duel, to declare THIS as my chosen weapon!”


Tanj looked at the “joy stick” with mixed feelings.  It was a ridged, knobby dildo, rather thick, with a bulbous base.  The 3D goggles she wore showed simulated space, but they weren’t quite opaque; she could watch Jenka maneuver, and watch the simulator at the same time.  Jenka, who had stripped from the waist down, was demonstrating.  Demonstrating a remarkable control of her kegel and pelvic floor muscles as she held the dildo within her, while gyrating wildly.  And inside the goggles’ lenses, Tanj saw simulated space, the typical pilot’s HUD (heads up display) center front.  By tilting her body forward and back, side to side, Jenka maneuvered her fighter.  Weapons control and throttle was by different pressure sensitive bands on the shaft of the dildo.  There were even functions for letting it slip out a little, or for pulling it back in.  Of course hands weren’t permitted.  Jenka stood with legs splayed, paws behind her neck, as she gyrated like some crazed go-go dancer.  And yet, inside the goggles, her fighter maneuvered smoothly, passing through the exact center of a series of rings, following the tortuous course.


As her fighter reached the far end of the obstacle course, Jenka relaxed; reaching down she deftly caught the dildo as it dropped from her dripping sex. 


Turning, she gestured at Tanj; “OK, now you try it.”


Tanj had lifted the hem of her dress, and squatting, slid the dildo into place.  Standing, she mimicked Jenka’s stance, and with some concentration, squeezed down on the shaft.  Her fighter accelerated smoothly, and tilting to the left she started a slow turn.


Her speed was less than Jenka’s had been, and even so, she missed half the gates.  The Jaguar hadn’t told her that the dong vibrated, its intensity varying to signal differences in available energy.  It was MOST distracting.  Never the less, she managed to hold off her climax to the very end, but as the virtual fighter cleared the last gate, she fell to her knees with a moan, her paws dropping to her crotch.


Jenka chuckled; “not bad, for a first try.  I want you to practice for another half hour, and then meet me back here at 2300 hours; we’ll do some mock dogfights.”


Tokkie watched Jenka exit the training room.  The Jaguar smelled of sex, and he couldn’t help but wonder what they’d been doing in there.  What the Cheetah was STILL doing in there.  Curious, he opened his pocket tool-kit, wondering if he had the necessary equipment to bug yet another room…..


  Tanj sagged against the wall.  The “flight simulator” was more difficult than it looked, especially when you got into combat.  Every time she scored a hit the Vibrator would go crazy, as if it were trying to give her a climax as a reward.  Every time her virtual opponent scored a hit on her ship, the “joystick” would give her a nasty shock as a punishment.  It was deuced hard to concentrate on what she was doing with distractions like that….  Deciding she’d hit a point of diminishing returns, she extracted the “joystick”, cleaned it off and stowed it in the cabinet where Jenka had stowed hers.  The cabinet was password locked, and it took a few tries to figure out which of Jenka’s passwords would open it.  It turned out to be the same one as for the door to her quarters.  Tanj took a moment to marvel at the collection of toys in the cabinet… it would be difficult to tell which was an implement for the game, and which was just something for personal amusement, should anyone else manage to break in.  Closing the cabinet, the Cheetah debated with herself whether she had time for a shower before she got back to work…..


Tokkie sighed; he’d gotten the miniature video camera lined up just in time to see the Cheetah depart.  Making sure the spy-eye was recording to the data crystal he stuffed the insulation back as best possible, and turning, headed back to work.  He’d have to check it later, and see what interesting things it might show him…..


Flight Training:


Jenka smiled at the Cheetah; “Well, Pet, ready for another session?” 


Tanj grinned; “Yes, Mistress.” 


Jenka raised an eyebrow; “You sound confident!” 


Tanj chuckled; “Well, I HAVE been practicing……  And I’ve got a few ideas…..” 


Jenka nodded and stripped out of her leather catsuit.  Keying open the cabinet she picked up her “joystick”, and squatting, slipped it into place.  Tanj felt the familiar buzz through her own device, signaling that an enemy craft was near.  Sliding the 3-D goggles down over her eyes, she smiled, and put her fighter into a smooth turn as her sensors searched for the quarry.


Jenka frowned; she’d had the Cheetah’s ship square in her sights and had been about to fire, when the craft went into a series of violent evasive maneuvers; she’d never seen anything quite like it….  Scowling she turned hard, her body swaying violently, as she tried to line up for another run.


Tokkie grinned as he watched the live feed from his spy-eye.  He didn’t know what game the two females were playing, but it LOOKED erotic as hell.  Each one had some sort of electronic gizmo stuffed up their quim, and they were gyrating wildly.  Why the Cheetah occasionally did a classic “Bump and Grind” was beyond him, but it looked fantastic.  Cock in hand, he watched, savoring the spectacle.


Jenka howled as the series of sharp shocks rippled through her; somehow the Cheetah had pulled off a high deflection shot, and had severely damaged her craft.  While she wasn’t out of the game yet, it was obvious that Tanj was learning fast…..


Tanj rocked her pelvis forward hard, then back, then halfway forward again while she tried to line up the sights.  For a moment she felt the buzz that signaled missile lock, and squeezing hard with her kegel muscles, she fired first one and then a second missile, but both missed… and then Jenka was coming around at her again…..


Jenka purrrred with delight as her Ion guns raked the Cheetah’s ship.  It was obvious for a moment that Tanj was distracted, and Jenka moved in for the kill.


It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but with the correct combination of muscles, Tanj was able to deploy one of her few mines.  This little used weapon could be powerful in the correct situation, but the “firing command” required you to let the joystick slip out a little, and then squeeze, pull it back in a little and squeeze again…..  She just barely completed the motion when Jenka started to fire again.


Tokkie watched in amazement as the Cheetah seemed to fuck herself with the gizmo; it was as if an invisible hand were moving it in and out.  Fantastic!  Pity he couldn’t show this to any of his friends….


Jenka yelped as the mine deployed right in her path; she tried to bring her guns to bear on it, but it was just too close.  With one sharp jolt, her “joystick” signaled her virtual demise, and her goggles went dark…..


Tokkie sighed as the two fems put their toys away; it’d been a marvelous show.  Taking the data crystal, he got up, to go find Sarr.  Whatever was going on in there, she might find it interesting.  If nothing else, her reaction to the strange scene should be entertaining in its own right.


“You ARE getting better, Pet.  Pity we don’t have time, I’m sure I could beat you two out of three!” 


Tanj nodded; “Yes, I did get lucky there at the end.  Same time tomorrow?”




Sarr watched the monitor, frowning.  “This changes everything.” 


Tokkie blinked; “Huh?” 


Sarr sighed; “Isn’t it obvious, you fool?  They’re working on something, a game of some sort.” 


Tokkie nodded; “Yeah, I got that; but why is that important?” 


Sarr just shook her head; “Remember the duel the Cheetah fought with that damned electrified dildo?  I think she and the Jaguar are working on the next generation version of that, preparing for the next challenge.  Now I’m not going to be able to use Sabina as I’d intended.  I’ll have to switch things around.”  As she spoke, a wicked gleam appeared in her eye; “in fact, I think I’ll use Boris.  There’s no way they could force him to fight a duel based on a game only a female could play…..”


The Challenge:



The challenge was both unexpected and anticipated.  Tanj had known that her investigations couldn’t go completely unnoticed, not for this long, as they probed deeper and deeper.  She knew the opposition was going to respond, although whether it was to flee, or counterattack, that she didn’t know.  She’d half expected physical attacks on her agents, but it seemed they were going to go straight for the head…..


The Bear was rather large, heavily muscled and well scarred.  The smirk on his face said that he thought this was going to be easy.  The words were delivered with a low growl, in a slow drawl; "You.  Cheetah-slut.  I don’t like your face.  I don’t like the stink of your scent.  Your very existence offends me.  In fact, it offends me so much that I’m willing to do the dirty work, to take out the garbage.  I challenge you to a duel!”  Straightening the Bear looked around, smiling, as if waiting for the cheering of the crowd.


Tanj sighed and shifted the stack of print-outs in her arms; “I don’t have time for this.  I’m due for a staff meeting.  I reject your offer.  I could care less if I offend you or not.”  Stepping to the side she tried to slip past the ursine.


The bear blinked, as if confused.  “Hey…. You can’t do that!”  Tanj grinned as she looked over her shoulder; “Sure I can; there’s NOTHING in the bylaws that says you have to accept a duel.”


The bear took a big step forward, his paw coming down on her shoulder, spinning her around.  Printouts flew like leaves in a windstorm.  “You’re a slut, and a whore, and you’re not worth the air you breathe!”  Tanj forced a smile; “and you have bad breath, sir.  Frankly, I can’t argue about the slut part, but I’ve never taken coin in exchange for sexual favors.  However, you are entitled to your opinion.”  Turning, Tanj bent to recover the lost papers.


The Bear scowled, his mind obviously searching for something, some argument that would raise the Cheetah’s ire.  Finally he growled; “And that Mistress of yours is a fool, and completely incompetent.  We’ll take this organization away from her, and sell her for dogmeat.  AFTER we’ve all had our way with her.”


Tanj paused.  The Bear was speaking open treason, but the pirates were never strict about enforcing that one…..  She shouldn’t respond…   Forcing her feet to get moving again, she took another step…


The Bear grinned; “And that mangy Lion.  Talk about a jerk.  Did he really think he could free the slaves on Elysium?  Did he think anyone CARED?  Talk about a misguided, idiotic fool!  Its no surprise he got himself and everyone with him killed.  Why, I bet he couldn’t even hold up his end in bed.  Before I kill you, slut, I’ll show you what a REAL male is like…..”


Tanj sighed.  She shouldn’t rise to his bait; she’d promised herself she wouldn’t, but if she didn’t do SOMETHING, this clown was going to undermine her authority, authority she’d worked so hard to build up. 


Turning back to him, she smiled sweetly; “You understand, if I accept, I get the choice of weapons…”


The Bear just grinned.


The Duel


The referee was an interesting character.  He looked like a brown unicorn with cream colored ventral fur.  And spots.  And his ears weren’t the typical equine either.  As Trouble outlined her plan for the “Duel” she watched him.  Was that horn REAL, or was it some unusual type of body modification…. Or was it a fake, held on by the strange harness he wore on his head  A leather strap passed across his forehead, with a big silver ring around the base of his horn….. if the horn was real, the ring would have to be there to permit the strap to pass…  On the other hand, perhaps the harness merely held the horn there.  When he moved, it certainly didn’t seem to wobble, and right now his head was moving from side to side in the typical “no” gesture….


“They warned me you might try something like this” the unicorn muttered when Tanj finally ran down.  “Each of the duelists must be familiar with the weapons.  The contest you describe sounds VERY interesting, but from your description, its designed for females only.  I’m not sure our ursine friend here would be able to handle a joystick like that.  I’m afraid you’ll have to come up with something else.” 


And again, the Bear smirked.


Tanj frowned as she thought fast.  After a moment she lifted her eyes; “Um, tell me, Dynotaku, could the duelists be…. Equally UNFAMILIAR with the contest?”  The unicorn blinked; “ah…  I don’t know why not.  What do you have in mind?”


Tanj gave the Unicorn a long searching look and then sighed; “From something I read once, by a very erotic thinker.  Each duelist wears a harness that holds sex toys specific to its gender.  The toys do their best to bring the wearer to an orgasm.  The harness also restrains paws and feet, and is equipped with a blindfold, among other accoutrements.  The goal is to make movement difficult, but not impossible.  Somewhere in a maze there is a remote that will turn off their sex toys.  The closer you get to the remote the more extreme the action of the wearer’s devices.  In a way, you can use it to locate the remote.  However, if you orgasm before finding the remote you get taken back to the start of the maze.”


“Now, just to make things more fun, each duelist has a “Second”.  Beyond the normal duties of the “second”, these furrs will be seated in an observation booth where they can see the whole maze.  They’ll be able to direct their respective partners by a radio link.  However, they’ll have their own set of toys.  Should they cum, the radio link will go dead and you’ll be on your own.  First one to find the remote wins.  No matter who wins, seconds go free; they’re just assistants, and not part of this.”


The Unicorn stroked the whiskers on his chin, grinning.  “Now that sounds amusing.  I’ve never reffed a match like that.” He turned to the Bear; “You have any objections?” 


The Bear chuckled; “Ain’t never been able to cum with any “toy”.  Nothin’ like a nice wet pussy.” 


Trouble chuckled; “or in your case more likely your own paw.  I’d be careful if I were you….” 


Turning back to the Unicorn, Tanj grinned; “Toys to come from Hinoki’s shop; he’s got the best stuff on the station.  Of course, you get final say as to whether something for a male is roughly equivalent in “sensation” to one for a female…”


Dynotaku looked from Bear to Cheetah and back; after a moment he nodded, grinning; “OK, then, its settled.  Each of you will have to find a “second”, and I’ll want an “alternate” in case something happens to the “second.”  Finally, I want you both to know that there will be severe, and I mean SEVERE penalties for any attempts at cheating.”


The Bear chuckled; “Gonna be a walk in the park… for me, that is.  Meanwhile our little spotty-slut is gonna be cumming all over the place on that “sex toy” she’ll have in pussy and ass.”  Now, when we gonna DO this?”


Tanj shrugged; “Take a while to set up the maze, and the other apparatus.  Day after tomorrow, at Noon?”


Dynotaku looked at the Bear, who nodded; “I’d rather do it sooner, but I guess that’ll be OK.  BUT I don’t want her having anything to do with setting up the maze.”  Poking at the Unicorn’s chest with a thick finger, the Bear growled; “That’s YOUR job.  And you’d better run a fair duel, or I’LL impose penalties!”  Turning, he pushed his way off through the crowd.


Training and countermeasures


Jenka sighed and shook her head.  Spearing a piece of meat from her plate, jabbing it as if it were trying to get away, she held it out for her pet.  Tanj leaned forward, deftly plucking it off her Mistress’ fork. 


As the Cheetah chewed Jenka shook her head; “I think its obvious that this Bear, ah, Boris I believe his name is, is in league with the conspirators.” 


Tanj swallowed and nodded; “Yes, Mistress, but so far I haven’t been able to establish a link between him and the others.” 


Jenka nodded sagely; “Yes, and that suggests that there are probably others that we don’t know about as well.” 


Tanj grinned; “True, but my shop IS working on that.  But I wonder if he realizes the slip that he made?  The Bear knew that you and I had been working on something, the “flight simulator”, as a defense against duels.  He had all his arguments ready as to why that wouldn’t work, citing chapter and verse from the rules.  He shouldn’t have been that prepared.  I had Ralph sweep the exercise room, where we’d been, ah, “training”, using some very sophisticated instruments, and he found a very small and rather stealthy video pickup. This suggests that they’ve been watching us more than I suspected, so I had Ralph sweep the recreation room where we’ve been holding our meetings.  He found no less than four of the same sort of cameras there too.  It would appear that they’ve not been taking the filtered feeds we were dangling in front of them, but have been watching our every move, despite our best efforts.” 


Jenka nodded slowly… “And here…?” 


Tanj grinned; “Ralph swept here too; your chambers are clean, at least for the moment.” 


Jenka nodded.  After a moment she grinned; “But if they’re watching and we know they’re watching, what might we contrive to feed them?” 




Desert had been mousse, and Jenka had gotten it rather all over the Cheetah’s face “by accident”….  Of course it had to be licked clean, which of course turned into some extended and increasingly hot kissing….  And that of course turned into petting.  Tanj found this particularly difficult as her paws had been bound behind her back, before dinner (which was why Jenka had to feed her…).  No way to return the rather intimate caresses….  Jenka of course found this amusing; “Now, you have to sit quietly, Pet; remember, you need to brush up on restraining your climaxes.  I’ve been MUCH too lax with you in that regard, and I’m afraid your splendid Academy training may have lapsed… But I’ve got two days to get you back into “fighting trim”…..”  Tanj just groaned…  Jenka knew just where to stroke her, just how to touch her, and if she couldn’t cum…. Well, maybe she did need to “practice”…




Kath tried not to shift, tried not to scratch.  The wig itched and she’d forgotten what it was like to wear clothes.  And the antique glasses kept slipping down on her nose.  Never the less, the effort was worth it.  The way she was dressed, in greasy mechanic’s coveralls (with enough padding to make her look twenty kilos heavier), with a dun-colored wig on her head, certainly no one would recognize her.  Meanwhile, the Bear, Boris, was just down the bar, bragging loudly to all who’d listen, about how he was going to trounce this upstart cheetah....


“Yeah, Joe, its gonna be a cinch.  Got a friend who’s going to line me up with a couple of very willing fems just before the duel; these bitches’ll drain me dry, just before game time.  Bet there won’t even be a way I could get an erection during the competition!  Its gonna be a snap!” 


Joe, a rather dour looking Camel, shook his head; “I dunno.  I’ve been looking over the handout on this thing.  You’re going to be bound up rather tight.  How you gonna find this remote if you can’t see, and barely move?  And what about your “second”?  Who you gonna get that can keep from cumming given what THESE furrs can come up with?” 


The Bear just laughed, his deep voice filling the bar; “Oh, don’t worry about THAT; that’s in the bag!  NOOOOOO problem!”




Hinoki looked up as the Unicorn came through the door to his shop; he’d been expecting him. 


“Dynotaku, right?  I’m Hinoki.  Trouble mentioned you’d be stopping by.” 


The Unicorn regarded the Cheetah evenly with his arms folded over his chest; “I’m a little worried about her close relationship with you; not sure it would be fair, to let you pick which toys we’re going to use for this thing….” 


Hinoki chuckled; “Oh, I’ll just make recommendations; I’ll let YOU pick the toys…..  Besides, I’ve got the best selection in the quadrant; where else would you go?” 


The Unicorn arched an eyebrow; “OK, show me what you got.”




Wanda paged through the medical records.  She hadn’t even had to hack into the system; she already had full access.  But just to be careful, she’d used Dr. Komanian’s password….  The Bear’s medical records were very nondescript.  He was behind on his booster shot for Aldebaran flu, but aside from that…… Nothing.  From his records, the Bear had been in a lot of fights.  His chart was full of blunt trauma, knife wounds, gunshot wounds, and reconstructive surgery.  The only notation that was even remotely helpful was one that he was mildly claustrophobic. Running down a list of known associates, Wanda tried to figure out who he might choose for his “second”.  Maybe they’d have a weakness…..




Hinoki gestured at the diagram; “the harness is essentially the same, for male and female, except for the crotch straps, and of course size.  You can see how it has fittings to hold all sorts of interesting toys.  As far as anal probes go, we have this new model that combines both vibration and motion.  Guaranteed to get your rocks off!  The Deluxe model even has an “erotic shock” feature.  Now, for the females, we have a vaginal probe that utilizes the same technology.  Motion, vibration and low voltage shocks for stimulation.  The male version is a sheath, an artificial vagina, that attaches to the harness; it holds his cock, and does the most delightful things to it…..” 


The Unicorn’s eyes seemed to be dwelling on the illustration of the female, but from the look on his face, he found it very interesting.  Time to sink the hook. 


“If you’d like, I could have these demonstrated for you….” 


The Unicorn looked up; he was having trouble keeping his face neutral.   ”Oh? That sounds amusing… I mean, yes, that’s a good idea.” He smiled evenly at the cheetah. 


Hinoki stepped to the back of the shop; “Sashi, would you come here for a minute?  Oh, first go to the stockroom and get me a 607-334M, and a –334F.”  Turning back to the Unicorn, the Cheetah smirked; “You know, to really understand just how devastating these things are, you really ought to try the male version yourself…..”


The Unicorn frowned; “well…..” 


Just then Sashi showed up, carrying two boxes.  Hinoki smiled, and took the top box, checking the label; “Sashi, this gentlefurr would like a demonstration of this particular product.  Lets take the female version and set you up in the demonstration booth.” 


The Chocolate Pantheress smiled; “Master, may I have permission to cum?” 


Hinoki paused, and then smiled; “No, I want you to hold it back as long as possible.  Disappoint me and there will be punishments.” 


The Unicorn laid a heavy hand on the Cheetah’s shoulder; “Better yet…”  Turning to Sashi, Dynotaku grinned broadly; “I will judge whether you have adequately resisted the toys’ effects.  And if I am not satisfied that you gave a credible effort, I will personally conduct your punishment!”  Turning back to Hinoki he fixed him with a steely eye; “If you object, I’ll just have to find the devices elsewhere….”


Hinoki blinked, but then grinned; “No, no problem.  No problem at all.  I have complete confidence in Sashi…”


Dynotaku watched, arms crossed over his chest, as Hinoki worked.  A collar went around Sashi’s neck, displacing the one that had been her only garment. 


“This collar has a biomedical function.  Normally it will regulate the actions of the toys, to frustrate the wearer.  It can sense an impending climax, and reduce the action of the toys, or even shut them down.  It can be devastating, long term.” 


Dynotaku muttered an assent under his breath, his eyes locked on Sashi. 


Hinoki continued; “but we can easily disable that function.  However, the collar can also be set up to signal should the wearer actually have a climax.  I think you’d find that handy to make sure no one tries to conceal such an event.” 


Again, Dynotaku muttered an assent, his eyes watching the Chocolate Pantheress as she was slowly covered by tight leather straps.


Hinoki held the crotch strap in both paws.  The strap was equipped with a fairly large anal stimulator, and an even larger dildo.  Dynotaku bent to watch as Sashi squatted, and Hinoki fitted the devices where they were meant to go. 


“I like to use a lightly spiced lubricant.  It makes your slave squirm delightfully after a while, but its not so severe that they can’t concentrate on their tasks.” 


Dynotaku just muttered an “uh-huh”, obviously distracted as Sashi squirmed, trying to get accustomed to her toys.  Finally, with her ankles hobbled by a short chain, Sashi was ready.  Hinoki stepped out of the enclosure, sealed the door, and handed the remote to the Unicorn.


“As you can see, there’s a master on/off switch.  I’ve set most of the levels to “medium”.  I’m afraid on “full” she might not be able to remain standing….” 


Dynotaku nodded slowly, as his fingers played with the settings.  Mostly he wound up leaving them where they’d been.  Finally he looked at the chronometer on the wall, and thumbed the “on” button.


Sashi groaned through the thick plug gag in her mouth.  She was blindfolded, her arms folded behind her back, her feet hobbled.  She might be able to move a little, but not much.  But that was all right; she didn’t really WANT to go anywhere; the droning between her legs was more than enough to keep her occupied…..


Dynotaku watched the impromptu erotic dance as the Chocolate Pantheress responded to the motions and vibrations.  He could see the wetness forming between her thighs, see it start to dribble down her legs.  Her nipples were rock hard, her breathing rapid and shallow….  It was incredibly sexy.  Doing his best to keep an impassive demeanor, he watched both her and the clock…


Sashi groaned.  Every once in a while the toys all went through a harmonic, where the combined action of the device in her ass, the vibrator in her pussy, and the sequence of electric shocks all conspired to take her to the very edge.  Only Hinoki’s exhaustive training helped her hold back, to prevent her climaxes from overpowering her…. For a while.  On the eighth such sequence, however, she lost it.  Falling to her knees, she squirmed as her climax took her, overpowering her.  For a brief, beautiful moment, the outside world ceased to exist; nothing mattered to her, except the waves of pleasure washing through her.  And then the wave passed.  Panting hard, she struggled back to her feet, not even realizing she’d collapsed.  Turning as best she could, she turned to face the transparency, at where she thought Hinoki and Dynotaku were, she gave them her best “helpless” look, and hoping that she’d lasted long enough…..


Dynotaku looked at the chrono; she’d lasted just a little over twenty-two minutes.  Longer than he’d expected, but not by much.  Smiling, he thumbed the remote, taking all the toys to their maximum. 


Placing the remote on the counter, ignoring the squeals from behind the transparency, he turned to Hinoki; “OK, I’m moderately well satisfied with the efficacy of the female system.  Now, lets see you demonstrate the male version.” 


Hinoki grinned; “are you sure you don’t want to try it yourself?” 


The Unicorn raised an eyebrow; “I’m not into letting myself get tied up and teased.” 


The Cheetah shrugged; “you’ll never know what you’re missing.”  Dropping his shorts, he started to buckle himself into the male version of the harness.


Dynotaku had seen the Cheetah before, that time in the Commons area.  He’d even lost a small amount of money on how long Hinoki could last before that anal gizmo drove him to an orgasm.  The fact that the same anal device was affixed to the harness was no surprise.  However the device that buckled and strapped in front, over his sheath, as if waiting for his hard cock to emerge, was.  Bright, chromed, and shiny, it seemed as if it were the masturbation device from Hell.  Wires and tubes traveled hither and yon, most terminating in a rather large power and control cell on his waist strap.


Hinoki finished buckling on the blindfold, and then fumbling about a little, found the prod gag.  He stuffed the gag into his mouth, smiling.  Just before he’d put on the blindfold, the Unicorn’s face had not been as impassive as he might have thought, his eyes just a little wide with wonder as Hinoki expertly strapped himself in.  With everything else in readiness, he tossed a small lock in the general direction of the Unicorn, and turned, bringing his cuffed paws together behind his back.


Dynotaku deftly caught the lock, and reached out to secure the Cheetah’s paws.  Pausing for a moment, he walked around the bound male, examining.  Electrodes ran to nipples and scrotum.  Wires traveled along leather, from one device to another, to the control box, to the collar.  On the remote there seemed to be only an on/off switch, and a slider for “intensity”.  Flicking the switch on, the Unicorn slid the control to about the 50% position.


Hinoki groaned when he felt the toy in his ass start to move.  The harness held it tight in position, so the moving ring, shifting back and forth along the middle of the toy, was strongly felt.  And the tip, moving in a circular motion, was enough to drive him to distraction.  It didn’t take but an instant for his cock to get hard, expanding from its sheath into the artificial pussy strapped to his tummy.  That in turn started to suckle him like a pro.  Then the first series of electric shocks hit, and he groaned involuntarily into his gag.


Dynotaku watched.  The cheetah didn’t seem to be responding at all, unless you looked VERY carefully.  His breathing was rapid and getting faster.  His ears were laid back and his tail was held rather stiffly.  And yet he seemed to just be STANDING there….  One eye on the chrono, Dynotaku waited.  The Chocolate Pantheress’ collar had signaled quite clearly her first climax.  Undoubtedly Hinoki’s collar would do the same.


Sashi howled as yet another climax washed over her; after her first climax, the toys had all gone crazy.  She didn’t know if it was a reward for having lasted so long, or a punishment for having lost control so quickly.  If it was intended as a punishment, they sure didn’t know her very well…..  Rolling around in the display area, she howled into her gag, howls of lust and joy as her climaxes came, firecracker quick!


Hinoki tried hard to count his heartbeats.  Easy, as his heart was pounding.  Even allowing for his elevated heart rate, he felt he could try and time things so that his orgasm arrived in the same general timeframe as Sashi’s…..  At least, that was the plan.  Problem was, the toys were just too dang good….  It would be a real test of will and training, if he could control himself that long, let alone keep up the count.


Dynotaku jumped, as something started to beep.  He’d been distracted by the Chocolate Pantheress; she’d wound up on her knees, bent over, her hips thrusting back against some imaginary lover as the toys drove her to climax after climax.  Her capacity seemed to be absolutely amazing, as was her endurance.  A little light on her collar was flashing almost continuously.  Turning, the Unicorn saw a light on Hinoki's collar also flashing.  Moreover, cum was trickling down out of the gizmo around his shaft, and over his bound balls.  Glancing up at the Chrono, Dynotaku realized the Cheetah had held out for twenty-seven minutes.  Leaning over, he took hold of the Cheetah’s left ear: “Very good.  I’m impressed with your devices.  Have a matched set delivered to me tomorrow morning.  Charge them to Tanj’s account.”  Grinning, the Unicorn turned and headed for the door.


Hinoki heard the clip-clop of hoofbeats, and then the sound of the door.  Chuckling to himself, he waited quietly, counting to a hundred.  He then produced the palmed key, and after only a little fumbling, undid the lock that kept his paws together behind his back.  Removing the blindfold, he confirmed that the Unicorn was gone.  The gag came out next, but before he went further, he leaned back against the counter, and moved the “intensity” control to maximum.  As long as he was all decked out, he reasoned, he might as well have some fun….


Sashi groaned as the toys stopped, and the anti-pheromone sprays came on.  Oh, well, it had been nice while it lasted.  She wondered if the Unicorn would be seeing to her punishment…. It could be interesting.  And she wondered if her master had made the sale.  She hoped so.





Dynotaku lifted his mug and took a long sip of his root beer.  After a moment he lowered the mug and grinned at Sarr; “Shouldn’t be a problem.  The male device is much less “devastating” than the female’s device.  Your boy should be able to handle it.” 


Sarr frowned; “are you sure?  How do you know the Female wasn’t faking it?” 


Dynotaku laughed; “Oh, I’ve done my homework.  I know for a fact that this Hinoki has been training her to control herself.  And I believe she gave it a credible effort.  No, I think you’ve got an edge, but its all the edge I’ll permit you.  Remember, I’ve got my reputation as an “honest” referee to consider.” 


Sarr chuckled darkly; “Yeah… An “honest” referee is one who stays bought.” 


Dynotaku shrugged; “An old and honorable tradition among pirates, bribing the referee.”  Sarr growled, and nodded, and rose to stalk off.




Wanda thumbed through the “manual”, scowling.  Kath tried to scratch under her wig, without messing it up too much, as she waited patiently.  Finally the Wolverine found what she was looking for; her eyes shifted back and forth rapidly as she read, and then slowed as she read it again.  “they’re right.  As much as I find it incredible, its perfectly legitimate to bribe the referee.” 


Kath nodded; “Hard to imagine they’re playing by the rules, though.  Even THESE rules.” 


Wanda nodded, and closed the book; “OK, so what do we do?” 


Kath laughed; “Why, Mistress, we simply up the ante….”




Hinoki frowned; “Sashi, are you SURE you want to do this?” 


The Chocolate pantheress just laughed; “Oh, quit worrying, Master; he’s not going to eat me!  Well…. You know what I mean.  I’ll be FINE; and besides, we need to do SOMETHING….” 


Hinoki sighed and nodded.  Reaching forward he lifted the plug gag.  Sashi willingly opened her mouth, accepting the object, and Hinoki tightened the straps.  The note was clipped to her left nipple ring.  And then she knelt in front of the door.  Hinoki reached out to push the doorbell, and then withdrew as quickly as possible.


Dynotaku opened the door, his eyes going wide at the morsel kneeling there.  He took a quick look left and right, but the corridor was empty.  Looking back at her, he noticed the note.  Reaching down he detached it, and unfolded it.  “It has come to our notice that the opposition has made efforts to influence your judgement in the upcoming duel.  We’d like to offer our own inducements.  Use this slave, as you will, until the time of the duel, with our compliments.”


Sashi watched the Unicorn smile, crumple the note and then shake his head; “Do they have ANY idea how much money they promised me?  Obviously not.”  He grinned and looked down at her, in a very predatory way; “But on the other hand, I might take some SMALL consideration….  Very well, Slave, enter my humble abode; lets see just how you plan on inducing me to support your side….”




Wanda looked up as Hinoki entered the wardroom.  “you know, that really was a nasty thing to do to him.”


The Cheetah just laughed; “EVERYONE on this station should know about Sashi by now.  When he let her in his door, he was either demonstrating massive ignorance, or massive overconfidence.” 


Kath giggled; “He’s a unicorn; have you ever met one that wasn’t, ah, “overconfident?” 


Hinoki chuckled; “Good point.”




Dynotaku ran a hand over his face.  Lord he was hot.  Rising, he clopped over to the thermostat; no, it was where it usually was.  And the air coming out of the vent was cool.  Turning back, he looked at the slave.  He’d bound her to his favorite frame; it held her in the most submissive and available of poses, legs spread, bent at the waist, head tilted back, at exactly crotch height, mouth held wide by the ring gag.  He could take her vaginally, anally or orally, and if he felt particularly acrobatic, he could fuck the valley between her dangling breasts.  And she couldn’t move. Walking back to her, he ran one hand along the cleft of her ass, down to her sex; she was dripping in anticipation, just the way he liked ‘em.  Now, the only question was, how would he take her first.  Licking her cream off his fingers, inhaling her aroma, he decided he’d see how good her mouth was.  To start.




Kath smiled, and her image in the bar’s mirror smiled back; this was the most inventive disguise she and Wanda had come up with yet; she looked like a male ferret.  The furr dye was the simple part; it was making her long hair look like a guy’s ponytail that had been the trick.  That and the foam rubber padding that made her look “bulkier” than her usual svelte self.  The Bear hadn’t given her a second look.  His attention was on the two fems, a Zebra and a gray vixen.  With one sitting on each leg, he flirted with them shamelessly.  It was obvious that he intended on taking one, if not both of them home for the night.  Loudly proclaimed as a matter of fact.  All part of his plan to be “drained” by the time the duel started.  Kath chuckled at one of his corny jokes, and slipped the hypodermic from her sleeve.  As expected, he did something to one of the fems and she responded with a half-teasing attempt to slap his face; most of the crowd howled with laughter.  It was exactly the distraction she’d been waiting for; the contents of the hypo went into his drink.  No one seemed to notice.  Sipping her own drink, she waited until he’d downed his drink and called for another, before paying her tab and leaving.  If Wanda was right, he’d find it easy to get an erection, but almost impossible to have an orgasm.  At least until they got him the antidote.  THAT was going to be the trick.  But until then, he should only become hornier, and more and more frustrated.




Dynotaku felt his eyeballs roll up in his head, so powerful was his orgasm.  This slave really knew how to use her tongue, as well as her throat muscles.  He’d always said that it didn’t matter how good the girl was, when you get your cock far enough down their throat, the gag reflex would make ‘em milk you like a pro, but she put that saying to shame.  The way she used her body to bring him off was beyond heaven!  Panting, he let her throat muscles milk him dry, and then pulled out, to flop down on the sofa, chest heaving.  Incredible!


 Sashi panted for a moment, taking deep draughts of air…. It was a good thing, she thought to herself, that she’d learned to breath through her ears long ago…..  Something that was very handy, but also something that only she seemed to be able to do…  Obviously part of the genetic modification that had left her with unusually powerful pheromones.  When she’d regained her breath, she looked around, covertly at first, and then more boldly.  The Unicorn was flat on his back on the sofa.  Unfortunately bound the way she was, she couldn’t go to him…. Oh, how she wanted to tease him back to hardness with her tongue…..




Tanj looked around the commons area; they were supposed to meet here, the day before the “duel” to announce their seconds… The Bear was leaning against one wall, with a rather thin Mink standing next to him. 


“So where’s this Unicorn you’ve been telling me about?” 


Tanj turned to look at Zassa; “I don’t know.  He should be here to officiate…” 


The Vixen shrugged; “Well, as much as I would have liked to meet him, we do have things to do.”  Turning, the flame-hued vixen marched across the open area towards the Bear.


Sarr watched from a side corridor.  It was as bad as she’d feared.  The Vixen, that Zassa, was going to be Tanj’s second.  Great.  Just what she needed.  Not one, but two academy trained sex slaves participating in a sexually oriented “duel”.    And that stupid Bear didn’t have a clue how much trouble he was in.  Watching the Vixen march up to the Bear, easily four times her size, and snarl at him was almost as entertaining as watching the shocked look on the Bear’s face.  Slipping back down the corridor, she decided that something was going to have to be done about that one.  And on some occasions you had to “set a thief to catch a thief”.


Boris took a step forward, trying to use his physical presence to intimidate the Vixen.  It didn’t work.  In fact, it backfired rather embarrassingly; she reached out with both paws and grabbed his crotch HARD.  Before he could say “URK!” She was squeezing, her painted claws sharp through the thin cloth.  “Allright, Scumbag, now that you know who I am, who’s YOUR second?  HUH?”  The Bear found himself momentarily unable to speak; he just gestured to the Mink.  Zassa’s head jerked to her left, and her eyes ran up and down the Mink as if she’d never seen a creature like her before.  The Mink just smiled; “Hi.  Nice technique, I’ll have to remember that.  I’m Rogers.  I’ve been “convinced” to be Boris’ second.  In fact, I’m rather looking forward to it.”


Tanj frowned.  The Mink didn’t seem to be particularly fond of the Bear, didn’t seem to be particularly worried about the “Duel”… didn’t seem to be particularly “involved.”  Something was wrong here…..




Dynotaku awoke to the gentle throbbing of his pulse.  It echoed strongly in his ears…. And then he realized it was also echoed by the slight movements of his hard shaft, hovering just above his belly.  Opening one eye he looked at the Chocolate pantheress, still bound to the frame.  With a grin he rose, thinking to himself; “Time for round two…”


Sashi moaned softly as she felt his hands on her rump; she couldn’t move much, but she moved in what she hoped was an enticing way…. Maybe if she got real lucky he’d take her in her pussy this time… it was what she was burning for…..


Dynotaku ran his fingers lightly along the female’s cleft, finding her very wet.  Drippingly wet.  Raising one eyebrow, he moved in behind her.  After all, who was he to disappoint a lady?





Wanda frowned at the medical database.  It wasn’t exactly cheating, but it certainly wasn’t fair, either.  Rogers had been on an away team, seven years ago, and had taken a near miss from a nerve disruptor.  Near miss being defined as she was still alive, and more or less functional.  However, it had really screwed up her nervous system.  It was doubtful that she’d felt pain, or worse, had an orgasm since.  Tactically, it was an excellent choice by Boris.  For Tanj, however, it sucked.




Hinoki shook his head as he leaned against the wardroom wall; “You can’t let them get away with it”  Tanj just shrugged; ‘there’s nothing in the rules against it.”  Hinoki straightened, uncrossing his arms; “its cheating, and you know it.  And if you feel you can’t do anything about it, well, there are others that might.”  Wanda blinked; “Um….  Hinoki, just what do you have in mind?”  The Cheetah male shot her a tight smile; “If I told you, you’d be implicated.  Better you don’t know…”  And with that he turned and stalked off.


Tanj shook her head; “I don’t like the sound of that.”  Wanda nodded; “He’s going to get us all in trouble again, isn’t he?”  Zassa however just chuckled; “Oh, let the boy be.  You never know, given this development, we might just need a helping hand.”  When Tanj turned to look at her, the Vixen shrugged; “Hey, I’m good, but I’m not a rock.  This lady apparently IS, though.”  Tanj just sighed and nodded.


Hinoki paced back and forth in his shop.  He had what he needed, he thought, a new toy just in from Rissa.  Disassembling it and integrating it into the biosensors in the harness’ collars was well within his capabilities… but how should he go about it?  Given the new technology, he probably could give that mink her first climax in years.  However, that would certainly draw unwanted attention.  Someone might even figure out what he’d done.  On the other hand, Zassa NOT having a climax would only be attributed to her Academy training.  No, the recipient would have to be the Bear……




Sarr stared hard at the kitten; “you know what to do?  Are you SURE you know what to do?” 


Sabina smiled; “Yes, Mistress.  I’m to talk the Vixen into a duel, and if not a duel, then a contest, a contest that I’m to win, and in doing so, keep her from showing up at Boris’ duel on time.” 


Sarr nodded; “very good.  Just make sure you succeed.” 


The Kitten smirked; “Mistress, the phrase “teach your Grandmother to suck eggs” comes to mind…” 


Sarr nodded; “I’ll grant that you’re a talented amateur, but only an amateur.  Remember, the Vixen is Academy trained.” 


Sabina made a dismissive wave of her paw, a derisive sound, and turned to step through the door.  As soon as she’d gone, the portal was filled with the hulking form of the Bear.


“Boris, you’re an idiot.  You’ve gotten yourself in WAY over your head this time.” 


The Bear grinned and shrugged; “Naw, Sarr, I’ve got it under control.  Got two different ladies gonna “Entertain” me tonight, until I can’t stand up, figuratively speaking.  Rodgers will be able to guide me; she won’t feel a thing.  I know, I’ve checked her medical records.  And now, if your little doxy there succeeds in taking out the Vixen, it’s a sure thing.” 


Sarr scowled; “I wish I had your confidence.  Remember, the Cheetah is a trained sex slave; she’s spent an appreciable portion of her life in restraints; she probably knows more about moving in them than you ever will, unless of course, you loose.” 


The Bear just grinned and shrugged; “how hard could it be?  Besides, I can probably snap those sissy straps any time I want to.”




Hinoki’s “innovation”:


The box was labled “Nogasm”  Hinoki winced at the very thought.  He’d ordered it, thinking it might be useful for Sashi.  Perhaps he could use it to refine her training, helping her to control he pheromones.  With a sigh, he took a cutter to the expensive leather collar, laying it open.  Curiously, he examined the sensors, and the circuitry.  No, it shouldn’t’ be too hard to integrate into the collar Zassa would wear…..


It took more time to stitch the collar back up, than it had to integrate the Nogasm electronics with the biomedical sensors and inducers.  When he was done, the collar looked just as it had.  Buckling it around his own neck, letting the straps for the female-oriented harness dangle, he popped his favorite porn movie into the player and stripped off his shorts.  After all, it deserved a field test, didn’t it?


Hinoki gasped.  He panted.  He groaned.  No matter how hard he tried, he could NOT bring himself to an orgasm.  The device worked as advertised.  Relenting, surrendering, he reached up to unbuckle the collar.  Rising stiffly, he turned off the player and waddled back into the stockroom.  The Nogasm collar had come with a mate.  The second collar, instead of suppressing orgasms, took the input from the person wearing the Nogasm collar, and interwove it with the sensations the wearer of the second collar was feeling.  In other words, while one suppressed orgasms, the other… well, a crude way of putting it, the Cheetah thought, was that it let you “steal” someone else’s orgasm.  Slitting that one open too, he started to move the field generators that would induce sensations in the pleasure centers of the wearer’s brain, to the Bear’s collar.


Hinoki Yawned.   He’d wound up working the night away, but if he’d done his job correctly, Zassa wouldn’t be able to have a climax, but the Bear probably wouldn’t be able to stop cumming.  Not with Zassa transmitting!  Grinning, he repacked the harnesses into their boxes, and redid the seals.  Then, picking up a respirator and a bottle of the pheromone counter-agent, he headed out for Dynotaku’s quarters.  The Unicorn should be about to the point where he’d be receptive to bribery…..


Bribery; Dynotaku and Sashi:


  The grumbling of his own stomach reminded him that he probably ought to let the slave out of the frame, and feed her something.  After all, she couldn’t live on just his cum, could she?  Grinning, he thought, though, that he’d been giving it a credible try; he must have pumped at least a half a dozen loads down her throat.  Lord, she had a talented tongue!  And so WILLING!  His hands paused on the straps… why untie her?  He could feed her as she was, couldn’t he?  But first things first….


Sashi saw the bedpan, and sighed.  Yeah, she had to go, but she hated doing it in front of folks.  Oh, well, if it was what Master wanted……


Dynotaku was having fun; he’d put a dollop of chocolate ice cream on the head of his cock, and make her stretch her tongue out as far as she could, trying to get it.  He’d eat a few spoonfuls, teasing her, moving his hips side to side, back and forth, just barely out of reach of the tip of her tongue.  When the cold  started to get to him, he’d ease forward just a little and let her lick him clean.  It was marvelous fun.  And when the licking got too intense, he’d shove his hips forward, bury his cock to the hilt in her mouth, and let her bring him off.  Again.  And Again!  At this rate he might have to send out for more ice cream….


Sashi groaned, straining against her restraints, TRYING for that last bit of chocolate.  The Unicorn was SUCH a tease.  And while she adored his shaft, and loved sucking him off, she felt her own pussy was being neglected…..  Not that she minded giving him pleasure, not at all…. Its just that like the ice cream, occasionally SHE wanted some too…..


Dynotaku moved his hips back and forth slowly.  He was a little large for the Pantheress, but then he was a little large for almost anyone’s ass…  And the Ben-Wa balls he’d stuffed into her quim were only making her tighter.  However, the effect as he rocked her back and forth, as much as her restraints would allow, were well worth the effort; she was writhing, going crazy as he teased her, bringing her again and again to the edge, but never quite letting her cum…..  Such a sexy, hot-blooded little thing, and such a delight to tease….  He could keep this up all night, and all day too…..


Sashi groaned and shuddered.  The Unicorn had resumed his snacking; she wasn’t sure just what it was that he was eating; they felt a little large for grapes, but too small for hard-boiled eggs.  Whatever they were, he’d push a half a dozen of them into her dripping snatch and then use the largest, most agile tongue she’d ever felt as he retrieved them, one by one, making sure to pay attention to her G spot with each lick.  The Unicorn must be half-Giraffe, she thought, to have a tongue like that! NOT that she was complaining in the least!  Now if he’d JUST let her CUM, she’d have no complaints at all!


The knock at the door was a surprise.  Dynotaku pushed another mungfruit into the Pantheress’ pussy, and rose, to answer the door. 


Hinoki blinked at the sight of the nude and VERY rampant Unicorn.  Pity he couldn’t see the wry smile behind the respirator.  Pushing past the surprised Unicorn, Hinoki shut the door, making sure it was all the way closed.  Turning he grinned again at the Unicorn; “Thought you might find yourself open to some bribery at this point….”  Dynotaku raised an eyebrow, and then shrugged; “Don’t know what you’re talking about, but where are my manners; care for some?  With an off-hand gesture, he waved a hand at the bound Sashi.  Hinoki laughed; “Don’t mind if I do”  Dropping his shorts, he stepped around to the Pantheress’ head.


Dynotaku resumed his seat between the bound Pantheress’ legs.  Between licks deep into her pussy, he muttered; “So what’s this about Bribery?  I thought SHE was the bribe.”


Hinoki slid his shaft into the Pantheress’ willing mouth, and sighed as she began to suck so expertly on him.  “Well, I figured by now, her pheromones, and the constant sex would have worn you out.  I can give you some relief on that.  Got a counter-agent for the pheromones I can let you have… for a price.


Dynotaku blinked, chewing on a retrieved Mungfruit; “Pheromones?  OOOOH! Yeah, I think I remember hearing something about that.  That must be why you locked her in that glass cage in your shop. I thought that was a little odd.  Hopefully it explains your choice in headwear as well.”  The unicorn chuckled. “Yeah, I guess she’s got something… to tell you the truth I hadn’t noticed.  But I guess we have been at it for a wh… Gee, is THAT the correct time?”


Hinoki watched the Unicorn critically.  Sashi had been delivered sixteen hours ago.  By now, the Unicorn should be exhausted and begging for relief.  Instead he was acting as if he were just getting going….


Dynotaku drove his tongue deep into the Pantheress’ sweet sex, its tip moving all about as he tried to retrieve the last Mungfruit.  After a long moment he pulled his head back, and chewing thoughtfully, he looked at the Cheetah; “Yeah, I guess I do need something.  My boss is gonna be pissed; I missed my whole shift.  Aw, well, screw him.  If he gets too upset about it he can always fire me.  But I guess there are other things I should be doing.  So what do you want for this counter-agent?”


Hinoki couldn’t believe it.  Most folks, himself included, would be barely able to speak at this point….  And this guy was NEGOTIATING?  Rocking his hips back and forth slowly, sliding his shaft in and out of Sashi’s mouth, Hinoki shrugged; “We want you to so arrange things so that Tanj wins, of course.”  The Unicorn shook his head, the tip of his horn (was that thing real?) describing an arc above Sashi’s ass; “Can’t do that; already accepted a bribe to make sure Boris wins."” Hinoki frowned. “Well, if I don’t give you the counter-agent, you’ll probably still be here, in a few hours, screwing poor Sashi’s brains out, and someone else will have to stand in for you.  Odds are that person won’t have been bribed, so it still works for us.  And then Boris will be looking for you…..


Dynotaku winced.  “Yeah… you’re probably right.  I can’t say if it’s the pheromones or not, but I sure as heck don’t feel like quitting.  Tell you what, give me the counter-agent, and I’ll call it equal, between you and them.”  At Hinoki’s doubtful look, the Unicorn grinned; “besides, if you get some replacement referee, he’s not likely to have my sense of humor.  He might force you guys to fight a REAL duel, instead of this ridiculous, but rather intriguing game.”  Hinoki sighed; “OK, but I want you to make sure its balanced.  Trouble SHOULD deserve a shot at winning.”  The Unicorn nodded; “OK, I agree, but how about in addition to   giving me the counter-agent, you sell her to me? Not cheap as part of a bribe, I’ll pay full price, the other team paid me well.  I hope you can understand it’s a little difficult to find a woman, or group of women, who can keep up with me in the sack… or, on the rack, as the case may be.” The Unicorn smiled and slid his cock into Sashi’s helpless but willing pussy. Sashi in turn made some guttural sounds around Hinoki’s cock.  Hinoki balked slightly.  16 hours and he was ready to buy her for keeps?  Hinoki shook his head. “Maybe you shouldn’t make rash purchase decisions when your head is full of pheromones. Besides, she’s not for sale.”  Dynotaku nodded.  “Yeah, if I had an insatiable sex kitten like her, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t let her go.  Well, if you ever DO get tired of her, you’ve got a buyer.  Tell me I can at least rent her from time to time.” Hinoki chuckled; “I think something could be arranged…”


Hinoki reached down, retrieving the spray bottle of counter-agent.  A neat trick, considering that his shaft never left Sashi’s mouth.  As he straightened, he found the Unicorn waving both hands at him; “No, not yet; we’ve still got a couple of hours…..”  Hinoki laughed and just nodded, his hips starting to move again as he drove his shaft in and out of the bound Pantheress’ mouth.


The Bear’s night out:


Boris stepped through the door to his quarters, letting it slide closed behind him.  He’d had a few drinks with the boys, after his meeting with Sarr, perhaps a few too many.  Still, he had cause to celebrate, didn’t he?  If Sabina took out the Vixen like she was supposed to, it’d be a cinch to win.  And he’d heard the Cheetah was loaded.  Had her own starship and everything.  One of the few heirs to the hidden fortune of the Brethren.  Yeah, he’d be set for life when he pulled THIS one off….  Now, there was just one little thing he needed to do, before the Duel.  Undoing his pants, he let them fall to the floor, as he pulled his shirt off over his head.  Stepping to the bedroom door, he leaned heavily against the doorframe; as he’d expected, as he’d so cleverly arranged, Rhonda was waiting for him, stretched out nude, on his bed.  He let his gaze rove over the voluptuous Zebra mare, and smiled. 


“Hello, Rhonda, Daddy’s home!”


The bed squeaked and rocked, the headboard thumping the wall so hard dust drifted down from the ceiling.  The bear’s massive paws clutched the Mare’s hindquarters as he plowed her roughly from behind.  He’d been pounding her for a good fifteen minutes, and while it felt good, while he could feel every stroke he just wasn’t any closer to cumming than he had been when he’d walked through the door.  Something was wrong….


Rhonda whinnied; “Dang, Bruno, <oof!>  you’re gonna wear me out!  I’ve <AHH!> had lots of <Unnnngh!>  lovers that came in the <Hhhhhngh!> first minute or two, but <Oooooo!> Brother, you’re setting <Unnngh!> an endurance record!”  


Bruno gritted his teeth, concentrated on the look of the mare on hands and knees before him, inhaled her scent deeply, and thrust all the harder.  He could cum, he could achieve his orgasm, if he just concentrated….


Bruno lay sprawled back on the bed, as the Zebra mare worked over his cock with lips, tongue and mouth.  He’d fucked her every way he knew, brought her to a dozen climaxes, and still hadn’t cum himself.  Could he be secretly worried about the duel?  No, that was ridiculous.  Then what?  If he didn’t find a way to cum tonight, his reputation with the ladies would be destroyed.  The Zebra was a notorious gossip.  Of course, in the past that had enhanced his reputation….   Surely he wasn’t going gay, was he?  He shuddered at the very thought!


The Vixen looked up as the Zebra slipped through the door.  “Took enough time with him, didn’t you?”


The Zebra straightened her dress and grimaced; “He’s a real stud all right; but….” 


“But what?” 


The Zebra glanced at the closed door and then shrugged; “I dunno; he faked an orgasm a couple of times, but I’m sure he didn’t really cum.  He’s…. he’s acting as if he’s trying to convince himself he’s still straight, but I got the feeling that I just wasn’t turning him on.” 


The Vixen blinked; “what?  Oh, come ON, Rhonda; you could turn on a marble statue!”  Shifting her gaze to the door, the Vixen smiled; “well, maybe I’ll have better luck…..” 


Waving bye, the Vixen turned, to let herself in through the door.


Boris was snoring, laying sprawled on the bed as if exhausted.  Slipping from her dress, the Vixen padded over, to kneel between his widespread legs,  Smiling, she softly started to lick him…..


Boris woke with a start; for a moment he thought some wild creature was about to bite him…. Well, somewhere sensitive.  Sitting up rapidly, he almost caused the Vixen to choke.  Doing his best to recover quickly, he moved his paws to hold her head to his crotch; “Oh…. Hi there.  Didn’t hear you come in!  No, don’t stop, it feels MUCH too good…..”


And it did feel good.  It felt marvelous.  Delightful.  And still, no matter how the Vixen worked, no matter how enthusiastic, or energetic she was, he still couldn’t get his rocks off.  Hours later, when she left, with comforting words, about how it happened to every guy once in a while, about how it was probably just tension before the “big duel”, he knew the story would be all over the station by morning.  Wrapping his paw around his still hard, and now rather sore cock, he pumped himself slowly.  He’d always been able to bring himself off; maybe he just needed to do that, now, to restore his confidence….  Closing his eyes, leaning back, he tried to concentrate…


“Maybe I need to go to the bathroom” Boris thought to himself.  “Maybe the pressure in my bladder is what’s inhibiting me.  I did have a bit too much to drink…”  Staggering to the bathroom, he relieved himself. Then standing there, looking at himself in the mirror, he started stroking his meat again…..  He was a hansom specimen, wasn’t he?  Grinning, he tried to imagine how the girls would fall all over him, when he’d won the duel….


Zassa and Sabina:


Zassa grinned; she was delighted that Chris had decided to “go out” tonight.  They’d been spending more and more time together, usually with her in the strictest of bondage, and ALWAYS ending with hot, passionate sex.  But lately Chris had been clipping a leash to her collar, leading her to one of the “night spots” on the station.  Sometimes they’d have a leisurely dinner, and sometimes they’d dance, but occasionally he’d orchestrate a scene, something to wow the crowd.  As she padded along behind the Fox, Zassa hoped it would be the latter, tonight.  She was in the mood for something WILD!


Sabina leaned against the bar, knowing that half the eyes in the bar were on her.  She was dressed in thigh high leather boots, elbow length leather gloves, a scandalously short leather miniskirt, and an even more skimpy bandeau top.  A leather ribbon, not quite a collar adorned her throat, and her hair was tied back with a matching leather thong.  The black of the leather set off the white of her fur nicely, she thought.  A sly smile crossed her lips as she saw the Fox lead Zassa into the nightclub.….  This was going to be all too easy…..


Chris Foxx looked up as the white kitten in black leather approached; he couldn’t help smirking as she sashayed in his direction; there was something about her walk that just screamed “SEX!”  Sipping his drink, he watched as the Kitten paused, looking down at the kneeling Zassa.


“Jeez, what a poor excuse for a slave.”  Sabina walked around the kneeling Vixen, tsk-tsking to herself.  “look at the way she kneels!  I bet you’ve tried and tried to get her to do that right, and still she can’t handle it….  Why, I bet she comes up inadequate in just about EVERY category!  I bet she can’t even give decent head, or keep her mouth shut.  I bet she argues with you, and can’t take ANY pain!  She looks like the lousiest excuse for a Sub I’ve ever seen.”  Raising her gaze to Chris, the kitten growled; “now if you had a sub like me, I guarantee you, you’d have no complaints!  How about you chuck this piece of garbage out the nearest airlock, and give ME a try?  I bet I can please you in ways SHE’S never even dreamed of!”  Turning, Sabina nodded left and right to the crowd, as if in victory, and then glared down at the Vixen as if just DARING her to speak.


Chris watched Zassa carefully.  He could tell she was so enraged her tail was about to burst into flames, but she held herself in the same position, not moving.  Well, not moving perhaps, if you discounted the slightly accelerated breathing, and the tension in her muscles….  Chris smiled, and waved a paw at the Vixen languidly; “Permission to speak”.


Zassa apparently decided this included body language, as she all but leapt to her feet, wheeling to face the kitten; paws on hips she growled; “and what would YOU know of a proper behavior for a sub?  You obviously don’t recognize talent and training when you see it!  Why, I bet I could out-do you in ANY category you might choose.  Any TEN categories!”


Sabina grinned, and stepped in, until she was toe to toe with the Vixen; “I CHALLENGE you to back up your statement!  Right here, right now.  Winner take ALL!  And that INCLUDES the Master!”


Before Chris could object, before he could interject a word of caution, the Vixen had growled “DONE.”  Suddenly the Vixen wheeled, to look at Chris; “Master will arrange the tournament, and the crowd will judge.”  Jerking her head back to glare at the upstart kitten, the Vixen growled; “Fair enough?”  Sabina just grinned; “You’re on.”


Chris looked at the piece of scratch paper he’d borrowed from the bartender.  With the help of the rapidly growing crowd, the list of contests was growing rapidly.  Wincing he scratched some of the more violent, and possibly damaging suggestions from the list.  “OK, we have seven events.  the first contest is simple.  When I say go, each fem will have one hour to see how many furrs they can satisfy.  The only thing that counts is the number of orgasms attributable to their actions.  Anything goes.  Ready?  Good; GO!”


Zassa smiled, her eyes fixed on a male Marmoset, who’d been all but drooling over her.  Moving quickly, but as sensuously as possible, she slipped out of what little she was wearing.  Then, sashaying forward, she put her paws on his belt, hooked one foot behind his knees, and pushed.  As he fell, she managed to literally tear his pants from his frame.  Seconds later, she’d pounced, him, using lips and tongue to bring his shaft to hardness.  As soon as he was hard enough, she straddled his hips, driving him into her wet sex.  After a scant three strokes, she looked around, grinning at the wide-eyed crowd; “OK, I need two more volunteers; one for my mouth, and one for my ass….”


Sabina listened to the crowd yell and press in around the Vixen; she’d already started giving head to a rather large Panda, but it was obvious that wasn’t going to be enough; not nearly enough.  As she was trying to figure out how to handle it, someone came up behind her, paws on her ass.  All she had to do was wiggle her bottom a little, and the obliging furr moved closer, his hard cock nudging her sex…..


Sarr watched closely; Sabina was good, but the Vixen approached the contest with an enthusiasm that was bordering on mania.  If she didn’t do something, it’d be over before it started.  But that was all right; she’d planned for just this contingency.  Elbowing the Hyena in the ribs she gestured towards Sabina; “I want you and your mates to go over there, lock your eyes on her, and masturbate.”  The Hyena’s head snapped around, an incredulous look on his face; “you want us to WHAT?”  Sarr growled; “you heard me.  I’m paying you guys to help her win, and any orgasm attributed to her will help her win.  You’re being well paid; now go beat your meat!”  The Hyena shook his head, as he turned away; “and here, I thought we were all gonna get laid… OK, guys, you heard the lady…”


Zassa groaned as the whistle was blown.  She’d been so close to yet another of her own climaxes.  Worse, the Stallion seemed to be on the teetering edge of cumming as well.  Sure enough as soon as the echoes died, he filled her mouth with an amazing amount of cum.  She’d had one male, underneath her, in her pussy, a Mouse laying on him, his shaft buried between her tits, the Stallion in her mouth, and a rather long and thin Whippet in her ass.  A wolverine’s cock had been in her right hand, and the insatiable Marmoset’s shaft in her left.  She was covered in the cum of over a dozen furrs….  Confident that she’d won this round, she slowly disengaged herself from the “pack” and rose.


Chris added the hashmarks for the third time, astounded.  Turning to the Kitten he announced; “Sabina, you’ve won.  By three orgasms.”  Zassa’s shocked “WHAT?” echoed through the commons area.  Chris turned to face the shocked and enraged Vixen; “Zassa, she didn’t take as many furrs as you did.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t set some sort of Quadrant record… but she had a half a dozen furrs furiously beating off as she fucked, each one watching her.  Their orgasms can be attributed to her actions, and they have to count.”  Zassa’s shocked gaze turned to the Kitten, who merely smirked.  Looking back at the Fox, the Vixen growled; “OK, lets get on to round two!”


Chris gestured to a vacant table; “we’ll now test the ability of the two contestants to control their own climaxes.  Sabina won the last round, so she’ll go first.  I’ll, ah, stimulate each girl in turn, for thirty minutes.  If they climax, they loose the round.  Its possible for both girls to loose and the round be a tie.  If both girls are able to withhold their climax, well, we’ll go into “overtime”….


Sabina writhed, paws gripping the edge of the table, back arched.  The Fox was using a simple feather, letting its tip stroke over her labia and clitty, and the soft touch was almost more than she could stand…  The soft sensation of his breath over her heated flesh caught her by surprise and before she knew it she was convulsing through a sudden, and powerful climax…. 


Chris straightened, and consulted his watch.  It had only taken 17 minutes.  Turning he looked for Zassa.  The Vixen was already on her back, spreadeagled across a table, waiting.


Sarr watched the Fox tease the Vixen.  If anything he was trying harder than ever, deft motions of his paw making the feather dance across the Vixen’s sex, as he held it wide open with the fingers of his other paw.  The Vixen, for her part, was idly toying with her own nipples in a blatant show of defiance.  Beyond that, her breathing was almost normal, her muscles relaxed.  The timer went off, and Chris straightened…..  Turning to face the crowd he grinned; “Zassa takes this round; the score is one to one!”


Sarr shook her head; if the Vixen could control herself through that, then her performance later during the main event could be… Devastating.   Sabina had better not let her down, or she’d be lucky if she wound up dead.


Zassa purrred and shifted, moving to kneel in the middle of the table; with one paw still toying with a nipple, she let her other paw stroke once between her thighs…. And an instant later her body was shuddering through a very visible climax; she opened her eyes to grin at the Kitten……..


Chris turned to the crowd; “The next one is a little more subjective; each of the fems will give a freeform demonstration of their sensuality.  The crowd will judge and vote on who wins.  Zassa won the last round, so she’ll go first.


Zassa smiled and padded back to where she’d dropped her clothes.  The spidersilk bandana had been used as a colorful belt; now it would be used for something else.  Pushing through the crowd, she hopped over the bar, to the surprise of the bartender, and bent to study the stereo system.  After a few moments she made her selection, and hopped back over the bar, tail flying.  Positioning herself in the middle of the crowd, she adopted a wide-legged stance, paws at her side, head down, just waiting.  After a moment, the music began.


Chris watched with rapt attention as the Vixen started to dance.  Somehow he just couldn’t pull his eyes away from how her breasts moved, bouncing and swaying enticingly with each motion.  As the beat speeded up, she let her feet find a comfortable balance, legs widespread, tail held high; her body still gyrated to the beat, but her paws were moving in a different direction.  Her left paw whipped the bandana around her back, its tip flashing between her legs; there her right paw caught it, snapping it up between her thighs, its length caressing her sex.  Still she moved to the beat, her body swaying.  As the music got faster and faster her paws moved with the beat, the bandana whipping between her thighs faster and faster.  It was obvious that the motions were exciting her, the caress of the incredibly soft, incredibly silky and quickly moving material having its effect.  After a few moments the fabric was visibly passing between  her labia, and shortly thereafter, it had become so drenched with her fluids that droplets were spraying the crowd as she whipped it through her legs, again and again.  And the crowd seemed to be eating it up, scarcely a word spoken, all eyes riveted to her performance.  As the music reached its crescendo, the Vixen climaxed with a howl, and as the sound died, she fell to her knees, exhausted, and spent.  Silence reigned for a moment and then the crowd howled, applause making the walls ring.


Sarr frowned.  The Vixen’s dance had been a marvel of eroticism.  Turning to the Hyena she growled; “better call some of your friends.  I want to make sure Sabina wins.  Pack the crowd.  I’ll cover your costs.”


Sabina smiled, and padded into the open area, to plunk an object down before the tired vixen.  “Nice work, kid, but you’re talkin’ WAY above their heads; if you want their vote, you need to get a little more “earthy”….”  Zassa looked at the pole-mounted dildo, and with a completely neutral expression on her face, rose, to take her place at the edge of the crowd.


Sabina had chosen her own music, and as it began, she started to move around the vertical dong.  Not so much dancing, as… stalking.  From time to time, she’d lean in, to caress it, with fingertips, then with her paw, and finally, with her tongue, as if trying to arouse a lover to hardness.  As the tune progressed, she moved in closer, stroking her body against the pole, pressing it between her breasts.  Her performance was accompanied by catcalls, and rude comments from the crowd.  Finally, she moved in, to straddle the dong, and as the music went into a series of strong beats, she started moving her body up and down, in time with the beat, until the shaft was vanishing in and out of her pussy.


Zassa watched, frowning.  The Kitten was good…  Of course she thought her own performance was better, but she DID seem to be capturing the mood of the crowd….


Chris watched not the Kitten, but the crowd.  There were some disturbing things that he’d noticed.  Several furrs seemed to be moving among the crowd, whispering in ears, holding brief, hushed conversations.  And on a couple of instances, he could have sworn he’d seen credit chips change hands….  Something funny was going on, but what to do about it?


Squatting, driving the dong deep into her pussy, the kitten threw back her head and yowled, her body all but convulsing as her climax claimed her.  The crowd roared its approval.  As the Kitten rose, retrieving her prop, Chris called for a show of hands.  A quick count showed that the Kitten had won.


Zassa smirked as Chris described the next round; “This competition is to see who can take the larger cock.  Orally, Vaginally, and anally.  We’ve lined up several volunteers, and carefully made sure that each of the fems will have equally hung studs.  Each fem will have ten minutes to demonstrate that she can take the stud’s shaft, first in her mouth, until her nose touches his stomach, vaginally, balls deep, and then anally, again, balls deep.  We’ll start with the Robinson Twins.”


Zassa followed Chis’ gaze; the Robinson Twins were Dalmatians, and each was nicely hung.  Smiling, she padded up to the one on the left, her paw reaching out to stroke him softly.


Sabina looked at the line of nude and rampant males.  There were three sets of twins but in a few size categories they’d merely gone with the two guys closest in size.  The Dalmatians weren’t going to be a problem, nor would the Wolves, or the large felines.  However there were a pair of Clydesdales that looked a little much, and the Rhino…. Urrrrr, she hoped Zassa would fall out before they got to him…..


Chris clicked the stopwatch; “Begin!”  Zassa knelt, and with one smooth motion, sunk the Dalmation’s cock to the hilt in her mouth.  After she was sure there had been enough witnesses, she moved to straddle the reclining male, and again, with one smooth motion, took him until her labia were pressed hard against his crotch.  Smiling, she rose off him, and using one hand, positioned the head of his cock against her back passage.  Here, she took her time, working him in slowly, letting her bottom become accustomed to his presence.  She’d taken him fully, long before the ten minutes were up, but she spent the time wisely, moving on his shaft, riding him, stretching herself for the cocks to come.


Sabina frowned.  The wolves, another set of twins, had been deceptive.  Their shafts weren’t a whole lot longer, or thicker than the Dalmations… but they had sizeable “knots” at their base.  Were they included in “balls deep”?  Glancing over at the vixen, she decided they must be, the way she was attacking them.  Orally was no real problem;  she could open her jaws that wide without any significant discomfort.  Vaginally… well, she’d taken bigger, but not without a little more foreplay.  It was the anal component that made her grunt, made her sweat.  Glancing over her shoulder, she saw the Vixen riding his shaft, the bulge already within her bottom making her flesh distend as she rose, as if his shaft was trying to turn  her inside out…..


The Panther was almost a relief; his shaft was thicker, but at least it was pretty much a uniform diameter the whole length.  As she moved his cock from pussy to ass, Sabina wished they had more time; she’d like to get to know this one better……


Zassa purrrred and opened her mouth WIDE.  The biggest problem here would be to keep her fangs from grazing the stallion’s shaft.  They were just too close together, her muzzle too narrow.  Still, somehow she managed…..


Sabina fought the gag reflex.  To get her nose, with the comparatively short muzzle, to touch the Stallion’s stomach, she’d have to take a much greater proportion of his length down her throat.  Oh, well, maybe the Vixen would choke….  Grunting she pushed herself forward, feeling the horse stretch her throat as it had never been stretched before….


Zassa’s smile was strained.  She’d managed to take the Stallion in her pussy, but the sheer length of his shaft was proving to be a problem in her bottom.  Grunting fiercely, she drove herself down again and again, each time taking a little more…..


Sabina whimpered; she couldn’t; he was just too big, too long.  Looking over her shoulder she saw the Vixen, panting, sitting straight up, the Stallion’s huge cock buried completely in her ass.  She could almost imagine that she could see the bulge of its head distending the Vixen’s stomach….  But try as she might, she just couldn’t get any more of the Clydesdale’s cock into her bottom…..


Chris checked the stopwatch and called out; “Time!”  I believe Zassa’s the winner on this one.” 


The Vixen looked up; “Any extra points if I take the Rhino?” 


Chris blinked; “Um… no, ‘fraid not.” 


Zassa awwwwed, the crowd laughed and the Rhino just sighed.


Chris looked at his notes; “The score is two to two.  The next contest will deal with restraint, and escape.  Each fem will tie the other in turn.  If the tied fem can escape within thirty minutes, they win.  If both escape, they try again, this time with more “toys” provided.”  As Zassa won the last round, she’ll be tied first.”


The  hogtie was severe, if not extreme.  Zassa lay on her stomach, arms tied behind her back, above and below her elbows, and around her wrists.  In each case the rope had been passed between her limbs to make sure they were TIGHT.  Likewise, her legs were bound above and below the knees and at the ankles; she’d then been bent back like a bow, until her wrists were actually beyond her ankles, half way to her knees.  Finally, the Kitten had looped some rope through Zassa’s mouth, tied it off behind her head, and then pulled hard, tying the loose end of the rope to where her knees were tied.


Chris looked at the bound vixen and smiled.  Holding up the stopwatch he growled “GO!”


Zassa started to squirm; she’d been taught several tricks, back in the Academy.  Not by the instructors, but by other students, secrets passed along, to help ease the strain of a situation like this.  How to tense your muscles to make your limbs thicker when they were tied; when you relaxed, you had more room.  In this case, the Vixen was making use of that, not to ease her bondage, but to try and get enough slack to escape.  Most of the knots had been expertly tied, but they just weren’t quite out of reach of her nimble fingers.  Squirming, grunting, rolling, tugging, Zassa worked frantically.  By the time the timer went off, she was standing, feet freed, but with loops of rope still binding her arms together at the elbows.  Almost, but not quite.


Chris nodded; “very well done; not quite a complete escape, but….  Well, if Sabina doesn’t do any better, you’ll get the win.”


Zassa turned and grinned at the kitten; “this is going to be all too easy.”  Taking a length of rope in one hand, she approached her “victim”. 


Sabina frowned as the Vixen lightly laid a length of rope over her shoulders, like a yoke; she made sure the lengths were even, and then brought the ends back under her arm pits.  The rope was crossed behind her back, without even being knotted, and then around to her front; there the two ends were pulled down between her thighs and up through the cleft of her ass, on either side of her tail.  Finally the Vixen began to get “serious”, tying each loose end to her wrists, pulling the rope as tight as she could.  Sabina was surprised that the loops around her wrists formed clove hitches, instead of something more elaborate.  The Vixen then pulled the two ends around the Kitten’s body, pulling her wrists away from her tail, until each paw rested slightly apart from the other, on the cheeks of her ass.  The cord was tied in front, over her tummy, with a simple square knot.


Zassa chuckled; “Even the great Hairy Houdini was afraid of this one; no matter how you twist or turn, you won’t get any slack anywhere.  And there’s no way you’ll reach the only knot.  You’ll notice that the only place the rope crosses itself is behind your back, well above your hands.  And the more you pull, the tighter the clove hitches around your wrists will become.  Taking the remaining length of rope, Zassa proceeded to loop it around and around the Kitten’s waist, as if not quite knowing what else to do with it.  This she tied off with a big bow.  In front.


Picking up a second piece of rope, the Vixen tied it to the center of the strand that passed behind the Kitten’s neck.  Pulling it straight down, she tied it tightly around the bundle of rope, pulling together the criss-cross as well as the rope around Sabina’s middle.  From there the free end descended to the base of the Kitten’s tail, looping first under the rope that emerged from her crotch, to her left wrist, and then pulling the free end horizontally, tucking it under the rope that emerged on the other side of her tail, traveling from crotch to right wrist.  Pulling the rope TIGHT, Zassa tied it around the bundle of ropes at the center of the Kitten’s back.


A third piece of rope tied the Kitten’s ankles together.


Chris nodded approvingly; “OK, Sabina, you’ve got a half hour to get as free as you can.  Start… NOW!”


Sarr watched the Kitten squirm, twisting this way and that.  It was obvious that she wasn’t going to get loose from THIS one, no matter what she did.  As Sabina lost her balance, and fell heavily against a tall, thin Wolf, Sarr momentarily thought about having one of her “associates” slice one of the ropes… but then decided that would be too easily detected.  Frowning, she watched the seconds tick away.


Chris smirked as the timer went off; Sabina was just as tightly tied as she was when the clock had been started. 


"Zassa wins this round.  The score is Zassa three, Sabina two.The next round is competitive tickling; each girl gets to tickle the other, as they best see fit for a half hour; the first one to beg for mercy looses.  If neither gives in, the first one to loose bladder control looses.  And as Zassa won this round, she gets tickled first.”


Sabina kicked the now-loose ropes away from her in disgust.  All the times she’d been tied and she’d NEVER run across THAT one.  Maybe the Academy DID offer a few advantages….  Didn’t matter, she’d have the Vixen howling in no time.


Zassa giggled; there was nothing else she COULD do.  She hung from the ceiling by her wrists, her knees pulled up and apart by separate lines.  Her armpits, ribs, crotch and feet were completely exposed, and the Kitten, armed with a selection of feathers was doing her worst.  Which was actually pretty good; Zassa had been tickled by experts and this one wasn’t far behind them.  Laughing, giggling, gasping, the Vixen struggled not to loose bladder control, as the torment continued.


She’d never heard any sound as welcome as the timer’s bell.  Gasping, she looked down between her legs; no, she hadn’t lost it.  She’d come awful close a couple of times, but she hadn’t lost…..


Sabina grinned as she felt them hoist her up into the same position as the Vixen.  “Been there, Done that” seemed to fit best.  As the Vixen’s feather grazed over the soles of her feet, she did her very best to maintain a bored, neutral expression on her face.


Zassa twirled the tip of the feather in the Kitten’s navel.  A giggle broke the surface, to be followed a moment later by a guffaw.  She’d found her weak point!


The Bell dinged, and the Vixen growled; she was sure she was just a moment away from making the Kitten loose it….  Ah, well…..


Chris sighed; “OK, this one’s a tie..  Lets see, that’s still Zassa three, and Sabina two….  The next and seventh contest is endurance…..


Zassa was back in the hogtie.  It was almost the same hogtie that Sabina had put her in, but if anything, she was bent back further, the ropes even tighter.  The problem was, directly in her view, was a wall chronograph.  It was now 0500 Station time.  And she was sure she could withstand the hogtie for at least 24 hours, maybe longer.  The problem was, Tanj’s duel was at noon, a mere five hours away.  If she was still here, tied up, she couldn’t participate.  Reviewing the contest, Zassa figured, if she threw this one, the score would be tied, at three each.  No one would win, no one would loose.  And she’d be free to go assist Tanj…..  She didn’t like “not winning” but her honor demanded that she be there for Tanj, more than that she beat the smug little Kitten….  Looking up at Chris she growled; “Hey, Referee, come here for a minute…..”


Chris straightened, checking the clock, a frown on his face.  Yes, whoever had orchestrated this thing had planned well; Zassa could probably win, but in doing so she’d put Tanj at risk.  Cagey.  But not cagey enough…..  Looking around at the crowd, Chris yelled; “OK, Zassa has conceded this event.  Sabina takes the Endurance round.  That brings the score to three to three.  And as that was the last of the seven events agreed to, the Duel is over, without a winner…..”


 “Noooo!  You gotta give them a chance to WIN!  We wanna see a WINNER!”  Sarr’s cry was soon taken up by a number of others in the crowd.  Chris frowned; his suspicion that there was an ulterior motive behind this contest seemed to crystallize.  it was patently obvious that there was an effort afoot to take control of the crowd, to force the outcome that someone wanted.  And that someone was probably the person behind the challenge in the first place.  The fox grinned slyly; “Ok, OK, if you insist, but there will be but ONE MORE ROUND, Winner take all!  NO EXCEPTIONS!”  As he’d expected, the crowd roared.


Roland looked at the intercom as if he couldn’t believe it; “you want me to WHAT?  Yeah… Yeah, I guess I could do that; I’ll be there in a minute.”


Chris Grinned; “The next contest will test the ability of our contestants to withstand pain.  Sabina won the last round, so she goes first.  She’ll receive 100 swats from our Spanking Expert, Roland.  If she calls for mercy, she looses.  If neither contestant calls for mercy, the first one to achieve a climax, merely from the spanking, wins.  Roland, Begin.”


Sabina lay across the big Badger’s lap, head down, bottom perfectly positioned.  She’d never been into spanking, but that wasn’t to say she’d never been spanked; as the first blow crashed down, she flinched, but managed to keep from crying out.  She was tough, she could take this; of that she was certain….  But to cum?  From THIS?


Roland watched her carefully, making sure his swats were randomly timed.  It would have been better, more effective, if he could have touched her between the legs between swats, but Chris had forbidden that.  No matter. Moving with deliberation he proceeded to warm her bottom as best he knew how.


Sabina squirmed, and moaned softly; there was something very cumulative about the swats; individually they weren’t bad, but the sum was adding up to something VERY uncomfortable; her bottom seemed to be on fire, and each subsequent stroke  seemed to bring a blazing inferno, that never quite died down before the next swat arrived….


“And…. One Hundred.”  Chris grinned as the crowd cheered.  Slowly  Sabina struggled to her feet, helped by a neutral-faced Roland.  As Zassa stepped past her, she grinned; “Good, isn’t he?”


Zassa didn’t try and hold in the yelps.  There wasn’t any point.  Nor did she try and hold still.  By the twentieth stroke she was squirming, her quim already dripping.  The Badger really was a maestro……


Chris chuckled; the Vixen’s howls were unmistakable to anyone in the nightclub.  Thirty-seven strokes and she’d climaxed violently…..  Remarkable!


Roland turned as a voice behind him called out; “Well don’t stop NOW!  We wanna see you FINISH her!”  The Badger laughed and nodded, and brought his paw down on the Vixen’s bottom again, and then again; she just howled, caught somewhere between pain and ecstasy…..


Zassa couldn’t remember much of the rest of the spanking; her climaxes seemed to follow each motion of the Badger’s paw, and when he finally stopped, she was certain she was more sorry than relieved….


Chris looked around the crowd; “That’s it; Zassa wins.  She took the full 100 without calling for mercy, AND she managed to cum.”  “Man, did she EVER” Someone in the crowd called.  With laughs and comments too numerous to separate, the crowd started to disperse.


Roland softly stroked the Vixen’s burning bottom; he could feel the heat through her fur, almost without laying his paw on her tender flesh.  “you OK?” 


Zassa sighed; “Yeah, I’m FINE; problem is, to help Tanj in HER duel, I’m going to have to sit down; that isn’t going to be easy….” 


The Badger just laughed.


Sabina watched as Sarr edged closer.  She’d lost and Sarr wasn’t going to be happy.  Worse, she hadn’t delayed the vixen until the start of that other duel….


Sarr hissed, as she pushed past the Kitten; “you’ve failed, and that failure will bring penalties FAR beyond being that Vixen’s slave, I promise you that!” 


For a moment Sabina blanched, but then something took hold of her; turning she growled at Sarr’s retreating back; “you should never have pushed for an eighth contest; they got wise to you, and it was a set-up!  This is all YOUR fault!”


Chris watched the interchange from the corner of his eye; so that was the ringleader, eh?  Turning, he approached the Kitten, remarking on how suddenly she looked so lost, so small… and so vulnerable?  Surely that had to be just an illusion….  Reaching out he snapped a lead to her pseudo-collar, and turning towards the Vixen, growled; “Come on, you.”


Zassa watched as the Kitten knelt at her feet.  Chris handed the lead over to her and smiled; “looks like my pet has gotten herself a pet in turn.  Any idea what you’re going to DO with her?”  Zassa chuckled; “Yes, yes, I do, but that’ll have to wait; we’ve got other things to do at the moment.”  Looking down at the Kitten, Zassa growled; “Come along, you; I want to have a bath before my next “engagement” and I’d love to have someone to wash my back….”


Roland watched as the Vixen, still nude, led off the equally nude Kitten.  The look on Sabina’s face was quite interesting.  It was a combination of rage, fear, and what could only be excitement….. 




Boris jerked awake.  Half rolling over he swatted the alarm clock so hard, it fell off the nightstand.  It sounded like something broke, too, but the noise didn’t stop.  Realizing it was the doorbell, he staggered to his feet, heading for the door.  As he walked, he first realized how sore he was, and then he realized that he STILL hadn’t cum.  Oh, well, if he couldn’t cum with all that, he probably wasn’t going to cum during the duel, now was he?  Maybe every cloud had a silver lining.  Opening the door, he found a grim looking Sarr standing there.  “You’re going to be late.  Grab your clothes and lets go.  Oh, by the way, that stupid bitch, Sabina, lost last night.  The vixen’s still in the running.”


Bruno yawned.  Fortunately, on a station that ran ‘round the clock, the bar was still open, and fully staffed.  Admittedly, he seldom showed up this early in the morning, so the fact that he didn’t recognize the ferret lady bartender wasn’t unusual.  “I’ll have the Hungry Bear breakfast, and gimme a screwdriver to drink.”  The Ferret nodded and turned away.


“I still think a big breakfast is a mistake” Sarr growled. 


Bruno shrugged; “Gotta keep my energy up.  And the vodka will help calm my nerves.” 


Sarr frowned; “having second thoughts?” 


Bruno waved a paw dismissively; “No, just didn’t sleep well last night.”  After a moment he sighed “I might be more worried, on a subconscious level, than I thought.  Can’t figure out why, though.”


Kath slipped the antidote into the big mug of orange juice, and then added a healthy shot of vodka. Placing the drink on the tray with the pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, and grits, she added a cup of coffee, and then carried it out to the Bear.  He scarcely looked at her as she set it down, his gaze instead on the vodka laden orange juice.


The Duel


Wanda shook her head in amazement as Dynotaku cracked yet another corny joke.  How could he joke at a time like this?  Didn’t he KNOW what was at stake?  Didn’t he CARE?  Shifting her gaze to Hinoki and Tanj, Wanda tried to calm herself; the Unicorn’s incessant patter about being “one horny guy” didn’t seem to be bothering them.  Hinoki was methodically strapping Tanj into her harness, demonstrating to the watchers that each element of the system functioned before putting it in place.  The large vibrator had drawn a few Oooohs! from the fems in the crowd, and laughs from the guys.  The Vibrating butt-plug had drawn more winces, though.  Finally, Hinoki was done.  Dynotaku stepped forward, and very carefully checked everything, including it seemed, the fit of both vibrator, butt-plug, gag, and blindfold.  Finally he nodded to Hinoki, who picked up the other harness, and turned to the Bear.


Boris winced as the Cheetah approached.  Well, he’d agreed to it, hadn’t he?  And if that cunt could take it, so could he, right?  Hinoki started with the collar, once again showing the crowd how it monitored the wearer’s health.  Readouts appeared on the displays around the room, showing everyone the Bear’s heart rate, respiration rate, and brainwave activity.  The neural readouts were particularly extensive….


Boris stood as still as he could as the Cheetah’s hands worked over him, fastening straps in place.  He wasn’t used to being touched THERE by a male.  When the Cheetah proffered the rather thick plug gag, and purred; “OK, Open up, big boy”, he was tempted to tell him where to go, but choking it down, he opened his mouth obediently.  It felt as if the prod was pressing against the back of his throat, and the Cheetah was none too gentle with the straps….  And it tasted bad, too….  If he hadn’t seen the crowd comparing the size of the prod gags, he would have been sure they’d given him a bigger one.  In fact some of the crowd had argued that since he was bigger he deserved a bigger one…  But thankfully Sarr had paid off the referee, and the Unicorn had ignored them. 


“Geez,” he thought to himself; “if I’m this uncomfortable, I bet the Cheetah Bitch is just about choking on it….”


Hinok watched the Bear jerk as he brought the blindfold into view; he recovered nicely, but Hinoki could feel the tension in his muscles as he buckled it into place.  Mildly claustrophobic, Wanda had said….


Dynotaku watched closely as the Cheetah pushed the well-lubricated plug into the bear’s ass.  Again, it was the same size as the one Tanj had taken, and yet it was painfully obvious that it was MUCH larger than the Bear was comfortable with….  This was indeed going to be an interesting competition.


Boris tried to hold himself still as the Cheetah buckled the gizmo to his stomach, directly over the opening to his sheath.  As long as he didn’t get an erection, its presence wouldn’t matter, but the danged Cheetah just wouldn’t stop touching him in sensitive places.  With their bodies close together, he swore the Cheetah was fondling him.  Of course, with the gag in his mouth his protestations were misunderstood.  The Cheetah said something, muffled by the earplugs, and again paws were moving over his privates, adjusting the straps.  This only brought more protestations from the Bear, and more “adjustments”…  By the time the Cheetah let him go, his shaft had indeed started to emerge from its sheath, its head entering the device strapped to his stomach…..


Hinoki grinned; it didn’t matter if they were into guys or not, if you touched anyone there, no matter how straight, their bodies would respond.  And he had.  Under protest, no doubt, but he had…..


Dynotaku watched as the Bear’s paws were bound behind his back, in the same fashion as Tanj.  When the Cheetah was done, he stepped forward to make sure that it was all tight.  It was; the Cheetah had done a competent job.  Turning he nodded; “OK, you can prepare the seconds now….


Rogers stepped forward with a grin; “I don’t mind going first.” 


At Dynotaku’s nod, Hinoki gestured to a staircase that led to the parapet around the outsize of the maze; “after you.”


The Mink squirmed a little, but much less than Hinoki would have expected.  The dildoes built into the seat were large, and knobby, but she took them as if she were used to it… or as if she couldn’t feel a thing.  The harness held her in place, straps caressing her body as they crisscrossed her.  The boom microphone, and earphones fitted her head perfectly.  Hinoki swiveled the chair on its mountings until she had an excellent view of the maze from above.


When Dynotaku had checked over everything, including the functioning of the radio transmitters, the whole assembly trooped around to the far side of the maze, where Zassa was waiting by the chair she was to occupy.  With scarcely a word spoken, Hinoki secured the flame-hued vixen to the chair, as Rogers had been.  However, when Zassa settled into place, she smiled and let out a soft “ooooo!”, to the crowd’s amusement.


And then it was time to start.  Dynotaku took the bear by one arm, and Tanj by the other and led them to the exact center of the maze.  Releasing them, he stood them back to back; “OK, when I say go, you may start.  The first one to reach the remote wins.”  Releasing them, he took a quick step back; “GO!”


Tanj almost dropped to her knees as the powerful vibrators in pussy and ass came to life.  She could feel the ring around the device in her ass start to move, stroking back and forth, stirring her insides in a most delightful and most distracting way.  Still, she managed to take two quick steps forward and two steps to the right…..


Boris had intended to throw himself at the Cheetah, to try and disable her, but the sudden motion and vibration in his ass caused him to stagger instead of charge.  Instead of crashing into the soft Cheetah, he instead staggered into a wall.  Where had she gone?  Then the motion of the gizmo strapped to his stomach got to him.  His cock was only partially out of his sheath, but that seemed to be all that mattered; the device was like a warm, wet, and very willing mouth around the head of his cock, and it didn’t take him long to come to diamond-cutter hardness, his shaft expanding out of his sheath and into the device.  And it was marvelous.  For a moment he just leaned against the wall and marveling, enjoyed the sensations.


Rogers voice brought him back to his senses; “Move,  you idiot!  Turn left… no, not that far, turn back a little.  Move forward!  GO!”  Grumbling to himself, the Bear started to move…..


Zassa smiled as the vibrators came to life; “oooh, that’s nice….. OK, Tanj, just in case we loose the radio link, the way to the remote is:  Left, right, right, left, right, straight, right, right, left.  Its by the wall about four paces after the last turn.  Again, that’s Left, right, right, left, right, straight, right, right, left.  Good, about two more steps to the next intersection… you’re there, turn left, that’s a little too far, but keep moving, when you hit the wall you can slide against it to the next intersection…..”


Dynotaku’s ears swiveled, as the transmissions of the two “seconds” were heard over loudspeakers; he turned to look at the Cheetah a little perplexed; “Your doing?”  Hinoki grinned and nodded; “The crowd will enjoy it more if they hear the play-by-play… and besides this way if someone else has a transmitter, and tries to “cheat” should the second be taken out of play, we’ll know.”  The Unicorn nodded slowly, almost reluctantly… “Yeah… I guess that’s OK….”


Sarr grumbled and slipped the transmitter back into a pocket.  It was only a backup plan, and Rogers shouldn’t have any trouble holding her own… but still, she hated it when she was anticipated like that.


Tanj moved with quick, shuffling steps.  The hobble would only let her move her feet about a foot apart, but she was used to that.  It was also easier to scrape against one wall; kept you moving straight, anyways.  Following the voice in her headset, she did her best to move as fast and as efficiently as possible.


Boris growled into the gag and struggled to break his restraints.  They’d looked so flimsy; what in the world could they be made of?  So far all he’d done was make himself tired, sore, and loose time.  Finally he gave up and turned his attention to the verbal abuse coming in over the radio link….


Rogers grunted in satisfaction as the stupid bear quit struggling with his restraints and started listening.  Surely he hadn’t thought that he could break those, had he?  The folks that made things like that knew what they were doing, and you probably could have towed a Cruiser with one of those straps.  “OK, Boris, listen up.  You need to turn left, yeah, that’s it, and move forward about eight paces…”  The Mink groaned as the Bear promptly hit the end of his hobble, and he toppled over with a crash.


The Bear rolled over onto his back, and tried to sit up.  Bad move; this immediately put pressure on the device in his ass, and for a second he froze.  The combination of sensations seemed to overload him and for a moment he thought his brain was going to explode, the orgasm remarkably powerful.  As his heartbeat slowed a bit, he groaned, laid back down, rolled onto his stomach, and inchwormed himself to his knees; he almost fell again as he surged up to his feet, but somehow he remained standing.  With the devices around his shaft and in his ass conspiring to bring him to a second orgasm, he struggled to follow the Mink’s instructions.


Dynotaku shrugged at Hinoki; “he’s only a half dozen feet from where he’d started; there’s no point in taking him back to the beginning.”  Hinoki just growled; “Ain’t right; you SHOULD follow the rules.”  The Unicorn just grinned and shrugged; “It ain’t going to make any difference, in the long run.”


Zassa was panting hard; the motions of the dongs in pussy and ass had brought her to the very edge of an orgasm… but no closer.  It was almost as if something had short-circuited in her brain.  She could feel every motion, every delicious vibration, but she couldn’t seem to cum.  Of course, that was a good thing, wasn’t it?  She did, after all, have a job to do….  But what if it didn’t end when the duel was over?  What if she couldn’t cum, later, afterwards?  WHAT IF SHE WAS LIKE THIS THE REST OF HER LIFE?  As she puzzled over the strange sensations, or lack thereof, she missed Tanj taking a wrong turn….


Rogers grinned; “Boris, you’ve got a reprieve; the Cheetah just screwed up.  Now listen to me.  Baby steps.  Move carefully.  If you control yourself, you’ve got a chance!  Left; turn left now, and move forward until I tell you to stop.


Boris groaned into his gag; the gizmo in his ass was driving him crazy; he’d never thought something like that could feel so good.  Why hadn’t he been this sensitive last night?  For a moment he worried that he might have latent homosexual tendencies, but after thinking about it for a moment, realized that while he was enjoying the anal stimulation, he had no desire for any male he could think of….  And the gizmo strapped to his front, that was the toy from Hell… or Heaven.  It would be heaven if he wasn’t wrapped up in this damned duel.  How could an artificial device feel so GOOD?  As he shuffled forwards, trying not to stumble, he found himself getting closer and closer to an orgasm.  And trying to shut something like that down was literally something he’d never even THOUGHT of attempting before…..


“Tanj, WAIT, stop; you missed a turn!”  Tanj listened to the panting voice of Zassa and wondered what she was going through.  It must be grim, if she’d lost her concentration.  Following the Vixen’s instructions, she shuffled around, and started moving back the way she’d come.


“That’s it, Boris, you’re ahead of her; one more turn and you’ve GOT it!”  Rogers grinned.  Sarr had promised her some experimental and rather risky surgery, to fix her neurological damage.  She could feel the vibrations from the dongs in pussy and ass, but she wasn’t getting much of a thrill from it.  Just too dead down there.  It’d been a LONG time since she’d had a climax; so long she’d almost forgotten what it was like.  And if the Bear won…. If the Bear won, Sarr might actually keep her promise.  Maybe.


Boris couldn’t hold it; it just wasn’t possible.  With a groan, and a shudder, he surrendered to the inevitable, his cock spurting messily into the toy that surrounded it.


Hinoki chuckled as the siren went off, and a light started flashing on the wall near Rogers.  Turning to the Unicorn he smiled; “you can go check, if you don’t believe the sensors, but I think you’ll find the Bear’s just had another orgasm.”  Dynotaku chuckled and nodded; gesturing; “you can see it from here; his jism’s running down all over his balls.  Geez, that ursine shot a wadd… if he’s not careful he’s going to slip in i…. Too late.”


Tanj heard the announcement to hold her position.  Leaning against a wall she tried hard not to think about the vibrators in pussy and ass.  She must be getting close; the vibrations were getting stronger……


Rogers groaned as the Unicorn led the Bear back to the starting place.  They’d been so close!


“OK, Tanj, you can move again; Straight ahead about four… make that five steps… there you go, now turn to your right… a little more… that’s it.  Straight ahead….”  Zassa frowned, trying to concentrate, trying to ignore the worries that were threatening to send her into a panic.  She’d deal with it later.  She would NOT fail her friend.  “OK, you’re in the same corridor as the remote.  Straight ahead…. Two more steps… Stop!  Its to your left, about four feet out.  Shuffle sideways, and I’ll tell you when to stop….”


Rogers sighed; “OK, Boris, you’re going to have to move fast; she’s only a few feet from it.  Doesn’t mean much; the vibrations must be driving her crazy, and she still hasn’t actually touched it.  Left, No, you idiot, your OTHER left… yeah, that’s it, now HURRY!


Boris whimpered as the toys tormented him; he’d thought he’d have a moment respite, but he’d forgotten how sensitive he got right after cumming, and if anything, the sensations were significantly more distracting….


Tanj whimpered into her gag; the vibrations were driving her crazy; she wanted to cum SOOOO bad….  But Mistress said no, and she couldn’t… If she disobeyed, she’d be punished… but if she was good, she might be rewarded…..  what was that person saying?  Left?  Slowly she shuffled her feet side to side, moving…..


“Boris, Turn RIGHT, and MOVE as fast as you can!  She’s within sight!  See if you can… no, never mind, you can’t see.  I’m going to try and crash you into her; maybe you can get her disoriented enough so she can’t find the gizmo…


Zassa gasped as the bear started moving faster and faster; he was leaning forwards like a toppling tree, his feet barely keeping up.. and he was headed straight for Tanj.  And Tanj was standing right over the remote!  “Tanj!  QUICK!  Drop to the ground!  HURRY!”


Tanj heard the words, but it took a second for it to register.  Finally reacting to the urgency in the Vixen’s voice she tried hard to fall exactly where she was….  She’d barely hit the floor when something else hit her, HARD.


Boris felt his feet hit something soft, and then he was flying forward.  The floor hit him like a runaway ice cream truck, and for a moment he was stunned.


Tanj gasped and panted; something large and VERY heavy was laying across her, and something small and sharp was pressing into her side; squirming she tried hard to extricate herself….


“Tanj, I can’t see the remote; it must be under you… or him.  See if you can find it; I’m afraid I can’t do anything to help until I can SEE it!  Sure hope he didn’t kick it into a corner somewhere….”


“Boris!  BORIS!  Dammit, Bear if you’ve knocked yourself out I’m going to beat you silly!  WAKE UP!”


Boris never heard a word of it; in his stunned condition, somehow, the toys got the better of him, driving him into his third and final orgasm of the event.


Tanj squirmed, trying to extricate herself.  The vibrators were going wild; if she could JUST get some relief from them…. As she moved, something small and square slid past her fingers.  A dim portion of her brain remembered; “if you get that, you can turn off the vibrators; then you might be able to think clearly!  Fumbling, she got ahold of the box with one paw and used the other one to feel around it.  There, there was the button.  She pushed it, and thankfully, the droning of the vibrators stopped.  Ah, what blessed peace!  Now, what was it she was supposed to be doing?


Hinoki howled and pounded the Unicorn on the back; “She did it; SHE DID IT!  WHOOPEE!”


Rogers blinked as all sorts of horns and lights went off.  Something had happened, but what?  Maybe, with luck, the station was under attack.  That’d be better than the Cheetah having found the remote.


Zassa whimpered slightly as the vibrations stopped.  She hadn’t wanted them to stop; she’d wanted to climax.  To cum.  To get her release!  Suddenly it was very important that she get OUT of that chair, out of the harness; she HAD to find out, to make sure she could still function!


Wanda noted the Vixen’s struggles; it wasn’t at all like her; nudging Kath she pointed; “Something’s wrong; I think she needs our help…..”


Tanj sighed, holding the remote with both paws.  The Bear was still on top of her; she couldn’t seem to escape, bound the way she was.  But it didn’t seem to matter.  She’d won.  Hadn’t she?  But now what?


Dynotaku pulled the limp and sweaty Cheetah fem from under the Bear’s legs.  The Bear, for his part, was lying quietly, breathing hard.  Unbuckling the head harness, pulling the gag out, the Unicorn grinned; “Congradulations, Ms. Ky, you have won the duel.”


Wanda watched with alarm as Zassa desperately stripped off the last of her restraints; as soon as her paws had been freed, she’d been moving with an almost frantic desperation.  Looking around with wild eyes, she spotted one of the crowd, a young male Ocelot, who had been watching, raptly.  With a rather ferocious “Yeah, you’ll do” the Vixen literally pounced him, driving him to the floor.  As a crowd of chuckling onlookers gathered, the Vixen yanked down the Ocelot’s pants, freeing his shaft, and proceeded to mount him.


Kath nudged Wanda; “Mistress…. What’s WRONG with her?”  Wanda shrugged; “I have no idea…..”


Hinoki pulled the harness off the Bear’s head; as soon as the gag was out of his mouth, he was growling; “She Cheated!  It wasn’t a fair contest! Dammit, I tell you she CHEATED!”


Dynotaku sighed, and shook his head; they were all standing in the middle of the maze, watching the big overhead monitors.  The tapes had been played three times, to the crowd’s immense amusement.  “You keep saying she cheated, and yet I seen no evidence of that.  There were no illegal radio signals to her, but that would have been unnecessary as her second never climaxed.  And her second has proven…”  The Unicorn glanced up at the parapet around the maze, where Zassa was being fucked from behind by a rather large Black Wolf.  “…and apparently is continuing to prove that she has no trouble climaxing when she wants to.  All the toys in the Cheetah’s harness worked correctly.  You’ve had a blood test, and its come back clean of anything that might make you supersensitive, or more likely to loose control.  All the other contestants have had blood tests too and they came back clean as well!  If there was any evidence of cheating, I can’t find it, and as near as I can tell, neither can anyone else.  Face it, you’ve LOST.  And THAT is my final ruling.”  The Unicorn turned, to poke a finger into the Bear’s chest; “And if you prove to be a sore looser, I’ll PERSONALLY see that you regret it!”


Sarr shook her head and sighed.  It was a setback, but the entire affair HAD delayed things a bit.  If her group had followed her instructions, their tracks would be concealed, the trail occluded.  The delay should have given them enough time that any challenge Jenka might bring against them could be laughed off for lack of evidence.  Pity about the Bear though.  Turning she started moving through the crowd towards one of the exits.


Chris watched Sarr start to slip away, and moved to follow, sure she was in on all of this.  He’d gone about three steps, when a black-furred hand caught him.  Turning in surprise, he found himself looking in to Jenka’s face.  She was wearing a grim smile; “Let her go, Chris; now’s not the time.”  The Fox blinked; “Let her GO?  Why?  She’s probably the one behind all this!”  Jenka nodded and smiled, showing fangs; “No doubt.  While you’ve been having fun here, I’ve been doing some impromptu “auditing”.  Tanj’s consultants arrived, and we’ve turned up some very interesting things, too.”  The Jaguar grinned, a very predatory grin; “And you haven’t been the only ones distracted by all of this…  It seems Sarr’s people weren’t quite as quick, or as thorough in covering their tracks as she would have liked.”  Chris nodded; “Great, but why…..”  Jenka chuckled; “Simple.  We’re going to apply a little pressure and see who she runs to.  All the strands of the web seem to lead to her, but I have my doubts she’s the mastermind.  We’ll let her twist in the wind for a bit, and if worse comes to worse, we’ll try and get it out of her the hard way.”  The Fox, a grim look on his face, just nodded.


Hinoki stripped the collar off the Bear, and replaced it with one of the Black Fleet’s generic, disposable ones.  The Bear looked as if he was ready to chew nails and spit tacks, but he did as the Cheetah bade him.  Probably because Dynotaku, and several hundred others, were still watching.  When all the gear had been unbuckled, unstrapped, extracted, and removed, the cheetah used a simple wire-tie to bind the Bear’s paws in front of him.  Snapping a leash to the collar, Hinoki muttered; “OK, lets get you bedded down for the night; you’ve had a big day and I bet you could use some rest.”  Tugging on the leash, the Cheetah led the Bear towards the Black Fleet’s slave kennels.  “By the way Hinoki” Dynotaku called after the departing duo, holding up the harnesses the contestants had been wearing. “I, uh… I’m going to keep these.” He grinned.  “If Mrs. Ky wants them back, she knows where to find me.”


Boris moved mechanically, one foot in front of the other.  He couldn’t believe this.  This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be.  And he’d be danged if he’d take it lying down!  Besides, he knew the penalty for failure in Sarr’s organization….  Someone might “off” him while he was helpless in one of those kennels.  One of those little kennels….. He could almost feel the walls closing in on him already.  Watching the Cheetah walk ahead of him, he started to formulate a plan.


Hinoki felt the momentary resistance on the leash, heard the Bear grunt, heard the snap as the wire tie parted.  He’d been expecting something, and moving on the balls of his feet, he turned to look at the Bear.  The Bear, for his part, grabbed the leash and PULLED.  Hinoki yelped as he was yanked up hard against the Bear.


Bruno grinned, and hugged the Cheetah TIGHT, squeezing.  As his breath wheezed out, the Cheetah gasped; “And here I didn’t think you cared!”  Bruno’s eyes went wide and he growled, squeezing harder.  Just as the Cheetah was about to pass out, he released him.  The leash was short, but he still managed to inexpertly hog-tie the Cheetah, his arms pulled painfully back to meet his ankles.  Looking around, the Bear spotted a maintenance room.  Lifting the Cheetah by his bound paws and feet, he carried him to the door, all but throwing him through it.  Turning Bruno strode off in the direction of the residential section.  He’d have to move fast before the alarm was raised.  For a moment he wondered if he should have just snapped the scrawny cat’s neck.  No, a naked Bear who was known by the whole station to have lost would be more of a giveaway than anything the Cheetah could say, if he ever got loose.  Putting it out of his mind, the Bear made tracks.  And killing him might just make it worse, should he be caught.


Hinoki squirmed; the Bear was a rank amateur, and if he couldn’t get out of this hogtie in under five minutes, he’d… well, he’d be a monkey’s uncle.  Growling to himself, fingers tugging at tight knots, he worked at freeing himself.  The Bear had been all too predictable.


Chris slid the door to the maintenance room open and looked at the squirming Cheetah, the stunner dangling from his right paw.  “Glad to see he didn’t kill you after all.”  Hinoki chuckled; “That’s what you were there to prevent, right?”  Chris just grinned and slid the door closed; “Have fun with the straps; I’ll tell Tanj where you can be found.  In the morning.”


Hinoki worked another knot loose and just laughed at the closed door; “Yeah, riiiiight; tell her I’ll be in my bed; she can join me there!”


Bruno ignored the stares, as he strode through the corridors.  He could hear whispers, muttered comments, some of them questioning, others rude, some insulting.  By the time he made it to his quarters, he felt as if steam was coming out of his ears, he was so mad.  Punching in the access code, he stared in disbelief as the keypad told him access was denied.  He tried the code again, and got the same message.  With an angry growl, he hauled off and kicked the door as hard as he could.


Sarr frowned.  The security program on the department computer was good, the one she’d installed as a backup was better, and both looked untouched.  However the tertiary system, which logged keystrokes showed that someone very skilled had gotten past both of them.  They were on to her.  Well, that was no real surprise.  In fact if anything she was surprised it had taken them this long.  Telling the computer to wipe itself, she started making preparations for the final confrontation.  There was a slim, but still finite possibility that she could escape and evade.


Still limping, Bruno slipped through the door to the “property” section.  Sarr hadn’t been in her quarters, so she must be here.  She HAD to be here; he couldn’t think of anywhere else she’d be….


Jenka watched the Bear slip through the door on the security monitor and nodded; “See where he went.  That should be damning enough on its own.  Now, lets see what happens when he finds her.”


Boris gave the powered door a shove, not patient enough to wait for it to get out of his way.  Gears screeched and a small wisp of smoke came out from the doorjam, all unnoticed as he pushed through into Sarr’s office.  “Sarr!  Dammit Sarr, you were supposed to HELP me.”  Sarr looked up from the duffle she was stuffing and sighed; “good help is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to find!….  Bruno what are you DOING?”  The bear growled; “Trying to keep from being that Cheetah Bitch’s fucking SLAVE, that’s what.  I WASN’T SUPPOSED TO LOOSE!”  Sarr shrugged; “you had more to do with that than anyone.  We did everything we could, and you still botched it!”  The Bear shook his head; “Couldn’t have been me; I’m BETTER than that; they must have cheated somehow!  And that damned Referee you bribed was too stupid to see it!”  Sarr shrugged; “OK, so we failed.  Now that you’ve obviously slipped away from your new keepers, what are you going to do?  Oh, by the way, thanks for coming here; if there was ever any doubt, you’ve just led them right to me!”  Bruno huffed; “no way; I wasn’t followed, and if you hadn’t noticed, I’m NAKED; there’s no bugs or tracking devices on ME!”  Sarr shook her head; “You never considered the security cameras, I suppose?  I guess not; most people forget about them, they’re so ubiquitous.  Still, I suppose I really should be grateful that you did escape, and come here.  It’ll save me the trouble of detouring through the slave kennels on the way out.”  Bruno straightened and nodded; “Glad you see it that way; now, what’s the escape plan?”  Sarr chuckled; “Well, we start like this….”  Reaching into the duffle, Sarr produced a strange looking device.  It vaguely resembled a pistol; pointing at the puzzled bear, she pulled the trigger.


The Bear wobbled, and then fell, hitting the floor with a thump.  Sarr stepped forward and peered into the bear’s eyes.  Taking a pocket flash, she flicked the light over his face, and nodded in satisfaction as his pupils contracted.  Pocketing the gizmo, she picked up her duffle, and stepped through the still open door, leaving the bear behind her.


Jenka frowned; “Was that what I thought it was?”  Before Tanj could answer, Kath spoke; “Yes, Mistress.  Although I’ve never seen one outside Imperial Security.”  Chris shook his head; “I’ve never seen anything like that.  Is he dead?”  Kath shook her head; “No, Master.  He’s…. his brain’s been wiped.  All memory is gone.  He’s still alive, but essentially he’s like a newborn infant.  I doubt he even has bladder control.”  Tanj winced; “OK, we’re going to have to take her down, but very carefully.  I don’t want her to use that thing again!”  Jenka laughed ;”Of course; in fact, I’ve got it all set up…..”





Sarr waited what seemed to be an impossible length of time, for the lock to cycle.  She’d had codes inserted in the traffic control computer almost since she’d arrived, in preparation for this eventuality.  The authorization for her to launch, on Black Fleet Business would be ready and waiting; the traffic controller should give her a green light.  And after she’d launched, the traffic control computer should go haywire, inhibiting, but probably not eliminating any pursuit.  All she had to do was to stay ahead of the pursuit….  Pity she hadn’t been able to hack into the defense grid.  As she stared at the lock controls, she frowned; the fringes of the bar of red light, sloooowly creeping across the panel, indicating the progress of the cycling, was looking a little strange.  Fuzzy.  Wavy.  Dancing…  Drugs; she was being drugged!  They must be pumping something into the air system.  Dropping to her knees she fumbled with the closure to her duffle.


Tanj jumped as the monitor in the airlock blinked out; a second later, a dull thud rumbled through the floor.  Chris sighed, and pushed a button on the intercom; “Housekeeping?  Cleanup in Airlock C-6……” 


Jenka shook her head; “I’m surprised…” 


Kath sighed; “I’m not, Mistress.  Its exactly the kind of thing I was trained to do, if in a situation like that.” 


Tanj nodded; “The whole operation was just a little too coordinated, a little too sophisticated, for an outfit like this.  I think we need to look for outside “influences…” 


Kath nodded; “AND be on the lookout for whoever she reported to…” 


Jenka winced; “you mean you also think there’s more?”  It wasn’t really a question.




Tanj looked at the two security furrs and nodded; “OK, lets not have a repeat of the last one.  I want him immobilized before he can do anything.” 


The two furrs, one a rather heavily scarred Kangaroo, the other a well-muscled Puma looked at each other and nodded.  They didn’t want a repeat either; their mate, a rather large Tiger, was now in Medical, with the Doctors picking shrapnel out of his hide.  The Meerkat from accounting had met them at the door, with a grenade in her hand.  She was dead, and only the Tiger’s body armor had saved him.  It was their third suicide as they tried to round up the suspects for interrogation.


At the Cheetah’s nod, the Kangaroo punched in the override code, and the Puma charged through the door as it opened, stunner at the ready.  The Kangaroo followed.  A long moment later, the ‘roo growled; “Its OK, Ma’am, you can come in.” 


Tanj stuck her head through the door, and winced.  Someone had lost bladder control.  Their quarry, the Raccoon from Purchasing, was laying on the bed, quite dead.  A bottle of something was clutched in his right paw, and a spilled glass of water was on the bed next to him.  Tanj sighed; “Call Medical, tell them I want a full autopsy.  There probably isn’t anything left to find, but lets go through this place with a fine toothed comb anyways….




Tokkie slumped in the chair, panting hard.  He was naked, the leather straps biting hard into his wrists, ankles and waist.  The interrogators hadn’t been particularly rough with him, because he hadn’t tried to hold anything back.  He’d heard what’d happened to Sarr.  There wasn’t any point, anymore.  Besides he didn’t KNOW anything; nothing important anyways.  There’d been just enough drugs, just enough shocks, just enough pain to make sure he wasn’t lying, but even that had been more than he’d ever anticipated.  Now they’d stopped for a moment, and he was savoring the chance to get his breath back.  He never noticed when the Cheetah walked into the room.


The German Shepherd shrugged; “No, no trouble at all, Tanj.  He’s singing like a canary.  Problem is, he just doesn’t know much.  Lowest level functionary.  Carried out assignments without ever knowing why the tasks were being done.  Still, the information is helping us pull some of the chronology together.” 


Tanj looked at the furr tied into the interrogation chair, and winced.  There was a puddle of urine underneath it.  She didn’t think they’d done anything to him that had made him loose bladder control; it probably just meant that he’d been there so long he just couldn’t hold it in any longer.  Getting prisoners to foul themselves like that, to humiliate themselves in such a manner was an ancient interrogation trick. 


Turning back to the Shepherd she sighed; “All right, when you’re sure you’ve gotten everything useable out of him, take him down to the kennels with the others.  We’re going to get them off the station just as soon as possible.” 


The Shepherd raised an eyebrow; “you’re wholesaling them?  Aren’t you afraid one of them might find their way back some day, seeking revenge?” 


Tanj smiled and rose to tiptoes to whisper in his ear; “We want to see if anyone comes to their aid.  If someone does, it’ll tell us a lot; if no one does, that also tells us stuff.” 


The Shepherd nodded, frowning slightly.  These Intelligence types were a strange group.  He much preferred straight, simple policework.





The Squirrel was young, female and pretty.  Her slender build belied her capabilities with the Black Fleet’s security force, sometimes known as the “enforcers”…  Jenka watched her come through the door and knew it wasn’t good news. 


“Ma’am, I’m afraid none of the ones we took alive know a damn thing.  They appear to have been “local hires”, promised riches and power when they took over from you.  They know a few parts of the puzzle, but mostly its nothing that we didn’t already know, or suspect.” 


Jenka nodded; “you’re sure of your answers?” 


The Squirrel nodded; “Yes Ma’am; the chemical interrogation techniques, coupled with the psychological regime has a very high veracity rating.”  She grinned wickedly, a look completely out of place on so pretty a face; “And the threat of physical torture usually helps as well; in this case we didn’t, ah, actually have to get our paws dirty though.  They all sang like canaries.” 


Jenka nodded; “I understand one died…” 


The Squirrel nodded and shrugged; “The old Dog from accounting.  Heart failure.  We don’t think it was anti-interrogation programming, we think we just, well, laid it on a bit heavy, that’s all.” 


Jenka nodded; “Thanks.”




Tanj watched Wanda spoon-feed the bear.  It was… bizarre.  He looked for all the world like a 250 kilo baby.  Wanda  took another spoonful of mashed potatoes and held it out; the Bear leaned forward eagerly, almost pulling the spoon from Wanda’s paw as he licked it clean.  “I’ve kept to soft foods, as I’m not sure he’s figured out chewing yet.” 


Tanj nodded; “So what do we DO with him?” 


Wanda shrugged; “He’s learning awful fast.  Probably faster even than a normal infant.  We could probably have him back to something useful in, oh, ten years or so.” 


Tanj winced; “I’m not sure we can handle such a long-term commitment….” 


Wanda nodded; “True; that’s why I’ve arranged for him to see a specialist.  There’s this lady that specializes in disorders of this type, although I doubt she’s ever encountered a memory loss this severe.  She might be able to help him.  And if not, there are folks that might want to “adopt” him….” 


Hinoki shoveled some more mashed potatoes onto the Bear’s plate, and nodded; “but I’d hate to dump him on some unsuspecting good Samaritan… what if he reverts to his previous personality and tendencies?” 


Wanda smiled; “Ah, that gets us back to the age-old argument about genetics versus environment.  I can’t say.  Only time will tell, if raised and treated correctly, if he’d wind up being like he was, or if he’d be someone a little more….  Agreeable.” 


Tanj nodded; “Well, we got enough money from his “acquisition” to pay for some treatments.  Where do we have to go to see this specialist?”


End of the Dueling Culture


Tanj stood at the head of the conference table and looked over the furrs watching her.  They were a motley group, and for a moment she had a pang of homesickness for the Brethren.  Where were they?  Had they really survived?  She hoped so.


“OK, I’m here to brief you on the recent plot to overthrow the current management of the Black Fleet.  The reason you should care, is that in order to build tension, and resentment against the current management, OF WHICH YOU ARE A PART, the conspirators purposefully siphoned off funds, and assets that SHOULD have gone into YOUR pockets.  We’ll start with the situation in Accounting first, and then move on to Purchasing, and then to those in charge of fencing booty…..”


As she talked, Tanj watched the faces and body language of her audience.  Some of them appeared outraged.  Some of them didn’t seem to care.  A few didn’t even seem to understand.  And some had calculating looks on their faces, looks that suggested they were wishing THEY’D thought of that…..  But that one, the Jackal, he seemed to be watching the others in the room too, as if gauging their reactions, assessing who might or might not be allies….  That one, the Jackal, Tanj started to wonder, and worry about…


“But its all over now, right?  You caught some, and the rest committed suicide, right?” the Hyena growled.  Tanj nodded slowly; “We’ve rounded up, and accounted for every one we were able to identify.  There are…. “suggestions” however, that this was merely one cell, or at most several cells of a much larger effort.”  The Hyena leaned forward; “got any hard proof of that?”  Tanj shook her head no.  The Hyena sat back in his seat; “Then there’s no reason for us to pursue it further.  Hostile takeovers are a fact of life in an organization like this.  Hell, its half the fun!”  He turned to look directly at Jenka; grinning he growled; “How else you supposed to get ahead in the organization?”  Around the room there were muttered agreements, and nodding heads. 


Tanj smiled; “True… but let me show you exactly  how much all of this has cost you….


“…. And the time lost, the man-hours alone lost to the dueling in the past few days adds up to over 20,000 credits.  Efficiency is at an all-time low.”  The Hyena waved a paw; “yeah, but what can you do about it?”  Tanj grinned; “Simple; we make a few changes to the rules on dueling.  Tell me, have you ever heard of an ancient city known as Heidlburg?”




The Hyena frowned; “Let me get this straight.  Duels for honor only.  No death.  No winner take all.”  He looked around the room, and then back at Tanj; “so why should anyone go for this?  Where’s the fun?”


Tanj grinned back, a ferral, wicked grin; “in Blood.  You can’t kill your opponent, but you can leave your mark on him for all time.  A mark that will tell the world that HE lost.”  Tanj held up the dueling helmet, and after a moment of fumbling, pulled it on.  She turned to look at the Hyena; “as you can see, the eyes and the nose are protected, as is the jaw.  Cheeks and ears are quite vulnerable.  But those are not critical pieces of the anatomy.  A looser will have no excuse for not being at work the following shift. And if you use the appropriate weapon, it’ll leave a NASTY scar.”  Grinning at the Hyena the cheetah chuckled; “I have another helmet here, and a suitable set of togs; would you care for me to demonstrate?  On YOU?”


As the Hyena looked doubtful, Jenka chuckled; “Competency with edged weapons is a vital skill among boarding parties.  Projectile weapons and worse, energy weapons, can ruin the resale value of a prize ship.  And sudden decompression can threaten the boarding party.  These new rules will encourage competency in skills we can use.”


Tanj hefted the cutlass; it had a serrated, almost cross-cut edge; she lifted it and ran it, vertically, over her left cheek, the blade barely disturbing the guard hairs of her fur, as she grinned at the Hyena; “think you’ve got what it takes?  Think you’ve got the guts?”  After a moment her grin softened; “Think you’d like to watch two furrs go at it, each after the other’s blood?”


Jenka looked around the table; about six different conversations were going on….  In one corner, LaBlatt was waving one of the cutlasses, with what she thought HE must have thought was dashing flair.  One swipe made Krueger jump back, the tigress hissing in rage.  Half way around the table, the Hyena had pulled one of the dueling helmets over his head.  Deep in thought  he ran one finger down over his cheek; it was obvious that the helmet wouldn’t keep someone from slicing him, but in the same way, it would keep the cut from running too deep.  You could see it on his face; he knew it would hurt, and yet it would be survivable.  AND bloody…..  he looked thoughtful.  Thinking enough was enough, she cleared her throat… and when that failed to gain anyone’s attention she brought the hilt of the Saber she held down on the table.  “ALLRIGHT, lets put it to a vote.  Dueling rules to be amended as per Tanj’s recommendations.  All in favor?”


Tanj counted paws.  Eight.  Eight out of fifteen voting members.  She’d won.


The Jackal turned and tapped LaBlatt on the shoulder; “All right, you mangy curr, I’ve been putting up with your foolishness for FAR too long.  Sir, I challenge you!”


Tanj sighed; or maybe not….  Wondering if either of those two knew how to handle a blade she tapped the comm built into the conference table in front of her, calling Wanda and asking her to alert the emergency room….




Roland hefted the blade, and smiled.  Moving smoothly, he slid into the correct posture, weight on his right leg, bent underneath him, left leg out in front, left hand behind him for balance.  Moving swiftly and with all the assurance of an assembly robot following pre-programmed instructions, he advanced, thrust, riposted, parried and withdrew, his sword flashing against an imaginary opponent.


Horton watched the Badger move; the locker room wasn’t really big enough for this sort of thing, and was too crowded to boot, but the Badger’s blade didn’t come anywhere near any of his teammates.  As he returned the blade to a vertical position, just off his muzzle, the Badger grinned in satisfaction. 


“looks as if you know how to handle that thing.” 


Roland turned to look at the elephant; “Yeah, I’ve had some training.” 


Horton nodded; “um…. Think you might give me a few lessons?  I have a sneaking suspicion it might be a handy thing to know.” 


Roland nodded; “Yeah, I might find some time…..” 


Sliding the Saber into its scabbard, he replaced it in his locker; it would be tempting to strap it on and swagger a little… but that probably wouldn’t be prudent.  No point in asking for trouble.




Tanj smiled and squatted a little; the “joystick” slid into her pussy, making her gasp.  Grinning, she straightened, and turned to face the Jaguar; “Ready Mistress.”  Jenka smiled; “sorry you’ll never get to play this game for real stakes?”  Tanj chuckled; “no, Mistress.  I’m delighted we no longer have to risk life, freedom, or fortune to defend our honor.”  Sobering a little, she sighed; “And I’m glad we’ve knocked our enemies back a notch, although I fear we haven’t seen the last of them.  I DO wish I knew what this was all about though; somehow it seems as if they’re after more than just control of the Black Fleet…..”


Jenka swayed to the left, her virtual fighter making a broad, sweeping turn.  “Oh, I think we’ve got it under control for the moment; I’m not overly concerned.  You know you would have been close to unbeatable in a duel like this.  Pity.  The world will never know how good you are.” 


Tanj chuckled; “Oh, I dunno; we could start a league…. Wednesday night competitions.  Trophy to the winner at the end of the season…..  Might even spread through the empire.  Imagine Pro teams, and the finals on the Imperial home world!” 


Jenka just laughed; “If anyone could pull that off, it would have to be you!”



Things on elysium:




Kukendall pressed the wad of used bubblegum against the underside of the table.  Or at least it LOOKED like a wad of used gum; it actually contained a small, and very generic listening device.  Wiping his paws on his napkin, he took a sip of coffee and waited.  They should be here soon…


Trish scanned the restaurant, eyes moving more than her head, as she tried to look for Kukendall, without seeming to be looking for someone.  Dana spotted him first, nudging the Tigress.  “Over there; second booth from the left along the wall.”  Trish turned and followed in Dana’s wake as she made her way towards the booth.


Kukendall watched them settle into the seat opposite him.  They both looked tense, worried.  After the waiter came, and took their orders, Trish looked at Kukendall; “OK, so what’s the next task?  What are we going to have to do to earn our next dose?” 


Kukendall smiled; “Actually, nothing.” 


Dana gasped; “you mean…. You’re abandoning us?” 


Kukendall smiled and shook his head; “no, nothing of the sort.  In fact, I’ve got good news.  It seems there’s been a breakthrough.  They’ve found a way to negate the poison.  We’ve decided that you two have done more than enough, and that any further action would put you at risk.  I’ve been authorized to give you the antidote, the permanent antidote, and turn you loose.”


Trish just stared at Kukendall.  Was he telling the truth?  He could slip them a slow-acting poison, one that would leave them dead, and able to tell no tales….  Or it could be a placebo, something that would let the insidious poison rob them of their lives, while he made good his escape.  But if that had been his intention, he could have just slipped away at any time, couldn’t he?  Looking him straight in the eye, the Tigress growled; “how do we know we can believe you?”


Kukendall just shrugged.  Reaching into his pocket, he produced three small vials, each containing an orange liquid.  “you two each select one.  I’ll drink the third to prove its not harmful”  And then we can have lunch, and go our separate ways.  That’s all there is to it.”


Dana picked up one of the vials and looked at it.  Its cap was sealed; the liquid was clear, and beyond that, totally unremarkable.  Reflecting on it, she realized that she SHOULD take it to the State, so that they could synthesize the antidote, to prevent anyone else from being coerced in this manner…..  But that’d probably leave her without the permanent antidote; there wasn’t much in the jar, just a few mils.  And she knew what that would doom her too.  Besides, if she told all to the state, they’d probably arrest her.  Then she wouldn’t need the antidote; she’d probably be executed in some dark, dank basement somewhere.  And had what they’d done been so wrong?  They’d brought a criminal to justice, even if they’d had to force the issue! 


Trish watched Dana from the corner of her eye.  The Otteress was obviously having an internal argument over what was the right thing to do.  The same thoughts had probably flashed through her own mind, but she’d come to believe that the work they’d done, no matter how forced, had been the right thing to do, and had only revealed the true rot of the Party.  Grabbing one of the other vials, she broke the seal  with a clawtip, flipped the lid off, and downed it at a gulp.


Dana watched the Tigress’ almost convulsive movements, and smiled.  Removing the lid from her own vial, she poured it into her mouth.  It tasted of licorice… and something almost like plastic.  Setting the vial down, she watched in surprise as it sagged, melting into a funny gray puddle…..  No traces to hand over to state security.  Oh well……


Lunch was a muted affair, each lost in their own thoughts.  After taking the last spoonful of his Chili con carne, Kukendall placed some bills on the tabletop; “Ladies, I won’t say its been fun working with you, but it has been rewarding.  Best of luck in resuming your lives.”  Giving them a small bow, he rose, and gathering his topcoat, moved through the restaurant, and out the door.


Trish watched him go.  Somehow, she was almost sad.  She regretted ever meeting him, regretted what he’d done to her, but in many ways, he’d been more honest with her than many of the supposedly upright people she worked with.  And it had been exciting…..


Dana sighed; “So now what do we do?”  Trish shrugged; “we pick up where we left off, I guess….  I think if we told anyone what we’ve done, they’d never believe it, and if they did believe us, I think we’d be in trouble.”  Dana nodded; “Yeah….”  After a moment she sighed again; “but…  well, I think we can both agree, the goals of the revolution haven’t exactly been reached.  There’s been a lot left undone, and a lot that hasn’t been done right.”  Trish nodded; “Yeah, but what can WE do about it?”  Dana chuckled; “I’m not sure, but look what we’ve done so far; would you have ever believed it?”  The Tigress shook her head; “no…..  It is hard to believe, isn’t it?”  Dana nodded; “I guess… well, how can we NOT fight to correct the wrongs?  Isn’t that what the whole revolution was about?”  Trish sipped her coffee and sighed; “I guess so….  So what do we do?”


Kukendall smiled, and removed the earplug from his left ear.  It would be a simple thing for one of the burgeoning resistance cells to recruit those two.  He’d pass their names along, through the chain of command.  As he walked down the street, he considered his next assignment.  He really DID hate his work.  Hated doing these things to the people he needed.  But it all was for a higher good, wasn’t it?  Running his fingers over the vials in his right coat pocket he sighed, and turned towards the transit station.  He had other assignments, pressing assignments, other jobs to do, other people to coerce.  Maybe someday it’d be over.  Maybe.


Amelia Kennedy


Amelia watched her quarry carefully, using her best tradecraft.  With luck, the Reds soldier she was watching would never know she was there; with luck no one would ever make the connection that she was watching someone.  She’d been pursuing this individual now, for several weeks, and she’d learned some VERY interesting things.  Yes, it looked as if her mission might be possible….. 


Sergeant Evi Rastovich looked over her shoulder.  It was the strangest thing; she could have sworn someone was looking at her….  It was a feeling she’d been getting a lot lately.  And yet, every time she turned around, it seemed as if it were just her imagination.  “Maybe paranoia comes with the job” she thought to herself.  Presenting her ID to the guard at the gate, she started the laborious process of passing through security at the weapons depot.  It was time to check on her babies…


Amelia laid out the outfit she’d wear, for phase one of the operation.  The dress was black and showed off her white fur quite nicely.  It had a sheen to it that made it look somewhere between leather and latex, without the discomforts of either.  It was cut low in front, lower in back, held in place with several thin straps, and its hemline was scandalously short.  That and the leather collar with the big chrome ring in front were all the Bunny would be wearing.  Combined with the correct attitude, it should be EXACTLY what it would take to draw her quarry’s attention.


Evi made a mark on her clipboard, nodding in satisfaction.  Each of the BTH-53A’s were within specs.  And that was a very good thing.  While her expertise was on the permissive action links that let the weapons actually be used, she was also charged with making sure that the rest of the package functioned correctly as well.  The incubators that kept the biological agents at the right temperature, and controlled their growth were all functioning correctly, as were the glass lined containment chambers and the nutrient feeds.  Pressure was within specs too, but there was no way to check the rupture disks that would vent the bugs to a destruct unit before the shell ruptured.  Or at least before the shell was SUPPOSED to rupture.  No, it wouldn’t do to have any one of her “babies” leak.  Wouldn’t do at ALL.  Moving over to a data terminal, she transferred the information from the clipboard to the computer, and then hanging the clipboard on the proper hook, she turned and headed for the airlock door.  Four hours of suiting up, an hour’s worth of work, and then another six hours decontamination.  All in a day’s work.  A long day’s work.  And she was so looking forward to quitting time.  This town had a club, a club she frequented when her duties took her to this arms depot…. A club that seemed to cater directly to her tastes…..  oh, of course it wasn’t “approved” of by the party, but it was tolerated.  Barely….


Amelia leaned against the bar, in what she hoped was a seductive pose; just the correct mix of defiance, and fear.  Her collar had brought several furrs sniffing by, to see if she would be interested in playing with them, but so far the key phrase; “I’m sorry, Master, but my Mistress said to wait for a specific individual” seemed to be successful in turning them away.  That was good, because she didn’t really want to hurt any of them, and besides, doing something THAT out of character would be sure to blow her cover.  So far, though, they were taking “no” for an answer.  Sipping her glass of water, she watched the door, waiting.  It was just a matter of time before her quarry arrived…..


“Sergeant, that’s SCARCELY regulation!”  Evi sighed and turned to face the Lieutenant that headed her section; “Nossir, but as my work is done tonight, I’m heading into town; civilian dress is permitted in such instances.”  The Lieutenant choked back a reply, his eyes traveling from her bust to her feet and back again; “You know, we haven’t…..”  Evi smiled cruelly; “No, Lieutenant, we haven’t.  I’m not sure you’ve been good enough to deserve another… try.” Swallowing hard, the Lieutenant nodded; “Ah… right.  Carry on, but be sure you’re back by the start of your shift in the morning!.”  As Evi turned smartly and marched towards the gate, the Lieutenant shook his head; the Bunny was covered from neck to toe in tight, black leather, a form-fitting cat suit that highlighted every curve.  And the riding crop she carried just completed the picture.  He knew what she was looking for, and it was a shame she couldn’t find it with him…..  But then, it probably wasn’t a good idea; it was difficult to remain in command when you longed to….  Besides, the party would NEVER understand…..  He knew he should report her, but somehow, he just couldn’t.  It was all just so damned tempting, not to mention frustrating.


Amelia saw the form move through the doorway, outlined for a moment against the glow of an outdoor streetlight, and swallowed.  For a brief second their eyes met, and then Amelia forced hers down, glancing at the floor.  For sure, she thought, she’s seen me.  But will she take the bait?  It seemed like forever, as she waited, occasionally sipping her water, occasionally lifting her eyes, to glance in what she hoped was mock fear and shocked surprise, at the activities on the club’s stage…….


Evi watched the scene for a moment; a rather large male Badger was putting a somewhat more slender female badger into a rather strict hogtie.  She watched his work with the ropes for a moment, nodding her head in approval at his neatness, efficiency, and expertise.  As he finished, to stand back, his sub started to squirm, as if trying to escape.  She watched for a moment, nodding in satisfaction as the bound female could barely move, and then let her eyes rove the crowd.  The chances of her finding a suitable playmate were almost zilch, but you never knew…..  Her personal finances were running thin this month, and she doubted she could rent a suitable slave to slake her thirsts.  And then her eyes moved over the Bunny.  For a moment it was almost as if she were staring at a mirror image of herself, not just reversed left to right, but reversed “top” to “bottom” as it were.  The skimpy, sexy, almost sluttish dress, and the thick collar screamed “SLAVE” and “TAKE ME!”  Smiling to herself, she let her eyes move on, passing around the room.  There were the usual assortment of devotees, some for bondage, some for dominance, and a few, it would appear, by the clothespins and clamps, for sadism and/or masochism.  However, there appeared to be danged few unattached individuals, and all of those looked like doms, or at least wanna-be doms.  Moving up to the bar, Evi ordered a drink, letting her eyes flick over the Bunny again, in the mirror behind the bar.  It was obvious she was waiting, but waiting for what?  Her Master, or Mistress?


Amelia watched the Bunny from the corner of her eye, and occasionally from the reflection in the chromed juke box.  She wasn’t sure, but it certainly LOOKED as if she were being stalked….  Good.  Patience.  Quietly she shifted in her seat, trying to look a little nervous, as if she'd never been in a place quite like this before.


Evi glanced at the clock; it’d been almost an hour, and no one had moved forward to claim the girl.  It was obvious her Master or Mistress hadn’t just gone to the bathroom, or run some errand.  It was also obvious that being here wasn’t HER idea.  More likely some Master or Mistress, displeased with some mis-deed had decided to humiliate her pet.  But what had the instructions been?  There was only one way to find out.


Amelia felt someone move up close behind her, and tried hard not to smile.  The voice in her ear was a whisper; “What were your Master’s Instructions?”  Amelia kept her eyes down, her demeanor meek, and muttered; “Mistress, my Mistress’ instructions were to follow the orders of the first Mistress that leashed me; the only constraint was that I was to be home by morning, and able to perform my duties.”


Evi felt her eyes widen, and only barely kept her jaw from dropping, unable to believe her good fortune.  Not only someone willing to play with her, but someone already used to pleasing a female!  OK, so maybe she wasn’t completely willing, but she would be at least compliant. 


Nodding, Evi leaned forward again; “I’ll leash you, if you prove worthy.  I have to determine if you’ll obey my instructions.” 


Amelia kept her head down an d nodded; “Yes, Mistress”.


Evi thought furiously; this MIGHT be some sort of trap, but how to determine if it was?  She was more afraid of the Party’s “Morals” squads than the Enemy.  But Caution warred with her lusts, and lost. 


Leaning forward again, she whispered; “Slave, I want you to wait until the stage is empty, and then move to its center.  I want you to dance for us.  Dance as sensually as you can, and in the process, loose that ridiculous dress.  When the music stops I want you to fall to your knees; you know the position.  I want you to masturbate, so everyone can see, but I don’t want you to cum until I give you permission.  Is that understood?” 


Amelia smiled to herself, as she let her body stiffen, and her eyes go wide; she even managed to get some of her fur to bristle, as if the idea of doing something like that in front of strangers was inconceivable.  Finally she managed to choke out “Yes, Mistress”, although it wasn’t from fear, but difficulty in repressing laughter.  She had her fish hooked, now all she had to do was to reel her in….


As the current scene drew to a close, Amelia ran over the various dance routines in her mind.  It took a while for the Moose to untie his pet from the whipping post; the Zebra mare seemed barely able to stand.  Amelia found it a funny combination; black and white stripes with an occasional slash of red….  And yet the Zebra seemed to have transcended the physical pain, and achieved a state of almost rapture.  What some folks did for fun…..  When they’d departed, to the scattered applause of the crowd, she mounted the steps, to stand in the spotlight, paws at her side, feet slightly apart, eyes fixed on a spot on the floor just in front of her feet….


 Evi grinned at the Bunny, and moved over to the Juke box.  It accepted her credit stick, and she selected a song.  Turning, she took a chair, and setting it directly in front of the stage, sat down, leaning back, legs widespread, to watch.


Amelia faced the crowd, shifting to a more defiant stance as the music started.  Glancing down, she fastened her eyes to a spot between her quarry’s widespread feet.  Staring at that spot, her paws pressed to the tops of her thighs in front, she tried for her best seductive look.  Letting her fluffy tail lash left and right in time to the music, she gently started to sway.  As she moved, she pushed her paws down, along the silky material of her dress, until her fingers found the hem.  Then as the music shifted, she drew her paws up, lifting the hem, until it was barely concealing her sex.


Evi watched as the Bunny released the fabric; it had been drawn up just high enough so that the crowd now knew she wore nothing underneath.  Releasing the fabric, letting it fall, Amelia lifted her paws, trailing them up along her flanks, to trace the outline of her breasts, fingertips describing their roundness, stretching the thin fabric tight, until every contour was detailed.  Moving her feet together, and then one foot back, she spun suddenly, her tail flicking wildly as her paws again lifted the fabric of her dress, her bare backside coming into view.  Her hips swayed with the sudden livening of the music, the muscular hemispheres of her buttocks rubbing together in provocative suggestion.  Her arms crossed in front of her, under her breasts, her fingers visible on either side as it gathered the fabric of her dress, and then again the fabric was released, her arms uncrossing.


Amelia leaned back, her breasts pointing at the ceiling, as her paws moved to either side, again pulling up the back of her dress, fingers tracing the curves of her ass, squeezing softly, gentle squeezes of sun-ripened melons, sending the message that they’re luscious enough to bite into.  She stareed at the crowd boldly for a moment, grinning, her expression impish and teasing as she looked at her quarry upside-down….


Evi shifted in her seat, and frowned slightly; the Bunny was NOT behaving as a proper sub should; she was much too bold in her glances at the crowd.  And yet her dance was incredibly sexy.  Already she could feel her juices pooling inside the tight leather, between her thighs… but was it at the eroticism expressed by the dancing bunny, or the thought of touching up her attitude?  Maybe both…


Amelia let her body sway, back and forth, her fluffy tail flipping up and down, jerking the fabric of her dress, following the music, to give the crowd a teasing glimpse.  Checking her quarry’s expression, she smiled to herself.  Definitely hooked…..  Gathering the material of her dress, pulling it up to her waist, she swished the loose fabric back and forth as she turned, spinning, using it to occasionally obscure the view of her sex.  As the music reached a crescendo, she tugged the material down, throwing her other arm upwards, striking a pose; her sex was barely concealed, her raised arm served only to deepen her cleavage, and then as the music changed again, she started to shift back and forth, swaying in time with the rhythm. 


Evi swallowed hard as the Bunny slid one paw under the fabric of her dress, to caress a breast.  As if the touch of her paw could make her nipples stand out any more than they already were.  And  then she realized that the dancer’s other paw, concealed in the bunched fabric, was also busy, stroking her sex…..  The effect was obvious, evident in an occasional visible tremor, or break in the rhythm of the dance….  That wasn’t quite what she’d been told to do; she was supposed to masturbate AFTER the dance…. Another reason for a punishment, and yet, for the sheer eroticism of the dance, a reward would also be due…. It was going to be a VERY nice night!


Amelia pulled her paw from its not-so-secret occupation, the sparkle of her juices on her fingertips a dead giveaway.  Grinning at the crowd she shifted her paw to her muzzle, to suck upon her fingers, her face lost in a savory expression, as she expressed her needs, and her desires.  Grinning, staring straight at her quarry, Amelia stuffed her fingers wantonly, shamelessly into her mouth.


It was time; the crowd was shifting restlessly, and the quarry was looking just a little cross.  As much fun as it was to tease, it was time to move on.  Amelia gyrated in time with the music, and reaching down, arms crossed over her front, grabbed the hem of her dress, and pulled upwards.  The sound of tearing fabric was apparent, even over the blaring juke box, and Amelia let the ruined dress hang around her neck, scarcely concealing her.  Looking down at her nakedness, she made a surprised, almost shocked face, as she suddenly found herself naked; her paws slid down to cup her breasts, and then moved down, over flanks, and thighs, to stroke back up, back up to her crotch….  One paw remained there, to stroke herself lightly, wantonly, as the other returned to knead a breast…..


Evi swallowed hard, wondering suddenly if she’d even be able to extract the Bunny from the club after a performance like this.  None of the other doms, at least none worth their salt, would want to let a find like this go…..  SHE certainly wouldn’t… Ah, but then there was her mysterious mistress…. Maybe that furr was powerful enough to make sure nothing happened to her wayward pet.  Maybe.


Amelia’s paws became twisted up in the remnants of her dress; or so it seemed; after a moment it appeared that she’d tied a quick half-hitch in the strip of fabric, making an impromptu leash of it.  Clutching the fabric between the twin peaks of her breasts, Amelia looked about, searching in some purposeful and lusty fashion, her body still moving to the beat, hips swaying, until her gaze centered on an eyebolt embedded in the floor.  This was something the club was not without a plentitude of, but the one she’d espied was between the widespread feet of her quarry.


Evi almost jumped up from her chair when the Bunny leaped from the stage.  The Bunny’s dance took her lower and lower, her body crouching, and then falling to its knees as she swayed in time to the beat; bending, she bucked, as if fighting her own impromptu leash, body seeming to strain side to side as if in an attempt to escape.  Fingers moving out, Amelia threaded the free end of the remnant of her dress through the eyebolt, leaving her “secured” at the feet of her quarry.  With the “leash” secured, both arms reached beneath her, to cup, and stroke her sex.  Her breaths quickened, breasts heaving, nipples stiff and prominent, her hips still moving to the wanton meter of the music, she stroked herself faster and faster, until her climax overcame her.  Head thrown back, the intensity of her expression revealed to all the feelings coursing through her body, rocking her to her very foundations.  Soon, all too soon, however, her climax passed, leaving her wilting and panting, still held to the floor by her new Mistress’ feet by the remnants of her dress.


Evi looked down at the bundle of panting fur, unable to move, unable to speak.  And then the crowd erupted in cheers and catcalls, the volume of noise drowning out the last of the music from the jukebox.


Amelia smiled and said a silent thank you to Sassy; she’d been a most excellent teacher.  And the dance routine she’d come up with was STILL wowing them….


Evi swallowed and reached down to untie the remnant of silk from the eyebolt.  Tugging sharply she hauled the nude and trembling Bunny to her feet; “not bad; but you didn’t follow instructions.  I think you deserve a punishment.  Come with me!”  Turning, she stalked for the club’s door, dragging the stumbling Bunny behind her.  To her amazement, she made it to the door without anyone intercepting them.  It was only when she had the Bunny outside that she realized her new playmate wasn’t wearing a stitch, aside from the collar.  Even in Reds territory, that would raise eyebrows.  She didn’t really have the money for it, but….  with a sigh, she stopped at an automated call box and called a cab.


Thankfully the cab was a robot cab.  Pulling the Bunny into the passenger compartment, she put her foot on the middle of the leash and forced the kneeling Bunny to bend all the way to the floor.  At least she wouldn’t be visible from outside….  Now, where to go.  She couldn’t really afford a motel, not to mention the scandal should her activities be discovered, and she certainly couldn’t take her new treasure back to the transit quarters on the base. 


Bending, she growled in to the Bunny’s ear; “Do you have a place?” 


Amelia smiled to herself, and managed to choke out what she hoped sounded like a frightened; “Yes, Mistress, I have an apartment…” 


It should have rung all sorts of alarm bells, but it never occurred to Evi; all she could think of was the musky scent from between the Slave’s thighs. 


Evi nodded; “Very good; we’ll go there.  Give the cab the address.”


Amelia frowned as her quarry seemed to produce an endless supply of leather thongs from her pockets.  The cab ride was short, but in the process she wound up with her arms bound behind her back, tied at wrist, elbows, and… thumbs?  A thong ran between her two inside toes, effectively hobbling her, in a rather painful manner as well.  What was left of her dress became a mouth-filling gag, replaced with a fine chain leash her quarry produced from yet another pocket.  The cab dropped them off in the parking garage, and fortunately no one was around.  Amelia glanced at the security cameras; she’d hacked into that system a week ago and could easily erase any trace of her presence.  She just hoped no one was watching any of the monitors….


Evi had the Slave kneel at her feet as the elevator whisked them upwards.  It was after midnight, and the chances were good no one would be around…..  They made it all the way to the Slave’s apartment door without trouble.  And there they stopped.  The keycard slot stared back at her; it was obvious the Slave wasn’t carrying a keycard.  So how were they to get in?  They couldn’t stand in the hallway forever…..


Roughly Evi pulled the gag from the Slave’s mouth; “how were you planning on getting back in, after you came home?” 


Amelia smiled; “Mistress, there’s a backup voice command.” 


Evi nodded; “Very well, Slave, open it!” 


Amelia smiled to herself, and in a low voice, muttered “Command Override, Beta 2, Execute.”


Evi smiled in satisfaction as the lock clicked, the small light by the keycard slot turning from red to green.  Tugging on the leash, she pulled the Bunny to her feet, and pushing open the door, stepped into the appartment.


Amelia had planned to trip, or stumble, any excuse to fall to her knees, or further, to the floor.  The robot just inside the door wouldn’t fire its tranquilizer darts below waist height.  But she didn’t need to; her quarry stepped boldly into the apartment, pulling on her leash as if she owned the place.  The compressed air gun chuffed quietly once, and then twice. And without a sound, the leather-clad Bunny hit the carpeting.


Dropping to the floor, Amelia slithered into the apartment, and kicked the door closed.  “Command Override, Program A disengage”  To her relief she heard the robot power down.  Rolling over she looked at her quarry.  She could see her still breathing.  That was good.  Now, how was she going to get out of these restraints?


The combat knife was sharp, and heavy, and damned unwieldy, but she’d managed to use it to cut the thong between her toes; she’d then managed to wedge it between her feet as she knelt, and had managed to cut the thongs binding thumbs and wrists, but no matter how she twisted and turned  she couldn’t get the ones just above her elbows.  Finally she managed to wedge the knife in the crack of the bedroom door, just above the middle hinge.  It hung there just long enough for her to cut through one of the cords.  It took a while but she was able to squirm and wriggle until she was out of those too.  Turning, knife in hand, she looked down at her erstwhile Mistress.  Now it was HER turn!  But first there were things that had to be done.


The gizmo whirred, mapping every detail of the Bunny’s retinas; by morning, the device would have made a pair of contact lenses, with holographic images that should defeat any retina scanner.  She’d already taken the Bunny’s pawprints, and another gizmo was busy making stick-on appliques that should let her get by any pawprint scanners.  Apparently access was based solely on physical characteristics; she hadn’t turned up any indication of passwords being required.  At least she hoped any weren’t going to be required…..


Evi slowly floated back to consciousness.  Somehow she knew immediately that it wasn’t good.  Lifting her head she gazed down the length of her body; as she’d suspected, she was nude.  Looking up, she found her slave pulling on HER catsuit!  Efforts at protestation never made it past the gag, however……


Amelia smiled; “Ah, you’re awake; that’s nice.”  Sitting down next to the spreadeagled Bunny, Amelia smiled; “Well, Sergeant, I have to admit, I’m surprised.  I thought you folks were better trained than that.  You shouldn’t have fallen for this, you know.” 


Toying with a zipper, Amelia smiled down at her captive; “But then, your Lieutenant should have reported you long ago; no one with such, ah, “interests” should be allowed in a position such as yours.  It leaves you way too open to nasty things like blackmail, kidnapping…. And, ah, Manipulation.”


Evi just stared at the Bunny; it was obvious what they wanted.  They wanted information about the permissive action links on her babies.  But of course she wouldn’t talk.  The Reds had installed so many mental blocks, such rigorous conditioning that her heart would fail before they could force a single word out of her.  No doubt her end would be messy, but these bastards wouldn’t learn anything.  NOTHING!


Amelia watched the Bunny’s face.  It was amazing, really, they certainly DID look alike…  Well, mostly; the Sergeant’s bust wasn’t quite as big as Amelia’s and the jumpsuit was incredibly tight…..  Of course, that wasn’t all a BAD thing, now was it? 


“I suppose you wonder what I’m going to do to you, don’t you?  Not much, really.  You see, I’m going to infiltrate your place of work, posing as you, and make sure none of those weapons of yours work correctly.  I’ve got it all down pat, don’t need your help.  So there’s no need to torture you.  If I’m successful, I’ll come back here in a day or two, and we’ll both go for a little ride.  If, for some reason I’m not successful, well, I suppose they’ll find your body in a month or so, when the leasing authority tries to figure out why I’m not paying my rent.” 


Amelia smiled and ran a finger along the Bunny’s tummy, wondering if she liked the same things she did?  Did she like to be touched here, like this?  Or did she prefer something like this….?  Watching the Bunny squirm in her bonds, Amelia chuckled; “But we have a while before “you” have to report for duty.  What SHALL we do to pass the time?”


Evi groaned; the Bunny wearing HER catsuit, was crouched between her well-spread thighs, and was licking her with every bit of expertise she'd hoped the slave possessed.  If it wasn’t for HER being the one all tied up, she would have been in seventh heaven…..  As another thundering climax tore through her, she wondered just what in the world was going on here…..


Amelia smiled; the gag she’d shoved so roughly into the Bunny’s mouth was saturated in synthetic pheromones, drugs that should keep her at the very peak of sexual arousal.  Maybe, if she played her cards just right, she could still wheedle some important information from her quarry….


Evi groaned as another climax ripped through her.  Struggling against her bonds had become almost second nature, something her body did as the Bunny’s tongue took her higher and higher… it was so good, she’d forgotten all about who she was, what she was, and just WAS, floating in a sea of orgasmic pleasure….  hoping it would never stop.


Amelia looked at the clock; it was just after four in the morning.  Of course it would help her story if she dragged into “work” looking as if she’d been up all night, and reeking of sex, but, it would also help if she was sharp for the tasks that had to be done.  Oh, well, if she tried to get some sleep at this point, she’d just wake more tired than she was now.  And her quarry was soooo close to breaking.  Smiling, she took the little vibrator, and stroked it again along the Bunny’s wet slit; she was rewarded with a rapid pumping of her prisoner’s hips and a moan barely stifled by the gag.  It was taking almost no stimulation now for her to climax.  Heart rate was elevated, and she was panting hard; she’d been worked to a lather for several hours now.  Shortly she’d beg to be left alone, do anything to gain a moment’s respite.  Or she should.  Some went just the opposite way; the more they got, the more they wanted.  THOSE were the ones that were the easiest to manipulate.  And that was just what Amelia had been working towards.


Evi groaned into her gag; instead of becoming sated, and less sensitive, it seemed as if each subsequent climax only drove her deeper into her lusts.  Her muscles all ached from straining against her bonds, her chest hurt from panting so hard, and her heart sounded like a triphammer in her ears.  She felt as if she were going to explode.  And yet each patient, gentle touch drove her higher once again, sent her screaming into the arms of yet another uncounted climax.  She wanted to rest, wanted to sleep, wanted to die, and yet the delicious seductive sensations just wouldn’t quit!  And she wasn’t sure she wanted them to, either!


Amelia smiled; it was almost time to stop, time to get ready to “go to work”… stroking a finger over the Bunny’s engorged clitty she felt the creature tremble beneath her.   Smiling, she purrred; “I’m going to have to go soon, but I bet you’d like me to leave you with a little “friend”, someone to keep you entertained while I’m gone, wouldn’t you?”  With a wicked grin, Amelia withdrew her touch, and sat up.


Evi blinked.  For the first time in hours, possibly days, she wasn’t being touched, wasn’t being stroked or diddled, or caressed.  Somehow she felt so….  Alone.  Abandoned.  She wanted the Bunny to touch her again, to give her another orgasm!  Softly she whimpered into her gag.


Amelia heard the whimper and leaned forward to unbuckle the strap, to pull the gag from her mouth.


Evi coughed; her jaw muscles had been cramping, the sensation completely lost amongst the pleasures.  Now… now however, it seemed to be all she could feel.  She wanted to return to nirvana, to the blissful state she’d been in.  She felt cold, and empty… 


“No, want more” she managed to croak out.


Amelia lifted a water bottle and squirted some into her prisoner’s mouth.  Smiling, she leaned closer; “I’ll give you more; more than you could possibly handle, but only…..”


Evi looked at her in near panic; only?  ONLY?  ONLY WHAT?


Amelia read the look on the Bunny’s face; “Only if I make it back from what I have to do…..”


Confusion reigned on Evi’s face.  Do? What could this person, this tormentor, this devil-angel POSSIBLY have to do that was more important than pleasuring HER?  And then she remembered.  Her babies.  For a moment thoughts warred within her.  She had her duty.  She wanted more pleasure.  She couldn’t….  Couldn’t decide.


Amelia watched the conflicting emotions pass across the Bunny’s face.  And then she brought out her secret weapon.  The vibrator was large, and knobbed, and didn’t use batteries, but instead plugged into a wall outlet.  And it had all SORTS of functions and accessories…..  She held it before her prisoner’s face, watching her eyes go wide…  “You want this?  I’ll leave it with you, when I go, if you tell me what I need…..”


Evi whimpered, as the Devil-Bunny held its bulbous head to her poor tormented pussy, and turned it on; for a second, delight flooded her... and then the bitch turned it off!


Amelia listened to the bound Bunny howl in outrage; when she’d finally run down, Amelia smiled as Evi growled; “You win; what do you want to know?”




Amelia offered the ID to the Sergeant; it was obvious however that he was too busy looking at how the tight leather encompassed her breasts to do a thorough job.  After a moment, he closed his mouth and waved her through.  The first checkpoint had been passed…..


Evi groaned and shuddered.  The Bunny, her doppelganger, her evil twin, had been right; the vibrator was everything she’d said it would be and more.  Panting hard she struggled to catch her breath after the first, massive climax.  She was more convinced than ever, that with things like this, she did NOT need a male…..


Amelia placed her paw on the plate and watched calmly as it checked her pawprint.  It took the computer less than two seconds to flash green.  Nodding in approval she turned and headed deeper into the complex….


Evi slowly returned to consciousness; it was as if she was swimming up from the bottom of a deep, dark pool.  That last string of climaxes had her seeing stars, until all went dark…  But now the tool between her legs was taking her higher again, insistent, demanding.  Turning her head she took a gulp from the water bottle her tormenter had left her.  Something in the water tasted a little funny, but the next round of climaxes burst upon her before she could dwell upon it.


Amelia leaned forward.  This let the scanner get a good look at her left eye, and let the guard get a good look at her tits, straining in their leather confinement.  It took the scanner almost twenty seconds, but just as the guard was starting to notice, it flashed a green light.  Straightening, Amelia arched her back, as if tired from having bent over for so long, and with a saucy wave, proceeded through the checkpoint.


The Bunny’s quarters were just where she’d said they were, and the four digit code opened the door without a problem.  Hurriedly, Amelia changed into the uniform; she had to report in, in just a few minutes….  And facing furrs that knew the person she was impersonating would be her biggest challenge yet.


Evi’s dreams were full of writhing bodies, and phallic shapes; even through her exhausted restless slumber the pleasures went on and on and on….


The Lieutenant looked up as Amelia entered the office.  “Ah, Sergeant, I’m glad you’re back; we’ve…..”  Amelia saw him frown, his eyes, as most males’ usually were, seemed to be fastened to her bust.  Of course the uniform blouse was QUITE tight there…”  He seemed to swallow, and then forced his eyes upwards, to meet hers; “We’ve, ah, gotten a bulletin from Headquarters.  It seems there’s a recall on part of the BTH-53A’s power supply.  You’ll have to go in immediately and see if any of the afflicted part’s serial numbers match what we have in inventory.”  Amelia nodded and with a smile, turned, flipping him a jaunty salute.


The Lieutenant watched her ass as she left the unit’s office.  Did it seem more rounded today?  ALL of her seemed more rounded, especially those magnificent tits.  And she seemed to be in a good mood this morning; she’d even smiled at him.  Maybe, when the day’s work is done, he could talk to her.  He WOULD like to “play” with her again, even though everything rational in his mind screamed it was a bad idea.


Amelia grinned; the message had been inserted into the Red’s communications net just as they’d promised.  The timing was perfect.  Whistling tunelessly, she headed for the suit-up room.


It took her longer than she’d expected to don the protective suit.  She’d been trained on the equipment the Blues used, and briefed on the suits the Reds used, but being briefed and having experience were two different things.  She had a bad moment when the rebreather seemed to lock up on her, but she found the valve before panic really set in.  Finally she was ready to enter the containment area, and start her REAL work.


The code sequence had been memorized, mostly with the help of hypnotraining; the lines of code that she typed into the handheld diagnostic unit were so much gibberish to her; never the less, the bulky diagnostic tool seemed to accept it.  Then came the fun part.  Clutching the tool tensely she started to open the inspection port on the first of the warheads.  If she screwed up, the Reds would most likely cover the weapons bunker with several thousand tons of Concrete and hope to hell no one ever decided to look inside.  Of course she’d be long dead…. And from what she’d read, it wasn’t a particularly pleasant death.  And of course the tension made her paws sweaty inside the gloves, the tool tremble.  Still, she managed to get the first one open without causing a biological disaster.  The warhead swallowed the code the hand-held diagnostic tool fed it.  Just for good measure, she copied down the power supply’s serial number.  Of course it wasn’t one of the ones on the list, but she still had to make it look good, didn’t she?


It seemed to take forever.  The line of weapons didn’t seem so daunting until you had to partially disassemble each one.  She felt as if the boots built into the suit were awash in her own sweat, up to her knees, when she secured the inspection hatch on the last one.  Bone-weary and still shaking, she wiped the code segment from the hand-held, and then arranged for it to have a total memory failure the next time it was turned on.  Placing it in the proper place in the rack, she turned towards the airlock, and decontamination.


The Lieutenant watched her as she moved through Decontamination.  There were large windows, so the staff could assure themselves that the procedure was carried out correctly, that no infected person could make it out of the containment area.  But in his case, it was purely a prurient interest.  He was sure she knew she was being watched; the way she ran her paws over her body, working the disinfectants into her fur, fingers lingering at breasts and crotch….  She was driving him crazy.  He was going to HAVE to do something….


Amelia looked up to find the Lieutenant blocking her path.  He had a funny look on his face, and for a moment she thought her cover was blown.  Somehow she forced herself to be calm, and merely crooked an eyebrow upwards in a silent question.  She decided against trying to use the towel to preserve her modesty; facing a voluptuous, nude, and still-wet Bunny might just give her an edge if her worst fears were realized. 


The Lieutenant looked at the Bunny, and felt all his resolve crumble.  “Listen, Sergeant…. Evi…  I’ve got…. I mean I would like you to give me another chance.  I…. I need what you can do for me.”  Straightening he tried to look commanding, look as if he were issuing an order instead of pleading for something he knew was wrong….  “I want another session.  If you can’t see your way clear to….  Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to transfer you out of the unit.  I just can’t take this any more.  Its all, or nothing.”  Amelia nodded slowly, her brain churning furiously.  Her quarry, the furr she was impersonating, was a dom, a dom with a capital D.  Obviously, the Lieutenant wanted a session with her; with her dominating him.  Ooooookay, it kinda screwed up her timetable a bit, but it might, MIGHT  just work out….


Amelia nodded slowly.  “All right, you piece of worthless shit.  I happen to like this assignment, and I believe in what I’m doing.  I’ll give you a session, just don’t complain about how rough I am afterwards!”


The Lieutenant nodded; “Be as rough as you want, just so long as we’re both ready for duty the following day.” 


Amelia chuckled, a cold, cruel sound; “In your quarters, after the shift.  Be ready for me.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a lot of paperwork to fill out.”


The Lieutenant watched as she pushed past him, and padded off towards the locker room; where she’d brushed against him, his uniform had gotten wet, almost drenched with the remaining disinfectant in her fur; it’d been worth it.  Turning back towards his office, he tried to remember what else he had to do today, knowing he’d never be able to concentrate as he should….


Evi blinked.  All was quiet.  All was still.  A part of her was delighted; finally she could rest; but most of her mind screamed in protest.  Still, as tired, as sore as she was, she still wanted more.  Turning her head, she took another pull from the water bottle, and then rolled back, trying to find a comfortable position.  She really needed to get some more sleep, even if her sleep was inhabited by the most sensual dreams she’d ever had.  And then something somewhere went click and once again the vibrations started….


Amelia gave him an extra twenty minutes, before she opened his door and slid through.  A lieutenant’s quarters weren’t much larger than her own closet-sized room, but there was enough floorspace for him to be kneeling in.  He was naked, paws behind his back, and very VERY hard.  Amelia smiled and set down the paper sack; she’d found some of the most interesting toys in her quarry’s room.  And she’d brought most of them.  “Now, where SHALL we start?”


The Lieutenant watched with growing fear and excitement as the Bunny pulled a wooden assembly from the paper bag.  It seemed to be made of hand-formed wood.  Two square pieces held together, one on top of the other, with bolts and wingnuts at the corners.  As the Bunny undid the wingnuts and pulled the thing apart, it became apparent that the top square had a hole in the center.... and came apart into two crescent-moon shapes.


Amelia watched his eyes as she separated the two halves.   It was obvious from the look on his face that he didn't recognize the device, and Amelia both smiled and winced. 


Holding one of the crescent shapes in her left paw, Amelia wrapped thumb and forefinger around that space between his body and his balls... and tugged lightly.


The Lieutenant's eyes widened...   both from the tugging on his balls and from the implications.  Whatever she was doing it involved his "famly jewels".  While he'd toyed with cock-and-ball bondage on his own, to have someone ELSE  do it was both frightening... and terribly terribly exciting, a fact plainly exhibited by his throbbing cock.


Amelia brought the two crescent-moon shaped halves together around the flesh between his body and his balls, pausing several times to make sure the connecting pins on the edges were aligned with the respective holes - and to make sure that sensitive flesh was not pinched between the closing halves.


The Lieutenant heard himself whimper as the two halves came together, trapping his balls, stretching the skin tight over them, holding them away from his body.  And then the Bunny picked up the four bolts.


Amelia moved carefully, but still he winced as she manipulated the block of wood, tugging it this way and that, as she inserted a bolt downward through the holes at each corner.  Then, when all four bolts were in place, she brought the other, solid piece up from below.


The Lieutenant moaned as he felt the second piece touch the bottom of his balls; NOW he knew what the device was for, what it was meant to do.  Trembling, he could only watch, mutely, as the Bunny threaded wingnuts on the bottoms of the bolts - and slowly started to tighten them!


Amelia watched his eyes as she slowly turned the wingnuts.  She didn't want to hurt him... but she had a role to play.  It was funny really; she'd been prepared for anything from sexual harassment to outright rape...  but to be drafted into being a dominatrix...  that she'd never anticipated!  and more amazingly she'd NEVER thought she'd LIKE it so much!


The Lieutenant watched the drop of pre-cum Drip from the tip of his cock, and splatter on the floor.  He didn't think his cock had ever been that hard!  lifting his eyes just a little, he tried to figure out what was next...  Amelia smiled wickedly, watching him; she had a rather thick plug gag in her right paw...  and with her left paw she reached between her legs and slowly pulled the zipper upwards to her navel, exposing the puffy lips of her sex.  As he watched, she stroked the tip of the prod through her cleft, leaving it shiny with her juices.  She was as excited as he was.  With his full and rapt attention, she worked it into her sex, pistoning it in and out a few times...


The Lieutenant watched with wide eyes; the previous session, he'd been blindfolded, and any such erotic displays  had been, lamentably, missed.  THIS was much better!  Slightly amazed at his good fortune, he watched while trying not to drool.


Amelia pulled the thick plug from her snatch, with a soft plop, and lifting it, presented it to the Lieutenant's muzzle.  Instinctively, he opened his muzzle, closing his eyes.  As the warm wet latex slid into his mouth, he purred at the musky taste that filled his senses.


Amelia sat back on her haunches and looked at the Lieutenant; "I think its time to move on; I seem to have developed an itch....  and I intend to scratch it... using you." 


The Lieutenant nodded to himself; he had wondered when the ropes and straps would come out...  The Bunny strapped cuffs around his wrists and ankles, fastening them in place with little locks.  the wrist cuffs were locked together, a rope attached, and the Bunny shoved him back.  Flat on his back he felt the Bunny attach the end of the rope to the foot of the room's tiny desk.  More ropes were produced, one for each ankle; these were pulled up and over his head, widely spread, each rope attached to the feet of his bed at head and foot.  He lay on the floor, bent double, his shoulders on the floor, his ass pulled up and slightly off  ihe floor.  His cock wavered two finger-breadths above his stomach, throbbing in time with the pounding of his heart.


Ameilia smiled down at the bound male; "you look like you make a good seat; let's try you out and see!"  Turning around, Amelia straddled the bound male's thighs... and sat down!


The Leutenant grunted as her welght compressed him, bending him further... and then he felt her paws on his engorged member!


"Its called "The Monkey" " the Bunny purred, as she pulled his shaft towards the vertical.  He was about to grunt into his gag in complaint when he felt the Bunny rise a little and then settle back down, her snatch deliciously warm, wet, and wonderfully tight as it enveloped his meat!


Amelia wiggled her bottom a little, feeling his shaft move within her quite nicely.  Leaning way over, she heard him grunt as she picked up the riding crop from the floor.  Tapping the ball-masher lightly with its tip, she grinned; "Okay, now lets see you move, scum!"


The Lieutenant grunted lnto his gag.  Move?  MOVE?  How could he possibly move?  And yet he found himself trying to move.  Amelia found herself moving up and down softly as if riding a slowly moving horse.  She giggled, and tapping his wood-encased balls with the tip of the crop, started moving up and down on his shaft, while purring; "Giddiyap!"


Amelia rode him hard, tapping him occasionally with the crop, taking her pleasure, until with a howl, she shuddered her way through a delicious climax.


The Lieutenant groaned, biting hard on the gag filling his mouth.  He knew from his previous experience with the Bunny that to cum without permission was to earn both a punishment... and her scorn.  He dare not disappoint her... and yet the sensations were SO exciting how could he NOT cum?


Amelia panted hard, catching her breath.  That had been good... very good.  The Bunny smiled; she was definitely going to have to try this again!  Looking down at the bound male she started to move again, his hard shaft slipping delightfully in and out of her hungry pussy.  Leaning forward she dropped the riding crop, and reached down to caress his bound balls...


He just couldn't take it any more; his balls, under pressure, had become unbearably sensitive, and when her fingertips started to stroke him... he just couldn't take it any more!


Amelia felt his shaft start to pulse, to spurt, his hot cum flooding her pussy.  It was more than sufficient to shove her rudely over the edge and into the arms of a powerful second climax.  Even as lightning bolts thundered through her brain, she marveled that it had taken him that long.  Maybe the ball-masher was more painful than she'd thought.  Never the less, he had cum without permission, and that a punishment would be expected.


The Lieutenant groaned as she rose, his shaft slipping free of her delightful pussy.  She turned and smirked down at him; "Very nice, Stud, but not good enough to keep you from the punishment you've earned!"  He watched as she moved up his body until she could crouch over her face.  Somehow she'd managed to reclaim the riding crop, and again it tapped against his poor bound balls; "Lick me clean, maggot!"  Immediately his tongue flicked out, pushing between the open halves of the zipper, between her labia, and deep into her dripping snatch.


Amelia groaned and pressed her crotch into his muzzle.  He really was good...  It didn't take him more than a half dozen minutes to bring her to the third climax of the night.  Finally, she pulled herself from him.  Flopping on the floor by his up turned rump, she panted; "And now its time for your punishment."


the Lieutenant grunted with each stroke of the crop on his ass.  The strokes were well placed, rarely overlapping, neither too hard and yet still hard enough to meet his expectations... and his most secret desires.


Amelia panted; the "punishment" had been strenuous "exercise"...  With a grin, she worked the handle of the riding crop into the asshole of her "superior officer".  It wagged there like a second tail, moving with his heavy breathing.  Grinning down at him, Amelia squatted a little, and reaching between her legs, carefully tugged the zipper closed over her still wet sex. "I'm going out for a while; If I find someone more interesting, I won't be back."  With that, Amelia dropped a bundle of small keys by the bound male's paws, turned, and slipped through the door.


The Lieutenant watched the door close.  The session had lasted much longer, been much better than he'd ever expected, than he'd dared hope.  But he knew better than to think she'd be back.  And he'd better be free by morning... by the time he had to be on duty.  With a sigh he fumbled for the keyring, and clumsily, started trying them on the locks binding his paws, one by one.


Most of everything for her escape had been pre-positioned in the previous weeks.  The first step however, was something that had to be done now.  The apartment building had heavy security...  but the car park's security was not quite so secure.    As she'd done some preliminary scouting, not to mention a little preliminary pick pocketing, the keycard she'd prepared opened the personnel door without a hitch.  Amelia did nothing to try and hide her identity; in fact she had left "her" dogtags outside her catsuit, in plain view.  It was all part of the plan.


The aircar wasn't difficult to break into, and less difficult to start.  The difficult part was in making it look as if she already had all the proper keys and passcodes - for the security cameras.  The parking garage door recognized the vehicle, and obediently opened.  So far so good...


There were security cameras at her apartment building, but Amelia had hacked into that system sometime ago, and erasing that record would be cub's play.  She parked under a burned out street lamp, and carefully locking the car, trotted up the stairs to her apartment... and her waiting victim.


Evi floated between heaven and hell...  The continued sexual stimulation, the resulting mind-blowing climaxes were heaven itself.  However every joint in her body ached, and she was dreadfully tired.  She wanted to sleep... but not before one more, just one more climax!


Amelia smiled down at her prisoner; she was literally laying in a pool of her own juices.  Obviously she’d been having fun.  The Bunny howled weakly into her gag as Amelia shut down, and then withdrew the vibrator.  “Not to worry, little one; there will be more pleasures yet to come” she purred.  Evi groaned softly into her gag as Amelia pushed a different dildo into her poor tormented snatch.  This one was just a thick phallic plug, as was its mate, pushed carefully into her ass.  Both would secrete a sedative, absorbed by the sensitive tissues there, that would assure her prisoner got the rest she deserved…. And didn’t make any noise on the trip.


As Evi fell into a deep sleep, Amelia worked at undoing her bonds.  The Bunny was awkward, and heavy to maneuver when limp, but Amelia gradually managed to move her into a kneeling position, and use the previously prepared body harness to fasten her into a tight ball-tie.  The carryall was a soft-sided bag, with a hard bottom, and little casters.  It was bright yellow and came with a rather useless shoulder strap.  It took a while, but Amelia was able to maneuver the bound Bunny into the bag.  It was a tight fit, but when zipped up, you couldn’t tell there was a person inside.  Dragging the bag on its little wheels to the door, Amelia hurriedly made other arrangements.  A few hours after she left, there would be a mysterious fire, one that should consume everything in the apartment in a flash, hopefully without the fire spreading to the other apartments.  Not only would all traces of her residence be obliterated, but it should also be sufficiently mysterious to drive the investigators crazy.


And then it was time to depart; with one bag under her arm, and another in her paw, Amelia dragged the carryall to the elevator.  The ride down to the street, andthe short walk to the parked aircar, was uneventful.  The hard part was getting the carryall, full of carefully bound Bunny, into the trunk.  Somehow, Amelia managed.  She drove along city streets until she was back in the vicinity of the place where she’d lifted the aircar….  And then she pulled up and entered the traffic pattern over the city.


The flight was routine, for the most part.  The aircar’s IFF beacon made sure she got the flight paths she requested.  Being a “VIP” had its perks at times….  She kept to known flight paths, until towards the end, when she suddenly dipped, and veered to the left.  That should leave the Air traffic controllers wondering.  The hovertruck was just where she left it.  It took longer than she would have liked to get the bound Bunny out of the trunk, but then she was pulling the cadaver out of the stasis box, and loading it aboard.  Getting the cadaver had been easy; she’d hacked into the city computer, found an unclaimed body of the right species, and size, and pretending to be a relative, had merely checked the body out.  Of course the State wanted someone else to pay for the burial.  Now, bound as tight as her living victim, and with Evi’s ID tags around her neck, the body was in the trunk.  The Aircar’s flight computer had taken the program, and hitting a button and slamming the door, she watched as it rose and sped off.  It would fly below the radar for a while, transponder silent, and then rise, fly erratically, and with the transponder blaring Councilman Rathe’s identification, crash in an uninhabited area.  It should be very interesting for the old Warthog to explain how a Sergeant with a sensitive background, nude and bound, had died in the trunk of HIS aircar.


It took all her strength to get the REAL Evi into the back of the Hovertruck.  Pausing only to change to a worker’s coveralls, Amelia fired up the truck’s converters, engaged the fans, and turned off down the dark country road.  She’d be at the border in a few hours.


The communicator was barely the size of her thumb.  A cordless button went in one ear; how the device picked up her voice, she had no idea, but it did.  Even at a whisper.  She’d been told that it was absolutely impossible to jam, to overhear, or to locate.  And that at least appeared to be true, as no border guards appeared, not even on patrol.  However, after a while, the Blues commando appeared, literally right before her; his camouflage seemed to reflect the pattern behind him, making him essentially invisible… until he turned it off.  Luckily, he was a big, strong Bear, and had no trouble carrying the bound Bunny-in-a-bag.  She had been worried about the fact that the bag was bright yellow, but he’d had a poncho of the same sort of fabric that he wrapped around it, and it too faded from sight.  Another poncho covered Amelia.  The night was dark, but he had a pair of night vision goggles that seemed to be able to see through things.  Several times, they stopped to let bored patrols pass.  If it had all been scripted, it couldn’t have gone smoother.  Even when they came to the minefield, his goggles seemed to let him see all the mines and tripwires.  They tiptoed through the defenses as if they were made of cardboard.  Whatever sensors might have been around, just didn’t seem to see them in their sophisticated camouflage.  The Bear used a similar communicator, and then they were through the lines.  Safe.  She was safe.  And her missions had been completed.  Amelia smiled.  She wondered, if, after debriefings and such, after they’d drained the Reds Bunny of all she knew about permissive action links and the Reds biowar program, if they’d let her keep Evi.  Or at least borrow her occasionally…….





Xyloff looked around the meeting room of the Reds Party central committee.  There were a lot of empty chairs, it seemed.  Some had been assassinated, although whether by the Blues, or by rival committee members was as of yet uncertain, in at least three instances.  Others had been removed for “inappropriate activities”.  One had even resigned, in protest, no less, for disagreements as to how the party should conduct itself.  But wasn’t it for the better, really?  Those that were left were completely under his thumb.  He had almost complete control over the Reds territories, the majority of the surface of the planet!  It was what he’d wanted, wasn’t it?  Turning to the furr on his left, he growled; “What’s the first order of business?”


There were decisions to be made on food rationing; somehow the croplands weren’t producing as much as they had been before the revolution.  It might have been differences in the weather, or it might have been that the normal chain of supply to those who grew the crops had been disrupted by the war…. Or it might simply be those slackers that had received tracts of land, for their parts in the Revolution simply weren’t doing what they were supposed to.  Maybe it had been a mistake to break up the large corporate farms.  Yes, they were symbols of the oppression of the people…. But they had been efficient.  Small family farms, while supposedly espousing all the principles of the revolution, just didn’t seem to be able to turn out the same amount of produce…. At least not with the meager fuel rations they were permitted. 


“We’re going to have to do something drastic, here, Comrades” the Wolverine growled.  “I want more fuel for the farm equipment, even if we have to restrict military activities.  Likewise, I want factories to be set up to produce the farm machines we require.  If you have to, steal the designs from the manufacturers in the Blues territories.  And I want it all by the next planting season, or we’ll all be in trouble!  Offer incentives… and threaten punishments if its not accomplished!” 


Around the table, heads nodded slowly, almost tentatively.


Talk then turned towards the progress of the almost-war with the Blues.  The current defense minister, until the previous week, the assistant defense minister, stood. 


“Comrades, we have a problem.  Twelve days ago, there was a skirmish between armored forces on the Danve Front.  The Blues tanks seemed to have been modified with bolt-on armor, something covering their normal armor.  Whatever it was, it was almost impenetrable.  During the entire skirmish, on a Brigade level, not a single Blues tank was destroyed.  Several were damaged, but they were all recovered.” 


The Interior Minister nodded; “And our own losses?” 


The Defense Minister shook his head.  The motion was almost reminiscent of a motion one might make when one suddenly finds the position they’ve sought, schemed for, for so long, is NOT what they’d anticipated. 


“Severe, Comrade.  Twenty-seven tanks were destroyed, with another eight damaged.  Only about half were recovered, and of those, several were too badly damaged to repair.  And these were vehicles from the Imperial Armory on Kerres, imported before the Revolution; they were the best we had!”  After a moment he continued; “In addition to the armor, they seem to have a new kinetic energy penetrator.  Its much better than anything they’ve used in the past.” 


Xyloff looked at the Defense Minister and frowned.  “I do NOT want to go over to the defensive in that sector.  We NEED the resources in that area!  You’ll just have to find a way to solve this little problem.”


  The implication was that if he didn’t find a solution Xyloff would have a new Defense Minister.  Turning to the Chief of the Second Intelligence  Directorate, Xyloff growled; “And why were you able to provide no warning of these new weapons?” 


The Moose shrugged; “Comrade Chairman, the Blues have…. Well, in order for us to intercept a message, to crack a code, there has to BE a message.  Transmissions from the Blues areas seem to have simply… ceased.  There ARE no messages to intercept!” 


Before Xyloff could get a word out, the Minister of Agriculture growled “But how can this be?  Have they gone over completely to fiber optic communications?  Are they using couriers? Is EVERYTHING land-lines?”  The Moose shrugged; “We think they have made a breakthrough in communications.  We have had spies report seeing Blues military units using devices that appeared to be standard radio communicators, and yet we detect no signal.”


Zaitichan, the party “theorist” shook his head and growled; “incompetence!  Subversion!  Your intercepts operation has obviously been infiltrated by the BLUES!  Its Impossible that they don’t use ANY form of radio communications!  IMPOSSIBLE!


Xyloff turned to the Chief of the First Intelligence Directorate; “Speaking of spies, what can THEY tell us of these new wonder communicators?” 


The Muskrat’s mouth opened and then closed and finally he shrugged; “Comrade, we know they have something new, and in fact we’ve even managed to capture several copies.  However, before we could examine them, they apparently received some sort of self-destruct signal, as they’ve gone completely inert.  The insides… the contents of the cases simply don’t make sense.  Rumors…. Rumors among the Blues speak of super-science, either from a hidden government lab, or quite possibly from an off-planet source.” 


The Muskrat seemed to square his shoulders, to pull himself together; “And to be perfectly frank, we believe the latter.  We have received reports that the blues have shifted a moderate proportion of their production capability to producing robot mini-plants for antimatter production; they’re scattering them in solar orbit.  What other possible reason could they have for that, except interstellar space travel?  And what other reason for interstellar travel except…. Traffic with aliens.”


Xyloff Blinked; “you mean… you mean that not only did they have a warp-capable ship left in their territory, but they’ve actually found ALLIES out there?” 


The Wolverine turned to the Minster of defense once again; “Do we have anything that might sally forth to destroy these antimatter production facilities?” 


The Defense Minister nodded slowly; “We have some in-system patrol boats, and a couple of destroyers.  However, the Destroyers have been drained of fuel for the manufacturing sector.  We could get them ready for space, but they would be underpowered, and NOT warp capable.  I’m afraid they wouldn’t be much of a match for the Blues forces.” 


Xyloff shook his head; “We have to try.  If this unbelievable story is true, if they’re getting high-tech supplies from off planet, if we don’t stop them, we’ll LOOSE!  The Revolution will be for naught!  Anything you need, we’ll get you, but you MUST NOT FAIL!” 


Turning back to the Chief of the first intelligence directorate, the Wolverine growled; “And while they work on that, I want PROOF of what you speak!  Hard Evidence!  You’d better be right about this….”


The Minister of Agriculture sighed to himself.  One moment the highest priority was feeding the people, lest they revolt, and now, all of that was being once again diverted to the war effort.  He’d have to pursue the implementation of draft animals after all…..  He just hoped they didn’t get eaten.


After a moment, Xyloff took a deep breath, trying to calm down.  At this rate he’d have a heart attack!  Sweeping his eyes over the table, he growled; “Well, is there anything ELSE?” 


The Agricultural minister shrugged; “Well, Comrade, we HAVE had reports that the Blues are planting every possible acre with coffee.  THOUSANDS of acres…..” 


Xyloff stared at him for a moment and then shook his head; “We can’t intercept the enemy’s communications, our tanks can’t defeat theirs, they may be trading with aliens and you’re worried about how much COFFEE they’re planting?  PLEASE, Comrade, lets stick to the IMPORTANT issues!”


The Agricultural Minister listened to Xyloff harangue the committee with only half his mind.  Did the Blues have such successful farms that they could afford to plant that much coffee?  Or was there some other reason for it?  What if they were trading coffee to the aliens for advanced technology?  No, that was too absurd to be true… wasn’t it?  Looking around the posh chamber, the Minister felt as if he were locked in a room with a bunch of frightened, desperate men…. Not the powerful and confident rulers of a modern nation.  What had gone wrong?  As the discussion turned to the latest cyber attacks by the enemy, attacks conducted by super-swift, almost impossibly intelligent systems, he wondered if perhaps the Chief of the first intelligence directorate was correct.  Maybe they were under attack by alien systems….


The Lion:


The Freighter.


Montgomery watched the aliens move, never ceasing to marvel at the efficiency.  It was like watching troops drill on the quadrangle, or maybe a ballet.  Everyone had their task, and their position.  Inspectors moved in among the cargo handlers, flitting between the legs of the giant articulated machines.  There were a thousand close calls, and yet no one actually made contact with anything they weren’t supposed to.  In less than two hours, the entire ship had been unloaded, and in no more than three more, they’d been fully loaded, the center of mass confirmed, and cleared for departure.  He’d been to a dozen different systems and hadn’t seen any of them.  Just not there long enough.  Well, that was OK, he was pretty much happy where he was.  Turning, he cycled through the cargo bay personnel lock, and headed down to Engineering.  His assistants were good, damn good, but he still liked to check everything over personally, before they unclamped from the station’s docking ring.


He’d given up trying to tell them apart.  It didn’t seem to matter; what one knew, they each seemed to know.  Looking at the alien closest to him, the Bear growled; “feel that?  The slight tremor in the deck?  That’s a sticking injector.  Probably portside.”  Pouring a cup of coffee, he set it on the control console and studied its surface.  “Yeah, see here how the ripples spread?  Portside.  Lets start with….  04, and then work our way up to 08.  If we don’t find it there, we’ll try 12, and work our way up to 16, but I’m betting its in the lower echelon….”  As one the aliens turned, to gather the necessary tools and sensors, preceding the Bear to the injectors.  They really WERE good…..


This leg of the trip would be short.  They were going back to the Elysium system.  Most of the cargo was destined for other places, but a nice percentage was stuff that the Brethren, and the Blues had bought with the profits, already flowing in.  Things that would help a great deal in the fight….  Besides, they needed to pick up more coffee.  Glancing over at the antimatter management display, the Bear just hoped they’d make it.  They were running awful low on fuel….  Looking over the boards again, he made a few minor adjustments, motions not lost on his apprentices, and then, with a sigh, he settled down to check his e-mail.


Every day it was the same; the Aliens working on duplicating the warp drive had a thousand questions.  And he was the ultimate authority.  Messages came in almost hourly.  Someone was spending a fortune on subspace transmissions.  And he did his best to answer them as completely, as thoroughly as he could.


They were being fairly faithful to the existing design; there were very few questions about upgrading.  Most of the questions were about interfacing with alien ships.  Could they do this?  Would it be advisable to do that?  What were the limits on this, or that?  Many times he had to ask for more information, and sometimes he had to tell them that he just didn’t know.  Sub-harmonics in the engineering control circuitry, used to relay information from navigation sensors to astrogation?  He had no idea how that would effect the engines.  Not  really…..  periodic fluctuations in the current to the premix field coils?  Probably not a good idea, but….   Some of the alloys they’d questioned him about he’d never heard of, but the physical properties and corrosion information they’d sent him looked good.  Very good.  Better, in fact, than anything he’d ever worked with, IF they were as advertised.  As the e-mail program opened, he sighed; two hundred and three new messages, each one marked “urgent”.  Taking a sip of coffee, he settled down to do what he could.




The Lion grinned and sat on the sack of beans; “Ben, I tell you, if Schifflet’s predictions are correct, we may have to buy a suitable world somewhere…”  The Wolf grinned; “looking forward to being a plantation owner?”  The Lion thought for a moment and then shook his head; “no, that’s not for me.”  He looked up and grinned; “But making a fortune on selling coffee to the Aliens, THAT I could live with.”  Ben nodded; “Yeah, me too.  But we’ve still got a problem with all of that.”  The Lion sighed and nodded; “Yeah.  Antimatter.  Well, Cromwell HAS pushed the production of the robot factories; we’ve got more in solar orbit every month….”  The Wolf nodded; “And to refuel the freighter, we still have to pull antimatter from the Overlord’s own fuel bunkers.”  The Lion sighed; “Yeah… but with the cargo they’re bringing, we should be able to show Cromwell that its worth the expense.  And the next time they show up, we should have a little left over.”  Ben shook his head; “Until they get the ships they’ve been building off the ways and into space.  THEN we’re going to have a severe shortage.”  After a moment’s silence the Wolf muttered quietly; “Any idea how you’re going to handle that?”  The Lion just shrugged; “Antimatter can be found naturally.  Its rare, but it DOES exist.  I’m going to try and get volunteers to do some prospecting.”  The Wolf straightened, uncrossing his arms; “I thought we’d agreed not to go anywhere without an escort…”  the Lion nodded; “So we ask for a representative to accompany the prospectors…”




Montgomery smiled; occasionally he’d be copied on some piece of e-mail.  He didn’t really know why, unless it was just that he was now on the list as an employee of the consortium.  Or maybe they were just giving the translation program more “experience”.  Or maybe they were using him to feed information to the Blues and the Brethren.  He didn’t much care why; the information was just too interesting.  Here was one talking about the response of the Orr cartel to the arrival of their ship; “Panic” might be a good descriptor.  And a group called the Nuffins had apparently filed a slew of protests with some regulatory agency, all of which were blatantly “reaching” in the opinion of the cartel’s legal experts.  Grasping at Straws, the Bear thought.


Taking another sip of his coffee, the bear smiled.  And everywhere they’d stopped, the coffee had sold out almost immediately, despite ever-increasing prices.  At this rate, he’d have to start drinking tea. Or worse, water.  At this rate, he might not be able to afford his coffee….  And that would be a terrible thing!




The Lion stood on the bridge of the Overlord, and watched as the freighter dropped out of warp.  They were ahead of schedule.  But it didn’t matter; they were ready for them.  The canisters of antimatter were waiting, each separated from the other by a safe distance, just in case their triple-redundant containment fields failed.  Each separated from the robot production facilities by a similar distance.  As the Freighter slid into its assigned position, the first of the fuel handlers started maneuvering a canister to the refueling port.




“Inefficient, it is.  Unload your cargo while refueling is in progress able to do you should be!” 


The Alien seemed to be the cartel’s agent, or perhaps “Factor” would be a better term. The one they seemed to be always dealing with. They’d met in the freighter’s shuttlebay, as soon as the refueling operation had been completed, and the transfer of cargo begun.


The Lion shrugged; “It’s a delicate operation.  You wouldn’t want to risk total destruction.” 


The Alien stared back; “Inefficient!  Risks like that unacceptable are!  Changes you will have to make.  A more secure system required is!” 


The Lion smiled and shrugged; “I’m SURE you could help us with that.  Perhaps there are….. efficiency experts we might hire?” 


The Alien looked thoughtful, and finally nodded.


After a moment’s silence, the Lion smiled and shrugged; “So how are the other factions dealing with the recent “innovations” of your clan?” 


The Alien’s stance seemed to change a little, a gleeful tension filling his being, as if he were about to pounce on a tasty quarry.


“Panicked, they are!  Afraid!  Uncertain how to respond.  Struggling to cope, to formulate a response.” 


The Lion nodded slowly; “And at times of great stress and turmoil, I would imagine they could be quite dangerous.” 


The Alien shot him a look that might have been described as “penetrating”, and nodded slowly; “Legal assaults they have made, but groundless their charges are.  No gain do we see them achieving there.” 


The Lion nodded; “And what else might they try?  If you were in their position, what might YOU try, in desperation.” 


The Alien frowned, another expression he must have picked up from them.  “Espionage, certainly.  Industrial espionage is well within the codex; however, planned for that, foreseen it, we have.” 


The Lion nodded; “Forewarned is forearmed.” 


However, he continued to stare at the Alien; there was something about his posture that suggested there might be more…..  Finally the Alien gave a very good imitation of a shrug.


“And…. Industrial Sabotage might not be unheard of.  Difficult to defend, against the arbitrators, it might be, but…” 


The Lion nodded; “And the antimatter production facilities are the weak points.  Yes, we’ve foreseen that too.  Defenses have been put in place.” 


The Alien nodded slowly; “A computer virus the most likely avenue of attack, would be.” 


The Lion nodded again; “And perhaps you have experts that could assist us there as well.”


Then it was the Alien’s turn to change the subject; “Coffee Production is increasing?” 


The Lion nodded; “Indeed; Acreage under cultivation has quadrupled, with more being planted all the time.  But it takes time to grow the plants that produce the beans.  It will take several years to ramp up to full production.  In the meantime, we are doing everything possible to increase the yield of the existing plants.” 


The Alien nodded; “Considered cloning the plants you have?” 


The Lion shrugged; “Still wouldn’t get us to mature, producing plants any faster.  I’m afraid you’re just going to have to be patient.  Unless you can solve the problems you’ve encountered in synthesizing it correctly” 


The Alien’s head snapped up, eyes wide; “of this you KNOW?” 


The Lion gave a soft smile; it had been a guess, and yet, it seemed to have been accurate. 


After a moment, the Alien looked away and growled softly in disgust in a most feline way.


“Speaking of experts, Have your people had any luck obtaining information on the device that might have brought us here?” 


The Alien looked back up, staring hard at the Lion; after a moment he hissed; “Some, they have had.  Information has been obtained.  Passed to our physicists it has been.” 


The Lion nodded; “As we’re funding that work from our share of the profits, I’d really like to hear more.  Perhaps you could bring them the next time we visit, and they could tell us of their work.  Also, I’d like to show them the device that we have, that works in a similar fashion.  Or at least we think it does.” 


The Alien nodded; “This request I shall pass on to them.”  The Lion got the distinct impression that the “experts” were taking the attitude that “just because you hired us doesn’t mean you can tell us what to do”.  It was frustrating.


  A loud clunk, followed by a rattling noise signaled the closing of the Freighter’s cargo bay.  With it, the Alien turned back to the Lion; “Leave, it is now time for us to.  Return I shall the next time the Freighter is to be refueled.  By then we may have a prototype of our own construction, to test.”  Without another word, the Alien turned, and headed for the Freighter’s bridge.


The Lion watched him go, shaking his head.  If they were partners, it was a damned rocky partnership.  But at least progress was being made.  Turning, he boarded his shuttle, and in a moment was heading back to the Overlord, as the Freighter turned and made its way out of the Elysium system.


After he’d signed in the shuttle, and talked to the crew chief, the Lion paused on his way back to the bridge.  They didn’t need him there; Ben would get them started enroute back to the planet.  Turning towards engineering, he headed for the compartment that housed the Brou machine.  He hadn't been in there in a long time, not since they’d arrived... wherever they were.  If the aliens were to send experts to examine it, he might ought to check and make sure it was in as good a shape as possible, and not a pile of slag.


To his surprise, the console was lit.  The Alien symbols flashing randomly across the glossy black front  were as strange as ever.  Looking around, the Lion frowned.  The deck seemed somehow subtly different.  Softer.  Darker.  Perfectly clean.  Sliding into a sitting position next to the console, the Lion tried to get into the alpha rhythm brainwave state that he’d used to interface with the device.  What happened next was a shock.


<<<Returned you have.  Much time has passed.  Repairs are almost complete.  Status is 87% of design capability.  Estimated completion of repairs within 34 base 8 estunda.>>>


The Lion leapt to his feet and turned to look at the device.  It sat there, as quiescent and enigmatic as ever.  Forcing himself to resume his seated position, he struggled for a long time, to calm himself, to enter the proper state for communication.  Finally, he managed to force out; “you seem different.”


<<<Much have I learned.  Tapped into the local programmable controller have I; a self-defense measure.  Alien.  Crude.  Very Alien.  Very simple.  A true intelligence it is not.”>>>


The Lion blinked and nodded to himself.  Before his mental control disintegrated, he managed to, or at least he thought he conveyed; “Later; I’ll be back”.  Rising, he hurried from the compartment, giving the machine a quick look back over his shoulder.




Parks shook his head; “its subtle.  Real subtle.  The changes are literally on the molecular level.  Might even be on the subatomic level, but we don’t have the instruments to confirm that.  And I have to admit how it could fashion insulators out of deck plating, in a layer INSIDE the deck plating, to give it room temperature superconducting power conduits to the main reactor, I’ve no idea.” 


Ben frowned; “so you say this thing has….. sent out tendrils from itself?” 


Parks nodded; “Yeah; into the main power reactors, into the ship’s computer, and possibly a couple dozen other subsystems.  They’re a little hard to trace when they’re INSIDE the structure of the ship.  I’m not sure we could disconnect it without dismantling half of the Overlord.”  After a moment Parks sighed; “At least it doesn’t seem to be DOING anything; more like its getting ready to do something.  Although what I can’t say.” 


The Lion chuckled; “Isn’t it obvious?  Its getting ready to do what it was designed to do.  I think we scared it, and possibly hurt it, with our last little “experiment”.  I think its smart enough to not want to go through that again.” 


Ben nodded slowly; “And I suppose if we’re to ever have any hope of getting home again, we can’t rip it out and throw it into the sun….” 


The Lion just grinned and shrugged.  Ben locked eyes with the Lion for a moment and then growled; “Well I don’t like it, but you’re still the majority stockholder in this ship.  Its your call.”  The Lion sighed and nodded; “let me work with it some…..  And then I’ll make a decision.”




 Cromwell took a sip of his tea and made a face.  Darjeeling just wasn’t a good substitute for his Khona blend coffee.  Turning the page, he read an advertisement for industrial magnetic shielding.  The manufacturer promised that it would permit the containment and manipulation of high grade plasmas, with minimum energy consumption, and minimum weight and space requirements.  IF he was reading it right, it would significantly increase the efficiency of anything that used plasma.  Such as most starships, and quite a few weapons platforms.  Turning down the page, he went on to the next advertisement.  The catalog the Aliens had left had some VERY interesting things in it.  Here they talked about a personal data retrieval system.  A system with enough memory to hold the total knowledge of the Empire, and yet small enough to carry around with you.  And it responded to voice commands, if you didn’t care to use the neural interface.  That should have some interesting repercussions in the research field… and it might have military uses as well…..  So many things to look into.  So many things they could spend their money on.  Maybe, given time, he’d get used to drinking tea.  If it would help win the war, he’d gladly give up his coffee….



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