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Image: Dolly.jpg   695x900 91452 bytes 2007.07.15

...cause I've been playing too much WoW lately and I really felt like creating a new character.\r\n\r\nDolly people! Dolly wants to be admired :x. Hug her!\r\nI know the hand is off ( after a guy told me on FurAffinity ) and if I color this picture I will try and fix it.\r\n\r\nTools: Sketch; oC4. Inking: Photoshop CS3. Everything by mouse.\r\nEstimated time: 23 minutes sketching, 1 hour inking.\r\nFuel: Nix.\r\nMusic: Peaches ( swedish band ) and Maximum the Hormone.\r\n\r\nDolly N. Persson.

Image: Mmm...-kitty.jpg   552x700 66340 bytes 2005.11.21

My girlfriend's character, just striking a pose ( while undressing? ).

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