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Image: 1236388826.kizzneth_kizzneth.jpg   476x1000 128796 bytes 2009.03.23

Kizzneth ^^

just me

Image: Anubis.gif   381x640 24479 bytes 2006.10.28

It seems that these days every furry artist(or whatever you call me) does at least one pic on Anubis. Well, here ya go. \r\n\r\nPigma pens on paper

Image: Boy_toy_bartender.gif   304x600 15352 bytes 2007.01.01

My attempt at one of those boy toy bartenders. \r\n

Image: Friends.gif   600x600 36421 bytes 2007.01.01

Pic I did for my ex-boyfriend. \r\nKizzneth Darrin P.

Image: Green_Tambarine.gif   301x800 25044 bytes 2007.01.11

Got to thinking of that song "My Green Tambarine" and this picture popped into my head. Also loosley based on a character I created on Soulcaliber 3. He's a dancer of course.

Image: Halloween06.jpg   480x640 49965 bytes 2006.10.28

When furs dress up for trick or treating. My first upload :)\r\n\r\nKizzneth Darrin P.\r\nColored pencil w/ digital touch up

Image: Jacking_on_2_.jpg   455x1000 133699 bytes 2009.03.01

Jacking on 2

This is what happens after many many hours of futurama...

Tags: fusky skunk c-boi  
Image: Kizzbait.gif   450x640 13330 bytes 2006.12.14

Took some time off and worked on everything. I don't know where this idea came from but I think it has to do with the 16 hours I spent watching anime. Hopefully this will be colored soon. \r\nPigma pens on paper. Kizzneth DP

Image: Kizzneth's_New_Look.jpg   893x1000 122421 bytes 2009.03.01

Kizzneth's new look

I changed myself since I was last seen around here ^^;

Tags: fusky skunk c-boi  
Image: Kizzneth(taur).gif   488x600 27009 bytes 2007.01.11

My first taur yay! XD Nothing like scratching your back feeling the breeze on your bare fur. I also tried to add different thicknesses to the lines. This is my last pic I'm uploading until after FC07. See everybody after the con!\r\nKizzneth Darrin P.\r\n

Tags: Kizzneth wolf husky taur happy  
Image: Puppeez!-part2.jpg   581x800 22818 bytes 2007.02.13

Color Puppee!

My first digital coloring. It has no shading, it's flat but damnit I like the background >.<\r\n\r\nPigma pens and digital coloring YAY!

Image: Puppeez!.gif   387x800 24938 bytes 2007.02.08

Just a random sketch that I decided to ink.\r\n\r\nPigma pens on tracing paper

Image: Razak_comm_.jpg   514x800 114140 bytes 2010.01.16

Razakwolf Commission

A commission done for Razakwolf on FA \r\n\r\nChar Razakwolf\r\nArt Kizzneth

Tags: stockings sheath wolf  
Image: Sheng_Fuhn.gif   437x600 30610 bytes 2007.01.01

One of the furs from my comic book. It won't be done for a long time though. \r\n

Image: skunk_boi.gif   356x800 29084 bytes 2007.02.03

My first skunk yay! ^.^\r\n

Image: Spiral.gif   640x463 17724 bytes 2006.10.28

A cute dragon-morph in war paint. The paint was due to massive screwups in the inking but it still looks nice.\r\n\r\nPigma pens on paper

Image: Starry_Sky.gif   581x800 28529 bytes 2007.01.11

Finally figured out how to do a space background. Personally I like this constalation, but I haven't the foggiest idea why ;)

Image: Valentine's_Day_07_ink.gif   800x640 51495 bytes 2007.02.08


The inking for a pic I'm in the process of coloring.\r\n\r\nPigma pens on cardstock

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