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Image: arizonawoodpecker.jpg   513x621 31693 bytes 2002.09.13

This was drawn last year, and cg'd this year.\r\n\r\nNo name. Just my little Arizona Woodpecker. \r\n\r\nChar and Art (c) Kitty KT 2001/2002

Image: bella_coloured.jpg   614x853 131483 bytes 2003.11.27

I did the sketch for this, inked it and coloured it. I haven't used colouring pencils for a while, plus my scanner didn't give the image any justice XD\r\n\r\nbtw - This is Bella, a jaguar (c) me :)

Image: cheetah.jpg   579x313 51801 bytes 2002.09.13

This was drawn one night last year when I changed the tv channel over to ABC and saw some cheetahs! I love them! I am gonna make a furry character from this! \r\nI have to name her/he soon.\r\n\r\nCheetah 'with no name - yet' (c) Kitty KT 2002

Image: eagle001.jpg   540x419 107203 bytes 2002.09.13

This was made for my cousin Daniel. He loves eagles and it was near his birthday, so i decided to draw it for him! I used textas for this and pencil for the sketch and shading.\r\n\r\ncharacter and art (c) Kitty KT 2002

Image: elephants.jpg   519x735 85629 bytes 2002.09.13

A pair of happy WET elephants! I thought of this when there was a sun shower here and it looked purdy!

Image: giraffe.jpg   400x523 56854 bytes 2002.09.13

Juicy leaves for a cutie giraffe!\r\n\r\nGiraffe and Image (c) Kitty KT 2002

Image: leo.jpg   385x385 49955 bytes 2002.09.13

Leo the little lion! hehe I created him after watching some cute little cartoons one morning on ABC!\r\n\r\nleo and image (c) Kitty KT 2002

Image: tiger2.jpg   412x410 36370 bytes 2002.09.13

No name for this guy yet. I sketched him first and used PSP to cg it. Took longer cause I was going over sketch lines. I created him somewhere in my brain! lol. I love tigers and I love to draw them too. So this is the first time I have actually drawn one well.\r\n\r\nCharacter and Art (c) Kitty KT 2002

Image: whaleCG.jpg   754x652 48928 bytes 2002.09.13

A killer whale! But he doens't look like a killer does he? This the second cg I ever did! Last year it was, using PSP, pencils, and the good ol' inking pen!\r\n\r\ncharacter and art (c) Kitty KT 2002

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